Ishqbaaz 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Omru support Anika

Ishqbaaz 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says you will known as Shivaye’s mistress, like your mum is someone’s mistress, you said a woman gets respect when she becomes someone’s wife, you will yearn for this respect, the scores got settled now, this will be your identity for the world, Shivaye’s mistress. He leaves in anger. She shouts no, stop Shivaye, please…. He drives off. She shouts no… and runs after the car. She falls down and sees the mangalsutra beads. She cries. Pyaar hai ya saza…..plays….. He sees her in the mirror. They think of their moments. He thinks of doctor, Anika, Tyagi and Daksh’s words. Tia asks where did he go. Daksh says don’t know. She says you should have found it, Shivaye left with Anika in front of you. He says relax, he didn’t take her on a date, he just hates Anika, Payal supported me and proved Anika a liar, whatever mistakes I made, I covered it all. Tia throws his wine bottle and says what about me, that girl is with Shivaye, I must be worried, right, we did a big mistake by involving her. He says she got involved herself, I swear to Lord, you and Anika have no comparison, Shivaye won’t even look at her, she is from a shady background. She says I know, go and see where he took her, he can go to any extent when he decides to teach someone a lesson, don’t waste your time, go and check where he is and what he is doing. He leaves.

Shivaye sees his hand and recalls Anika. He says I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t commit any crime, I gave her punishment for ruining Priyanka’s happiness and life, she has no right to stay happy, no need to feel guilty, she did bad with Priyanka, I did bad with her, scores got even. Daksh calls Shivaye and says why isn’t he answering, how to find out where he is. He gets Tyagi’s call. He says you keep on calling me, I m busy. Tyagi says I saw Shivaye with that girl, whom we accused of leaking the video, they were going somewhere together, one of my men saw them together, this can affect you badly, I was worried for you, so I made a call. Daksh gets angry and says don’t know what’s going on in Shivaye’s mind, if he believes Anika then I m finished. Its morning, Anika comes to her locality and recalls whatever happened. People taunt Anika and ask Gauri to see her sister. Gauri hugs Anika and takes her inside the house. Shivaye comes home.

Om asks where were you all night. Shivaye says I was busy. Om asks in breaking the marriage, Gauri came here to find her, she said you broke off Anika’s marriage, is this true Shivaye? Gauri says talk to me, I m worried. Sahil’s mum asks were you with Shivaye, how did you get this sindoor in your maang. Anika says i got married. Sahil’s mum asks who did you get married to. Anika says Shivaye. Gauri asks what. Sahil’s mum says she is saying nonsense, will Shivaye just get her to marry. Gauri asks did you marry Shivaye. Sahil’s mum says Shivaye would have accompanied her or took her home, she was having an affair with Shivaye, so she is lying, there are many girls wanting to marry him, why will he marry her. Gauri says shut up, let me talk, if Anika is saying she got married, then it happened, she never lies. Sahil’s mum says he is just enjoying with her, she has become his mistress. Anika gets shocked and recalls Shivaye’s words. Sahil’s mum says don’t know about marriage, but she has surely celebrated suhaagraat. Om asks is this true, Gauri said you forcibly took Anika somewhere, what have you done with her.

Shivaye says I don’t want to talk, she doesn’t matter to me, Priyanka is my priority now, doctor said they can’t cure Priyanka, that’s why I have decided to bring her back home. He goes. Rudra says someone has cursed our family, Lord please cure Priyanka, then everything will get fine. Omru cry. Om says no…… He gets a call from Khanna. He asks what….. Sahil’s mum makes Anika out and throws her down. She says I will break your legs if you come back. Gauri asks why are you creating an issue. Sahil’s mum says baraat returned yesterday and today she has done this. She asks Anika to get out, she is dead for them. Gauri says she has equal rights on this house. Sahil’s mum says your girls will be spoilt if she stays here, we should make her out. The people get angry on Anika. Gauri says don’t dare to touch her, I will break your hands. The ladies hold Anika and take her away. Gauri asks Anika to run away. The ladies push Anika.

