Ishqbaaz 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Om advises Anika

Ishqbaaz 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I told you I never lose any challenge, now its your turn. Anika asks what he says meet me at the pool side after Sangeet. He goes. Anika comes at the pool side. Shivaye comes there. She says I… He says this cold water is waiting for you, go. She says no, I m scared. He says you said you aren’t scared. She says I m not liking it. He says its hardly four foot deep, you won’t sink, if you walk away, you will lose the challenge, close your eyes. She jokes and says I can’t do this. He says close your eyes…..

He makes her step in the pool, along with him. He says open your eyes. She opens eyes and sees him. She asks where am I. He says in the water. She looks around and screams no, Shivaye please lets go out, I will fall down, I m very scared. He says till Shivaye is with you, nothing will happen to you. She falls back. He holds her hand and pulls her. O jaana …plays… She falls over him. They get close. Tia comes and calls out Shivaye. Tia says how dare you…. Shivaye says don’t you dare, talk to me, you don’t need to talk to Anika. He asks Anika to go. Anika leaves. Tia asks what’s going on. Shivaye goes.

Tia waits for him. He comes and asks why did you come here. She says I went out of town and that cheap girl… He says I won’t tolerate a word against her. She says don’t forget that I m your fiancee. He says whatever your brother did, you have the courage to come here and claim this. She says I swear I had no idea about Daksh’s stupidity, don’t punish me. He says I m not a fool, I know everything, you had attacked Anika. She says no. He says I have proof, CCTV footage. She says actually, that day…. He says you just leave from here if you have any self respect, else I will send you and your brother to jail, get out. She leaves.

Anika dries her hair. She thinks of Shivaye. She says what am I doing, when I don’t want to marry Nikhil, why am I doing all this, I m already married to Shivaye, he feels guilty and wants to return my happiness, but I know where my happiness lies, why am I running away from happiness, I left everything on fate, Shivaye and I are coming close often, isn’t this fate, I have got Shivaye’s name written in my palm, instead Nikhil’s name, isn’t this any sign of fate, I just think of Shivaye when I m with Nikhil, why am I holding myself back, I need to talk to Shivaye right now. She bumps into Tia. Tia stops her and says don’t fly too high else you will fall down, Shivaye is mine and he will always be mine, he is upset with me, I won’t let you come between us, the preparations of our marriage will begin, its better that you get lost. Anika hugs her. Tia asks what are you doing. Anika says thank you, you and Daksh acted crazy and I benefited from that, I m with Shivaye now, Tia you made me realize something today, I m thanking you for that, Shivaye is my husband, its very late, go and rest, I have to go to my husband. She goes smiling and running downstairs.

Shivaye says pandit has given the mahurat and said marriage should happen on mahurat, I want all the arrangements to happen on time, I don’t want any problem in Anika’s marriage. Om says this marriage is a problem, Anika and you are already married, I think you two should talk once. Shivaye says we spoke and signed the divorce papers. Om says you think relation can end so soon, Anika has sindoor in her maang and your name in her mehendi. Shivaye says that doesn’t mean that we are made for each other, Anika and Nikhil are getting married. Om says wrong, you are getting them married. Shivaye says yes, because its the right thing, this had to happen, I have already come between them and don’t want to repeat it, I don’t deserve Anika after what I did, I don’t want to tie her in a forced relation, Anika and I aren’t made for each other, this is the truth. Anika looks on and cries. She says I have understood the sign of fate, maybe you didn’t, I m sure that we are meant to be together, you will understand it when you get a signal, I know it will happen. She goes.

Its morning, Shivaye says I will be there. Priyanka asks are you going somewhere. He says yes, for a meeting, I will be back soon, finish all haldi preparations, call me if you need anything. She says okay. Kukreja comes. She says Shivaye just left. He says I had an urgent work. Om says Shivaye will take some time, you can tell me.

