Papa By Chance 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Genie locks up Amrit

Papa By Chance 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with principal taking the kids’ surprise test. Yuvaan comes there. Principal asks them to write fast, where did their smile go. Yuvaan passes the chits to Gungun. He asks her to copy the chits. Principal says I will wash hands and come, don’t dare to cheat. He goes. Dhoni refuses to cheat. He says sorry, lie is a sin, I can’t cheat. Yuvaan asks them to cheat. Ullu and Gungun also refuse and return chits. Yuvaan says principal will expel you from school, hurry up. Genie comes and catches Yuvaan.

She asks what are you doing here. He says I m the kids’ guardian, principal wants to expel them, principal is a rude man. Principal comes. Genie ask where were you dad. Yuvaan looks on and says he is Genie’s dad, a new problem. Principal catches Yuvaan with chits. He laughs

and says your kids won’t study here, they are out. Yuvaan worries. Kids apologize. Yuvaan says its not your mistake, we can’t convince that rude man now, Genie sorry, I didn’t mean that, nothing can happen, come, we shall leave. They go to principal. Principal says well done, you felt I will expel the kids, come on, I was taking your test, the kids didn’t cheat and pass the test, you made the chits, its proof that you are working hard for them, so you also passed the test, I m so proud of you, kids will study here. Yuvaan says its a miracle. Genie says my dad isn’t rude. Principal says I m rude, but can’t snatch a child’s future. He goes. Genie says I can’t see you in problem. Yuvaan smiles. The kids thank her. They come out. Amrit asks why are they happy. They tell everything about Genie’s help. Amrit asks really, I was doubting on Genie, I should thank her and principal.

Principal asks why did you ask me to behave well with Yuvaan. Genie says he is becoming owner of 900 crores, and he likes me. Yuvaan praises Genie. Genie says Yuvaan will win case, our dream will get fulfilled, once we get money, you can open your own school. Principal says yes, its my old dream. He goes. Genie says I will make Yuvaan dance on my fingers. Amrit looks on and scolds her. She says I will go and tell truth to Yuvaan. Genie asks why do you care so much, I know your house also belongs to Yuvaan, you will get money to shut up. Amrit says he is my childhood friend, I will tell your truth. Genie pushes her and runs out. She locks Amrit.

Yuvaan gets happy. Gungun asks him to get a job. Amrit is on the way. Genie goes on scooty. She comes home. She says I thought to complete the date. She asks Yuvaan will he come on a ride with her. He agrees. She says I got free pizza coupons for you. They thank her. Yuvaan and Genie leave. Genie sees Amrit coming and waves to her. Harman comes and says this wrestler has beaten me. He scolds Chotu. He gets his goons to beat Chotu. Chotu is beaten up. Harman looks on. Manjeet says you vented our anger. Harman says don’t know where is he now. Harman gets angry. Yuvaan passes by.

Genie frames Amrit in a theft at the store. Amrit gets shocked. Genie calls her a thief.

Update Credit to: Amena

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