Ishqbaaz 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye attacks Anika

Ishqbaaz 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra gets on the stage and makes Shivaye behind. He says I will give the speech, a murderer won’t represent Oberoi family. Shivaye looks at him. Rudra says you are still standing here, do you want to get insulted further. Shivaye gets down the stage. Rudra begins the speech. He says Shivaye’s words. Shivaye and Anika look on shocked. Rudra recalls stealing the speech. Anika says its your speech Shivaye. Shivaye and everyone clap for Rudra. Om hugs Rudra. Anika says it was your speech. Shivaye says now its of Rudra, I have waited for this moment since years, Rudra has grown up today, did you see how confidently he delivered the speech, we used to call him cry baby, I would have not given the speech so well. Anika says you are really good, so you just see goodness in everyone. She cries.


and everyone come to Rudra. Bhavya says everyone was impressed with the speech. Priyanka says you said so well like Shivaye, did you write the speech yourself, it was good. Anika and Shivaye come. Rudra asks did you come to take credit or to cry that I have stolen your speech. Gauri asks what. Bhavya asks was it written by Shivaye. Rudra says yes, I didn’t do this as our speech wasn’t good, I did this as I wanted to give a shock to someone. Shivaye says I m happy that you have delivered the speech, I m just here to congratulate you, there could be nothing pleasing than this, that his younger brother is doing better than him, you gave me big happiness, thank you Rudra. He goes. Omru look on.

Shivaye and Anika lie to sleep. Shivaye opens eyes and recalls shooting Tej. He tries to strangle Anika. She struggles for her life and pushes him. She coughs. He gets shocked and says forgive me Anika, I m sorry. He gives her water. He says I don’t know what happened to me, I wasn’t aware, don’t come near me, leave me, don’t touch me, go, I have just given you pain and troubles, you don’t need to keep this marriage, I free you from this relation. She says I can’t live without you, calm down, I m fine, look at me, I m okay. They cry. He says sorry. She says I understand, its not east to recover. He says don’t suffer for my sake. She says I have a right on your happiness and sorrow also, I m not going to give it up so soon. He says what I just did. She says forget about it as a bad nightmare, no problem can defeat my Shivaye. He says you have much faith in me. She says if you see yourself by my eyes, you will start believing in yourself, I m fine, lets sleep. He says you are not fine. He gets first aid kit and does aid. He says sorry, I will keep saying sorry till you get fine.

She says I m fine, where are you going. He asks her to sleep. He goes out and says I m doing wrong with Anika, she thinks this phase will pass, the Shivaye she is waiting for is dead, I can’t give her false hope, if she stays with me, she will just save problems, I have to do something to save her. Its morning, Anika coughs. Gauri asks what happened. Anika says nothing, I had ice cream yesterday and my throat got sore. Shivaye looks on. Anika coughs and says Shivaye and I sat at pool side, under the stars, it was romantic, I caught cold. He recalls what he did and goes. Om comes. Shivaye greets him. He asks are you angry on me, vent it out, scold me, slap me, but talk to me. Om says we can vent out anger, but not hatred, there is nothing left between us except hatred. He goes.

Priyanka throws a vase. Shivaye sees her scolding the maid. He asks what happened Priyanka. He holds her and says staying out all the night, partying, drinking, my sister wasn’t like this. She says my brother wasn’t like this, I was Shivaye’s sister five years ago, now Priyanka is the one, whose mum killed her dad, whose brother killed her uncle, Priyanka is a murderer’s daughter and sister, I m ashamed that you are my brothers, I take drugs as I don’t remember anything. She cries and says don’t touch me, you got released from jail, what about my punishment, I wasn’t like this, I have become like this because of you. He says forgive me. She shouts get out and pushes him out. She cries. He looks on and goes. Bhavya asks what happened to you. Anika says nothing, just some rashes. Bhavya asks what kind of rashes. Shivaye comes to his room and switches off lights. He pulls on the curtains and sits in darkness. He recalls Priyanka, Pinky and Rudra’s words.