Om comes to Anika and says Bhabhi, sorry, Anika. She says Bhabhi is fine. He says I also think the same. She says Shivaye doesn’t think so. He says so I have come to you, how long will this emotional hide and seek go on, we are getting mad by this confusion, lawyer was here to give the divorce papers, he was laughing loudly, you might be knowing the reason. She says what do I do, Shivaye asked me to sign so I… He says who signs like this, I mean you are the first couple in the world who did this with divorce papers, I couldn’t help but laugh. She says I just wrote it. He reads, marriage is a bond of seven births I believe in my fate and this bond.

Anika recalls writing this. She says what else could I do. He says you still believe in your marriage, you still have hope. She says your brother doesn’t, that’s why he signed so easily. Om says yes, but he isn’t any less than you. He smiles and shows the papers. She sees Billu written and smiles. He says Shivaye didn’t had courage to end this relation, why are two trying to end this marriage when you don’t want, Shivaye isn’t understanding it, why are you marrying Nikhil, Shivaye won’t take any step until he realizes what he really wants, but you realize it, I m afraid that it will be too late till he understands, you save your marriage, even if you have to fight with Billu. She says I will do what you said, I have got a signal from fate, I just needed a signal from Shivaye, I got it now, Billu…. He says if we ask the pandit not to come… She says you don’t need to ask. He says bye Pandit and bye Nikhil, hello Shivaye…. He goes. Anika says I have to talk to him first.

Anika says we are together as its in our fate, we had left everything on our fate right, this is what fate has in store for us. Shivaye says I don’t know this, I just know that I want you to be happy, you will be happy if you marry the person who will keep you happy. She says what if my happiness lies in being with my husband, then.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 53……
    Oh my God….Oh My God
    Somebody PLZ call firebegrade…. Oxygen mask
    Shivika what you have done to me..
    My blushing is not stopping totally beetroot…??????????????????
    Kya laru????ok bahut choti scene thi..but Kari for me
    I mean DOSTI level or itina……he….toh…fir pyarr main girne KE baad……(Ok can’t imagine?????????)…
    Hiinggggggggggggg Toh TERI ORE was not dream….oh god………..Kya baat he……..
    And Annika in Saree..I mean pool main jane ke liye pehele se hi ready
    And Sso in black kurta…
    Both are looking damn hot..matlab…out of words
    Pure real life couple lag rahe the…….
    Matlab Sso ki hormones toh…on high rate..
    Banda was totally lost…of course our Annika was looking so s*xy..toh kiski bhi niyat bigad sakti he.
    I will not blame you Sso at all
    Waise dono ki PINK LIPS limelight le gayi..uffffffff??????????????????

    OK this is for you Tia..
    You idiot moron…
    Mere shivika ki Blissful moment ki Oh mY Mata kardi………
    Ok aur kuch nahi waise bhi shivika did big chop of you…

    Sso…thnx for giving back to tia.CANT TOLERATE SHITIA ANYMORE….

    Annika. Finally you are became sensible…
    Chalo ek ko toh akal aayi..???????????.
    And tia???????????oh God I can’t stop laughing……
    Tia… are gone…
    When she was running happily…I loved her soooooo much uummmhhhhhhhhh????????????????..
    Sso are you even for real?????? After such blissful moment you are still want to get Annika to maary nikhil……… are really a billu no no A BIG PHATTU BILUU..
    Annika don’t cry banda aisa hi he pagal…
    Om And Annika…….really so good to watch….
    Om as always understanding ……..How cutely he made understand Annika..he was totally fandom voice….pagal ho chuke he hum sab

    Really …… really…..koun karta he yarr..
    Divorce papers he yaa easy book
    One is writting long line about marriage in place of signature
    And other wrote his nik name on paper…
    (Face palm)..

    Precap- ohooooooo my Khidkitod Annika di..
    Yes confront bilu and make him realise………..

    Waise now I am really scared.bcoz whenever shivika scene happens..some disaster comes.
    And Tia is also in revenge mode
    What is she upto??????????
    Plz Shivika be strong..

