Ishqbaaz 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivika’s Selfies

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Ishqbaaz 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om says I want to tell the world, how much I love Gauri. They smile. Saathiya…plays….Anika says I didn’t know Om is so romantic. Rudra says I didn’t know Om is more famous than me on social media, people like couple pics these days, we will also have a kissing face pic. Bhavya says no, I don’t like PDA. Anika says don’t say this, PDA has done a lot to waive fees for poor kids. Bhavya asks what’s PDA. Anika says you don’t know, its Pushpa Devi Academy, its a good school. Rudra says we are referring about other PDA. He signs. She asks what is it, I m clueless. Reporter asks Gauri does she believe in PDA. Gauri asks what. Om says PDA means public display of affection, it means to display love in front of the world. Reporter asks do you think its right. Om says problem is when there is no love and people just pretend, but if there is love, then its necessary to express it openly if you love someone, its necessary to confess it in front of everyone, explain me one thing, if I can display my art, why can’t I show my inspiration, we have no problems, you can post our pics on your respective platforms. He holds Gauri. They smile.

Anika says they have shown their love and became hero heroine, why doesn’t Shivaye do this, he doesn’t put our pic on his profile. She compliments Gauri for the romantic pic. She asks what happened. Gauri says I felt weird. Anika says why, Om has shown the world that he loves his wife a lot. Gauri asks who talks about personal life in the public. Bhavya agrees. Anika says tell me something, when a baby in born in neighborhood, they celebrate, like in jagrata, if everything can be shown to world, why can’t love be displayed, I liked it, Om has proved his love for Gauri, if Shivaye does this…. Gauri says Shivaye loves you a lot. Anika says I know, but does world know this, he won’t post our romantic pic. Bhavya says its better to keep few things private. Anika says Om did a romantic thing, Shivaye should do this and tell everyone how much he loves me.

Rudra shouts Bhavya and comes there. He asks her to wear her uniform and get ready for their Ishqwali selfie. She asks what’s this. He says I will tell you. They go. Anika says Ishqwali selfie, good idea, Shivaye and I will also post it. Shivaye comes and hugs her. She asks what, I think your meeting went well. He says yes, Japanese firm wants to sign a deal with us. She says we will click a selfie, do like this, I want a Ishqwali selfie. He says I heard Ishqwala love, but what is that. She says its a new trend, I will explain, just open your arms, spread it, it won’t cost a lot. He opens arms and asks okay. She asks do you think you are SRK, tone it down, come close to me now. She pouts and gets close. He says you mean you want to click selfie in romantic pose. She says yes, it displays much love. He says come close, I will teach you what is love.

They post and click a selfie. He says okay, its done, there you go, I will go and freshen up. She asks what caption and filter shall I put. He says wait, what are you doing. She says I made our profile, I will upload the pic. He says don’t do it. She says everyone does it. He says but I don’t like my personal and private moments to be shared on social site. She asks why. He says this selfie is for us, not for the world. She says if everyone sees us happy together, what will happen, will your height get less. He says don’t you go there. She asks what will happen in such case. He asks why do you want to show our pics to the world. She says so that they can know how much we love each other, Om and Gauri have posted their good pic, the world is talking about them. He says I don’t want the people to talk about us. She says you can say that you feel embarrassed to acknowledge me as your wife. She throws the phone and goes.

Bhavya gets dressed in her uniform. Rudra smiles. She says I don’t need any PDA in pic. He says no, I can get Dadi to stand in between if you say. She says I won’t make that pout in pic. He says fine, just stand. He clicks selfie and says nice. She says what nice, I m standing away, I m looking like a neighbor. He says you don’t want PDA and don’t want to look like a neighbor, decide what to do, I will write the caption to express love.

Shivaye says enough of anger, we shall have food now. Anika refuses. He asks her not to be annoyed. She asks how does it matter to you, you are concerned about what the Japanese people will think, you looked sophisticated and went there, you don’t think about me. He says just because I refused to post our pics on social media, you think I don’t care about you. She says you can think so. He says I care. She goes. He says she got upset and went, how do I convince her now.