Anika says you will go office. Shivaye says no. She says you have to go. He says for you. She says for us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    I m sry if didn’t replay back to anyone in last page…
    Today i feel very bad for everyone…
    Everyone means everyone…!!!
    Shivay bhaiya ,
    He is still in that truma… Hope he will get out of it very soon… It’s really hard to see him like this…
    Anika ,
    She is d one who equally suffering with Shivay bhaiya… All r suffering becz of Tej’s this drama , but she is d one who was alone in those 5year… She is trying her best to bring that tadibaaz SSO , hope we will get him soon…
    Omru ,
    Today i feel bad for them also… They will be moree hurt nd gulit that much they r showing hate to Shivay bhaiya… Specially Rudy…
    Prinku ,
    I feel moree bad for her… She also suffering in these 5 years alone… She didn’t share anything to anyone… Omru was busy in bussiness nd in hating Shivay bhaiya… Dadi was in her son’s death…
    I like this Prinku…
    Nd mereko bore lag raha hain “Mere baap ke kaatil” line se…. It’s irritating as well as funny…
    Precap –
    Shivay bhaiya will be in office… Waiting 4 monday…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Appy

      Hii Bunny..
      Yes everyone is suffering
      But I am.suffering by Omru’s act..I am not even able to love them and also hate them ….what I will do??????
      Gonna ignore them.thats it..
      Prinku was superb
      Shivika scene was so good..

      1. Banita

        Hlo Arpu…
        Yeh it’s really unbearable to watch Omru like this… I just want to ignore them , which also not happening from my side…
        Thanks yrr…

  2. Hello my ishqbaazians 🙋‍♀️
    Hello noushin, luthu, shiny, arpu, jeevi how are you all and others missing you a lot.
    Now coming to episode
    Wow totally different never imagined ye sab dekhne ko milega
    Ya they are dragging shivay’s and family emotional trauma a little but its really amazing.
    Shivika scenes were good shivay is dealing with trauma he needs full family support but only anika is understanding and supporting him.
    Omru head was down for the first time loved the way shivay appreciated rudra and rudy head was down.
    Priyanka i don’t want to talk about her she has gone mad
    Aniriya sceen was superb gauri and bhavya are supporting her like pillars i think without riya ani would have not been survived.
    Overall episode was good as compared to this week episodes
    Waiting for monday
    Bye keep smiling and stay blessed all of you😙😙😙😙😊😊😊😊

    1. Appy

      Hiii Medhangel dear…what’s up…
      I felt bad for prinku……
      She us also suffering
      And can’t say about family drama but Sso’s traumas are shown is perfect way bcoz he was in Jail for long 5 years..and so as his trauma it will take time to heal him
      Let’s see…

  3. Vidyakrish

    Iam little bit disappointed that Rudy give speech I want Annika or shivaay give speech but it’s goes wrong. Waiting for Monday

    1. Appy

      Rudy is blinded by hatred…..
      He is gonna regret badly…

    2. Hi nakul mehta!I’m Arpaz!u r so cute and ur eyes!i like those eyes very much.

  4. I can’t bare it anymore. Priyanka pushing Shivaye? In stories too good people have to suffer more. There is nothing like poetic justice or what? And Anika, what is her fault? Shivaye you should understand her real value. You are yet to understand it. Making sacrifices is a good thing. But it should be made for people who are worthit .Your brothers and family proved that they are not worthit for your sacrifices.

    1. Appy

      Dear Prinku is also suffering .society accused her as sister of murderer…..and she couldn’t bear it and all her hatred anger gone towards Sso…….
      And Sso already said that From both side he will face defeat And it’s happening exactly…
      Just hope after everything will fine..Sso will think about Annika..

  5. Hi banita
    Seriously all are suffering and there is no way of healing. All are dealing with their own pains and they are right on their way. But when truth will prevail there will be lots of emotions and the main who will tolerate will be omru and dadi as they did not trust their shivay.
    There will be wounds,on wounds there will be healing but scars will be left on hearts of shivomru and dadi. Shivay may pardon his brothers and rest but
    Will omru be able to pardon themselves after whatever they have done. What will be the outcome will be thrill to watch.
    Bye have a happy weekend

    1. Banita

      Yup Medhangel…
      Will Omru be forgive themself for whatever doing now..!!???
      Well , same type of question arises once in my mind before also… When Shivay forcefully married to Anika..
      “Will Shivay can forgive himself..!!?”But answer we all know… CVS made Shivay’s forgivness part very easy ( as per me)..
      So it can possible that now also it can happen.. PriOmRu nd dadi will ask forgivness nd Shivay will forgive them.. Which i really don’t want yrrr…
      Yeh i m feeling bad for them now nd will feel bad after that also when truth will be out…
      Yeh U r rite scares will be there in hearts… But hope it will not hurt anymore…

  6. Appy

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals.
    .. onwards I promise I will not say anything about you and about Om too..