Anika stumbles. Omru come and hold her. Om warns them. Sahil’s mum says you guys here, you should also know how this girl is trying to defame Shivaye, she is saying Shivaye married her, why will he marry such characterless girl. Om shouts enough, not a word against her. Rudra says this is our family matter, no one has the right to interfere in our matter. Om says we have come to take you. Rudra says not in a grand way, but yes, with all the respect. Anika says but Shivaye… Rudra says we will talk to her, just come. Gauri says in that family…..

Om asks Rudra to ask Anika to get ready for puja. Rudra asks why, Dadi kept puja for Priyanka’s well being, if he sees Anika, he will lose his temper. Om says Shivaye already did tandav, we have to set things right, Anika is the Laxmi of this house, she has to attend puja, we have to get her rights.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Wow I loved today’s episode. Though it was really heart wrenching to watch but Surbi you nailed it. Oh my goodness actually both Shivaay and Anika nailed their parts and delivered so well. They did justification to their roles. It was amazing acting. Shivaay had to stop the car. He suddenly felt guilty and wondering why he is feeling for her. He can’t see her lying there. Deep down he acknowledges she is his wife but the memories of Priyanka is the one that makes him stop accepting Anika. Infact he has wonderful memories of Anika at the mansion that keeps coming to his memory.

    I just loved Omru part especially Omkara. He was so good. He has taken the lead in giving dignity to Anika as his Bhabhi. Wow I loved this part of Om. Wonderful the brothers. Together they are going to unite Anika. Anika will now find out about Daksh and get solid prove.

    I am waiting for precap. Next week I think she will get more clues on Daksh. I really feel like burning Tia and Daksh together. I have a feeling it is Anika who is going to revive Priyanka back from her coma state.

    1. Hiii Sindhu di………
      Congrats Go S Go…..
      Nothing to say…….
      Humiliation of Annika by society..actually it showed trur face of society…
      THIS IS OUR OMRU for ehom we were carving for…. lets see what will be their next move.
      But Annika’s condition is heartwrenching….?

    2. Luthfa

      Go Sindhu di Go.Many many congratulations with sweet love….?

    3. Luthfa

      Someone had to intervene amidst all those inhuman torture Anika was receving to put an end and to support her.OmRu did a fine job and that was very much expected.Now they consider Anika as their bhabi and will fight for her right.Let’s see,how far they can go.

    4. Thanks Luthfa and Arpu dear

    5. Banita

      Congo dii for d 1st comment…
      Di i want to kill that chachi first before Tia nd Daksh…
      I m waiting for more Aniomru scene…

  2. Pushpa

    Hi gals.
    Yesterday i was so hurt
    Im sure all same2same rite..
    Injustice humiliation to women ..
    Cvs hv rauined the character ishqbaaz our shivika the storyline…

    2day the scene whre shivaye fb on all the info he gathered why he tortured anika to revenge 4the condition of priyanka asking himself did i do wrong….. a pinch of hope raised in me…… the rain hv wet the st

    1. Pushpa


      The rain hv wet the stone singh oberoi heart……. will his heart melt [email protected]#$%£€/#%
      Thk u OmRu 4 being therev4 anika…luv u guys

      Dun want 2commwnt on anika insult by chachi & the society….

      Gd nite gals…

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Pushpa di,how are you?
      Don’t worry di.Everything will be fine.Just give some time to this story to unfold.
      Chachi and her rubbish talks can go to hell.Waiting for some good soulful scene.Take care di?

    3. True that, in this episode they ruined the Respect of women all women. Anika should slap Shivaay and make him beg and lick her feet when Shivaay comes asking for apology. That’s what he deserves.
      More than the girl it’s the guy who should be ashmaed for keeping a Rakhail as in mistress .

