Ishq Subhan Allah 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir agrees to Ruksaar’s condition

Ishq Subhan Allah 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kabir recalls his moments with Zara and how he said that they are married.
Zara says to herself that I know Kabir is stuck between love and duty. He comes to Zara and says what are you for me? She says I am your wife. Kabir says say something more appropriate like if I am mobile then you are charger. Zara says if I am mobile network then you are internet park, Kabir says if I am car? she says then I am patrol, he says if I am human then you? she says I am soul. Kabir says if you take soul from human? Zara says then human will die. Kabir closes his eyes and sighs, he says its done. Zara says why are you talking about death? She holds his hand and asks why he is warm? do you have fever? He says yes, fever of your love which never happened to me and will never happen to me. Zara

says Kabir? Kabir says goodbye Zara, she is confused, he hugs her and kisses her, tum hi ho plays, Kabir says bye and leaves.

Kabir gives gun to Imran and says I cant kill myself but you can kill me, shoot me. Imran asks if he has gone mad?
Zara says to Reema that I am tensed, Kabir said bye to me, why would he say that? it was like something important, I have to go to him.

Imran throws gun away, Kabir shouts that what did you do? it was my chance to be free. Imran says accept Ruksaar’s condition, its just one night. Kabir says never, I am of Zara only. Imran says you will get Zara for life, you can marry Ruksaar to save her life but you cant accept Ruksaar’s condition to get Zara back? ruksaar is your wife so its not illegal. Kabir hugs him and cries.

Zara and Reema are leaving to find Kabir. Kabir comes back. Zara rushes to him and asks where were you? are you fine? do you have fever.. she controls herself and asks where was he? Kabir sadly looks at her and goes in house.
Kabir comes to lounge, all are there. Kabir says I accept Ruksaar’s condition, all are stunned. Ruksaar gets elated and says do you really accept to be my husband and spend a night with me? Kabir says I accept. Zara is hurt and broken to hear it. She leaves from there. Ruksaar says to Zeenat that did you hear that? Zeenat is not happy.

Ruksaar is dancing around Kabir’s cutout in her room, bahun mein chale ao plays. Zara comes there and sees her dancing. She shakes her head and stops music. Ruksaar smirks and says you cant see my happiness. Zara says I wont be able to see your tears. Ruksaar says I am not going anywhere to cry. Zara says you would cry for life, Kabir helplessly said yes to you but my love would make him say no. Ruksaar says you cant change truth, tomorrow Kabir will be mine, tomorrow night would be a beautiful night for me but it will be an eclipse for you, where will you hide? Zara says I challage you to try everything but Kabir will never be yours, I can dance too but I wont dance till I win, I cant take part today but tomorrow night when I win, I will dance with you, she leaves from there. Ruksaar smirks and says I am thinking about consummation night, you did wrong for yourself for challenging me, I will insult Zara infront of Kabir.

Imran reads document which says that after giving divorce to Kabir, I will leave him and Zara, I would never irritate them, plot against them, never come back in their lives and stay away from them. Kabir says I dont trust Ruksaar so get this stamped from court. Kabir says I am doing all this, putting my honor on stake for Zara but what if Zara takes this wrongly? what if she moves away from me.

Zara says to Reema that I dont know if Ruksaar will divorce Kabir after spending a night with Kabir but then I wont be able to take back Kabir, I promise on Quran that I might not stop loving Kabir if spends a night with Ruksaar but I will never ever be with him, I woul never even look at his face.

Scene 2
Kabir gives document to Ruksaar, Ruksaar shows wedding card to Shahbaz and says you had cut my name and wrote Zara’s name on it so now you will print a card and cut Zara’s name and write my name. Ayesha asks what is this rubbish? Ruksaar asks her to call me bahu. Kabir says how dare you talk to my mom like that. Ruksaar says I am asking her to call me bahu. Ayesha says Kabir is accepting your conditions so what is all this? Ruksaar says my wedding reception is remaining so I want it to happen and I want everyone to come and know that I am younger daughter in law of this house. Shahbaz says just tell all your conditions and sign on this document. Ruksaar calls Zara there. Kabir asks her to stop it. Zara comes there. Ruksaar says to Zara that I want you to apply Kabir’s name mehndi on my hands and decorate my marriage night room with Kabir. Zeenat asks her to stay in limits, you are crossing your limits Ruksaar. Kabir takes document from Ruksaar and throws it away. Kabir says to Ruksaar that Zara would never come between your and my problems. Ruksaar says she will, Kabir says she wont. Zara comes inbetween them and says I will come inbetween it. Zara says I will apply mehndi to you, you want me to decorate your room? I will do it, you know why? because you will get only these things but not Kabir. Zara emotionally looks at Kabir. Ruksaar thinks that I will get Kabir for sure, my challange that you would bring Kabir to me.

PRECAP- Kabir says to Zara that you want apply mehndi to Ruksaar and decorate a room for her to spend a night with me? are you crazy. Zara says I am not doing it for her and you, I am doing it to test my love, tomorrow will decide if my love can pass this test, will our love stay alive or become discolored for life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. My god we have to wait till Monday. I know that that night will never come for ruksar. I’m glad that Zara is fighting for her marriage and her kabir.

    1. i sincerely hopes she does fight for this marriage!!!!

  2. I can’t bear this b*t*h anymore🤮 I hate her so much😡

  3. Cathy

    Knowing Kabir and Zara…they have a plan.

    1. So true Cathy knowing Zara she proberly came up with the plan.

  4. i saw video in that ruksaar tried to kill her self and kabeer on that night mixing poison in some eatable.

    1. I also saw the clip…….I think the with will accuse Zara to create a distance between Kabeer and Zara.

  5. The drama with this b*t*h will never end😡😡😡it was more Kabeer and Rukhsa than Kabeer and Zara in last weeks…….

  6. Yes I read somewhere that ruksar will eat poison and fall from the trap because kabir will not coming for that special night. She will be hurt and can’t accept that kabir does that with her. Kabir will be blamed for that and they will arrest him for murdering ruksar. If it’s sooo finally we get rid of ruksar

  7. I hope that we get rit of this ruksar. Writer can you change the track please. Bring kabir and Zara together.

  8. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭..oh dear, this is so depressing!! I would like to hope that Kabir and Zara have a plan but it looks so real as if Rukhsar would get her wish. I’m seriously madddddd that she’s demanding this and that and the family is just accepting whatever she wants, hell.. Why can’t they take her sorry pathetic ass to the police?? Oh right, they want to not make their family affairs public and yes we all know that the police there or inept as well, as in all these serials…so how come nobody is bright enough to think of a way to conquer Rukhsar… I think that the family should tie her up and put her away in a room till she becomes mad with jealousy, shrivel up, put her in a mental hospital after pumping her with drugs that other negative characters could find easily but good characters cannot or Zeenat could get her psychiatric help, clearly Rukhsar needs it badly…

  9. This Ahamad family will be fooled by Rukhsar time and time again but they won’t learn but then that’s how the story was written.. I just had to say it …they know Rukhsar and Kabir have a bad history but they sent him to rescue her in Dubai, why didn’t the writers give Kashan some work to do, some screen time, in this way Kashan would have brought Rukhsar back as his wife and Zeenat herself would have had to deal with the situation as it is, Zara is always the one to bear all these problems in her life…. Sigh!!!

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