RagLak- The Journey (9)

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Sorry for the delay guys. Mood off, mood off. Mood off.. that’s why v.late.

Part 9

Ragini and Laksh are facing each other.

“Ragini, sorry was really a small word to tell you. No, Ragini.. marriage was not a joke for me. That’s why, the engagement ring you kept to me is still resting on my finger.”
Laksh says and shows her the ring. Ragini simply looks at it. she has seen it already when their journey was started.

“I have decided you as my wife after our engagement. Then?? How could I break our marriage? I wanted to explain all this when you joined us in journey.. but, I felt you might not believe me.” Laksh says.

Ragini opens her mouth,
“Hogaya laksh??”

Laksh becomes calm.

Ragini starts her class,

“Going away, deciding yourself that I won’t believe you.. you only decide everything..!! I will be just a spectator..!! there were many chances came in between us to talk, you never said that you love me?? At least when I was going away yesterday.. why didn’t you say me that you love me??”

Laksh was silent.

Rag:: bolo Laksh..!! why??

Laksh:: I don’t know Ragini…

Ragini surprises.

Laksh:: I don’t know why? We get lies out of our mouths very easily but truths won’t come. Ragini, if “I love you” three words are enough to express the love.. why we have to look into eyes and talk? Can we show the complete love in only those words?

Ragini looks at him silently.

Laksh:: Ragini, I always understood that you love me from your eyes. Then, didn’t you understand my eyes??

Ragini:: how would I Laksh? You always used to say.. ‘I love you swara..’ then, how can I feel that you love me?? You always used to say.. that you are going to solve everything.. how can I understand that you are doing for me??

Laksh: I don’t have answer for this Ragini. No.. not really. But the truth is, I really love you. On the first day when we met after the marriage day.. I wanted to say.. I was going to say what has forced me,
But you were…
“Laksh, what is over is over. Let’s start a new life”

Ragini, I wanted to hold you and say that I really love you, but… your eyes were hurt. My excuses will only become a story. That’s why, I couldn’t open my mouth. Ragini, I said her love you just with mouth, but I say you with heart.”

Ragini holds her hands,
“If you have really loved me, you would have believed me Laksh. At least, you didn’t say me.. ‘Ragu, I love you.’ At least once..??”

Ragini turns other side looking down. Laksh comes in front of her.

“I felt to tell it many times Ragini. Many many times. I wanted to leave swara and come for you. But, you don’t understand how she blackmailed me. Ragini, just think, how can we let a life go easily in front of our eyes?? Swara was ignorant, I wanted to explain her…”

Laksh was saying..

Ragini: wah wah wah, kya baat hei.. kya baat hei..!! you always concerned for her..!! never for me..!!

Laksh:: if that was true, Ragini.. if that was true, I need not start this journey. I would have talked with shekar uncle in phone about their daughter. It was my intention to make them agree to talk to your grandparents.

Ragini: ok, finally mission success..!! her parents have made my grand parents agree. Now, it’s your turn Laksh.. make m agree. Justify your deeds for me.

Ragini was looking at Laksh. Laksh finally bends on his knee, Ragini looks on.. Laksh is looking at ground.

Laksh:: Ragini, I don’t justify myself. Bcz, it’s true I have done wrong with you. But the truth is.. I didn’t elope but, went to save someone. A rumor has ruined everything..!! ‘I’m helpless before those rumors’

Ragini looks on..

Laksh continues:: “There are some more truths Ragini. It was my deep wish to marry you. To start a new life with a fixed decisive girl like you. A girl who stands up on one choice forever. Yes Ragini, I have really loved you. What can I say more than this?? In our course of journey I never misbehaved with you. It’s only bcz, you are not a just girl for me.. you are my heart..!!”

Ragini keeps looking…

“Not in past and then.. now, I’m telling Ragini.. I love you. I love you Ragini”

Ragini gets tears.

“I love you than me. I love you than that jeep. I love you than my degree. I love you than my parents. Trust me Ragini… I will keep you here always.”

Laksh says and keeps his hand on his heart. Ragini wipes her tears.

“I want you in my life Ragini. As my wife. Please accept me..!! I’m surrendering before you..!!” Laksh says looking at her in a hope.

“Laksh, your love is true.. your concern is true. You have saved me a lot of times. Laksh, it’s also true that no other boy can love me like you. They may leave me at trouble times, but I got a confidence that you will hold my hand whatever the situation is.. bcz Laksh, you intentionally didn’t leave the marriage.. you were tied up with situations.”
Ragini says.. Laksh gets a smile on face.

