Ishqbaaz 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye and Anika’s challenge

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Ishqbaaz 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says my lawyer is waiting, I want our divorce to happen soon, once we sign and give the papers, he will submit it in court. Anika says I don’t have papers, I have forgotten them at home. He says that’s okay, my lawyer had a copy so I got it, sign on this. She asks have you signed them. He says no, I thought you will give me those papers which I already signed, its fine, you sign, then I will do. They ask each other to sign first. He says fine, I will do, then you do. He signs, having looking at her. He says sign, Mr. Kukreja is waiting. Anika says just a min. He says the pen is fine. She looks at him. Milke bhi…..plays. She signs on the papers. She gives him the papers. Her bangle accessory and his coat sleeve get stuck.

She says relations don’t end so easily. He says it does hurt, but if a relation causes pain, its better to end it. He frees it and goes. He sees the papers and gets sad. Anika looks at him. He gives papers to Kukreja. O jaana…plays…. Shivaye turns to see. Anika hides. She cries. Gauri sees her and asks what happened, why are you crying. Om says Shivaye, I need to talk about the Australian deal. Shivaye says just a min Om and gets in his room. He shuts the door and cries. Om asks him to open the door. Shivaye throws the magazines and also its stand. Om shouts open the door Shivaye. Shivaye opens the door and says I m all right, tell me what do you want to discuss. Om looks at him. Anika says don’t worry, I m absolutely fine.

Its morning, Om asks Khanna to welcome all guests with rose water, Shivaye asked for this, taste all snacks before serving. Gauri greets him and says your brother seems to have taken up wedding planning seriously. Om says he has forgotten business and meetings, and started this. Anika comes downstairs. Priyanka gives her a catalogue and says Shivaye said the wedding theme will be green, you can choose the green lahenga, have a look at the options, you will get it ready in 24 hours. Shivaye comes. Anika says when wedding planner decided the wedding theme, let him select the wedding dress. Shivaye asks what happened. Anika says its my marriage and you have chosen wedding theme without asking me, I don’t like green. He asks what do you like then. She says I like red. Priyanka says Shivaye has a phobia of colour red. Anika says you are scared of colours, that’s why I was wondering why you are so colourless. He says I don’t like red. She says you just wear this grey, blue, black… He says I have brown too. She says you wear just these suits. Om says we didn’t notice this much, you know the colours of all his suits.

Shivaye says stop it. Gauri says you know Anika has a phobia of water, Anika shivers when she goes near the swimming pool. Shivaye and Anika argue. Om says hold on, who is afraid and who’s not, we will decide, go and wear red clothes, and you go into the water, simple. Anika says ask him to do it first. Shivaye says no, why shall I do it first every time. Om and Priyanka ask what do you mean, what is it that you have done first. Shivaye says nothing. Anika says its his excuses, he thinks if I don’t go into water, he won’t need to wear red, I will win this challenge. Shivaye says tell her that I have never lost a challenge. Anika says tell him that either he will lose or wear red, I think he won’t wear red colour, but he can try.

Everyone is in the party. Nikhil introduces his friends to Anika. Anika says I will be right back. She asks where is Shivaye. Om says don’t know. She says maybe he is scared of challenge and he is hiding somewhere. Priyanka drops the glass in shock. They all get shocked seeing Shivaye wearing a red suit. He walks to Anika. She smiles. Music plays…. Gal mitthi mitthi bol…plays….. Shivaye and Anika dance. Om, Gauri and Priyanka dance. Nikhil looks on. Shivaye gets him to Anika. He looks at Anika. They smile and get together. Lights get dim. Everyone disappears. Shivaye and Anika sing Dil kho gaya…..Teri ore…. and dance.

