Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishesh tries to convince Rajmata

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shubham saying Rajmata will take a stand for you, she loves you, she went to temple. Vishesh thinks to meet Kanchan. Shubham goes. Dadi stops Vishesh. He says I won’t stop, I m not a kid now whom you can stop, I have grown up. She says I kept Shuddi karan puja, Kanchan isn’t pure, I will make things fine, Kanchan is stained, the kulvadhu won’t be like her. He defends Kanchan. She says a decent girl should be bold and protect herself, so much happened, she is living well, she should die by shame. He scolds her and says no one questions those culprits. She says what about men. He says men have no ethics, as they have mums like you, who doesn’t teach them to respect women. He says mums like you should change, then no Devyaani and Kanchan would cry, I wish I had such words by which I could explain you. He goes. She prays.

Kirti makes food. Kanchan says what are you doing here, I will make breakfast, did you make everything, when did you wake up. Kirti says get ready, I will get tiffin for you. Nandan says I will drop you to academy. Kanchan says I will go on own. He insists. Ananya gets angry thinking of kanchan. Manika asks her to talk to Rajmata about Shivangi, this will make her status good in her inlaws. Ananya agrees. Vishesh meets Kanchan. She says I told truth to mum, she isn’t angry on you, she is angry on me. She gives him tea. It falls over her hand. He worries. She cries and says I m fine, everyone is pitying me, no one wants to leave me alone. He says your dad is worried for you, he is fearing that he may lose you, Kirti is sensible, she wants to tell you that you can share everything with her, Nandan is upset that you didn’t share your pain with him, we all are with you, its equally painful for you. She cries. He consoles her. Dhara gets Vishesh’s engagement CD and tells Manika. Manika goes. Dhara says Shubham was happy that day. She plays CD and sees Shubham. She says I never saw Shubham so happy before. She sees the girl Renu coming to meet Shubham. Shubham hugs her. She gets shocked and cries. Rajmata and Dadi argue. Vishesh comes and looks on.

Rajmata says no one will take Kanchan’s name in this house, now the marriage can’t happen. He asks why, you are upset and its justified. She scolds him for hiding a big thing and breaking her trust, this marriage won’t happen. He says it was an accident. She says Kanchan lost her respect, I can’t make her my bahu, her stain will ruin our family. He says you taught me that if anyone undergoes sorrow, one should move on and live a new life, I didn’t understand why dad tortured you to control you, you taught me to respect women, today you have stood with that crowd, I didn’t imagine your thinking will change this way, you are doing the same thing which Dadi did with you years ago. Dadi says control him, he is trapped by that girl. He goes. Manika looks on and thinks now Rajmata will understand my pain.

Vishesh promises to not go against Rajmata. He says I won’t marry any other girl. Rajmata comes to meet Kanchan and asks her to leave from Vishesh’s life.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. What kind of Woman is Rajmata? Doesn’t she understand that if Kanchan got raped then it is not her fault but the Man’s fault. Being a woman how could she not understand. She is so selfish that she thinks that if Kanchan goes away from Vishesh’s life then her son would able to stay happy. God, director please show Rajmata as an matured and understanding person.

  2. Rajmata is behaving idiotic!!i just hope Vishesh will mind out the person who committed this crime hoping it’s Ananya family put her in her place Subham truth will come or soon & put Manika in place Bad instigator The guy needs to be punished it’s not Kanchans fault open your eyes Rajmata you let your husband treat you like that for what ???

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