He gets an idea. He calls her out. He shouts Item…. She stops. She sees him street romeo avatar. She asks what’s this. He says its my way of expressing love to you in your style. He sings Main to raste se…… He dances with Anika and Gauri. Shivaye and Anika dance at poolside and then their room. Their dance gets recorded in the phone. He asks did you mood get better now. She asks can we take a selfie now. He says you won’t listen, fine. They take selfie. He says we are done. She asks can I post this. He says I don’t want any PDA. She says normal one. He says fine, but not now, we will go and have some food.

Its morning, Rudra wakes up and says I will check likes on Bhavya’s pic, after all she is my wife. He checks and says just 100 likes. He reads comments and says who had commented so bad, I won’t spare him. Bhavya comes there and asks did anyone not like our pic. He says there are many likes, come and have protein shake. She says he is hiding something from me. Shivaye gets ready and says I have to sign a deal with Japanese firm. She says you are Shivaye, who will refuse you. He says its about image, it concerns the brand, it will be good. She wishes all the best. He thanks and goes. She says Shivaye asked me to post pic later, I will upload this one. Rudra comes shouting and says we are in trouble. She asks what happened.

Shivaye comes and greets everyone. He says we are excited to collaborate with you Mr Kurosawa, we are ready to sign deal papers. Kurosawa’s manager says that’s not needed, we won’t sign the business deal. Shivaye says good sense of humor, you scared me. Manager says Kurosawa is saying you have made a fool of yourself. Shivaye asks what do you mean. Manager says look there. They see Shivaye and Anika’s dance video. Shivaye gets shocked. Manager says we have come to do business with your famous brand, where there is no brand image, the deal is off. They leave. He gets angry.

Rudra says how dare he writes this for Bhavya. Om comes and says congrats Bhabhi, you had uploaded Shivaye’s video, it got viral. She says its a selfie. He says no, its a video. She gets shocked seeing it and says I was posting pic. She recalls. Shivaye comes home. She says I m sorry I was uploading pic, don’t know how this video. He says I lost a big contract by your one mistake, its not about contract, I value you more than all the wealth, but I was humiliated before everyone because of a video, that moment was between us, what did you do, something what was cute has turned into a joke. She says I just wanted to show everyone how much we love everyone. He says why, what will happen if everyone appreciates us.

She says everyone does so. She says one who doesn’t love, exhibits it more. Omru look on. Shivaye says if I go out and tell the passer bys how much I love my wife, they will think I have gone mad, why shall I tell this to strangers, its our private matter. Gauri and Bhavya come. Shivaye says we used to write our feelings in diary, we only used to allow concerned person to read it, we used to get angry if any outsider read it, now we write everything for the sake of strangers, it doesn’t make any sense.

Om says its possible that someone uploads pic for himself, I uploaded Gauri’s pic as I wanted to tell Gauri how much I love her. Shivaye says you did right, your intention was right, but why did Anika do this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Hope Trp increases now.
    Rikara and Ruvya SENCE are also there now.
    Btw will anyone tell me HOW CAN WE VOTE IN SPA.
    And ya has anyone seen the GOLD AWARDS 2017 and if yes then pls tell me after HOW MUCH TIME APPROX SHIVIKA GOT THE BEST JODI AWARD. PLS.

    1. Go ritu go ,,congo on being 1st ,,and i don’t think ki abhi SPA ki vote karne ki process srart hua hai ,,because abhi tak iska koi announcement nahi hui na koi promo ayi hai to ,you have to wait for that ,,and i also hope ki IB ki trp increase ho aur IB 10th position ki under a jaye ,,

    2. Go Ritu Go!
      congo on being first .
      yes CVS gave us wonderful episode this whole week.
      I hope aage kuch blunder ma ho.

      Bye .
      Take care.

    3. Banita

      SPA 2018 voting process is not start yet…
      Yeh i only saw Shivika’s part in gold award….
      Shivika won 3 times best jodi award in 2017…
      1) Best international jodi – SPA 2017
      2) Best jodi – gold award
      3) Best jodi – SBS award function…

      1. Hiii Banita di .
        how r u ?

    4. Luthfa

      Go Ritu Go.Many many congratulations…?
      Me too is thinking the same.Negativity less episodes are very good to watch.Don’t know what will be the next track.But I am enjoying totally.Take care?