Shivaye and Anika have a pool moment. O jaana….plays… Tia shouts Shivaye. She says how dare you, he is my husband…. Shivaye says don’t you dare tell her anything, you don’t need to talk to Anika.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hiii HiiiHiiii mere khidkitod pagals
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 52…?????????????
    @Riana today I am using your formula.
    Yarr TYAGI already knew Sso was taking Annika somewhere. But he kept quiet to play with Sso..
    He knew it.
    @Lu I already did it my dear……even I am missing BUNNY like anything??
    My job is done

    Ok come to episode..
    Shivika???why are you doing this ??? Sso plz stop it.and why are breaking such beautiful pure soul as well things
    Innocent no tho koi value hi nahi rahi…
    And both Tu jane na and oH jana made me cry..
    Annika was hiding from her fate from her tear but how long???????
    Sso plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz stop it….
    Ok cant cry more

    ?????Shivika’s banter and challenge ?really colour phobia and water really???
    And challenges were beautiful……..I was laughing seeing them.

    SHIVAAY??he was totally In bahu mode today
    I mean usually people get mesmerized seeing girls beauty but here is our Sso doing
    Btw RED is king amoung colours na..Annika came and filled his life with various colours.Very deep meaning of colour I loved it.w????
    Waise Sso ..what are you doing???dancing with your Dost..ummm girlfnd………Ex Biwi..
    No….Hone wali Biwi….
    Ufffff kya complicated relation he yaar???????
    I was Sso sided Nikhil and Danced with Annika…bande ki sakal??
    Teri ore…..MY FOREVER DREAM GOT FULFILLED I am sooooooo happy….SHIVIKA..KILLED IT……
    Ok This was supposed to be first hand kiss of Shivika in redux..
    Waiting for first forehead kiss.
    Whole sequence was soooooooo awesome…
    And just ONE thing.. Annika’s outfit and make up acchi hosakti thi.bigad diya pura…..?
    Precap- What WAS THAT I am literally burning now???????????????????????????pool is on fire????????????????..
    Shivika in black Annika in sleeveless OLD wali black dress.i think she was complenting challenge….
    But Sso was lost……….
    How I will wait for tomorrow.DAMN this is torture.
    Bilu toh gaya……ditect kiss.i can see good DOSTI?
    DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT TIA…chipdi.uske liye
    Gali tomorrow.


    1. Arpita. Calm down baby ? seriously this is torture. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode especially the pool romance. ❤️ Wo bhi direct kiss. ??? But ek baat jarur ke unke romance me koi na koi tou dakhal dehi deta hai. Kabhi Tia kabhi Gauri kabhi Rudy kabhi daadi. ? Haan Shivaay was looking damn handsome today ? bas Anika ka dressing sense and makeup bekaar tha. Anyway, you are right complicated relation hai dono ke. ?

      1. Hii Shivi are you???welcome back…

        The I am totally calm
        I am.totally calm
        I am totally……….
        I am…….( Ok.words are died)??..the this is total torture koun karta he yar Asia???
        Woh toh he…
        Yes Shivani ne Annika ki dress ki Gangaram kardi….
        Can’t wait for next

    2. Hello Arpu congrats for being number 1. Great!!! Yes you are right. SSO pleaseeee stop it and see how anika is yearning for you but I can see you really enjoyed the episode so much.

    3. Luthfa

      Go Arpita Go.Congratulations on being first..?
      Hehehe……Gul and team are inventing new allergies.Phobia of colour is odd but water phobia is true by the way.Tadibaazi is back finally and I am loving it.

      1. Luthfa

        And waiting to read kya kya gaali tum pesh karne wale ho Tia baby keliye?????
        Very nice analysis.Enjoyed reading.Take care?

  2. Hi everyone, I love today’s episode. Full on of Shivika and Rikara moments. Fiirst Shivaay looked so handsome in the red suit and his walk and charisma. Wow!!!! I was drooling…… Next Anika looked even more stunning in red. Oh my the dance of shivika I just was so mesmerised. No words to describe. It was fabulous!!!!

    Both did not want to sign. I think Shivaay would have signed on the wrong side of the divorce papers. Anika would find out. Of course she will be happy so the divorce papers will not be valid. I am waiting for tomorrow’s scene. The pool scene and idiot Tia came and spoilt the show. Why is Tia still around/ Since Daksh si not marrying Priyanka so Tia has no place in Shivaay’s life. It was supposed to be one to one exchange right?