    4. Pushpa

      hey abhishek…..
      yes i wonder what was the writer who is a women was thinking when she was writtign the script…..mmmmmm….. question to her …….
      u can hate shivaye he will beg everythign but please dun use the word “lick her feet” unacceptable …. not 2my shivaye…. he will go down his knee for sure………

    5. Puspa di…
      They didn’t ruin storyline……SHIVIKA’S STORY is not even started yet…they have to complete miles of journey..but now this phase is very much tough for Them and for audience to watch…….
      And don’t lise yiur hope..i don’t know how Cvs will show Sso’s guilt..but he is gonna regtet very badly..
      Nothing ruined…
      Many more things will come back..
      Just chill

    6. Pushpa

      yesterday’s epi shivaye felt the guilt …. im hoping Dakhs expose asap priyanka wakes up frm coma shivaye anika luv starts………

    7. Banita

      Hlo @Pus di…
      Yeh dii Anika’s this type of insult was unbearable…. Hope CVS will give justics for this scene….

  3. Arpita6

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals. ..
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 33..
    I always thought that who cries over seeing just a daily soap al are stupid
    But My pov chnged after ishqbaaz..i always cried when they cried

    And today..I am crying my tear was not stopping at all
    Just felt like Shivika separation of last year times.
    SHIVAAY !!!!!!!!!! What you have done…..
    Why you have done..what you got….by doing this……It gave you bring back your Sister from Coma……. .Or you cracked 1000 crores of Deal…..what you get Shivaay ??? You are justifing yourself that You did Right by giving Punishment to the culprit WHO IS ACTUALLY NOT.then what you will do When real culprit will apear .when truth will be revealed….
    How society will treat her.yiu are Rich man yiu can buy anuthing by Money…but for Annika respect was onething. ..she needed only this…but…yiu just not broke brike her dream too..

    Omru..YES YES YES this is my Omru. .I MISSED YOU SOOOOO MUCH OMRU…
    Now yiu are pillar for Annika ……
    I JUST FELT LIKE jumping into screan and HUG ANNIKA SO TIGHTLY AND GIVE A TIGHT SLAP TO Those people and Cheap Chachi……..
    You are ashamed to be call as woman….

    ANNIKA konsi mitti ki bani ho tum???? You still holding that MANGALSUTRA. . ??????
    Plz kuch bolo..shock se bahar aao…

    If Dadi will not accept Annika as her Bahu..I am.gonna bang my head on wall for sure…
    –.and lastly
    I want to see her smiking face..that sparkle in her eyes…
    Sso give back Happiness of my Di that you snatched
    Itni sare vilians.
    And Honest confession time.
    NOW Sso’s sister realy irritating me..after yesterday episode…
    And atia stop saying my dil my michmichi feeling like hell.
    Ok byyy
    Sending sime tissue all of you
    I don’t know what happened in today segment..

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Agree with you totally.Shivaay has gone overboard chanting sister mantra.He has ruined a girl’s life completely but there is no remorse in his words.He is going to regret very bad this time and I am waiting for it.

    2. Luthfa

      OmRu did absolutely right thing.They are not blind unlike Shivaay.Now I want to watch a khidkitode Anika who will stand for herself.Dadi has NKK belief so that was expected out of her.Waiting for today’s episode.Nice analysis?

    3. Pushpa

      tell me arpi..\
      he hv hurt me so badly but i still cant hate him damnnnnnnnnnnn..
      well anika must not give in easily but to torture him b4 accepting him …
      moron dakhs…. gona kill u alive..

    4. Banita

      @Arpu when Tia said mere dil mera dil it’s remind me of Reiki… Don’t know why it come in my mind that time , but it cracked me up so badly…
      Yeh hope cvs will justify this insult of Anika…

  4. Hello hello Arpu dear Banita welcome back Luthfa Jeevi dear Shiny Ishita Tania Sneha Kadhambari Beauty Shivya Pushpa and many others as well.

    @Banita I hope you have recovered fully.
    @Lu, hope your eyes have got better.
    @Arpu great going with your chapter analysis.
    I only people will not get frustrated with the redux. Hope many will be patient. It is really nice to see Om given meaty role now and OMRu are going to help Anika. So now is the time to watch as fire and cotton are placed together and definitely cotton would catch fire so Shivaay is the fire and Anika is the cotton and sure there will be romance fire ignited somewhere. Along with that we are going to see Om all over gauri as well because they will work together to join them,

    Tia can pack up her bags and leave and Daksh can go to prison. As for Payal I hope she learns a bitter lesson and this time Anika should not help Payal.

