Ishqbaaz 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye surprises Anika

Ishqbaaz 14th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says you…. Shivaye says you…. She asks how did you come here. He says I have a deal with chinese company today, so I have come to take Lord’s blessings, what brings you here, anything special. She says just like that. Khanna brings the bouquet. Shivaye says its a small world, Anika is also here. She asks for whom is this bouquet. He says for Lord. He keeps the bouquet there and stares at Khanna. Pandit says everyone offers flowers to Lord, but nobody offers bouquets. Anika says he does many things which nobody else does. Khanna laughs. Shivaye asks is there any standup comedy going on here, get blessings and leave. She says I will also leave. Shivaye asks why. She says my work is done. He says my isn’t done. She asks what do you mean. He says today is really a good day, there is an opportunity, temple, pandit, bell, flowers, I was thinking to give you a gift. She says no, you have already sent a lot. He says friends exchange gifts, so I thought to give you a gift, take this bouquet, I mean choose one flower you like, any flower, no, not the red one, its for lovers, yellow is for friendship, pick the yellow one.

She takes the flower and thinks he is strange. He asks are you wondering what to do with it, fix it onto your hair. She asks on my hair. He says yes, its color will match with your eyeliner, green and yellow. She thinks I heard men have bad color sense, I didn’t know its so bad. He asks what are you thinking. She says nothing. He says then fix it, may I? He moves her hair and fixes the rose. She smiles. Nikhil claps and says wow Anika, you can’t control yourself even in the temple, why, did your lover had no money to take you to the hotel. Shivaye gets angry and shouts. Anika says please, its the temple, there are some limits. Shivaye says not a word against… She stops them. She cries and goes. Shivaye says Anika stopped me, else I would have killed you. He goes after Anika and says Nikhil… you should have let me explain him. She says how many people will you explain, I m just your mistress for the world, this insult is my fate now. She goes. He says no, I won’t let this insult become your fate, I have done a mistake, I will rectify it.

She comes home and cries. Gauri comes and says come fast, Sahil is unwell, Chachi isn’t at home, come fast. Anika goes. The lights get on. Anika gets surprised seeing the decorations. Om, Priyanka, Sahil come. They all sing the birthday song. Shivaye comes and wishes her. Gauri says I didn’t do anything, it was Shivaye’s idea and planning, I told him that you don’t celebrate birthdays, but… He says but I do many things that nobody else does, happy occasions are rare in life, so we should celebrate it, there is someone else who wants to wish you. Sahil’s mum/Chachi comes and wishes Anika. She says forgive me Anika, I was an idiot to misunderstand you, curse and trouble you, I did wrong with you, this is your house, come back. Anika hugs her and says I will do as you want. Chachi recalls…. FB shows Shivaye saying we are going to celebrate, if you misbehave with Anika, I will not spare you, you kicked her out of the house, you have to get her home. FB ends. Sahil says mummy has agreed and dances. He falls.

Shivaye holds him and asks are you fine. Anika looks on. Gauri says I want to talk to you, its personal, come. Om goes. Priyanka smiles. Om asks Gauri to say. She says its something strange, I felt awkward there, everyone was there so…. He asks what. She says since the day I met you…. Om asks what. She says I wanted to ask you, what shampoo and conditioner do you use, your hair is so silky, shiny and bouncy. Priyanka and Sahil laugh. She asks Om to say the secret of his black, long and silky hair. Om goes. Gauri says he didn’t say. Anika comes to Shivaye and says you did…. He takes her out. She asks why did you bring me outside. He says I will say. He asks everyone to come out. He says I m rectifying my mistake.

He says she is Anika, whom you all scolded and told bad things, she was hiding my mistake, she doesn’t need any character certificate, her dignity is my dignity, if anyone points finger at her, I will break their hand, if she cries because of you, I will wipe her tears later, but I will deal with that person who made her cry, do you all get it, tell me, you are quick to say anything about a girl’s character, do you have anything to say. He says no one will say anything to you now Anika, you won’t have to bear any insult now, come.