    I love the challenge that Anika posed to Shivaay. They became so natural when they were having the arguments. All the love nok jhok was so cute.

    I must say Shivaay was so natural when he cried in his room. It was so realistic. He could not cry out aloud and controlled his tears but you can see he keeps wiping his nose as he is in such distress that this is it. Divorce papers are signed and submitted. What a torture for both of them!!!

    Nice episode and just loved it.

    Hello to my dear Arpu Banita Luthfa Jeevi Shiny Ishita Sneha Tania Pushpa NSK Kadhambari Beauty and many many more. Hope all have a good night’s rest.

    1. Hiiii Sindhu Di.Sso signed as BILU in divorce papers????????( such a cute bilu)…
      Sso in red suit .Shivaay ke chahne walo ki oh my mata hogayi hogi??
      Yes Both Shivika were distressed and that was soo natural….I cried….
      Yaa had a good night
      Now good morning.

    2. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Shivika are back on track.From now on a lot more things are going to occur.We have to gear up for heavy dose of drama.Tia and her intentions are very clear.Now it will be interesting to watch what Shivaay is going to do to tackle Tia and the villain gang.Nice analysis di.Take care.Lots of love?

  3. Hmm…episode was a mixture of emotions and fun….loved it ?

    1. ye totally love it…

    2. Luthfa


  4. He is my husband? When did Tia marry Shivaay? ? And wohooo, upcoming pool excited? wish this real life is like a TV serial. Like Anika, I would also be lucky to have a partner like Shivaay ❤️ I am liking this ongoing track. And I am sure, Shivaay will replace Nikhil at mandap after he gets to know Nikhil’s intentions. CVS, you are requested to not bring this Shivika’s Shaadi track again. It Should be their last marriage. Both Shivika and Rikara were looking beautiful today. Wese color phobhia bhi hota hai? Wese I was told that characters are same but the story will be different. In episodes, I had seen Shivaay wearing red suit many times and he used to look more handsome in red suit than other ones. Jo bhi hai aaj Wala track accha tha. ? Nice to see Nikhil getting angry when Shivika was dancing together. ❤️ I have a question, did Anika really sign the divorce paper? I think this time Shivaay must have handed over the fake divorce paper. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode. Keep smiling!

    1. hi Shivi di…
      No Tia didn’t said Husband. She was going to say mangetar I mean fiance………….
      Ek happy wali saddi to hogi hi…na..
      Just hope ki bilu ko realise hojaye………..
      And he signed paper as name of Billu…
      I think Annika signed divorce paper..let’s see
      You too Di..keep smiling….

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Shivi di,
      Welcome back to PKJ.How are you doing?
      I think you got confused reading written update.Tia did not call Shivaay as her husband.She was about to say fiancee but Shivaay made her halt.Fashion and IB always give us surprises beyond imaginations.Let’s see what happens next.Take care.

  5. wonderful episode…
    waiting for tomorrow’s episode.
    arpu dear..
    tia ki ane se mujhe thora daar laag raha. wo kuch karega to nehi na…??? jaise shivay se to nehi kahega na ki wo usse shadi kaar le.
    aur ek to 100% sure hai ki iss shadi drama iss August ki end taak chalegi. paar kya aap baata sakti hai ki kya September ki pehle week mai humme shivika shadi dekh ne ko milegi..??

    1. Shamrin dear..
      Shivika ki saadi abhi nahi hogi.bcoz Billu still didn’t realise that he is in love with Annika.
      Uni saddi hogi but not now.
      Waise I am too scared what she will do??TNG gang ..toh he…..Nikhil daksh tyagi ..upar se tia…..let’s see.
      Jo bhi he..Shivika will conquer world…Don’t worry

