Bepannah 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjana kills Sakshi

Bepannah 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakshi stops at the edge of the cliff. Anjana reaches right behind her and asks till when she will continue playing hide and seek. If Sakshi has forgotten what Anjana is capable of, does she remember how her daughter die? Sakshi shouts that Anjana killed Pooja and Yash, she is a murderer.
Arshad thanks Aditya for the coffee. Zoya and Aditya cheer the coffee cups before disposing them. Zoya goes to take a call on a side. Aditya finds Arshad stare at him, he thinks it’s good Arshad soon understand that he and Zoya are made for each other. Arshad says he knows why Aditya came here, they real reason is Zoya.
Anjana blames Sakshi to have stuck her son, did Pooja think she will turn her face away from the sins and betrayal of Pooja. Sakshi agrees Pooja was wrong but what Anjana did was a crime. She took three lives, Pooja, Yash and their unborn child. She will surely tell Zoya and Aditya that Pooja and Yash’s death wasn’t an accident. Anjana accepts that God created a mother because he couldn’t be everywhere. She punished Pooja because God wasn’t punishing them. Sakshi says Anjana killed three people and she is wandering around so easily. Doesn’t she regret taking lives of innocents? Anjana wasn’t ready to accept her mistake, she can’t even think Aditya goes through the same as her when Harsh left her. She went to Pooja to congratulate her and came to know Pooja was pregnant with someone else’s child. Sakshi questions what if Aditya had cheated on Pooja. Anjana has had enough with Sakshi, and though Sakshi knew more than she should. Its better Sakshi leaves her life. Sakshi was sure that true must live, and it will soon reveal itself. Aditya and Zoya are together now, they will surely know Anjana’s truth one day.
Arshad says Aditya must not have liked that he brought Zoya here at this time of night. He feels protective for Zoya. Aditya replies exactly, he feels exactly the same. Arshad says only lucky ones get such deep friendship, Zoya is lucky to have him as a friend. Aditya asks friend? Arshad asks if they aren’t best friends. He understood this when Aditya was feeding her with noodles. Aditya wants to know if he is the right person for Zoya or not? He realizes Aditya wants to make sure Zoya isn’t betrayed and hurt for another time. While he and Zoya cheers the coffee and chips, he understood none can understand Zoya better than Aditya. Aditya calls Zoya a presence he feels around himself, she is timeless and doesn’t belong to a single time. Arshad agrees calling Zoya precious. Aditya appreciates Zoya self-confidence and self-dependence. Arshad qualifies had he not known they were best friends, he would have considered that Aditya also love Zoya.
Anjana says no matter if one commits a single murder or multiple, punishment is same. She tells Sakshi to say a Hi to Pooja and pushes her down the steep cliff.
Arshad asks Aditya’s help to convince Zoya marry him. He has felt a deep connection with Zoya in the past two days and it’s eternal. Aditya was haunted by the memories of Arshad and Zoya’s meeting, dance and eating noodles together. Arshad says Zoya is better than the person he awaited his whole life. He wants to spend his whole life with her and marry her.
Anjana cries in agony sitting on the floor. She says Sakshi turned her into a murderer but what she should have done. She only wanted to save her son from you mother daughter duo. She is a mother and can do anything for the sake of her sons. Sakshi wanted to tell Aditya the truth but her connection with the world has finished.
Aditya was shocked to hear Arshad’s talk. Arshad takes his hand sure that he would help him. Zoya returns after the call. It soon begins to rain. They turn to leave.
Anjana gets into the car and gets her medicines. Her cell phone fell on the floor there. She calms herself down but was shocked to see Aditya, Zoya and Arshad appear from behind the trees. She drives her car fast. Aditya comments it seems other people also know about this place. Arshad gets a call. Aditya wonders whose car Zoya would get into now?
Arshad tells Zoya there is an emergency in the hospital, he hopes she won’t mind. He requests Aditya to drop Zoya. Aditya says he would have dropped Zoya anyway. Zoya and Arshad didn’t understand.
Anjana finds Sakshi’s phone in her purse and realizes she dropped it when she was taking the medicine. She decides to find it. Aditya was about to speak to Zoya but Zoya wasn’t attentive. She realizes her ear ring was missing, it was a special silver earring her father got for her from special workers of Delhi. Aditya place his finger over her mouth and says no matter she loses anything, he will get it back to her; no matter its an earring or her heart. Her other earring would also look like the one she is wearing.
Anjana reaches the spot and finds Aditya and Zoya together. She spots the phone just beneath Zoya’s feet.