Shivaye gets her somewhere. She looks around and thanks him for making her birthday special. He says we can talk later, shall we cut the cake first, ask for a wish first. Anika nods. She closes eyes and wishes. She thinks I don’t know what’s between me and Shivaye, I m very happy, keep this happiness intact. He thinks I don’t know what bond I share with Anika, no matter what is it, I m happy to see Anika happy, keep her happiness intact. O jaana…plays….. She cuts the cake. He claps. She feeds him the cake. He feeds her. He says let me give you your gift. She says no, you have already given me a big gift, you have given my lost respect back. He says I have snatched a lot from you and want to return it. She asks what’s this. She checks and gets shocked seeing the divorce papers. She asks divorce papers? He says today, I m freeing you from this from this forced relation, its better to end this, this is the only way to rectify this mistake, I m freeing you willingly today, its your life, you will decide how you will live, no one else will decide, not even me.

Gauri says he handed you the divorce papers. Anika says its a birthday gift which I will remember forever. Shivaye says I know that I have taken the right step, still I m feeling a strange kind of heaviness in my heart. Anika says why should we talk about this when everything got finished. Shivaye says everything got finished, even our relation.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals..
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 47…
    Sry guys I was really busy today could not came here Waise everything is going good and I am loving it.
    But where are Ishu and tani ????..

    Ok come to episode..
    No doubt it was really a very good episode…
    I enjoyed a lot.
    ANNIKA’S EXPRESSION was totally like me seeing this bilu???
    Confused atma banadiya..

    In hotstar they did not played dhadak..
    Thank God they played it on tv….
    Annika God…she was looking soo beautiful today….
    Mesmerising beauty…????????????.of course our bilu has to be smitten by her.
    Btw ye yellow phool and red phool??
    Sso chakkar Kya he ????
    How dare you to talk with my Annika di like that
    Wannnna kill you….????????

    I did it.moron..
    You should remember that you are in temple too..
    I am hating you more than anything..
    And Sso..I think you understood Annika’s pain….
    Thank Cvs…
    Ye sahi kiya Sso ne..Chachi ki band bajai…Maza aaya
    Finally before society SSO cleared Annika’s name…..
    This the best move Sso..thanx for giving back Anika’s respect.
    And last few mins.
    Once again CINEMATOGRAPHY on its peak..
    I absolutely loved it.
    And Shivika’s private birthday..Hi hi hi..
    But Sso….
    No I am Confused should be I happy or sad ????????
    Happy is bcoz Sso give Annika freedom.
    And sad ..ummmmmm. cant tell.
    Ok don’t know why my eyes got moist.
    Btw Annika’s birthday reminded me that day when Sso celebrated her birthday in her newly found house…
    Precap- Ok I am loving it.
    But but Om.?????????????
    Bande ki tie tie fiss hogayi..
    Waise my question is same too.
    How ????????

    @Dhawani lo milgaye chotu sa rikara scene…..
    @Lu Cvs he hi atrangi.
    Ek bhege dusre ko jukham..just like CHOT TUJHE LAGEGI PAR DARD TUJHE HOGA????????..
    @Riana..redux is not going to will continue..
    Ok main chalti hun.

    1. Rhiana Singhania

      Kya Apka last wala comment mere liye tha

    2. Hi I Rhiana dear..
      No dear there isonmore Riana in our pkj
      Btw welcome to pkj dear…

    3. Hey Arpu congrats for being number 1. Yes I agree cinematography was excellent. Amazing!!! I just loved it. I loved everything about the episode.

    4. He he Thank You Sindhu Di…..
      Ishqbaaz never fails in cinematography.
      It is proved so many times….
      No doubt it was really good episode

    5. Luthfa

      Go Arpita Go.Congratulations on being first…?
      Yeah,Shivaay made us happy as well as confused including Anika.Chachi ke meethi bool to mujhe karwa karela jaisa laga.Jo bhi ho,that private birthday celebration of Anika has my heart.Don’t talk about that NNN.I don’t like his expressions at all.