    Anika walking down the street as a lifeless skeleton was such a great skill. She completely lost every twitch of her life and movement. She is walking stateless and with the blasphemous name of mistress. This word repeatedly was mentioned so many times. My heart went out for Anika.

    When Shivaay knows that he has wronged Anika oh my goodness Guilt Singh Oberoi would feel like taking his life away…..

    1. Sindhu di..when Annika is was waliking like a lifeless body………was just heart breaking…..
      Her life her dream..her respect her everything was shattered..
      Wanna see Guilt Singh oberoi as soon as possible….

    2. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      My eyes are okay now and I am recoverd fully.Thank you soooooo…very much for your sweet concern?

    3. Luthfa

      Agree with you totally on Anika’s condition.Shivaay won’t be able to look at Anika out his immense guilt.Don’t know how he will rectify his mistake.Let’s see what happens next.Nice analysis di?

    4. Banita

      Dii now i m okk , but not recovered fully… Hope will be f9 very soon…
      yeh today Anika totally nailed that lifeless wala part…
      M waiting for Guilt Singh Oberoi only…

  5. Arpita6

    SC chandu di..Surbhi di..yiu are blessed to tellywood……Totally amazing
    From pleading mode to robotic mode…everything done so flawlessly. .

    1. Yes arpu dear today it is all surbi’s call on the shot. She has lost all her recesses and nothing to say. One moment she was a beautiful bride sitting on the mandap getting ready to start a new life and the very next moment she was dragged to the mandap and being married forcefully and labelled Mistress all within one night.

      They showed a flashback of Gauri calling her and Anika telling her that she will come soon and explain to Nikhil. The moment she mentioned that Shivaay immediately dragged her to the temple and forcefully married her.

      I am just wondering whether subconsciously he himself wanted to marry her and no one else to marry Anika. Just a passing thought.

    2. Luthfa

      You are right darling.She is definitely a blessing to Telly world?

  6. Banita

    Hlo PKJIANS…
    Today I got emotional after watching Shivika scene….
    “Mane kuch galat nahi Kia”… He is fooling himself by saying this…. But after watching that part I think we will 90% surely get guilty Shivay as we per our expectation…. Waiting forward for this…..
    Sbse pehele toh main iss Chachi ki chonch Ko humesha humesha ke liye band krna chahti hun by killing her…
    Finally we got a Aniomru scene nd waiting for more of it…
    Om’s expression nd Rudy’s words r just mind-blowing today…
    Rudy’s last few dialogue…!!!!
    Kya power pack dialogue that.. !!!!
    “Dhumdham se nahi per puri ijjat se le ke jayenge”???????
    Nd Om’s eyes told every emotions today…
    Precap –
    My Omru???????????
    Hope this D nd uski baccha’s truth will be come out soon…..
    GN PKJ..

    1. Today Om’s eyes showed those real.emotions that I was missing since DBO…
      His eyes always says so many things..
      His eyes are really intense…

    2. Banita

      Yeh his eyes always show many things…
      Hope we will get many of it…

    3. Yes banita I loved Omru’s dialogues. Look at what Om said he will give Anika all rights. It is Om speaking and taking the lead. Isn’t it great! Usually Shivaay decides all this but this time Om has become the elder Brother And Rudra is also the same and they know the dignity of woman and how to respect woman unlike Shivaay. I just love this that for once cvs are using Om to take the lead.

    4. Banita

      Yeh Sindhu dii now it’s really nycc to see Om as a lead now he isnt more depend on Shivay means now he take his own decision for his brother’s good…
      Nd Rudy also mature now.. It’s not that he totally changed now… He still hve his childlish nature which is his speciallity , but now he is mature also….
      There will be more interesting watch some bhabhi – dever moment again…

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      Episode broke countless hearts especially those lines of Shivaay.He went mad because of Prinku and lost it absolutely.OmRu arrived at the right time.Now waiting to see Anika’s new bond with them and how she is going to make her place in OM.Take care?

