Krishna Chali London 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Prashant visits Shuklas

Krishna Chali London 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shuklain getting food. Shukla says I m not hungry, let me sleep. She asks why did you oust Radhe if you are so hurt. He says let me sleep. Krishna asks him to talk to them if he wants. Radhe refuses. She sits by his side. He rests in her lap and sleeps. Bela and Triloki drink wine. She says I will mix poison in your mom’s food someday. They laugh. She says I have good food and she fed it to the cow. He says we are all here, you can make it again, its a day to celebrate, don’t worry. She jokes on his small brain. He says you are insulting me, I will entertain you. He plays music. Abhi to party….plays…. They dance.

Prashant comes to meet Krishna and says I will tell her that we should start life fresh and fulfill dreams. He greets Dubey and asks where is Krishna. Dubey says she refused to come. Bua says she wasn’t ready to come, she didn’t listen. Dubey says she wants those people to mend their ways, she said Radhe needs her. Prashant says you should have got her back, she deserves a better life, I m going to get her back. He goes. Bua says this will be a problem, he shouldn’t go to her inlaws. Krishna asks Radhe where are you going. Radhe says I have to meet dad, I want to know how can be throw me out of the house. She says you should wait for his anger to calm down. She says I will come with you. She goes to get ready. Gajanan and Triloki knock the door and come to wake up Shukla. Shukla says you both open the shop today, I m fine. Gajanan asks shall I call Radhe if you say. Shukla gets angry on him.

Shuklain looks on and cries. Krishna misses Bua’s call. Bua calls again. She says Prashant went to your inlaws, stop him. Krishna says this can’t happen. She calls Prashant. Prashant is on the way. Radhe waits outside the shop. Triloki and Gajanan open the shop. Radhe says I want to meet dad, didn’t he come. Triloki says he didn’t come because of you and Krishna, the entire family used to respect him. Radhe says I m here to talk to him. Triloki slaps him and says you have become so mannerless. Gajanan stops him. Radhe says you can beat me, I will meet dad. Gajanan says he is at home, be patient Radhe, only then things will get okay. Radhe goes. Prashant comes home and shouts Krishna. Bela asks who are you. He says I have come to take Krishna, I m Prashant. Bela shouts and says he is Krishna’s boyfriend Prashant.

He asks Krishna to come out. Shuklain asks why are you shouting, get out, Krishna doesn’t stay here, get out from here. He says do not mess with me. Shuklain asks what were you saying in anger. He says don’t mess with me. She says this is my house, I will teach you a lesson. He asks what have you done with Krishna. She says we can do anything with anyone, get out. He sees Shukla. He goes out and stops seeing Krishna. He says enough is enough, come with me. She says I was calling you, what are you doing here. Radhe comes and sees them. Prashant takes her. Radhe beats Prashant and says how dare you touch her. Krishna shouts leave him. Prashant pushes Radhe and says you have no idea what I can do. They fight. Shukla and everyone see the fight. Krishna threatens to cut her hand by the glass piece. Radhe gets shocked.

Prashant says don’t forget your dream, come with me. Krishna says who told you I will do what you say, who are you. Radhe gets surprised. Shukla collapses.

Update Credit to: Amena

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