  2. Luthfa

    Today while watching the episode I felt I went through one of my essay revisions of school time.Title is Social Media and its advantages and disadvantages.As we are living through the golden age of Science and owing to the inventions of new gadget and applications our life has confined into some kind of virtual area.Nowadays this SM is like the matter of life and death,for some people.Everything is there to make it public.Because of IB I am used to visit Insta and Twitter but never involved myself.I have seen how people invest their time over something which is not at all worth any attention and fight for absolutely unnecessary matters.The worst is,people go personal and started comparing with things which are not mention able and remark like crossing every limit.Few people who don’t like all these also get involved.Social Media is invented to socialite with others.But people love to consider it personal territory and do whatever they want.Today’s episode has brought out some glaring truth of our society.How people like us go crazy over almost nothing.Everything has a reason and this SM is not an exception.It should keep like that only.Humans and its emotions are true not artificial like SM.Because of human touch it becomes life like.So,using SM is absolutely fine BUT remaining in decent limit and it’s necessary to watch whether one is hurting other or not.Carelessness should be avoided or else what happened with Shivaay can happen with anyone anywhere.It depends on how one wish to introduce SM in his or her life.Many options are there and after that it’s everyone’s personal choices and decisions.In fine,loved today’s episode a lot.Thank you cvs?

    1. Zaveesha

      Hey Luthfa.
      Firstly sorry for not replying to your previous reply…
      I’m perfectly fine… How’s u and all here going?

      Yeah u penned down right..

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Zaveesha,
        I am good dear.Thank you so much.And here everyone is also fit and fine except Arpita.She is unwell.It’s ok I can understand.Even me too can’t reply everyone because of time issue.Feel very bad for that.Thank you so much for the appreciation.God bless you?

    2. Hello Luthfa di.
      kemon acchhis?

      u r absolutely right di .
      Every coin has two faces in a smilar way ,
      Scince and its invention has both advantages and disadvantages.
      If we use it in good sense and in proper way ,
      it will be boon for us otherwise it is not less than curse.

      Same in the case of social media ,it has limit and
      we should use it in limit and if we cross this limit then definitely it will create a big trouble.

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Ishita,
        Wow,you can speak Bengali?Are you Bengali?If so then I am super happy because me too is Bengali.Ok,ami to valo achi,tumi kemon acho?
        You are right.Every scientific incentives is for our comfort and to make our work easy.And it’s our responsibility to take care the limit of using those things.God bless you?

    3. Hey luftha how is it what I want to write you have written also. I can’t believe my dear. Great minds think alike. Actually when I was doing my masters in linguistics I had to do presentation on the dangers of social media networking and it was my pet topic.

      How apt you have mentioned!!! It is true social media is fine but everything has to have a balance. Too much of personal information and proximity of a couple poses uploading can be detrimental and it would become public not private. What a couple does is suppose to be enjoyed by the couple and not public display of affection to others. No one needs to see what you do privately. A couple’s affection is divine and exclusive rights only belong to them. One or Teo normal poses are fine but too intimate ones should only be meant for them.

      Good saying Luftha. Have a great weekend my dear little Sister.

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Sindhu di,
        Awwwww….See,we are thinking the same think.I am so very glad to connect with your thought.You are right di.Personal life is personal because it’s a matter of private affairs.To make it public unnecessarily and overtly won’t do good at all.There should be balance and proper boundaries to implement SM for personal life.And,thank you so much for the compliment di.You too have a great,happy weekend.Love you?

    4. Heyy luthfa ,really nice comment yrr ,i totally agree with you ,pepole should maintain the limits of using SM ,,

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Tania,
        Yes off course dear.Social Media is not for any negative things but it can cause and bring much negativity in our life.So we should have to maintain safety and balance.Thank you so much for the compliment.God bless you?

    5. Riana

      @Luthfa.. luthfa tui bangali, even amio bangali what a co-incidence ?

      1. Luthfa

        OMG!!!Tai naki?Wow,that’s great news.Very glad to know?????

      2. Omg ,,guys amio akjon bangali ,,eta to khub e khusir khobor ,,really nice ☺☺☺

      3. Luthfa

        Awwww…..So sweet of us.Happy happy moment….???????

    6. me too good Luthfa di.
      No I am not Bengali.
      But I like Bengali culture and Bengali language.
      I like their way of wearing saree.and u know what,my mother has one saree from Kolkata which is so nice.
      and I don’t like sweets but Rasugulla ,it is my manpasand sweet.
      Beautiful Bengal And Beautiful people lives there Like U , Raina,and Tania.
      By the way all the other people here are also beautiful like Arpita di,Banita di,Pushpa di,Sindhu di,Kadambari di, Beauty di ,Krishna di,Ritu,Sneha,Sana,Shana,Dhawani di,Shraddha, Aayush bhaiya,Aditi, Nikita,Priya,Puja, Omira and many many other pkj members.