PRECAP: Aditya blames Arshad for have deliberately stolen her earring. He advices her not to trust anyone again, she learnt to trust again really hardly.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Neha1

    Now in today’s episode Anjana had pushed Sakshi but I think Sakshi will come back for the revenge…I Think Anjana has Bipolar disorder…..Adi was shocked to heard that Arshad is thinking him Zoya’s bff….But Why Zoya giving Arshad so importance….
    Just waiting for 2mrrow episode…. Adi kept Sakshi phone in his pocket….Let’s see if Anjana able to tooK Sakshi’s phone from Adi…I think she will stole that phone from Adi’s room or his blazer…..

  2. Today ep is also boring…

  3. Finally cat and mouse game of anjana sakshi over
    Precap not good
    I know sakshi will return or truth will be revealed
    Before that they should end arshad track
    Don’t liking a love triangle where girl doesn’t know what she need/ even there is no sign of realization
    Hoping zoya will not realize after saying yes to arshad

  4. Guys! This is stretching now.
    Ok we got to know that Pooja was pregnant with Yash’s child when she died, but this small bit of information after hell lot of drama, a month long event prep and a week long event. I wasn’t even surprised to know this. I knew such a thing would happen.
    Trust me, but even Anjana being the killer didn’t shock me much. Looking at the amount of “love” she has got for her son; she was always on my suspicion list.
    Deep down I always wanted Roshana (Zoya’s mother) to be the killer. That would have been shocking.
    Anyways, even Sakshi Anjana chase game was stretched. First from hospital then house’s bathroom and then in the jungle. Actually I won’t be a bit surprised if Anjana comes back in some future episode.
    Makers if you really want to climb up the trp chart, show something good and worthy now and stop stretching the show. We are loyal viewers doesn’t mean you are gonna test our patience. Keep it quick and nice.
    Eagerly waiting for the story to move on quickly.

    1. Waiting for replies :p

    2. Hi Evelyn!
      Agreed man! With everything you jut said! Even I wasn’t surprised about that child thing.. I mean,we’ve dealt wth this na already.. Poosh loved each other we know that!
      And damn,Roshna? That would have been a plot twist! xD but I am happy that didn’t happen tbh! ???
      Anyway,coming back to he point.. Yes,it’s being dragged and even that at a very slow speed! So true,we are loyal fans but this isn’t fair.. One week,2 weeks.. But an entire month has been like this only..
      What’s happening idk!
      Arshad is boring,Aditya has become boring.. Ok not his fault agreed,but still.. I miss aadi!
      Zoya had such good dialogues before now it’s just smiles and oblivious looks to Aditya! She hasn’t even begun to feel anything yet!
      I Have Said in my previous comments too,we desperately need some good writing now.. Cause this clearly isn’t working!
      *sigh* disappointed again.
      But still hoping.. Let’s wait for a few more days,otherwise I may have to take a leap on this show on my own and then resume watching after sometime…

    3. Yep man so true. Hoping for the same

  5. I am quite disappointed with today’s episode…not understanding story is going in which direction!!!!…Arshad is so confident that Adi will help him…Adi was speechless when Arshad asked him for help and Zoya totally oblivious of what is happening !!!..I think Adi may come to know of his mom’s misdeeds n then he himself may convince Zoya to marry Arshad…but Zoya realizes love for Adi n then Zoya behind Adi…this sounds a very boring love story full of tears rather than intensity..hope I m wrong n makers surprise me with an out-of-the-box realization [email protected]!

    1. Neha1

      Yes, I totally agree with @Evelyn and @Arch….. I too thought they’re dragging too much…and yes completely confused…. it seems like Zoya has become blind that she’s not understanding Adi’s feelings and she didn’t want to marry, still she’s considering Arshad.. for what and Why..????? So, yes now a days show becomes quite boring…for me the Shocking news was that Anjana kidnapped Sakshi for last 6 months and she killed Yash and Pooja…coz I was doubting on Mr.Hooda but not Anjana…
      And after watching today’s episode that Anjana eats some medicine, I might doubt that Anjana has BIPOLAR DISORDER… coz she’s so possessive and obsessed with her son’s love….so she can go to any extent… and also she today said that Adi-Zoya will never be together, I will not make that happen….let’s see what will happen

  6. Neha1

    Plz CV’s don’t dragg Arshad between AdiYa…When I saw Arshad I felt JEALOUS of him and ANGRY too just like Adi….Don’t Dragg this triangle track, not liking it…If it goes like this then how Zoya will realise her feelings for Aditya…. ANd Jenny/Zoya ko Arshad/Champu ke sath dekhna achcha nhi lgta….Aditya-Zoya’s pairing is too good Amazing..????