    Guys ITA AWARD LINK IS CRASHING BCOZ OF SO MUCH VOTE…means fans are voting like crazy.
    We can vote multiple times from one phone number..
    So don’t stop voting when link is opening…

    1. Whhhoooooaaahhhh????

    2. Congrats Arpu. Wow wow you are drooling my dear….????? you must be flying so high watching the swimming pool scene

    3. congrats arpu di?
      your analysis is khidkithod

    4. Luthfa

      Go Arpita Go.Congratulation once again…?
      Don’t tell me you wrote that analysis sitting inside fridge!Hotness level to dekho apni comment ki!You just wrote my own thinking.They both were looking exactly like real couple?????☺☺☺☺☺☺
      Tia is off to leave and I am really happy.Waiting to see khidkitode Anika in wifely avatar.Very Hot analysis.Take care?


    Thanks for the update so after today episode I think tia is also gone now and anima realized shivaye is made for him waiting eagerly for tomorrow episode.

    1. Aayush dear..
      TIA is on now revenge mode..she can do anything..I am scared.. ??

    2. Luthfa

      Hoping for it to happen real soon.Let’s see?

    episode was lovely?

    1. Same to you NSK dear..

    2. Luthfa

      Wishing you the same??

  4. Oh my my my goodness!!!! What an episode!!! I loved it!! I loved the cinematography of the swimming pool area and the way Anika skipped down happily to tell Shivaay that she loves him. That long shot scene was very picturesque. Oh beautiful shots! She wrote seven births and he signed Billu. What a joke??? So Anika has gotten a sign. She does not need to wait for fate because they are destined to be together. I just love the redux. The redux is getting better and better.

    People just love this storyline. It is different but with a new angle. Whoever the cvs are they are doing it right and I hope they keep it that way. They are even using Rikara. Rikara are helping Shivika to join so it is all a joined effort.

    The swimming pool scene was really so hot scene and wow…. How romantic!! Again I was drooling……. Both were so stunning. Tia has to come and destroy that moment. Tia can say bye bye so can Nikhil.

    I thought Anika would be kidnapped by Daksh or Nikhil when Nikhil is told that Anika is already married and she will not marry Nikhil. I think that is when Anika will get kidnapped. I don’t think the three musketeers are going to let go off her that easily.

    I am glad that Om is sensible enough to tell Anika to stop this confusion drama and end it by telling Shivaay. Shivaay will never tell Anika because he feels that he does not deserve her so it is up to Anika to make Shivaay realise that he truly loves her and vice versa. Well I am going to watch this episode over and over again.

    Hello Arpu dear banita Luthfa Kadhambari Pushpa Jeevi Shiny Beauty Tania Sneha Ishita Aayush Shivya and many others. Hope all are well

    1. Hiiii Sindhu di..
      Shivika are making climate more hotter……
      Damn the expression, the closeness, those passion filled eyes…uffffff…out of words

      Actually this redux is going really good

      Just hope age BHI Aisa ho..
      Love you Di

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Sindhu di,
      Yes both the time cinematography were really very beautiful.And IB’s cinematography is always special.Shivika were lost in their own world but Tia had to interrupt.This just pissed me off.Anyway,you are right di.Om was sensible enough to advise Anika like that.

    3. Luthfa

      I think Daksh will do something big.Waiting for that day when Shivaay will open his inner eyes to see that what is Anika’s real happiness and what his heart wants.Lots of di?

  5. Lu, Jeevi dear and Arpu I tried registering but it keeps saying that the email is linked to existing account. I am not sure whether I have to create a new email address. I tried a couple of times and then gave up. I will try again tomorrow.

    My username has also being used already so they don’t recognise Sindhu. If I change my username, you all may think that I am a different person on telly site.

    1. Sindhu di..PLZ create a new email.
      And no need to worry just do as Sindhu5 or Sindhu65.
      You can give anyname…we will recognise you my sweet Di………..

    2. Thanks Arpu dear. Will try again tonight.

    3. Luthfa

      You know what di,you are soooo…innocent.Why don’t we know you?After registering you will comment here as usual so we will recognize you for sure.You try with another valid e-mail address.Waiting to you see you as a registered member soon.Love you.