    2. Luthfa


  6. Luthfa

    Destiny made me meet you at such a juncture where you were a complete stranger to me.I never thought after meeting you,my life would change,forever.Can you remember how was the starting?You and me were lost in each other,couldn’t take our eyes off.You advanced towards me silently while I stood still.Those moments were something very different to feel,to understand,to realize,for the first time.Then we continued meeting with each other for this or that.I don’t know whether you have felt the same or not but whenever I saw you,found you in my surroundings,I have perceived an unknown attraction for you.It’s like I know you since long and we have a very special connection.I tried to read your eyes and watched the same when you cared for me,got worried seeing me in problems or in pain.Then came the most nightmarish part of our meeting.Again Destiny stroke and you and me spilt apart.I couldn’t understand what was my mistake for that you punished me,hurt me,broke my heart and made my life worst than hell.You dragged me into such a relation which you refused to respect and abandoned the moment it was established,between us.That day I saw immense hatred in your eyes,flashing like the most brightest light,for me.Then I couldn’t know the reason just kept questioning myself and my heart.Today you have come to me to sign those papers so that you and me can be free from that Meaningless,forced relation about which I was talking all this while.I so wanted to ask you a question but couldn’t muster up the courage and that-Our relation which is indeed bound us forcefully,is really meaningless?Do you believe the same?I know you have told countless time that and repeated the same in front of me but is this really true?Neither I could know the truth why you and me got into that relation then,nor I am now able to find the truth of our separation,signing those papers.Everything is finished but my heart is not ready to accept this truth and I can’t force it and perhaps,you too can’t force your heart.

    1. I am lost for words after reading your analysis. First time ever I can’t write anything pertaining to yours as you wrote what was going through on my mind. All I can say is they have to come to a roadblock and neither can proceed anywhere. They can’t go backwards for sure and even forward so literally Ito has cone to a standstill with confused thoughts running in their minds. Each of them are very clear that they like each other but because they are testing destiny so they want destiny to reunite them but Shivaay thinks it is fated that anika should be reunited with Nikhil. When anika finds out about Nikhil’s collaboration with Daksh and gets kidnapped that is when we are going to see a nafrat SSO who is then going to save anika and marry her. Destiny will make a twist and will join them thanks to Nikhil and Daksh.

      1. Luthfa

        Awwww…..So sweet of you di.
        I think Shivika are testing whether they can stand firm on their decision of not giving in or how Destiny is going to shape their life.They are stubborn of a rare kind.You are right di.For the time being they have indeed come across a roadblock.They have to remove it to move ahead.And it can possible only if they agree to work on it,mutually.Don’t know what TND gang will do.

    2. Such a beautiful analysis Luthfa and always enjoyed reading them very much.

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you sooooooo….very much for your priceless love di.Thank you once again.Love you di.

    3. Basss kar pagli rula mat..main such main ro dungi…..????????..
      Bechari Meri Annika Di.
      Ok a little bechara Sso..

      1. Luthfa

        Thora rolo darling.Man ka boj halka ho jayega.I am sending tissue papers…..

  7. Hi all,
    Sindu, Luthfa, jeevi, arpu, bani.. How are you guys.. Missed you guys so much. These days so what busy.. Mom was not keeping well.. So, came back to take care of her.. Became silent reader sometimes..
    Episode was good.. Don’t know whose Sangeet it was.. SSO sirf dost.. ??? with dost you danced so romantically.. Hehe hehe..
    As per today’s spoil our SSO signed his name has billu.. Anika found it.. Question him about it & got angry and throw water on him.. So officialy divorce paper became invalid.. ????

    1. JeevithaTK

      Hi kadhambari akka,
      Hru. Welcome back with lots of love. Even me missed u akka. So how is amma( aunty) nd suhas. Hope both r good. Nd suhas school is going on good hope he is nt naughty while going to school…. Hope amma health is good nd fine now… Take care of them. Hope u to c u regularly from now akka. Love u nd

    2. Hello kadhambari how are you and your little prince? Glad you can come and say hello and leave comments. Oh so SSO signed his name is billy. I thought he signed at the wrong place on the divorce paper and it was invalid.

    3. Oooohooo look who is here..Kadambari Di..
      After soo many days …how are you????
      Welcome back to pkj…….
      And how is our Little Prince and juju???All good???
      Shivika has very complicated relation now..????
      Annika don’t want to marry Nikhil……and she cleared it before Sso……
      Bechara Pani Pani hogaya….