      1. Luthfa

        Very happy to know that you love Bengali culture and language.For me every culture has its own beauty and Bengali is not an exception.Thank you so much for your love dear.And I am telling you my secret-Me too don’t like sweets but Rosogolla is my favourite too and I love wearing Saree a lot?

  3. Heyyy guys ,,today’s epi was totally dhamakadar ,,,start from rikara lovely ,,anika seriously PDA means Pushpa Devi Academy as per you,,you and your silly jokes really funny ???
    Shivika dance was superb ,,both NM and SC nailed it by their dance ,,chalo kuch pal k liye sahi chulbul ko dekha to sahi ,,and really SC and NM was just EXPRESSION master ,,what an expression they gave just lovely ,,
    Rudra really bhavya look like your parosi not like wife ,,jokes apart ,,
    Ok now the final discution is that i am with shivay ,,really this was anika’s mistake ,i know she didn’t do it intentionaly but …….
    Sab logo ki alag alag choice hoti hai if shivay don’t like this then let it be na ,,i also don’t like to do all that ,,social media mai apna personal moment post karna kisiko achcha lagta hai kisiko nahi ,,atleast anika ko thora samajdari sai kam lena chai e tha ,,post karne ki time thora focus k sath karte to sayad yeh galti nahi hoti ,,ab shivay loves anika a lot if he don’t want to show it to world then anika ko bhi yeh bat manna chahiye tha but anika to anika hai agar use karna hai to wo karega ,basshhh bohot ho gaya aur anika ko mat koso tania ,,,leave it ,,
    Just hope shivay samjhe ki anika ne yeh galti se ho gaya aur yeh bat age na bare ,,,

    1. Hi Tania
      kya haal chaal?
      everything fine??

      ya ……….u r right Shivaye was correct ki wo Annika se kitna pyaar karta hai to duniya ko kyun batana.

      But Annika se bhi unintentionally post ho gaya.
      But ,I think Shivaye will understand and leave this matter.
      Ok bye
      Take care.

    2. Sorry .
      actually i was trying to say that jab Annika ko pata hai ki Shivaye usse kitna pyaar karta hai to duniya ko batane ki zarrorat nhi hai.

      1. Hi ishu ,,i am fine dear ,,and don’t worry i also hope ki shivay will don’t increàse the matter and he will understand that anika did not do it intentionally ,have a happy weekend ,

    3. Yes Tania I loved shivaay’s dance and we all do agree that Anika is at fault though it was intentional. She can’t be perfect all the time right? She needs to also accept her flaws and make changes.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      This Social Media is a public platform.Here different people come with different outlooks.For some it’s useful and for some it’s just a medium of time pass.Shivaay wanted to keep those in between him and Anika that’s it.I support his cause but whatever happened,happened unintentionally.It’s not Anika’s fault.Because of some fun it turns out to be very serious.And what Anika did from this thing one matter is clear and that is PDA or something like that should be handled with proper way.It’s not a toy to play with.Be it Anika or anyone.Take care?

  4. Hello PKjians,
    How r u all??

    What to say about episode,
    this week episodes are just amazing.

    I think it is one of the best week of ishqbaaz.

    Pagla gai hain kya !
    I like it .

    I agree with Bhavya, Gauri, and Shivaye.
    If there is love then what’s the need of show off.
    I mean duniya ko dikhane ki kya zarrorar hai

    Let’s see what will happen next.
    Hope for the best.

    Ok bye guys .
    Good night.

    Arpita di , I will miss u .
    come back soon

    Love u all.

    1. Yes Ishita very nice episode. Glad to read your comments. Enjoy your weekend.

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Ishita,
      I too agree with you.But this PDA thing should be handled tactfully.To do it remaining in limit is not bad but going overboard is dangerous.And Shivaay has seen the demo of it.Anyway,episodes are going good.Enjoying a lot.Take care?

