Kundali Bhagya 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan and Rishab are both in jail

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Sherlin is depressed why Rishab did not come out as they would have loved to see his face, she asks him to shut up and then Prithvi says that he cannot as he is very happy, he also wonders if Rishab has been locked up with Karan in the lock up, Sherlin as him to stop imagining things, Sherlin asks him the whereabouts of Preeta as if she had come out then she would have co me to help her boyfriend Karan, he says that he did not break his engagement because he wants her to remain in his circle.
Mahesh and family come to the police station and ask for Rishab, the police says that they are both in the lock up because he interfered in their investigation, Inspector says that the law has changed and they both cannot do anything like this, Karina gets angry saying that they are law abiding citizens and never use their money for anything that is wrong, The inspector gets angry and then he blames Karina for talking rubbish, Mahesh tries to stop her but he says that she will not as she knows that Karan will never do anything of the sort and they must leave them both, Mahesh takes her away.
Rakhi starts to cry and begs the inspector to free her children as Rishab has only interfered in their investigation and so he must leave them, the inspector see her face and then releases him, but he says that they cannot do the same for Karan as he has been arrested for a crime, Mahesh takes Rakhi away from the police station.
Preeta goes to the reception and then calls the house from the landline, Shrishti picks up the phone and then Preeta tells her everything, She says that she knows that Karan can never do anything of the sort and theta there is someone who is behind everything and is making Karan’s life a miserable one, Preeta gets worried, Shrishti says that she will come and then they will decide what to do, Shristhi does not listen and leaves.
Manisha requests the police personal to allow her to leave saying that she is not used to living in this situation, they all agree and then plan to send her with a lady police officer, she gets worried but they insist and she has to oblige as otherwise they will suspect her and her plan will fail, she then sits down.
Karina goes after Rishab and asks him why is so angry, he says that why did they let him come out as he wants to be with his brother, Mahesh says that he has gone and as they have come to take his brother out and not see them both in, Rakhi says that she knows this and only wants his help to take his brother out of the locker room, Karina says that they must go to their house as Dadi was very worried and when she will see them all then she will get relaxed, Rishab feels that his family is right and goes after them.
Sherlin asks Prithvi if he is happy, he says that he is very happy as now Karan is behind the jail bars, eh says that he did this only because Karan messed with Sherlin and he cannot forgive someone who harmed her, he also avenged his defeat as Karan had become his enemy and he cannot forgive him for this.
Preeta is very worried about Shrishti as she is late, a group of people are talking about Karan and are seeing a show, they talk about Karan’s character and they say that Karan is a good and character wise good person, they anchor corner him but he says that Karan is a good person and he knows him from a while and he is a good person, anchor says that he is following Karan and that Karan was caught red handed and he raped the girl, there spokesperson says that Karan was given the right punishment, Dadi gets very worried as how can someone say something like this regarding Karan, his sister calms her down and decides to call Preeta but she then feels that Preeta would have watched the news.
A group of people are discussing about Karan and are either saying bad things regarding his character of praising him for his innocence.

Precap; Preeta says that she is very worried and does not know what to do as her heart wants her to be with Karan.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Hey how much more of this kind of shit you dumb arse writer gonna protray on tv for innocent children going to watch. You are a bunch of shameless people who call yourselves writers. You are just as sick as your 2 characters Pritvhi and Sherlin who I believe represent members of your family

  2. Arey writer preetha ko karan se Milne me itna der kyun lagare sirf won hi karan ko baahar nikal sakti hai jaldi episode forward kijiye karan ko is total problem se baahar nikaliye

  3. Strectching drama continues…bull shit continues…blo*dy shit story continues n let it to continue as dip in trp will also continue as many of us have stopped watching the show. Last week dip in trp has not taught makers a lesson i guess. If it continues protraying negative character as main hero and heroen of the show…then why not they make prithvi n sherlin as main cast of the show and rest as villian as we always like show where main cast wins not when villian can do everything by ease and can win where for main cast to win it take years and years. Like in kundali bhagya where blo*dy prithvi and sherlin still exist though more than year passed…and another example tanu and aliya which exist from long time in kumkum bhagya….so same makers, similar streching drama, same bullshit and same disgusting story telling and character protrayal…lol

  4. already Ekta has made a shit out of kumkum bhagya and now this…looks like kundali bhagya is going in the same line as yeh hai mohabbatein and kumkum bhagya. ..both rubbish series. ..!!!

    1. That so many villain in this world I just stop seeing all this rubbish serial on zeetv because even in Ishy Suban Allah is same

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