Ragini takes deep breath,

Ragini says with puzzle, Laksh looks on.

“I can’t tolerate this much love Laksh. Keep it with you..!!”

Laksh shocks with her words.

“Good bye Laksh”

Ragini says and crosses away Laksh. Laksh looks at ground and his tears fall down from his eyes.

The screen becomes blank on his face…

After few days..

Moon light…

Open place…

Cool breeze…

The same jeep…

Raglak are sitting on top of the jeep, Ragini is humming some song looking at moon.. and Laksh is looking at the moon silently in a smile. They both are in creamy attire.

Laksh slowly shifts his eyes towards Ragini and he slowly about to place a hand on her. Ragini beats his hand, then he takes it back.

Ragini was still looking at moon, Laksh looks at her in a smile and moves forward to kiss her. Ragini turns her face and gently slaps him. Laksh holds his cheek and moves back. Ragini is suppressing her laugh.

“how long you are going to stare at the moon?” Laksh asks.

“Laksh, cool breeze, white moon.. beside you, do you know how the feeling is??” Ragini asks him excitedly.

“Just as eating biryani with chicken curry???” Laksh asks and Ragini beats him,

“Laksh, you are always fond of food..!!” Ragini is beating him. Laksh jumps from the jeep.
Ragini doesn’t understand how to get down.

“get me down” Ragini says. “no no no..” Laksh says.

Rag:: fine, you are down there.. and I’m up here. Let’s spend this night like this.

Ragini holds her hands, then Laksh opens the jeep door and looks at Ragini in a smile. Ragini looks at him. Laksh forwards his hand to her, Ragini gives her hand to him. Laksh slightly pulls her, when she is about to fall, he holds her waist with his hands. Ragini smiles. Laksh places her in the back seat and he comes over her after closing the door.

Laksh places his hand on her cheek.. “Now tell me, how was that feeling..?”
Ragini smirks, “Just as eating chicken biryani with chicken curry..!!”

Laksh laughs and keeps tickling her waist and Ragini is laughing..

So, what has happened means..

When Laksh was crying sitting on knee that Ragini has left, then soon Ragini comes back. She places her hand on his shoulder. Laksh looks at her and stands.

Ragini pats his shoulder, “Poor boy. Don’t cry” she says acting innocent. Laksh silently looks at her in tears.

“You are a good boy. But, too kind guy. You can’t tolerate when others are in pain” Ragini says..
Laksh nods head and Ragini glares at him. She holds his collar and pulls him slightly towards her,

“that doesn’t mean you have to leave everything behind…!! From next time, tell me everything you are going to do..!!” Ragini says demandingly.

“Yes Ragini, I will take permission of yours before. This is deal” Laksh says. Ragini suppresses her smile.

Rag:: if swara calls again..??
Lak:: I will slap her this time..!!
Rag:: no need.!! Tell me, I will handle her..!!

Laksh nods his head.

Rag:: so now what??
Laksh cups her face, “one kiss?”
Ragini slaps him gently.. “after marriage..!!”

Laksh smiles looking at her and hugs her tightly. Ragini too hugs him back…

From side Daadi Dadaji and others look them in a smile.

Marriage is done..!

Now, scene shifts to jeep.

Laksh was about to kiss Ragini, then his phone gets a beep tone. He looks at phone and it’s swara.

“Omg..!! she again..!!” Laksh shocks and about to throw phone aside.

“see what is it Laksh..” Ragini opens the message and smiles,

“She wished us happy married life” Ragini says.

“Ofo, thank you very much. Now, leave it aside.” Laksh says and holds Ragini tightly in his embrace.

“Now, no one can separate us..!!” Laksh says holding her tightly. Ragini buries her face in his chest.

Their night passes pleasantly peacefully in the grace of that cool moon light.

The End.

So, guys.. that’s the end of the story. As I said it is a simple and random idea I got. If anyone are feeling not so good for Laksh’s character.. guys, this is a story. Just a story. Moreover, I hope I have showed Laksh here with good side. there should be a second chance in any relation.. and finally, my quote is..
“Never believe rumors”

That’s all folks..!!

From Astra’s creation box, a part of Astra’s world of Imagination.

“Give life to your creativity”

Love RagLak.

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