  6. Luthfa

    “When I held you close,sweet fragrance of your breathing made me go crazy.I was staring at you with a shameless desire bubbling inside my heart and how!Every single drop of water on your face was too tempting to refuse.Your mild shiver sent cold chill down my spine.So fondly I was hearing nothing but that soothing music your heartbeat was creating.
    You kept looking at me being confused over the ongoing happenings but I was only thinking how beautiful you look in those innocent,yet unknown expressions of passion!Suddenly I felt my inner world was suffering from a long drought and I was not aware of it at all.Feeling your velvety smoothness under my touch,my inner world became much,much alive.
    My heart was pounding all the time having you so close.That fiery wetness of your body set my all senses on fire.There was nothing but silent burning.To stop that unbearable silent sensation,I so wanted to seize you fully and slam your parting lips with mine-to feel the heaven,earth,to live,to die,forgetting everything,at that very moment.How I wish I could……………”

    1. ??????????????????????????????????????????

      I am ALREADY burning under shivika sensation….?????
      Now don’t make it more hotter..I can see your tomato cheeks while writting this passionate comment…
      Sending some coldwater?????????

    2. Luthfa

      Are darling kaheka tomato cheeks?I was suffering from very bad headache so at first decided not to come to PKJ.But before 10 p.m. my headache got lessened for that I could watch IB.While writing comment,it got started again.Still I managed to write what I wanted.So your sending of cold water won’t work.Kuch or try karo.

    3. Ooooooohh Luthfa not anymore please. You have sensationalized it so much that you make me fall in love with ? a man who says such intimate poetic words. You send chills down my spine. Singapore is very hot now, shivika is also hot and your words are hotter. I can’t take it anymore dear????what beautiful sayings and so lovely to read them.

      They both just let go off their ego and distance and the wet look made them just get closer intimately and anika realised how Shivaay covered her when her shawl dropped and her bare skin could be seen. Instead of taking advantage of that situation he merely covered her bare skin still respecting her. That is our Shivaay.
      Nice analysis dear.

    4. Luthfa

      Awwwww…..di,you are sooooo…romantic.I am literally blushing and chuckling here,reading your reply.Yes di,Shivaay has become gentleman for the sake of Anika.Otherwise……Shivika were in different world altogether.They wanted to take a flight of feelings but could not.But we should not lose hope.In future,we will be blessed with more sensuous and steamy romance of Shivika.Thank you soooooooo….very much for your love di.Love you.

    5. hello luthfa dear
      your comment is mindblowing?

    6. Luthfa

      Hi Maggi dear,how are you?
      Thank you soooo…soooo…much for your valuable appreciation.Lots of love.

    7. This is hotter than the scene itself, u almost made me blush

    8. Luthfa

      Really?Awwwww……Thank you sooooooo….very much for such hot review of my comment.I am very happy that I could make you blush though in half.Thank you once again.

  7. Can someone tell me which was that song playing in the background when Anika ran to meet Shivay?

    1. Any different song played??????I didn’t noticed…..dear

    2. priyam,i think it was dhadak film’s song/bg(may be pehli baar)

    3. Luthfa

      That background music was from Dhadak movie.

  8. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys.
    1st Sry for late wishes happy Eid MUBARAK to all my pkj. Hope enjoyed eid very well.
    Coming to episode.
    ??????????????? lovely episode. I just love it. Bit surprised wether it’s Friday episode r wt. Pool side ???????????. Really u both were really ? ?.
    ????? tia spoiled it??????.
    The way shivay stood for anika was good.
    ???? tia ka mu Kala gaya ??shivay for whom it saying abt shame they already sold it.
    Tq god anika at least now u realised tht u both r made for each other. Only shivay must realise it. The way anika replied to tia was just kidkhithod. The way anika running nd the joy on the face was so real.. Cinematography super busy ?????
    And the signatures of both ??????? shivay himself accpect as?????????. Guys just imagine how if this time anika come down the knee nd proposes to shivay. ???
    I totally enjoyed the episode.

    1. He Jeevi..
      Don’t worry Ru will comeback…….soon…Lee confirmed it….
      Yes Dakshband tia have no shame…
      Sso toh he hi gadha..
      Noooooooooo I want Sso to propose Annika first.
      Real universe main ye ho chuki he…
      This time Sso should propose her first.
      Even I enjoyed the whole episode..