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Kadhambari di,
      Welcome back to PKJ with lots of love and band-baja.How are you and Suhas doing?Hope your mother is recovering.God bless her with speedy healing.Take care of her di.
      Yes di,two newly born Dosts are romancing forgetting the world.Inka iss dosti ko hum kya naam de???
      I missed you soooooo….very much.Very happy to have you back.Do visit us whenever you can manage time.Lots of love to you,Suhas and his Grandmom.See you soon.

  8. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys, the episode was 1st felt v bad and then waaaa ??. Shivay y r u doing this u r getting hurt even anika plzzz plz stop doing this. Who part ur today just superb…. I missed ur signature anger tht if breaking ur ? ..
    After tht I just thinking wether I’m watch Redux episode r starting of ib episodes. After soo many day my lovely shivka back to their original character I mean thadibaaz bagad billu and khidkitod r back… Love to watch the tashan always..????. Shivay was looking too good in tht red out fit. But was hell laughing looking at all ladies don’t know their hair style r costume r makeup was looking funny for me… They dance superb. The way shivay sided nikil liked it. For me it was heartfilled episode.
    I was missing chandini of anika bt mehindi as bracelet… I think even anika missing it so put mehindi..
    1st time after the Redux I watched episode reputedly for 4 times till now
    Precap : after so many day ???????? going to catch. Pool side tomorrow combination of fire and water.
    CVS plzzzzzzz don’t make me papu..
    Gn guys love u all.

    1. Ha ha 4 times ..for the first time in redux.i watched drunk wala episode more than 5 or 6….. ladies ke makeup ka kachra banadiya

    2. I am sure jeevi you must be watching many times. I too watched it several times. In tv a few times and on hot star a few times until I remember every line.

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi dear,
      Yesterday Shivika got lost in each other and we all fell for them,once again.Teri Ore was superb.Shivika danced so gracefully.Feelings were so real and heartwarming.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care.

  9. Luthfa

    My cheapdi thought:
    I am sure after watching the precap,everyone has started sweating because of sheer hotness,the TV screen provided.But I was thinking and humming a song which will be perfect for those epic hotness personified moments…..”Labo ko labo pe sajao,kya ho tum mujhe aab batao…..”??????????????????????????????????

    1. Luthfa ???

    2. He bhagwan……………..
      Shivika ne Meri Lu ko sanskari se chipdi banadiya..
      Ok but what about
      Bheege hont tere…
      Pyasa Dil mera…….???????????????????????

      1. Luthfa

        Hehehe…..PKJ walo main Sanskar thori kaam hi hain????????????
        Tumhara wala bhi chalega.Meri tara man mein gunguna lena????????????????????

  10. JeevithaTK

    Guys Sry it’s nt who it’s emo. Plz spear my mistakes. This auto correction bit irritating.
    Arpu, Luthfa dears nd Aayush Anna Tq for saying the movie name and clarifying abt the rumares.
    Aayush Anna congrats for being 1st yesterday.
    Lu dear: I know shivay is nt tubelight bt the way he was doing I was upset I was soo easily visible tht anika unhappy still he doing tht..

    And dear coming to ur analysis another heart touching nd senti analysis the way u described sso pain nd this point of view awesome.. Dear. Marshahalla nd Inshaahalla for u writing talent nd for ur analysis. Only this 2 words I could say now. By still in search for ur writeing… u. TC.
    Jo dear it’s OK.
    LOts of love to all. Tc

    1. You are welcome dear…

    2. Luthfa

      Jeevi dear,
      Today I am swearing on PKJ that if I ever write any FF them only Rumya will be paring in my FF,no Bhavya at all.And I will write a Rumya special ff for you.Just I need some spare time to sit down and write.Give me some time dear.Thank you soooooooo….very much for your valuable love.Love you too.

      1. Luthfa


  11. Laal ishq

    1. is laal ishq…?

    2. Luthfa

      Waiting for Lal Ishq part 2 in Redux….

  12. JeevithaTK

    My kind request to sindhu and kadhambari akka plz get registered in tu so tht if v miss to Hv conversation her Atleast there v can talk to each other… Will b waiting u to get registered soon. Love you

    1. Oh thanks jeevi but I don’t know how to be a registered person here. What are the procedures?

      1. Hiiii Di telly updates ke side pe woh three lines he na.wahan click karo.fir register option aayyega..
        Fir click there..and after that you can do according to is not difficult you can do it..