    6. Luthfa

      But I am excited like anything.Love triangle is not possible here because of the absence of love from NNN’s side and still deeply buried love between Shivika.Hope upcoming marriage works as a ladder to reach Anika’s heart for Shivaay and vice versa.Let’s see.

    7. Riana

      @Arpu… yaa i know that…confirmed by gul mata ???????????????

  2. nice episode.
    I saw that nikhil is in om also well dressed…is annika n nikhil’s shadi will be done from om..??
    also one thing aab iss shadi wala track kitna din chalega…??
    kuki mujhe Shivika shadi dekhni hai wo bhi un dono ki marji se…phir unka romance bhi…
    paar kya aap mai se koi janti hai ki iss shadi wali track kitna din chalega…??

    1. Hi Shamrin..dear.yeh Nikhil and Annika’s Saddi is gonna happen..But don’t know for how many days
      But no but hoga maja aayega..
      Even I am.waiting for their Happy Mariage with lots of romance….

    2. Luthfa

      Don’t know dear for how long this marriage track will go on.But this time OM will become Anika’s wedding venue and Shivaay the match-maker to wedding planner????????

  3. Mesg from Bunny:
    Her health is not good.
    So she will be not able to comment for some days..

    Ok jaldi se thik hoja..
    Sending prayers for you.????

    1. Hi bunny.. Get well soon.. My prayer for u always.. Tx arpu for the info…?

    2. Luthfa

      Take care of yourself Bani.Sending lots of healing wishes and love.Will miss you till then.Lots of love?????

  4. Luthfa

    One marriage of two people was solemnised against one’s wish and another’s blind desire to take revenge.It was anything but a marriage.No love was its origin,no respect was shown to fulfill it and it was not a union of two souls and hearts.In true sense,it was destined and to tell the exact truth,it was done to fetch pain,agony,boundless sufferings,humiliation,everything opposite to the dignity of a marriage and its target was Anika Trivedi the unwilling participant of that marriage game and Shivaay Singh Oberoi,the most willing participant.Now it’s a past incident.Today is the birthday of Anika and Shivaay is trying hard to fill this day with every happiness,he can afford.And he becomes successful all the way.But it was not looking like a celebration of birthday rather Shivaay Singh Oberoi was trying hard to redeem his dark deeds on getting an opportunity because of Anika’s(not so special to celebrate,for her)birthday.Her birthday came as absolutely fortunate favour to amend those grave mistakes,Shivaay Singh Oberoi committed.He went on showering surprises after surprises and Anika was quite happy until the last surprise appeared.That surprise was not actually a surprise but shocking truth of that unwanted marriage and its final consequence.Shivaay didn’t hesitate once before hand over that divorce paper as Anika’s birthday gift,to her.Most valuable gift,to Shivaay it was to present Anika on her birthday.Right decision at the wrong time by the way.But to think about it from another perspective,it is actually right and proper gift.On the day of marriage Anika was no less than dead.She died from inside and Shivaay was the snatcher of her life,symbolically.As he snatched her life,her happiness from her,now it is the same Shivaay who officially ended Anika’s death like state by gifting her devorce paper,the document of her freedom and returning to life,once again,heralding the end of that marriage.Sounds so good and amazing right?Looks like a gloomy,bitter,hurtful,sorrowful story has ended on a very happy note,like some fairy tale.Is it so?I am confused right now.

    1. Hey Luthfa my thoughts were almost similar. I also felt he gave her the right gift of annuling the forced marriage but it was the wrong time. However our SSO kept to his word. He said he will rectify it and he did. This is the most appropriate time. Shivaay did it with dignity and gave her divorce papers showing he officially accepted her as his wife if not he would have just say it during press conference and declare that she is not her mistress. But he gave her honour and pride by handing the divorce papers to show now she is free from the bondage of marriage and she can choose to marry anyone. The only mistake she did was to leave the mangalsutra. She was hoping her would realise the value of mangalsutra and tie it round her but instead he gave the divorce papers and I think her heart felt heavy and sad that everything is over between them. Suddenly she realised a part of her is leaving her.