    2. I want SSO to realise his love first.propose Annika didi kare.RU me iska ulta huwa tha.

    3. Jeevi dear it is true anika has to thank Tia. If Tia and daksh have minded their own business Shivaay would not have known. Tia got involved so it was to anika’s advantage. Indirectly she is thankful to Tia and look at Tia’s confused look.

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi dear,
      I agree with you completely.Tia’s face was worth seeing and Anika’s reply was super se upar.Just enjoyed like anything.And what to say about Shivika?They are perfection personified.If that happens,what you wrote then I will be the happiest.Let’s see.Take care.Love you too.

  9. Hi guys……what does pkj mean?
    Anyways liked todays epi….just hope that shivika are united so that rikara luv story can develop…….
    Miss you rikara

    1. PKJ MEANS PAGLON KI JHUND…….cottage of mad people..bcoz we are mad
      Now I know whom you love!!???

    2. Luthfa

      As Arpita said-Paglon Ki Jhund.Welcome to PKJ.

  10. JeevithaTK

    Now I’m really liking the new version of o jaana ??????.
    Actually I missed reading all ur comments.
    Arpi dear: y a dear actually I watch the episode in primer nt more in TV. By yesterday 7:00 to 8:30 I was watching it regularly y don’t know by was watching it. Which drunken episode dear plz say na I Hv missed many episodes…
    Sindhu akka, : Hi akka. Tq for accpecting the request. Same as Arpi said be careful entering the user name nd don’t forget to reboot… Love you. Will be waiting to see you as registered member. Love you. Tc
    Luthfa dear : my sincere apologies to u if I m disturbing you, irritating u?????? maf kar na. Sry. Take ur time dear. By missed ur analysis yesterday will read it as soon as possible. Love you. TC.

    1. 13th July..16th july..17th july…
      13th july starting of episode was really awasome.
      16th and 17th July specially 17th July episode was drunk wala…And beautiful..SHIVIKA’S FIRST HUG IN REDUX…
      Now go and watch ….in hotstar
      Yeh New redux version of Shivika.. is good.i am loving it

    2. Luthfa

      Jeevi dear,
      Why are you saying so dear?It will be my absolute and greatest pleasure to provide you with what you want.So,don’t say like that.I will soon start working on it and will give you surprise.Now smile and keep smiling.

  11. Oh my god what a wonderful episode..
    Shivika our “mad couple”.. ?? they made the lawyer confused.. ???
    The first couple in history wrote pet name(billu) & Annika who wrote essay about marriage in divorce paper.. HS & Gul matha from where you getting these kind of ideas.. ???
    Tia got big chopped.. Our khidki thod Annika is back.. Ani looked so cute when she realized her love on shivaay & she was flying in our world.. Our Buddhu ram still didn’t realize his love.. Even after the pool scene how could he try to make ani to marry Nikhil..
    Tomorrow our Panika will be back.. Shivaay u deserve it.. ??

    1. Di..I don’t know she realise love or not but she realised that SHIVAAY AND ANNIKA are meant to be together…..
      I want Sso to realise love first..
      Yes sometimes gulneet brings awesome idea..

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Kadhambari di,
      Hehehehe….Lawyer part was really hilarious.Divorce procedure ki OMM ho gayi.Waiting to watch Panika to back on track.Take care.

  12. Vidya Saraswathi

    Wow episode was cute to see waiting for tommorow episode.

    1. Hiiii Vidya dear…where were you ???
      Episode was cute….as well as hela hot..

    2. Luthfa

      Yes dear,waiting for today’s episode.

