Udaan 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjor defeats Gumaan

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The Episode starts with Gumaan and Anjor racing. Gumaan leaves in his jeep. She thinks maybe he changed his mind to race. Gumaan stops near her. She asks don’t you want to race. He laughs and says this is race. She asks why did you sit in the car. He says who reaches the ground first will win, I want to race with this jeep, you get your vehicle if you want, lets see who reaches there first. Dirt falls over her. Udaan hai…plays…. She cleans her face and smiles. She runs through the jungle way. She sees the jeep and runs again. Driver says there are more ways to teach her a lesson, what’s the need of race. Gumaan says when she loses, her courage will break, then she won’t meet my eyes and talk, her eyes have fire of rebel, its imp to stop her, I will make her an example in front of the villagers, then no one can talk to me. He laughs.

Anjor runs and chases the jeep. Anjor stops an ambulance and takes lift. He says it will be fun when we see her losing. Guard stops Gumaan and asks him to let the ambulance pass first. Gumaan agrees. He gets shocked seeing Anjor in the ambulance. Udaan hai….plays…. The ambulance goes in. Gumaan gets angry and asks driver to overtake the ambulance. Gumaan gets late. Anjor reaches first. She smiles. Gumaan asks the doctor why did he ring the alarm and come. The man says this girl stopped us on the way and said her friends’ lives are in danger. FB shows Anjor stopping the ambulance and asking doctor to take her to school ground, some kids’ lives are in danger, ring the alarm and put on the red light. Doctor agrees.

Anjor thanks the doctor. She says I told you I can do anything for my friends, I have won, now you can’t do anything. Gumaan says field is mine, game is mine, rules will be mine, I will make them my bandhuas, understood…. He gets the India broach on his coat. She looks on. Gumaan gets welcomed. Reporters ask him to say something on independence day. Gumaan is the chief guest. He gets the honor. Anjor looks on.

Gumaan goes to raise the flag. Anjor stops him and says you can do the flag hoisting. Everyone gets shocked. Anjor says Gumaan is bad, he wants to make my friends bandhua, how can he raise the flag. Gumaan laughs and says what are you saying. She says I will explain, my friends went to get mangoes from his farm, he caught the kids and punished them to become bandhua, does anyone do this, I asked him to leave them, he didn’t agree and asked me to race with him, I promised I will win and make them free. Gumaan asks what are you saying. The people ask him to leave the kids free. Reporter says this girl is saying true, did you keep bandhuagiri alive in this state, answer us, will you make them bandhuas and make them work for you.

Imli comes there. She greets everyone. She starts her drama. She chants Bharat Mata ki jai, say along. Anjor chants along. Imli says I can see your courage, what’s your name. Anjor says I m Anjor. Imli asks what’s the meaning. Anjor says it means light, my mum told me. Imli says not just light, it means light after the darkness. She asks Gumaan to see, this girl passed in his test. He gets puzzled. Anjor thinks what is she talking about.

Imli asks Anjor to make any wish. Anjor says I want to study in this school, give me give in gift. Gumaan stares.

Update Credit to: Amena

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