      Loved your analysis Luthfa. Same to same feeling ???

    2. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      We did it once again.Congratulations to both of us.Many more to come?
      I think as the marriage was an one sided attempt and it had no validity in the eyes of society so the divorce won’t count that much.

    3. Luthfa

      Though the marriage was performed following all the rituals but it failed to gain the approval of most including Shivaay and Anika to some extent.When all the misunderstanding got cleared then Shivaay wanted to accept the relation not because he had to or because of love but out of guilt that he did mistake by marrying her so he had to rectify it.

    4. Luthfa

      In this way,divorce also cane as a process of rectifying mistake namely the last part of Shivaay’s redemption.Now he has given all the liberty to Anika to do what she wants to.He freed her from all the restrictions and responsibilities of that unwanted marriage.

    5. Luthfa

      Shivaay is doing what he needs to be done to achieve his ultimate redeeming spirit.So divorce is the first and last step either to get back Anika or loss her once and for all(which we know won’t happen).This divorce thing is very much mutual for Shivika.Other things won’t get affected because of it.

    6. Luthfa

      The way marriage was just a formality,in the same way this divorce is also a formality.To start Shivika’s love story on the basis of trust,love and respect it was necessary to do though as a formality.As Shivika can’t deny that they indeed got married be it for revenge or anything.

    7. Luthfa

      From now on the love story of Shivika and every emoticons related to it as a new beginning of their life.
      Thank you soooooooo…..very much for your love di.Love you?

    8. Luthfa


    9. Actually it is too much confusing.
      It is difficult we should be happy or not.
      Annika was not in love with Nikhil at all.
      She just wanted to be loyal.
      But her fat had decided something..
      Now also She wants to be loyal with her marriage.
      She don’t consider him as her husband but still.
      Marriage was meant for her…
      Now she will be confusing with her relation.
      She is still putting Vermilion in her hairline..
      Excited for upcoming

    10. Luthfa

      Confusions are bound to occur.Situation is compelling everyone.But no matter what happens,if Shivika gets married again excluding NNN,it shouldn’t create any confusion as I have read Tia baby is coming.I don’t belive cvs at all.As for now everything is okay and going good.Let’s see.

  5. Luthfa

    @Dost:Of course we have telepathic connection.You and me are tied up,through our hearts????
    @NSK:So sweet of you dear.Thank you soooooo….very much for your love.God bless you????
    @1234:I am good dear.Thank you so very much.Hope you are doing khidkitode????

    1. Bilkul kidkithode hu main

    2. Luthfa

      Great going?

  6. Rhiana Singhania

    Hey everyone..I have watching Ishqbaaz since long..and this episode had been good. But I really think that anika’s mom is going to be Shakti Singh Oberoi’s (Shivya’s dad) kimistress…and that’s gonna be the second twist

    1. Riana dear…
      Welcome to Pkj with lots of love…….
      But annika’s Mom Vasundhara Trivedi is mistress of some Komlesh Malhotra…
      May be it can happen……….that she was also mistress of Shakti but will be confusing….

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Rhiana,
      Welcome to PKJ family with band-baja.Keep commenting and join us in spreading love?
      That can happen if cvs wish to insert it in the name of twist.Let’s see.Take care?

  7. Luthfa

    Something personal:
    Are yaar,got bored celebrating birthday all alone and with Mom,Dad.Those childhood birthday celebrations were way too much better and sweet.But now all seems tasteless and boring.My birthday last year was an exception because of PKJ.Enjoyed a lot.Seeing Shivaay’s efforts to celebrate Anika’s birthday like that,my heart is craving for such birthday celebration(of course,without any divorce papers.Hehehehe….???????????????).That birthday celebration of Anika’s is definitely my goal to celebrate my own birthday.Are you listening God?My birthday is coming.Do something plz…..☺☺☺☺☺????????????