    I am not able to hate and not able to love you so better I will ignore both of you
    But One request you both have already done so much PLZZ stop it
    2.Sso whatever you said May be it was your happiness but that was a cold tight slap on Omru face specially Ru..despite of knowing everything someone praised you and you also know you are at fault….this is real guilty don’t know if omru understood it or not
    3.Today I will thank Hamare editor saab for the first time ..BCOZ he executed very well that horrible was actually not easy to see Sso strangling Annika…
    4.come to God I was literally crying…..
    I confess I really want a partner like Annika who is too much supportive understanding..everything..
    She was having pain but calmed Sso…gave him strength assured him that she is always with him….
    And that wipeing his face with her duppata was so cute as well as emotinal today..
    5 Prinku………Sidhhi really did a fabulous job……
    Finally she confronted Sso…Sso needs to know what his sister faced….in these years ….but this confrontation making him weak more…Prinku lost her strength…her big brother…….and she lost herself…..
    That scene was actually good.
    6 .Nakuul ..Noks bhaiya your acting was superb today….Sso’s vulnerability, guilty , fear everything perfectly showed by you..I loved it.
    Chandu Di..that throat checking scene was looking so natural…it’s like somebody really hurt you.
    Hatss of to you Di..
    I am loving it………
    Monday come soon…..

  7. Riana

    Where is Jhanvi !!… Vidyashram chali gayi kyaa yaa phir london !! 😒😒😂😂😂😂😒😒
    Rudy giving speech and shivaay applauding for him was quite emotional and also unbearing from a side…
    Shivaay strangulated anika out of PTSD which is quite is sad and hard but true… This can actually happen…
    Later caring for her was extremely sweet and caring !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Priyanka’s behaviour with shivaay was harsh but their acting were amazinggggg !!! 😍😍😍😍😍… Really loved siddhi’s acting so as nakuul’s… 😘😘😘
    Precap – I hope from monday we get to see a new viewing experience on ishqbaaz… That samd khidkitod experience which we used to get in the real ishqbaaz period !! 😶😶😶
    I got nostalgic yesterday, when after a longtime watched the beginning episodes of ishqbaaz and they were so cool, non dramatic, uber, amazing cinematography, good clothes, khidkitod anika & tadibaaz shivaay !!… Missing everything nowadays 🙁

  8. Hi , sab kaha rahe hai ki yeh track boring hai bakwas hai but in everyserial har taraha ka teack ata hai aur ib me bhi aya hai. Ab isme sirf romantic track aya obros moment to hi thodi na dekhte rahege aur ek baat mujhe too nakuul ki acting itne achi lag rahi hai ki asa lag raha hai jase woh acting nai kar raha aur sach me real me uske sath ye sab ho raha hai. Pls ib fandom apne hi serial ko kisna band karo aur uska sath dena sikho…….. jase ek maa apne bache ka sath har ache bure waqt me dethi hai

  9. Hi PKJ if im not mistaken Im commenting after 2 weeks now but to be frank with all, IB is becoming so,annoying recently . Why should shivomr.u be seperated? Then to me it makes no sense. I can’t wait for this track to end because I’m fed up with it.
    Actually,I’m just saying this because I remembered the old IB. The shivomru in redux are totally different frm the ones in old IB .The shivomru I knew would trust each other in any case and they would stand by each ‘in any circumstance and in priyanka never offended her brothers but in this case she is even calling shivaye a murderer. Can you imagine? I hope this track end soonest.

    1. Yeah We all hope for the best by Monday and most importantly welcome back dear . How was school? We all missed the old IB and I can still remember when Tej became a good person everyone wanted to watch how it would end.
      We all hope they don’t drag this track too long.

  10. Have nothing to say coz the episode was annoying and boring.

    1. Ridhimma dr we all hope they don’t drag this track too long. And d fact is once u continue watching IB u will definitely enjoy.

  11. So what did the redux do for Ishqbaaz? We lost Shakti. We lost Pinky. We lost 5 years. We lost Sahil(Anika’s family). We lost the Obro’s bonding. We lost Shivaay. We lost Shivika. We lost Om and Gauri’s love story. We lost Rudra and Bhavya’s love story. We lost Rudra’s “stupidity”. We lost Om’s sensitivity. WHAT DID WE WIN

  12. Nikita_jai29

    I think that shivaay attack anika was his dream.. But it is not… Anika is his support… Shivaay reply to omru is lovely…

  13. Hi nakul mehta!I’m Arpaz!u r so cute and ur eyes!i like those eyes very much.

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