    6. Banita

      Hlo Lu….
      Yeh now he himself not understand what he is doing… Hope he will regret his mistake soon… Means hope Tia nd Daksh’s truth will come out soon….

  7. Dhwani_Naidu

    Very very very bad of SSO to insult a woman and call her his mistress.. Again the woman is blamed here in her society.. calling her ‘wrong’..
    Forcefully marrying and ditching her is not at all good.. And SSO consoles himself, when his conscience feels guilty for his deed, that whatever he did was not wrong?!!
    Worst episode for me..
    and Anika going behind him for making him accept their marriage??… I understand she knows the importance of marriage and values theirs too.. but when SSO is treating her this badly, she should surely give him a piece of his medicine!
    Glad that Omru are supporting Anika.. unfortunately dadi isn’t.. Hope Anika stays strong..
    Waiting to see what’s ahead..

    1. Dhwani..Annika will give back to Sso..she has to give back to him..But now her condition is so will rake time for her to compose herself….and make herself out from trauma…
      Yaa waiting for next…

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Dost,how are you?
      Absolutely and completely agree with you.Shivaay is patting his back on doing such atrocious thing and calling it punishment forgetting everything.His conscience didn’t prick him a bit,I am sure.

    3. Luthfa

      And people are accusing the victim as usual like they have no other business.Shivaay and his actions are not justifiable no matter what.I am expecting a very strong Anika to tackle SSO this time.Let’s see.Take care.Love you?

  8. Riana

    PRECAP – ??????

    1. Sso ka tesseri Ankh..kabhi acche ke liye kaam nahi karta..??don’t expect…
      Khud ko chot lagegi..

    2. Luthfa

      Hehehe……Shivaay ki teesri aankh ka to pata nahi but looks like you are very much eager to open your third eye??????????????????

  9. Luthfa

    How firmly she held those broken beads of nuptial chain in the fist of her hand!Her world got scattered because of a storm named marriage still she kept it with her,refused to leave it when the one who had tied it around her neck,broke it as well as broke the sacred relation that was to bind her with him,forever.One nightmare that was used to frighten her even in broad daylight,came true painfully.She wanted to become a wife wearing nuptial chain,adorned with vermilion,blushing behind bridal veil,dreaming about upcoming happy moments of a new life,with sweet smile on her lips.All those are now a distant dream.And the reality is really hard to accept.Those blank eyes are searching for answer and answer was in her very hand.It is saying everything is finished and it’s time to let go but is that so easy to do?Perhaps not and that’s why still that broken symbol of a broken relation is still there in this hope that one day it will get repaired and the relation at the same time.Though in broken state,it is indicating towards a future which is this time covered with the shroud and mist of misunderstanding,hate,humiliation and deep pain of wound.For the time being,everything is in broken state be it heart or human or anything so the nuptial chain was bound to break.But how those broken beads would again take the real form and return back to the right place,that would be something to watch.And everyone is going to be the witness of this epic incident including that nuptial chain.

    1. ????Lu stoppppppppppppp ..

      I am.crying……
      Seeing Annika and reading yiur analysis..
      feeling like reading a tragic novel…..

    2. Luthfa

      Okay,okay now plz don’t cry.I just wrote that subconscious part of Anika’s mind.Lots of love and hugs from my side????

    3. Yes Luthfa she was holding the broken beads even when she was pushed down by her chachi. It is the symbol union of two hearts and souls. She was clenching it very tightly to show that she value this marriage even though Shivaay labelled her losely she is a Mistress. Only a pure and dignified woman knows the value of a manglesutra and sondoor. Men just take it very simply. Nice analysis Luthfa.

      Cvs made marriage a mockery again. That is what sad and labelling someone a Mistress.

    4. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      I agree with you.Men seldom value those emotions women nurture regarding those symbols of marriage like nuptial chain,vermilion etc.And Shivaay has crossed all limits in verbally labelling Anika as his mistress.He was out of control over his own actions and reactions.Don’t know what will happen next.Thank you soooo….much for your valuable appreciation di.Love you?

