Dil Hi Toh Hai 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puri in a rush to get Ananya and Ritvik married

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Ritvik notices a shadow passing by and holds the hoodie guy. It turns out to be Palak only. Ritvik says I want to find Setu. Trust me. She asks him if he and Ananya will believe that Mr. Puri is responsible in Setu’s abduction. She is your would be wife. You are about to marry her soon! How do I believe it that you are with me then? Leave all this and let me go. He stops her and calls Ananya on speaker phone. Don’t come down. Palak isn’t picking her phone. Ananya says you said we will meet Palak first and then go to look for Setu. I am coming outside though. He tells her to be with Rohit. I have left already. She agrees. Ritvik tells Palak that now only the two of them will try to find Setu. Do you trust me now? She points out that he lied to Ananya. He is sure Ananya will understand the truth once Setu is found. Shall we?

Palak tells Ritvik that she checked the footage. Setu went to Puri House but she dint come out. Puri’s came home but there is no clue of Setu going out of the house. Puri Uncle never wanted this wedding to happen. He had problem with Setu. Ritvik says we need a clue. She speaks of getting inside the house. He says Rohit also stays there. She says there might be many corners in that house which are untouched. They sit down for tea at a local tea stall.

Ritvik reads the message written by Reeva in the family group. Palak also reads the message. Reeva tells Aman she has deleted Palak and her mom from the family group as they will plan the wedding on their own now. Ritvik apologizes to Palak on Reeva’s behalf. She tells him it is ok. I dint feel bad as Reeva is no one to me. You are only hurt by what your loved ones day to you! I will go to Mumbai once Setu is found. He asks her why she threatens to go to Mumbai again and again. She says it isn’t a threat. It is about my life. He says sorry. They both sip on the tea quietly. Ritvik keeps looking at her and thinks of their moments together. She shifts in her seat as he sits next to her. A song plays in the background.

Ritvik tells Palak he loves his Dad very much. I said yes when he told me to marry Ananya. I dint think then that I will fall in love. I fell in love! I am in love. She says it is good. Ananya loved you already and now you love her too. It should happen this way only. It’s perfect. What was the point of marrying and not loving your partner! I wonder where Setu would be and how she would be. Don’t know how we will find her. He seconds her theory. I can go to Rohit’s house to check. I said it is our journey of finding Setu. I can do this much for you. I will manage, don’t worry. She looks at him.

Ritvik comes to Puri’s House. Palak is on call as well. Ananya hugs him and asks him his reason of coming here early morning. He lies that he wanted to surprise her. She goes to get something for him.

Manjeet ji wants to register a police report. They think she has gone to enjoy. Her husband tells him that everyone will drag her in the matter when the pre-nuptial agreement will come in the picture. She reasons that they dint want anything for themselves. She only wanted to safeguard Setu’s life. He tells her that
Palak hopes Ritvik is able to find some clue asap or her mom will be in trouble.

Mrs. Puri replaces the flowers. Old event manager had no sense. Ananya asks Ritvik if he had a word with Palak. He dismisses it. I want a print. Does your father have a printer? She is about to say something when Rohit walks in with his father requesting him not to go after Palak and her mom. Setu is still missing. Mr. Puri asks him if he would let anyone send his father to jail like that for that girl Setu. Mrs. Puri calms them down. Will you take out your anger on your son? Rohit says I never saw it happen before. Mr. Puri complains to him again. Rohit tells Ritvik that instead of looking for Setu he is after Palak and her mom. Mr. Puri insists on sending Palak her mom to jail. Ritvik tells him he wont do anything like this. We have to first find Setu to know who is behind her kidnapping – they or you! Mr. Puri decides to prove it that he is innocent. I will get a non-bailable warrant for them. He walks away. Ananya asks Ritvik what has happened to him. I know you are upset but you cannot talk to papa like that. He says your papa too cannot blame Palak for everything. It isn’t her or her mother’s fault. I wanted to also tell you that we cannot marry. She is shocked. She shakes him out of his reverie. What do you want to say? Rohit asks Ananya to make Dad understand. He is not willing to understand anything. He is after Palak and her mom. He wont sit quietly till he sends them to jail. Ananya agrees to join them soon. She tells Ritvik that it seems that what he wants to say will take time. We will talk on this for sure.

Vijay and Mr. Puri come in that room. Ritvik hides. Vijay tells Puri to shift his focus from Palak and Manjeet. Let’s just cancel the Cocktail Party. We have to settle this matter. Puri says we wont let Ananya suffer as Rohit wasted his time after a wrong girl. Vijay tells him to think through. Mr. Puri says think about Ananya too. She too will have some dreams. Ritvik overhears and thinks that they seem to be making sense.

Ritvik gets inside another room. A servant notices him there when Ritvik asks him for tea and snacks. Servant nods in confusion. Ritvik finds a torn piece of golden dupatta. It seems that it is from Setu’s dress. It means she did come here and looking by its condition, things dint go nicely here. I have to find out more about it. He hears someone coming towards the room and steps near the balcony when someone pulls him aside. He is surprised to see Palak there.

Mr. Puri tells Ananya to understand he wont let any hindrance come in her wedding now. The wedding will happen. Don’t say anything now. I don’t care if Setu lives or dies. He looks at the mess in the room. Servants have become too careless nowadays. Ananya tells him it isn’t limited to just Rohit and Setu now. Ritvik came to talk to me about the wedding but we couldn’t talk. I think I should call him right away. Palak and Ritvik look at each other.

Precap: Ritvik and Ananya are playing a game. Emcee asks them to choose a hand. It’s a kiss. Ritvik kisses Ananya. Palak looks away.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. What is happening yaar…..Why CVS dragging story unnecessarily…..Iss week bhi waste hojayegi kuch nahi hone wali hai setu bhi nahi Mila abhi tak….
    Rithwik almost proposed palak indirectly but palak again taunts rithwik
    And how selfish ananya is…His brother suffering but no one support him helps him to find setu….Kaisa family mila rohith ko
    Today cocktail party no progress….

  2. Story started so nicely, now all characters are becoming negative…suddenly Rishabh changes colour!!!

    1. Yes and VP reeva ananya soon turn villains and I think ekta tries different this time but slowly she is doing like k serials I hate it
      Karan and yogitha are best they are doing fabulous job but the story is not there in their hands they are doing wht writers are told…..I really feel upset they are wasting talent of karan and yogitha

  3. Story is interesting. Only the 2 lead characters seems to be credible actors. The rest of the cast lacks conviction.

  4. Minna Chandran

    Rishabh is suffering from sibling rivalry everyone giving importance to ritwik his ego can’t take it.

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