    2. Luthfa

      Yes di,do register yourself in TU.We will be always in touch because of that.Plz consider it.

  13. Mona_2005

    First few minutes were relaly emotional
    Both didn’t want to sign but they will, something will break , something will hurt, something will destroy( deep inside) but they will sign
    That challenge part was so funny
    Like literally shivaay has phobia of colour and Anika of water, both are equally mad
    Vaise SSO looked awesome in red
    Laal tamatar lag rah tha vaise( just kidding)
    Vaise i don’t like Anika dress that much but still surbhi carry it off well

    Arre confuse hogayi sangeeta that kiska aur dance Kar koun Raha tha
    Nikhil and Anika should dance together, it’s there sangeeta but how can sso bear someone else dancing with Anika

    The last few minutes, and dance of shivika stole the whole episode
    Love u shivika

    Precap- India’s climate is already very hot in delhi, pls don’t increase it with ur hotness

    Vaise shivaay, Tia ka pati kab se hogaya, kuch bhi bolti hai Matlab
    Chepdi hai ek num ki

    Good night
    Take care

    1. Mona_2005

      Sorry for typo errors
      *Sangeeta ke jagah sangeet
      * That ki jagah tha

    2. Nahi Mona..tia mangetar bolne wali thi.
      Shivika are increasing hotness level…
      Annika ki dress ki OMM

    3. Luthfa

      Wow,first lines are so beautifully deep.Loved those dear.
      Now Shivika are in challenge mode.They will keep challenging each other.Waiting for today’s dhamakedar episode.Take care.

  14. Mimi ??? Delete Rikara Plzz

    First EID Mubarak Everyone ❤️??
    Second this is to me the last episode of Rikara in IB I can’t handle it anymore they just kept lying to fans that Rikara track coming coming coming .. but nothing comes .. And honestly I don’t think in upcoming anything left for Rikara is best to DELETE THEM than lying to fans ! Gul did a huge mistake in ending DBO and this mistake consequences will come after IB ends all fans who will watch DBO will hate IB for seeing Rikara as wallpaper, Rikara have the exact chimstury of arshi and even they try to copy the story of Isspknd to shivika wow it did not work !!! Stupid people .. Rikara will always be magical but not in IB just in DBO .. in IB they are like nothing by the word thanks to Gul and her dummy writters who can’t wrote anything for my babies ?? and what a cheap fans are shivika fans not here, here shivika fans are nice and kind but in Twitter and instagram they keep saying this show for shivika and Rikara and Ruvya are extra !!! Extra in their faces .. when IB ends I wanna see ur crying faces sick fans, I swear I never see any sick and lower stander fans than shivika in TW and IG hope they need to the hosptel and get Medicines, They even bash Shreun for little things just SICK SICK and SICK people my God!!! in this Eid I prayed that IB just ends or Rikara quit the stupid show !! And an advice to a Rikara fans just stop hoping for rikara track in IB because the truth ” THERE IS NOTHING LEFT FOR RIKARA IN IB SO MOVE ON “ poor Rikara they never had a real wedding my only wished in the show that Rikara go in a date just that .. I knew GUL will not make to them real wedding because wedding only for Shivika fans .. but a date is not that hard she could write it in any episode after the me too track but nope only shivika let’s just die oure hopes and wishes for Rikara and start new life .. as a final thing to say IB show is the worst tv show I ever watch and I regret everyday I watch it because it only was build for shivika and not Rikara and Ruvya… Good bye family forever I know u always hated my comments and this is my last one u will hated more. And this time I will never ever coming back even if rikara track come I will not watch, rikara are dead to me dead means they no longer are important to me thanks to Gul and dummy writer and Shivika fans bashing Rikara THANks A Lot hope IB ends and see u crying and heart breaking as u did to every rikara fans 🙂

    From A no longer a ( Rikara fan )
    Good bye family and sorry if I hurt u am hurt a lot from the day I knew rikara u may say wait and watch but the ability of waiting is dead and as u can see now IB is all about Shivika and rikara like a (promo ) scene for 1 second no progress in their story and never will be so bye bye and take care.