  7. N next couple of episodes is eid celebration with biryani competition in which Zoya declares Arshad winner…I won’t watch episodes this week as story not moving forward at all…tomorrow trp list will be out..I won’t be surprised if our show is out of top 20…since Adi love realization show has become very boring…Adiya nok-jhok days with Mahi around were much better!!!!..

    1. If we stop watching the show, then it won’t be long before our show ends and I’m sure none of us want that to happen…why not be patient and keep supporting our show so that we get our loved AdiYa moments in future instead of complaining?

    2. No ones stopping but this needs to be sorted sooooooooon!!!

    3. @Pari : you are right…but too much dragging…not enjoying the show…n this Arshad track is boring…zoya’s feelings are still a mystery!!! Aditya returned in 17th July episode n on 22nd Aug event night still on…between his return n the event only a week’s gap was mentioned in the show…1 week equal to more than a month !!!!…I m dreading if 2 weeks equal 2 months bcos can’t stand this Arshad track…absolutely no chemistry between Arshad – Zoya n on top of that it is also overshadowing Adiya’s chemistry!!!!…I want Adiya to confess love…intense romantic scenes between them with the poosh murder mystery thrill lingering in the background…instead we are getting boring biryani competition n all…anyways will be patient n hope for good episodes to come!!!

    4. Yeaaahhhhh!!! That’s what I said.. The old AdiYa were so much better.. They understood each other better,and they were to watch.. Aditya’s sarcasms,zoya’s dialogues too were so well written.. Idk,for me it’s really losing its charm. And now this biryani? Wth!
      Still hoping tho… Not giving up yet!

  8. The story before that 6 months leap was so intense and worth watching that the story after leap seems to be boring. The show was only focused on that anniversary prep and Aditya – Zoya. Now that Anjana has killed Sakshi (maybe) I hope that show again come to its original track with Adiya development alongside. Because there are infinite number of questions yet to be answered……

  9. I feel like I am watching a dog chasing his tale. The story has not moved and inch. They are trying to increase Trp by doing what?? By dragging ??? If not Adiya story, that might be to difficult to start, at least build up a good story for Arnoor. Are they going to ever disclose their love to anyone exept Zoya? How will Anjana, Wassim and all the rest react ? This focusing on the lead pair can be very stressing if there is not a clear story line.

  10. There are many things which has been not clearly portrayed , the motive behind Rajveer desparately troubling adiya life ? Extra extra … It was left as such

    1. Rajvir track will be tackled later…as of now no other track apart from Anjana track needs to be mixed with Arshad track. Too many tracks will complicate the story and eternal lovers will always remain separated like most of the dumb Ekta serials….n so far except Zoya not questioning Adi about his Paris return most of the confusions created by makers have been cleared!!!…let Adiya unite first…then let Anjana, Mahi n Rajvir n all other villains n vamps try to separate them…not now…what is more annoying than Arshad is that neither Zoya has started realizing her feelings nor Adi is stepping back n ignoring Zoya for sometime…:)

  11. In the beginning I really liked this show as its concept was unique. But now I had stopped watching this show as the show is no more interesting. Now I only go through the written update.

  12. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Day by Day, Bepanah is becoming boring love triangle. Till date zoya didn’t understand Aditya’s feelings and Arshad is very confident about marrying zoya. When zoya will realized Aditya’s love. I think we don’t watch this show for zoya and Arshad love-story! Poor helpless Aditya!

  13. Neha1

    Aditya gifts something special to Zoya infront of her family..!

  14. I am trying to not watch all the videos on the net regarding the upcoming episodes. Yes i want to know what will happen but all this spoilers kill the suspense. They should not post videos or dialogues, just photos would be enough to make the viewer curious.
    Anyways i don’t know for how long I will be able to do that.

    1. The confirmed spoiler that stupid Arshad wins biryani competition itself killed my interest…had this spoiler not come out we would have at least lived in an illusion that Adi will win n watch the episodes…but I m no longer wanting to watch the episodes till this biryani episode is over..:)

    2. Yep,same here.
      Feel ya!
      Hope that ends soon though,can’t have a biryani ep for half a month now! ?

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