  5. Zaveesha

    Hi everyone…
    A very controversial issue has been raised by CVs…
    The use of social media is very debating topic since its development..some people take it in negative way and some use in their limited way…
    I’m happy that CVs are focusing on these real life issues over those villian tracks and negativity…

    1. Hi Zaveesha .
      I am fine n u?

      ya it is good to see that CVS are focusing on these topics instead of villan baazi.
      Take care dear.

    2. Luthfa

      You are right.SM is a benevolent aspect but sometimes people misuse it crossing the limit.Me too is glad that they introduced such issue which is serious one.

  6. Luthfa

    Today again I realised that how much much journey Shivaay has covered being a husband and that of Anika’s.Whatever happened was not supposed to happen but Shivaay handled it so beautifully and rationally.I am very happy that he didn’t go for typical husband avatar who holds responsible the wife for every mistake those take place accidentally.He expressed what he wanted to without making any scene and made Anika realize her mistake though she did it unknowingly.Anika’s expressions told she was feeling guilty genuinely and realized because of PDA she did a big blunder unintentionally.Anyway,just hope Shivika sort out this matter and everything becomes normal again.

  7. But what anika did is not correct she shouldnt be stubborn over every matter she should have obeyed shivay word how can she talk so rudly to shivay just for that PDA matter how can she say that shivay get embrassed to anounce anika has his wife if it was like like that then shivay would havr not announced his anika has his wife in front of media and he qould never proposed her infront of the world whatever shivay said to anika in today episode was 100% true i agree with his words love shouldnt be displayed infront of the world it should be between couples and in precap whats wrong with OM why is he supporting anika even if she is wrong he should tell anika what she did was wrong i always hate omru for this they always support anika even if she is wrong they never try to tell her mistakes but rather than that they pinpoint shivay mistakes ans tell shivay to adjust with anika the way she is

    1. U knw wat ur so so rit.i just wanted to say d same thing.omru i donno y dey always support anika evn if she s wrng nd judge shivaay whom they knw frm childhood .nd anika wat s wrng with her.har baat pe fight tadi today it was her mistake y cant she just accept it silently instead of defending herself .fr once cant she accept wat shivaay say without any drama. Nd i hate dat evrytym ppl nd evn anika questions shivaays love .har baat he doesnt care he s embarrsed did he said dat.hw can she say just lyk dat.nw a days im getting irritated dat she always getting angry and wants shivaay to run behind her.nd omru nd anika i donno knw omru always supports anika evn if she s wrng nd anika behaves lyk she knw more abt omru dan shivaay.In these 2 shivaay was d one who s dragged nd misjudged.nd ppl here likes anika more i think dat dey always cover anikas mistake by saying shivaay should understand she did it unintentionally bt if shivaay does d same y ur blaming him?is it always applicable dat anika s mrs right nd shivaay s always mr.wrong

      1. CVS showing rikara story perfect they showing sideline of annika character . In past days even annika did not to add oberio as surname she is proud being annika only

  8. Hi three love stories are different why CVS mixing their stories they have their unique style. Today episode dance is super RUDRA comedy is perfect and omkara confession is good but one thing notice showing rikara love story perfect why CVS spoiling Shivika love story and ruvya love story is at the beginning state only showing gauri and BHAVYA are mature girls and annika is immature doing such silly things and creating problems showing gauri perfect sister, wife, bahu and spoiling annika character upcoming story even sahil also make fun of her can anybody understand about annika feelings

  9. Hello my dear banita luftha arpu Ishita sneha kadhambari omaira beauty jeevi my dear and many many wonderful people.

    Please have a good weekend and enjoy your time with your family

    1. Luthfa

      Thank you so much di.Love you?

  10. Today’s episode was a good lesson to the society and glad cvs used social media as fine teaching tool. The dangers and consequences of social media can be devastating if not used appropriately.

    I liked the way shivaay explained to Anika. He did not get very furious until he used hurting words but he explained that affection should be private and can’t be displayed privately. I hope Anika learns a lesson. As an elder bahu she needs to be groomed properly. She can’t behave the same way she has behaved when she was living in the chawl. Even Gauri and bhavya know the dislikes of social media. This all happened because of Anika’s illiteracy and once she has been groomed properly in SM, PR skills she will know what to do. She has married to a brand name Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

    Awww I loved it when Shivaay said to her that it is not about losing the contract as he values her more than wealth but he was humiliated in front of so many delegates. Anika would have realised what great blunder she did. Though she did not do intentionally but because she did not realise what she pressed that all this blunder occurred. A husband’s pride is his Wife and vice versa. So Anika indirectly humiliated Shivaay when she always never wanted to do anything to embarrass her husband as his honour and respect were important to her. Monday we will know how Anika will rectify the situation.