    1. Ohhooooooo
      You too…..
      ye Sso bhi na sabki Niyat bigad diya he??????????.
      I am.going to file a complaint against Shivaay Singh Oberoi..
      Btw when is your Birthday…………???????..

    2. Luthfa

      Hehehe……Not because of SSO actually but for my alone birthday celebration in the same repeating way with more or less variation.Cake cutting and all the arrangements anyone can get but not those genuine feelings.Feelings of happiness,feelings of doing something which will make one happy.

    3. Luthfa

      Mom and Dad make me feel special as usual as I am their only daughter still three of us can’t bring that happiness filled atmosphere that was used to be in my childhood.I am talking about feelings nothing else which I am missing in my recent birthday celebration.

    4. Luthfa

      Anyway,it’s my personal or may be subconscious feelings otherwise everything is same the way it was when I was a child who used to get exited for her birthday.
      Hawww…..You forgot my birthday??????
      You were unwell during my birthday last year so you had wished me late.27th October is my birthday.By the way,when is your birthday darling?????????

  8. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys, A big Hello to all my lovely akka’s, my dear onces and my pkj. Hru all hope all r good. Hope u guys remember me. Actually I Hv gone to my native place( village) of my vacation holidays so can’t come here. thought of texting ur bt becoz of network problem can’t. I think all ur days was good. Bt missed u all.
    Arpita dear ur chapters nd fun ride. Luthfa dear ur analysis, Sindhu akka ur thought nd pt of view. Banita nd Dhiwani dear ur comments all others too.
    OK coming to IB can’t watch it missed many episodes my last episodes were dadi’s entry nd shivay wears to anika ring on his engagement day that’s it. Bit confused with the story now. started to watch from yesterday episode only. But seriously I enjoyed yesterday nd today episode a lot confused becoz shivka saying just frds om nd prinku calling her babi nd teasing shivay just frds. Can’t imagine what excitly Hv happened . But friendship wala concept is also good I’m waiting to watch more nd they becoming lovebirds. But missed Rudy lot in yesterday episode the one who tease shivay a lot is missing… Shivay’s surprise to anika b’day was super. I think anika said my b’day instead of my happy b’day. Nd shivay new avatar I mean in yesterday episode the window wall nd too excitement walk shivay was cute.
    In today episode all was good sply om nd gouri part. Except shivay giving divorce papers to anika as gift.
    Ya new version of O jaana is good too melody bt missing old version….
    I just read the now they r going to concentrate on Rikara also happy for tht.
    But my kind request from Gul man tht to make Rumya as pair Atleast in this….
    Guys v. Sry for wishing u all tht HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY….. TOO ALL MY PKJ’S FRDS.

    1. Hey jeevi my dear Sister you are back!!! So happy to read your comments. Come often ya. Missing you ? ??thanks for your analysis

    2. JeevithaTK

      Hi akka. GM Hv a nice day. Hru akka. Ya akka I will try to b regular from me to missed you nd all akka Tq akka. Love u. Tc

    3. Hiii Jeevi welcome back to pkj.
      Ofcourse we remember you…dear…..
      Feels good that you are reading our comments.
      Dear after that soon much thing happen or should I say horrible thing happened.
      Sso don’t consider Annika as his wife ( purani prblm you know.?.and also her married her forcefully?like last time )..
      So you have to watch episodes
      Btw Drunken Shivika also happened..
      Watch and enjoy.

    4. JeevithaTK

      Hi Arpita dear, Hru. Tq for the welcome dear. O god ?? I think tht let now many season comes in shivay always marry anika forceful only I think soo. So I get it means they r going start their relationship new with friendship… Nd the reason for give divorce to anika…. Will try to watch dear bit busy with my clg bt try to watch all the episodes soon. Tq dear. Love you. Tc

    5. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi dear,
      Welcome back to PKJ with lots of love and band-baja.How are you?
      Don’t worry dear.Catch up those episodes asap.For the time being Shivika is in friend zone and Anika-Nikhil marriage is upcoming.Thank you sooooo….very much for your love.Okay,see you soon.Love you?

