Dil Hi Toh Hai 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritvik and Palak share a kiss

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Goons tie Palak to a tree as they escape with Ritvik. Palak thinks she cannot let them take Ritvik. Don’t know where he will be taken. I have to do something. She hits the goons and runs. Ritvik also hits the remaining goons. The goons close in on Palak. She starts shouting Police. The goons are here. Ritvik keeps beating Mahender. Palak shouts at him to run. Mahender shoots the gun accidentally. Ritvik falls down. Palak runs to him but Mahender holds her back. One of the goons check his pulse. The bullet just crossed. Palak asks Ritvik if he is fine. I was just distracting the goons. Why dint you run? He says you ran away and that was important. She hits a goon and runs away again. Mahender goes after her followed by Ritvik.

Mahender keeps shooting bullets after Palak. She threatens to tell his truth to police. I have seen your face. He rues that he should have killed her long ago. Ritvik is running after them and is being followed by the rest of the goons.

Palak reaches a dead end. Mahender pulls at her hair. You made me run after you! Ritvik reaches there too. He requests him to spare her. Palak tells Ritvik not to worry for her. Just go from here. Mahender is fed up and tells them thus. Ritvik agrees to give him any amount of money that he wants. Mahender warns him to stay put. His goons hold Ritvik. Palak struggles for the walkie talkie. She bites at his hand, thereby pushing him away and says the message on the walkie talkie. Mahender shoots at Palak. Ritvik is stunned. She falls in the lake. They hear a message on walkie talkie saying that they will reach lakeside soon. the goons run away. Ritvik jumps in the lake.

Ananya asks Aman to drive fast. It is too late. Aman tells them not to stress like this. Reeva too asks him to do something.

Ritvik finds Palak floating and brings her out safely. He puts her on the ground and tries to wake her. It starts raining badly so he starts walking holding her in his arms.

Rohit calls police.

Ritvik makes Palak lie under a straw shed. He rubs her hands but in vain. You cannot go! Seeing her shivering badly, he removes his jacket and keeps it on her. He himself is shivering. He pulls at the wooden logs in the shed and finds some matchstick there. He manages to light them and blows at them so he can get her some warmth. He holds her in his arms and sits near the fire. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil plays in the background. Palak gains conscious. He scolds her. Are you mad? Why did you have to do this? I would have died if anything had happened to you! Don’t ever do that! She says what would have happened to me if anything had happened to you. He kisses her but she pushes him. He kisses her ever so gently again.

Ananya is staring ahead blankly. Rohit asks Ananya to come. Ritvik is on the other side. Ananya panics. I feel I have lost Ricky. He holds her. It is fine. Police team is also looking for Ritvik and Palak.

Aman runs towards the shed followed by Reeva. Ritvik holds Palak and they walk. Everyone hugs Ritvik one by one. Palak looks away when Ananya hugs Ritvik. Aman asks Reeva to call at home and tell that everyone is fine. Don’t tell kidnapping and stuff. Rohit suggests going to hospital. Setu is also there.

Mamta tells everyone that everything is fine. Vijay is upset by what Puri said. Rishabh says we hurried up home. Puri uncle exaggerates the matter. Puri Uncle dint do the right thing by breaking rohit and Setu’s alliance. Vijay agrees. I am concerned for Ritvik. He wont find a better match than Ananya. Mamta assures him everything is fine. Vijay does not want Ritvik to stay alone. Rishabh is irked that they came back for no concrete reason. He heads upstairs. Mamta goes after him.

Mamta holds Rishabh’s hand. He tells her he isn’t upset. I too am worried for Ritvik and his wedding. Mamta says he is your papa. You know how worried he is. Rishabh agrees to pacify him in the morning. She asks him to do it right away but he does not want to drop his attitude. Mamta sees her younger kids fighting. Rishabh sends them away. He smiles at his mother’s reaction. When is Ritvik coming back?

Palak and Ritvik are thinking of what they just shared. Docs check them. You don’t have any serious injury. You can go home. Ananya hugs Ritvik. Reeva says we can finally go home. Everyone is so worried. Ritvik does not want to worry his mom. Rohit says we made a mistake but this isn’t the right time to tell. I spoke to Commissioner Uncle. He wont say anything till we are married. Aman gives in. Ritvik also assures everyone he is fine. Let’s handle it like adults. Shall we go home now? Ananya goes to check on Palak. She helps her stand. Ritvik and Palak look at each other.

Ananya goes to Reeva. Palak and Ritvik look at each other awkwardly.

Precap: Palak and Ritvik are in different cars. They glance at each other. Rohit tells Setu he is so happily. Setu says I am happier than you. Her mother says this happiness should remain on her face forever.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Wow what a episode yaar……nice chemistry between them……..nice part was that they struggle for each other and rithwik saved palak and his expressions are awesome……. Palak and rithwik are epic……

  2. I wish they arrived after some time but ye Reva bi na thodi jaldi pahunchgayi…..kebab mein haddi…..

    1. Ha use late hona chahiye tha

  3. when they showed ananya after ritlak kiss i thought she had seen them kissing and she would understand them both and leave ritwik . haha i am expecting things so soon . anyways loved the scene of mamta-rishabh , soo sweet

  4. Can anyone tell me how I can watch the episodes online

    1. U can watch it in Airtel tv app.. or alt balaji app…

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