Ek Deewana Tha 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivani confronts Akash

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Ek Deewana Tha 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

KK tells Akash he does not need to make excuses. I am seriously telling you. Shivani herself asked me to send you. Akash says she would never send you. She would have come here herself if she wanted to be with me. KK agrees. Go to your girlfriend if you have understood what I want. Akash says I knew it. You want to spend some time with Radhika which is why you are trying to send me away.

Shivani keeps chanting Hanuman Chalisa as she climbs the stairs.

Akash tells KK Radhika is busy at the moment. We were enjoying coffee together. Shivani overhears it and leaves from there angrily. KK is irked that Akash isn’t bothered about his girlfriend and is after Radhika instead.

Shivani thinks of Akash and Radhika’s proximity. She remembers what Akash said just now. Akash is enjoying in someone else’s room. I thought I am the only one for him but I don’t think so! Is something going on between them? She hears some sound.

Radhika looks in the mirror. Shadow of the mystery guy can be seen behind the door. He calls out to her as Sharanya. She turns around and shouts in shock. Akash and Shivani hear her scream. Radhika tells Akash someone is in the restroom. He checks but does not see anyone. She tells him that she saw it herself. He was standing right near me. I even heard him breathing close. He tells her to relax. She hugs him in fear. He tells her to calm down. I am with you. Shivani looks at them pointedly as they part. She goes from there without saying anything.

Downstairs, the scene flashes before Shivani’s eyes. Why is Akash doing all this? He is marrying me but he likes to spend time with Radhika. He wants to marry me and says he loves me but he is always around Radhika. He came to India with me, for me and this is what he is doing now! Why is he doing this? She hears some footsteps but does not see anyone. She notices someone pacing outside a window / door. She opens the window / door and goes inside the room.

Radhika again tells Akash she felt someone’s breath really close to her. He makes her lie down. I will call Shivani here so you wont be afraid. She tells him not to bother Shivani. She is already so worried. I will manage. He asks her if she is sure. She nods. Akash finds her scared. I will stay if you have no problem. Your safety is more important. She thanks him. I am very much scared. He sits down on a chair beside the bed. Try to sleep. I am right here. She holds his hand but he tells her it is ok. They fall asleep that ways.

KK thinks Akash is playing double game. He sees some flashes from the past. I need some rest. He lies down. He experiences more flashes about Shiv and Sharanya’s reunion. He sits up with a start. Akash is surely hiding some secret.

Shivani is in the secret room. I know you are around. She collides with something and a drawer opens. She takes out an album and is shocked to see a wedding photograph of Vyom and Sharanya. Her eyes well up. The mystery guy is standing in the same room.

Next morning, Shivani is looking pointedly at Akash and Radhika as they sleep. They are taken aback to see Shivani standing there. Akash tries to tell her but Shivani isn’t interested. I need to talk to you. Come. He follows her downstairs.

Akash asks Shivani what happened. KK sees them thus. Akash closes the door of Shivani’s room as soon as they are inside. What happened? She says I only want to know the truth today. I want to know what is happening between you and Radhika. Akash asks the same question to her.S he says I don’t know. Be honest before I lose my trust on you, before I start hating you! What were you doing in her room all night? He says nothing.

KK asks Radhika if they were in the same room all night. She nods. I felt as if someone was in my room. I was afraid.

Shivani says she was scared which is why you spent the entire night in her room. What about my fear? Someone tried to pull me out of the window last night. I was dead scared. Mystery guy looks on. Shivani says I even sent KK to call you. She shows her wound to him. He realises that KK did come last night to call him. You dint even call me when you got hurt? She says you dint hear me which is why I sent KK to call you. He says I thought he was lying. She asks him why he would lie.

KK says Akash says he does not lie but I haven’t seen a bigger liar than him. he says he loves Shivani but he was here with you when she needed him last night. She says I told you that someone was peeking at me when I was in bathroom. You know what’s happening in the house. I dint think it was right to be alone. He reasons that she could have called him. Did you start liking him too? What’s going on between you two? She tells him to thin whatever he wants to. I don’t owe you any explanation. He asks her what she is upset about. Don’t you feel it is wrong for Akash to spend time with him when his fiancé genuinely needed you? He tells her everything. You are the reason because of the growing distance between them.

Shivani confronts Akash if he knows Radhika from before. You both are married to each other? Akash looks at her in shock. The mystery guy thinks Shivani is becoming a hindrance in our path. She must die now!

Precap: Shivani shows a photo to Akash. It is the proof of your marriage with Radhika. He looks at the photo.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. Lokesh

    Hey Pooja u r here too, thanx for the update, all ur works are just awesome. Keep it up .

  3. It keeps on getting interesting now…i have a feeling that the pic from precap would have been changed..

  4. Bechari shivani.it was so sad to see her crying

  5. That will be NOT the marriage photo. I think somebody replaced it

  6. Feeling very bad for shivani. She is so cute and innocent. Why killing her.. Pls don’t kill her. Anyway it is ending…at least give a happy ending…

  7. Somewhere they said the limping guy is Vyom ,and Akash is his incarnation identity .weird .what next .Heard of incarnation but this is new .Kuch bhi chalta hai ,humko bewakoof karne se Thule huae ho .The script writers are really making a monkey out of us .

  8. I don’t like radhika. How could she behave like this to her friend’s fiance.. Shivani scared so much than radhika. Someone dragged shivani and scared so much even then she didn’t hugged kk and even kk behaved nicely with her. On the other side for just seeing some shadow what all things radhika did? She even let Akaash to stay with her. Don’t know what is Akaash up to. Whether he is vyom’s incarnation or vyom itself in disguise..nothing is known. But radhika’s part is clear.. Then why she is letting Akaash around her all time.. She is not even thinking why Akaash behind her..whereas all others kk,shivani,Rajan,madhavi..thinking about it. They made saranya dumbo as much as possible. ..now radhika.

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