    1. Mimi dear..we tried to make you understand earlier.
      This is not Twitter or Instagram.. this is pkj and here we all are ishqbazian.yes it is true that we love certain couple.but we don’t show hatred towards other couple( I agree still I can’t accept rubhya)
      But if you will say like this again and again it is not good.
      And FYI shivika never copied anyother.
      I agree some concepts had similarity but shivika created their own space…New chemistry
      You find chemistry of Arshi in rikara….then it is your choice..I appreciate your Love for rikara..
      But this kind of comment is kinda unacceptable I understand your frustration but plz don’t use such words for certain couple fans
      Cum se cum here nothing happen like this..

    2. Luthfa

      Mimi dear.
      Eid Mubarak to you too……You have decided to given up and I know what you are going through actually.It’s really disheartening not to watch your favourite couple.I don’t know how my Dost manages everything.Still I will tell you not to lose hope.Everything will be fine.Take care.And do visit PKJ if you feel like.Take care.

  15. Hi lovers❤️❤️… 2day epi was.. Wow great n awesome… Signing divorce papers overcome the challenges of shivika.. So I’m nt tat much sad… Bcos I knew it won’t b valid paper…
    And the red colour suits SSO so well… Omg billu ji hw U r so handsome… Especially in red… I’m stund when I saw u full n full in red… N anni u look so beautiful dear… Both r superb jodi.. Shivika.. ???❤️
    Nd I remembered for 1st time after marriage anni was shivering at swimming pool area … N i asked myself is it so cold over there… Then SSO put the blanket on her… Nw i knw tat…anika’s water phobia n shivering..
    The dance showed me both of them r so happy.. Tis is the moment where both r vr true on each other reactions… I’m laughing when saw nikkil moved away by shivaay ???..
    Finally arpu as u told… his 1st hand kiss… Next forehead… May b 2day evg can c… Romantic dance as he really think of anni as his bwi.. Felt by his heart for 1st time… May b.. But the moment was soo cute guys…
    Precap… Tia pls go away from my sight… Or I will kill u… When SSO bcome ur husband ? … He is anika’s husband… I don’t think tat u bcome so childish..better don’t cm between them anymore … Samjha ??
    IB team pls don’t torture us with 20 min telecast… Pls bring bc 1 hr…. In future coming episodes.. Can’t wait… Pls do some changes…I’m vr eager to watch coming epi…. ??
    OK guys… C u all 2nite… Bye

    1. Jeesie dear I think Dance sequence is Annika’s dream.
      Anyways it was lovely.
      I hour. Trp ka sawal he na.
      I hour is hard to watch on tv….
      Ok good morning…

      1. Arpu dear… Dream dance was after lights become dimmer rite…?
        Ya 1 hr is hard . I do undstn… But asking… If can.. Happy ????
        Bye dear

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Jeesie dear,
      Agree with you completely.Shivika stole our hearts yesterday,be it their breaking scene or romance or tadibaazi.In red Shivaay looking so hot.I am sure everyone has drooled on him!Anyway,waiting for today’s episode.Take care.

  16. Kavya Chinnari

    I generally dont follow this series but when ever i see everytime there is wedding sequence only…more then that there is nothing…actually all past series of gul also have n no. Of wedding sequences..i think she loves celebrations

    1. Luthfa

      May be.

  17. Luthfa

    Good morning my dearest,khidkitode PKJ family,
    Wishing you all a very happy “Eid-Ul-Adha”……Eid Mubarak everyone.May this Eid bring peace,happiness,prosperity to everyone and spread love everywhere.Love you all.God bless you guys and PKJ,always?????????

    1. Mona_2005

      Same to u
      Eid mubarak

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you so much dear.And Eid Mubarak to you too.

  18. Can anyone give the link for ita?? It’s not opening for me…

    1. Luthfa

      I have faced the same.You have to keep trying.It showing problems for many.

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