    1. Happy weekend to u too Sindhu di.

    2. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      Yes me too just loved how Shivaay handled that matter without creating any ruckus.And I am sure Anika did realize what she had done.It happened because of her carelessness and most importantly in over excitement to do PDA.Anyway,hope Anika is going to set this thing in the right position.Take care di?

  11. Omakara was good and Rudra was funny as usual. Actually Ruvya is a cute couple.

  12. Riana

    Who the hell are this dislikers to dislike such an awesome episode !! ??????
    They deserve only shows of rakhi sawant nothing else ! ???
    Loved the whole episode…
    Shivika were adorable today and also a perfect husband-wife !…Thry were’t fake like some other fake tv couples ????????
    And best part is they showed the PDA matter so well that its so so reletable that i thought i am watching tmkoc lol…??
    Anywayz, trp will increase this week i m sure…some non deserving shows like kkb, kdb etc are reigning but soon they will lose their charm !…???
    What i liked about everyone today was when shivaay scolded anika about pda nobody interfered or supported ani, actually she is wrong, showing private moments to social world is like a mistake for which many couples getting accused off !…People starts making wrong allegations on their relationship !…
    Bhavya, gauri, shivaay all r actually right..??
    First time i saw reletability in ib which i really loved ????
    Precap- Its okay, shivaay will forgive ani…??

  13. Nikita_jai29

    Good episode… Cvs give good message of using of sm in a limited way….

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Nikita,
      Agree completely?

  14. Luthfa

    Hi Riana,
    Social Media and its negative side is a very big matter.How everyone looks at it is their own choices.But there has to be some limit and proper way to do whatever needs to do especially in things like PDA.Shivaay managed it well and seemed like Anika also understood her mistakes.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

  15. Hii guys
    Arpita,luthfa,Shanaya,dwani,banita,sindhu,kadhambari,prabha,aashika,zaveesha,pushpa,dhanu sree,Nikita,mahira,Zara,janu,mahi,chaithu,chavi,omaira,dishani,riya,jeevi,riya,ss,Misha,jeni,shivya,shyni,riana,Aastha,rahul, abhishek,anitha,sana…etc etc.Hope u guys r fine nd have a great weekend…. njoy??????? Coming to epi.. Actually I am sad I don’t know..I loved the ruvya nd rikara part(rikara part was the I felt saathiya was more awesome nd melodious than usual…..I am sad with the shivika part…I felt something missing….back hug was good but it their convo I was not satisfied… selfiess.When shivaay was dancing I remembered the mahi part..his yellow pants nd half tugged shirt.

  16. Ishqbaaz turned to mediabaaz or selfiebaaz(it’s more apt…?)???? don’t know why Anika is being so stubborn…at times I feel she is very mature and at times like this…?‍♀?‍♀?‍♀?‍♀?‍♀why can’t she understand shivaay?or is she just acting?why such social media craze?Poor shivaay…he was embarrassed..I loved his dialogues today.I don’t like when Anika is showcased as a typical wife who want to show the world how much her husband loves her. She knows that she is everything for shivaay..then what’s the need of all these..ok she could post if shivaay likes it and he agrees but here shivaay has already told his opinion..that he is not interested..then what?Anika was thinking that shivaay is ashamed to show her as her dare she think like that…it means she was just a failure.. she was not able to understand shivaay.I didn’t like it..?????

  17. So according to spoilers next week will be all abt anika’s carelessness nd illiteracy..sahils admission nd all…pls don’t show anika as an illiterate and who don’t know English just sitting nd crying nd thinking that she doesn’t deserve shivvaay..????????pls show the khidkithod anika who decides that she will learn everything…nd think that she is the best(Gauri too..let her also learn everything along with Anika)Trivedi sisters should take everything with a sportsman spirit…and they should show obrois their talent instead of sitting aside with inferiority complex…hoping for the best bye guyss??

  18. Arpu

    Hii mere khidkitod pagals..
    Now i became pagal once more hi hi hi.this is my 2nd registered name…
    And now i am suffering how to put a DP..somebody help na plzzzzzz..