    6. JeevithaTK

      Hi dear, thank you very much for the welcome dear. I’m fine. Hru. Will try to watch dear. Anika nd Nikil marriage ???? let’s wait nd watch dear. Love u too. TC. C U.

  9. Mona_2005

    The whole episode was a treat to watch
    So cute sso, u are truly indictable yaar, love u
    Anika u are just fit for sso
    Love u shivika
    Om ka Kya pappu ban gaya
    Pata nahi Kya chal rah dimaag me
    SSO apne galtiyo ko sodar leta hai yaar aur voh bhi buhut jaldi, tryst him
    I love so much
    Can’t get over u
    K leave or else i will go mad
    Vaise how did that nithala nikhil said bad words to anika
    Khud tu kisse Kam ka hai nahi aur apne extra non adviced commentary de Raha hai
    SSO tujhe Sach me use Mar hi Dena chahiye tha
    He deserves it
    Greedy Chachi, yeah kabhi nahi badal sakti
    SSO ki wajah see Mafi TU maag le par guilt bekor nahi hai
    Vaise Anika tujhe us chahi ko itne aaram se maaf nahi karna chahiye tha
    Par Kya kaare tum hu hi itne achi
    Except the last 2 mins everything in episode was so nice that i can’t get over it
    Ek Cheez – Anika and shivaay are just mind readers
    Dono ne ek hi wish mangi, aur dono hi confused aatma banke ghumte hai
    Chalo choro Jo tumhare beech em hai voh unique hai, can’t be expressed in words
    Take care every1
    Good night

    1. Mona dear,??????
      Atrangi Shivika and hum uske fans aur atrangi??????….
      Nice comment dear.
      Heh both are confused attma..
      Om you such main pappu ban gaya…..

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Mona,
      Episode was really nice to watch.Shivika are Shivika and no-one can understand their mind-set except them.That stupid barged in between Shivika with his rubbish talk.Felt like throwing something at him.Anyway,I am waiting to see how Shivika are going to confess their love for each other.Nicely written analysis.Take care?

  10. JeevithaTK

    Sry guys its wala nt wall nd walk.
    Nd one more important tht I hope all our pkj and all our Kerala frds r fine nd good prays to them to get back normal weather.
    Nd hearty welcome to all my new members of our pkj family.

    1. Yup sending lots of wishes and prayers for them…

    2. Luthfa

      Here everything is fine and I have read about Kerala.Don’t worry dear.Everything will be good.God bless you and all?

  11. Hello guys this episode was good and i loved the way that shivaay get anika’s respect back and when he told his sister and bro that he feels so bad and he is not confortable that he fals in love with anika as well when she receaved the divorce papers and her expration proves that she falls in love with shivaay

    1. Imane dear both are in love with each other..
      But both are.. you know..ajeeb….?

    2. Luthfa

      It will be very interesting to see how they are going to ignore their own feelings to move ahead.Let’s see?

  12. Mimi ? Rikara after LONG time ☹️

    Hi Family what sup ?
    I mean really after LONG LONG time Rikara talk to each other ???.. I don’t understand this redux if it meant to be written only for shivika fans why Rikara and Ruvya still there to annoy the fans !!! .. I stop watching but today I came to watch only for my babies and what a surprise Rudy is not there and no story lines for Rikara or Ruvya !! What the heck is happing to IB .. is Gul and writer are fine !! … am sorry if I hurt u family of IB but I hate seeing my babies in sidelines and now they only talk about shivika and shivika story, take my place for a day if Gul ignored shivika and focuse in Rikara and make ur favorite just supporting us and appear in two day and have scenes for one SEC or two ? Is this fair to use I don’t think so !! And if ur answer this show is for shivika than u are right but why Rikara and Ruvya still there WHY !!!!!! I need to know why ?? Am pissed off I need answers for this ??

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Mimi,how are you?
      Well your questions can be answered only by cvs and makers.Take care.Nice to have you here?