    5. Banita

      Lu ur analysis is soo touching yr… Totally match with Anika’s current situation….

    6. Luthfa

      Thank you sooooo…much Bani.God bless you?

  10. Riana

    I want anika with full of revengeful eyes !!!!!!…I want to see the anger and passion on her face….I want to see shivaay falling down on his knees infront of the whole oberoi family and begging forgiveness to anika….I want her not to forgive him so easily at all…I want her to SMIRK with BURNING RAGE EYES….I want shivaay to CRY….I want him to slap himself for what he did…I want DAKSH & TILA…OOPS TIA to KILL THEMSELVES via KNIFE, SPOON, SPATULA ??….Lastly i want CHACHI TO GET THROWN OUT OF THIS WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!! ???????????????????????????????????….#Iwant

    1. #iwant………all this..Sso needs to fall down on his knees…and begging for forgiveness .

    2. Raina dear I don’t think Anika will be revengeful. She will get soften when she sees Shivaay crying over Priyanka and decides to bring the truth out about Daksh. Remember she is Anika and she is khidkithod Anika but when she loves someone so much she can never be angry with that one but her revenge will be seen in Daksh. She knows this is all the doing of Daksh.

    3. Luthfa

      Calm down,calm down.And take deep breath.Don’t know what cvs are planning for Shivaay’s redemption.Till then,let’s wait and watch.But I do need proper justice for Anika?

  11. Luthfa

    “The score is settled now”
    I don’t think score is settled yet Shivaay Singh Oberoi.But it seems that you don’t know it yet.Yes,the score will be settled for sure but you won’t accept it.And you,the same person who uttered that above mentioned sentence would want to take your words back but unfortunately you won’t be able to do that.
    Score will be settled that day when you will pay for every single tear Anika shedded.
    Score will be settled that day when you will know how it feels when someone breaks your heart brutally without any reason.
    Score will be settled that day when you will find out how difficult it is to be punished without doing any mistakes.
    Score will be settled that day when you will be denied of your own rights over someone and will treat with utter negligence and indifference.

    Score will be settled that day when someone will crush your cherished dreams mercilessly.
    Score will be settled that day when you will beg forgiveness thousands time but you won’t get any.
    Score will be settled that day when you will be found yourself extremely ashamed of your past deeds but won’t be able to undo those……That’s how score is going to be settled and that settlement will be equal not one-sided like you achieved through self-declaration.Get ready Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi,a huge game is waiting for you.

    1. True that.

    2. Luthfa


    3. Agree..score will be settled..when each truth will come out infront of him…… he will regret for each words that he told to her….

    4. Luthfa

      Absolutely darling??

  12. in last time also…at first forced marriage week, then annika’s insult week n then expose track start…
    in redux track forced marriage track is already done, I think next week will be annika’s insult week n maybe uski baad wala week mai daksh expose track start ho sakta hai if makers want.
    I also think that dadi won’t except annika as daughter in law. also I think that annika will be the one who will recover prianka from coma state.
    genuinely I feel makers are dragging the forced marriage track, they should stop it n start daksh expose track.
    friends don’t u think that daksh expose track should be start soon cause it is high time that daksh expose track should be start….???

    1. Yeh its high time…
      This week leave it..
      But from next week..D expose should be started….it is needed..really needed….
      Can’t wait for Guilt Singh oberoi..

    2. Luthfa

      Depends on cvs dear.I am not expecting much.But Daksh exposure should start now.Let’s see?

  13. I feel disgusting when i saw this all of you talking about surbhi and nakul acting no one caring about the humiliation and low respect of womens in this this scenes and for shivika i do not feel waw in their feeling it is the same acting as the first marriage of them i think the producer made of surbhi and nakul and want only awards realy i do not like to wast me time on this unrespecting show

    1. Adla dear…first of all……
      We never bash Any actor for their role..
      And these actors nothing to do with script..
      If you want to blame then Put it on Cvs..
      And most important we are praising Narbhi..bcoz they worked hard for this for 18hours.
      And did it flawlessly.
      And if you really feel bad..then you can take break….
      But plz…humble request PLZ DONT SPREAD NEGETIVITY HERE….plz…………..