    I told yiu dont trust me..hme..hi hi hi
    I am not back just got time so came here

    Jisne mere ko miss kiya..thank you..nahi kiya chalega..
    I missed you

    Sometimes ishwbaaz made me think that did i choose a wrong serial to watch (VIRAJ MANHANDLING ANNIKA,BHABYA’S NINJA KICK TO SOUMYA..).
    But most of the time it made me feel right .bcoz of diff and real plot line
    NOW THIS PDA.MATTER is trally imp ..
    Ok i also didn’t knew the full form of PDA?????….
    This prblm actually happening in real life..
    Uploading PDA type pics is not that bad..BUT EVERYTHING HAS A LIMIT ….so it shoukd be handled maturely….
    OK PDA PIC kis type ki hoti he i have no idea.uss aspect se i am full sanskari..?????.honest confession.

    Now the english speaking prblm.really.prblm.really.people thinks who can’t speak English is a illiterate and uncivilized person…
    Even i too faced these kind of situation bcoz most of the time i speak in my mother language ODIA..
    Even if somebody give speech in mother language rather than English people don’t take it as a speech…
    Even now a days chipdrens are not talking to their grand parents bcoz thry are thinking that they don’t know english (i personally saw this in my neighbour house)
    I wil try to comment.but i will be back most in Wednesday or thrusday .
    So tab tak ke liye watch ishqbaaaz on tv.
    Keep supporting..
    Love you pagals..

    1. He he again registered….???
      Trust me i am also a pagal….??
      It’s all PDA fun in om…I can’t see anika being insulted..hope shivaay be always by her side

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Arpu,
      Many many congratulations on being registered member.How are you now?Hope you are recovering.And to set DP click the pic at the left of your wall with + sign.PDA means Public Display of Affection.In other words,to show other how much you love your loved ones with romantic gestures like kiss,hug etc. in front of public or in Social Media posting pics of romantic intimate pics.

  19. Arpu

    Just feeling sad that my Annika di will be insulted very badly..for not knowing English
    Want to kill those idiotic people
    And glad that This time SSO didn’t get angry on Annika and didn’t shout at her on this PDA matter.. thank you Sso…

    1. Hello Arpita Di .
      Nice to see you.

      How is your health now?

      Me too didn’t know what is PDA.?
      OK Take care.
      Love u Di.

    2. Luthfa

      Me too glad that Shivaay handled it carefully without hurting Anika?

  20. Hlww….everyone
    Missed all of u sooooo badly……
    I don’t know how many times after i came here!!!
    Finally i finshed my long xm n came here again. Missed u all…..i hope someone remembered me.
    Really gd to see my happy shivika. I can’t believe that rikara n ruvya romance r showing!!!!! All in balanced!!!! What happened to ib!!!!? bt it really nice. Hope trp will increase now. Um nt gonna say anything more….
    Congo ritu for being 1st.
    Heyyy luthfa….u r registerd??? Really feeling gd to see this.
    Bye bye n have a great weekend(shanaya)

    1. Luthfa

      Wow,Wow, Wow…..So Miss.Shanaya Khan,you are back.Welcoming you with lots of love and band-baja.How are you?It’s been almost three months you are vanished from PKJ.How have your exams gone?Hope you performed khidkitode.Nowadays IB is in the right track.Enjoying almost every episode.And I am a registered member now.Thank you so much.See you soon.Onek onek valobasa……?

      1. Hi luthfa
        Asha kori tumi khub valo aco. Hmmm….amio valo. Xm shesh so onkk relaxed lagce. Xm was too gd. Btw see u soon dear.
        Love u n take care?

  21. Hii shyni dear.. Yes I remember u
    hope u did well in exams.Yes yaar everything is moving balanced..just waiting desperately for Monday…tc

    1. Hlw sneha dear
      How r u??yeah my xm was khidkitod?
      Um also waiting for monday episode. Till then stay blessed n be happy
      Take care?
      Nd my name is @shanaya ?

  22. Luthfa

    Hi Sneha,
    I am good dear.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing khidkitode.
    You see Anika sometimes behaves and demands like a child.And that PDA is the latest example.She saw Om and like a child demanded the same from Shivaay like little child blackmails the elder emotionally.Anyway,because of unwanted carelessness big blunder caused.I am sure Shivika especially Anika will sort out everything.Take care?

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