  13. Wow wow wow what a beautiful episode. No words to describe. Everything was so perfect. Shivaay rectified his mistakes with the community. Anika is definitely very touched.

    Loved the celebrations and Rikara funny scene. Om thought she was going to say something nice but she was asking about conditioner. At the temple scene was so cute. Shivaay must be getting angry with Khanna when Khanna brought the bouquet. Oh it was so funny. Am I doing stand up comedy.

    That particular scene reminds me Kush Kush Ho Tai Hai. When SRK and Kajol meets after 8 years later the awkwardness for each other will be felt and the same her for Shivaay. He just didn’t know what to do or say but he does not want her to go as well. How romantic!!!

    Well Shivaay giving the divorce papers are the right thing to do because it was a forced marriage and now anika is free to marry anyone. Shivaay thinks anika loves Nikhil still so that is why he will be arranging her wedding as her wedding planner at the mansion to rectify all his mistakes.

    When the marriage preparations are underway that is when Anika will feel heavy in heart because she will realise that she actually loves him and not Nikhil. Of cause Shivaay also will feel the same. It will be like old IB. There he marries Tia for deal but here anika is marrying Nikhil because Shivaay is rectifying what he happened at the marriage mandap of hers and Nikhil.

    Shivaay giving her the divorce papers are the right thing because he does not want her to be in this forced marriage. He is officially releasing her. When Anika is in the mansion she will fall in love with him more to see what all he is doing for her and probably she will see the ugly side of Nikhil.

    I will be very heartbroken when I see the next few episodes of how Shivaay is planning her marriage to someone else and how he feel heavy in his heart because he already loves her and vice versa.

    So it is all up to Anika to now declare to Shivaay that she loves him and truly wants to live with him and not nikhil

    1. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Shivika are married and they have deep feelings for each other and now it will surface when Anika-Nikhil marriage preparations will start.It’s great that Shivaay is trying really hard to make everything normal like before.Rikara scene was so cute.Loved it and Prinku’s laughter.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care di?

  14. yeh lok shaadi kab register kiya? shaadi ke raat shivaay ne bola shaadi hui lekhin vo sabit karne ki koi proof nahi hein ! now he has come with divorce papers

    1. Luthfa

      When Shaadi couldn’t earn its approval and validity then what is the need of registration?And logic and serial don’t go hand in hand.Leave it.

  15. Hi dearie …. Hw r u all … Hope gd…
    2day episode awesome… Annika looks so beautiful… With yellow phool..
    Shivaay action on anni character.. Name clear in her neighbourhood… Was great…
    Rikara moments soo cute… For me also got tat doubt… Pls om let me knw also ???
    Surprised birthday party.. Super.. N surprised birthday gift.. Great… Tis decision was really amazing… Bcos there is a name called SSO always do forced marriage even in redux also… But nw he gave her full freedom…
    Nw in coming episodes shivika will full n full b an ishqbaaazee… ♥️♥️♥️ Their new love track really going to b marvelous…
    Waiting for 2day episode… C u guys…. Bye ?

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Jessie,
      Hehehe……IB has the track record of messing with every marriage be it in RU or AU.Anika was looking like an angel.Shivaay cleared everything and its great.Now waiting for Shivika’s journey of love.Take care?

  16. Did the CVs fall on their heads? The marriage was never legal now divorce papers? Shivay said there would be no proof or the marriage, a legal marriage certificate would be the biggest proof.

    1. Luthfa

      Only one thing can be said-Logic and serial are a big NO.That’s it.

  17. Luthfa

    In this way,divorce also came as a process of rectifying mistake namely the last part of Shivaay’s redemption.Now he has given all the liberty to Anika to do what she wants to.He freed her from all the restrictions of that unwanted marriage.Shivaay is doing what he needs to be done to achieve his ultimate redeeming spirit.So,divorce is the first And last step either to get back Anika again or to lose her(which we know won’t happen)

  18. Nikita_jai29

    Hey luthfa and arpu dear your comments are awesome…. Episode is good

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