    2. Adla people here do care about the humiliation of women. There are comments about that on how women are treated very Low in society. Simultaneously we also need to applaud the protagonists Nakkul and Surbi for their acting skills. It is very difficult to pull this skill out especially shivaay’s anger and the pain in his eyes the intense expressions and split second he wanted to forgive Anika and accept her when he saw on the road lying down and crying and the next moment his expression changed that of anger after recollection of Daksh Priyanka Tyagi. Surbi look at her how lifeless she was when walking down the street. There was no life in her body and it is difficult to act that part. It is just like all her recesses were down and despite all the horrible name calling she clenching the manglesutra beads and not letting go the emotional stone expression on her face I think we should give come credits to the way they act and it is difficult to act emotional role for a few episodes.

    3. Luthfa

      The most important thing is,we are here to get entertained.Not to run any NGO over ongoing situation in IB.We are expressing our thoughts to oppose the content IB is offering us.And as a viewer,we should limit ourselves to that point only.Rest,as you prefer.

  14. Hello guys i think this episode its much better that sso feels guitly as he know in his hear that anika is his wife im pretty sure that after anika wil get in to the oberoi mansion shivika’s lovely romance will start than shivay will know anika better and im sure that prinkuu will be recovred in adition to that anika will get the proof against the kapoors sorry guys i want post a comment for 7 days or more cuz i will have a trip to the north part of morocco

    1. Imane dear…..Don’t know about Shivika romance and in no mood to watch it.
      Jyst want to see Gulity Sso..Expose of D.
      Coming back of KHIDKITOD ANNIKA..
      Then may be their love story can be started….
      And comeback when you will be free..

    2. Yes Imane98 I also feel Shivaay deep down feels that he has let his Wife lie on the road. No matter what she is still his Wife and he knows that and Shivaay does not look like someone who will do that same mistake as what his Father sakti has done. Once he knows the truth he will feel like killing himself .

    3. Luthfa

      I don’t think romance is going to start that soon.Chachi was very annoying and irritating yesterday.Let’s see,what happens next.And have a nice and safe journey.Take care?

  15. Luthfa

    Shivaay inflicted Anika’s soul with that word and he was self-assuring himself that he did nothing wrong.When time will come those words will hurt him more than anything else.Unknowingly he brought more pain for him in the name of breaking Anika.Looking forward to upcoming.Lots of love?

  16. Hi guys… Hw r u all… I’m fine Arpu n Luthfa… Sry na late reply ??
    2day episode was OK then yday… 3 things tat I can chill my heart was 1st she kept the beads of mangalsutra until the End… 2nd SSO stop the car n saw anni bcos he felt bad for her.. N guiltiness may b… 3rd nw she got sopport from omru…
    So I hope once anni step into OM, the real game will start between duksh, tia n anni… From here SSO will cm to knw he is really did bada galeti for anni…
    Yday episode make me relieve a bit… Let c hw on 2day episode… Hope for a good end…
    C u guys… Bye

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Jessie dear,
      It’s absolutely fine.Don’t say sorry yaar.And I agree with you completely.Got some positive vibes after much negativity.Me too think real game will begin now.Let’s see.Take care?

  17. Nikita_jai29

    This forced marriage is worse than the previous one

  18. Luthfa

    Dear Adla,
    I think You haven’t read our comments properly and throughly.If you did that then you couldn’t have said so.Anyway,we PKJians don’t believe in verbal violence unlike many other.Yeah,we criticize but remaining in decent limit.Almost everyone follows this rule here.

  19. This time I really want to see gauri as anika’s support system who will fight for her sister’s rights. Craving for Aniri bond. This time it should be om first to fall in love with gauri .

  20. I really want gauri to be anika’s support system who will fight for her sister’s rights.
    Waiting for Aniri bond. This time I wish om falls first for gauri .

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