  13. Hi guys… I’m speechless… OMG wat a chemistry… Shivika… As arpu said.. v really needs fire brigade… Nd arpu it’s not a dream… Oh god… ????Both looking vr vr hot… Especially in black… Some more at pool… Superb scene….
    SSO hw can u b like tis… U r the most romantic guy…tat I ever seen bfr… U really knw hw to handle all the situations… Annika’s phobia gone I think…
    U knw guys….2day epi i saw ..4 times… 2day I felt so happy n shivika track was awesome n such a beautiful scene… Wow the cinematography.. No words to say… Hands off to the person…
    Tia how dare u cm bc to shivaay… Moron.. dun try to step in OM again …
    Divorce papers signatures… Paagal hogia shivika… Aap dono ko samajh mein nehi kiyu.. Tat u love each other vr much … Thank god Om did a gd job….
    I hope anika’s bwi avatar going to rock in coming epi… N shivaay will admit tat he loves anni vr much… N no need to feel guilty anymore…
    I’m waiting n waiting for nxt epi…most lovely n romantic couples… Redux… Wow superb.. Different kahani lekin kismaat sahee heh..
    C u guys… Bye???

    1. Yeh yeh Jessie..
      Teri ore is not a dream…..I mean in Real Sso kissed Annika’s hand…
      KAISI HE YE DOSTI??????.
      Yes Both were looking so hot and Annika’ Saree and blouse both were damn s*xy.
      An Sso kaise romantic nahi hinge?????hamari Annika no itni khobsurat lag rahi he..anyone can loss control???
      Shivika are really really really mad
      No now..only Sso is mad

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Jessie dear,
      Yes,Shivika’s chemistry is unbeatable.To know Anika’s phobia has over or not,we need another pool romance.Lets’s see.Now Anika will turn her wife mode on.Hoping that Billu jyada nakhre na dikhay.Take care.

  14. Luthfa

    Okay,the way Shivaay was saying-Thanda pani tumhara intejar kar raha hain,jao…What he meant actually?I think he wanted to tell that pani thanda hain to jao jake thora garam karo,nahi?Kya ho sakta hain?Do share your thoughts PKJ walo??????????

    1. Lu..chalo someone added my thought
      But honestly I found that dialogue Cheapda..
      ????? I mean aisa koun keheta he matlb??
      Sso knew Annika’s hotness will turn cold water into hot water and too he also wanted to feel hot??????????????????
      Ok I am.blushing

    2. Luthfa

      Hehehehe…..I felt Shivaay was teasing Anika.Pool water would become so hot,they had no idea na!Okay,you continue your blushing…..

  15. as always excellent as well as wonderful episode. no words can justify it.
    so now we will get to see shivika haldi function. and I think next week we will get to watch it. and in the meantime annika and shivay will continue their farak padhta wala game to make shivay realize that he also love annika.
    maybe in the start of September we can see shivika weeding. cause saas bahu aur sazish mai gk ma’am ne confirmed kya ki shadi nikhil aur annika ki nehi walki annika aur shivay ki hi hogi. track is going on like not quickly as well as not slowly. so I don’t think makers will drag shivika weeding.
    arpu dear…
    you know what I am eagerly waiting for shivika’s grand weeding. hopefully haldi function bhi hoga n usski baad shivika shadi. I am excited.
    what’s your..???

    1. Shamrin dear.i can see your excitement level for shivika saadi and I am loving it
      But dear Shivika will not marry soo soon.they should realise their love first
      Abhi tyagi daksh Nikhil tia 4 ki matter khatam karna padega na….
      Wait dear.
      Shivika ki saadi hogi..but not now..

    2. Luthfa

      I am waiting to see a proper wedding for Shivika.But don’t know what makers are thinking.Let’s see.

  16. Mona_2005

    Today pool scene was ???????????????????????????
    Shivika were looking hot
    Thanda thanda Pani ko garam Kar diya, wah, wah

    Vaise yeh kounsi dosti hai yaar, samaj nahi aaye , only friends ke beech ye bhi hota hai ?
    Vaise maza buhut aaya

    Finally anika understood, thank God kisi ek me TU dimaag aaya
    Vaise loved anika dance

    Achi chop Kare Tia ki, good shivaay

    Vaise divorce papers par ye Saab koun karta hai yaar Matlab na tum dono ajeed hu aur dene se phele dekha bhi nahi, Kya kiya hai dusre ne, ha pata ha tum dono ek dusre ko ghurne se free hoge tab TU dekho ke papers par
    Yeh sab just friends ke beech hi hota hai, haina
    Precap- paanika is back
    Today’s episode was just mind-blowing

    1. Mona dear………
      Ha ha ha Iss dosti ko Kya name do?????
      Divorce paper nahi easy book banadi..??

    2. Luthfa

      This our one only Shivika.Always surprise us with their unique style.Dosti ka to naya missal create kar raha hain ye dono.LOL!!!
      Waiting to see Panika in action.Nice analysis.Enjoyed reading.

