Udaan 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjor performs Jhulan-pujan in haveli

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The Episode starts with Rohan laughing on Anjor and insulting her. She asks why don’t you do your work on your own, you can get strong like me, you should clean your clothes and mess. She jerks him and he falls. She laughs. She asks them not to depend on others, else they can get any shock knowing someone else is the owner of this haveli. Gumaan gets shocked and recalls Imli’s words. Rohan says you are arguing with me. Gumaan stops Rohan. He agrees to give her an admission in school. Anjor asks really. He says yes, I have said it, I will send you to school. She sees a dhol and plays it. Rohan says she is dancing by insulting me. Gumaan says I will punish her, don’t worry, she won’t be able to insult anyone then. He sees a girl and stares. Garima takes the girl along. Anjor asks when will I go school. He says today, right now. He asks his goon to take Anjor to big school, where she can study well.

Chakor talks on home. Kasturi comes and says I have done preparations. Chakor says you want to take me back to Aazaadgunj, I don’t want to go. Chakor says fine, you go where you want to go, I won’t say anything, come and do puja now. Anjor’s friend gets confused while selling the flowers. She sells the flowers. Sugna comes and sends the customer. She asks where is Anjor. Tuntun says she went to haveli to meet Imli. Sugna worries. Anjor says I was mistaken about you, you are really good, you are sending me to school, can I see jhulan pujan. Gumaan says why not, you also do jhulan puja. Anjor gets glad. Kasturi reminds Chakor about her childhood. Chakor smiles. Kasturi reminds Chakor when she did jhulan puja in haveli. Chakor recalls. Anjor enters the haveli and smiles. Tejaswini sees her and says I felt like little Chakor came home. She recalls Chakor. Chakor says yes, I used to had fun, I felt Vivaan was really Kanhaiya, I became Radha, I felt there was no difference between owner and bandhua.

Tejaswini asks what’s your name. Anjor touches her feet and says I m Anjor, it means light. Tejaswini asks can she do puja by becoming Radha. Gumaan’s mum Sushma refuses. Gumaan says why not, she can become Radha. Anjor says he has a big heart. Gumaan asks Garima to make Anjor ready. Anjor asks will I get new clothes. Gumaan smiles. Anjor dresses as Radha and dances on Kisliye Radhe jale…. Chakor does the puja at home. Garima worries for the girl. The girl says save that innocent girl, she doesn’t know what will happen with her. Garima says you know Madhuri, I can’t do anything. Anjor leaves in the car. She says I m going to school, I will become smart and a big person. She waves bye to Garima and Madhuri. Garima says Lord will protect her fate, we can just pray. Sugna comes to haveli and asks for Anjor. Guard says she isn’t here.

Anjor asks the man to talk to her. He stops the car and asks her to get down the car. Some goons come there. She refuses to go with the goon. They fool her and ask her to come to school with them. She agrees. They laugh. Imli comes and shouts Gumaan. He holds her close. He makes her wear a jewelry set and compliments her. She throws the necklace and says tell me where is Anjor. He says I have sent Anjor away, you did big mistake to do this with her, you did another mistake to tell me about her, it would be useful for you if she stayed here, you did tandav and asked me for equal share, you crossed limit, so I have done this. She says you did a big mistake.

Chakor hears Anjor shouting for help. She says don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you. They hold hands.

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