  17. Mona_2005

    Ab serious comment
    Phele hi bol deti hu kisi ko bhi mere comment ka bura lage TU maaf Kar Dena
    It’s just my POV
    Pls truely rikara fans don’t read, u might feel hurt and i don’t want to hurt any1

    Coming to main point-
    Yaar had hai vaise Kya hai ye shivika , rikara, ruvya Matlab Ishqbaaz nahi kuch aur ban gaya hai
    Aajkal sab ya tu rikara fan, ya shivika Matlab Ishqbaaz fan koi nahi hai Kya( i am not talking about any1 of pkj just talking of majority of ppl in TW and IG)
    Faaltu me ladte lahte hai, thek hai tumhe rikara zyda acha lagta hai but that doesn’t mean ki tum shivika ke bare me kuch bhi bolege , and same applies for shivika fans as well, they are also not so good

    Vaise agar koi aur galat karega TU Kya Hume bhi galat karna chahiye
    If shivika fans are doing wrong things and bashing on rikara than rikara is also not quite, they are also not innocent
    Thali kabhi ek hath se nahi bajti

    Aur ek Cheez very common in rikara fans
    DBO vapas lao
    Off air ku huya tha?
    The answer is low trp, if they were so true fans then why trp didn’t come, why can’t they save DBO
    DBO just become off air because of trp and javb ib 1 hr ka huya tha tab bhi trp nahi aaye TU galti kiski , jab bhi rikara ko muka Mila tab TU unhune kuch Kiya nahi par jab bhi in ko shivika ke upar bash karna hota hai TU buhut jaldi yaad a jati hai
    I have read, seen, heard many rikara fans that they will not watch on TV and then they want production to show rikara
    Rikara fans are not watching
    Shivika fans will stop watching if rikara is shown then what should production follow, should it even lose it’s shivika audience when there is no guarantee that rikara audience will watch or not
    Bhai bolne ku TU buhut ache shows bhi trp ki wajah see band hu jate hai and majority of shows jo band hote hai, unki wajah trp hi hoti hai
    Zyda trp hogaya par yaar that’s truth, vohi unki source of income hai isliye bolna padta hai

    Shivika fans bhi dud ke dhole nahi hai par Kya kaare shivika ki zyda fan following isliye voh favor hote hai

    Question- Kya hum shivika, rikara fan ki jagah, ib fan nahi hu sakte Kya, Kya shivika fans rikara ko pasad nahi Kar sakte Kya and vice-versa
    All the couples are very beautiful in ib, pls try to love each And every couple equally
    Become a true ibian

    After reading my comment u must feel i am a shivika fan but no , i Love rikara equally there is no discrimination from mine side

    Sorry again if u feel upset with mine comment
    Don’t want to hurt any1
    Take care everyone

    1. Kaash ye baat samjhte..
      Waise kuch fans he jo pure ishqbaazians he.
      Hope positivity badhe

    2. Exactly, i feel the same.when ib was new fandom discrimination was not there….but after dbo,fandom is divided?….

    3. Luthfa

      Mona dear,your each and every word is true.How I wish those ever-ready-to-fight people could understand that we are fans of Ishqbaaz!We should spread love and positive vibes but……I am glad that PKJ is away from all this.Proud of PKJ.

  18. You r very true we should be ishqbaaz fans. I love shivika, rikara and ruvya☺?. I love all of them and want to keep watching it. Lets watch ishqbaaz on tv and increase its trp. If ishqbaaz trp increase then the show will be 1 hour and we will have more shivika,rikara and ruvya scene??

    1. Yes… Hope so.. Rajvi ??

  19. Can anyone please tell me what shivay has done to feel so guilty?

  20. Luthfa

    Wishing you the same?

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