Badho Bahu 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Lucky lays trap for Ram ji

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Badho Bahu 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malti ji tells Lucky not to do whatever Sushma wants. You wont sign the papers at all. Sushma signals Lady Inspector who tells them not to waste their time. Malti ji will have to come with us. Lady Constable handcuffs Malti ji when Lucky tells them to stop. You cannot take my mother with you. The one who filed the complaint will take it back. He signs the divorce papers against Malti ji’s wish. She asks Lady Constable to leave her. It is about my son’s life. Titli reprimands her Bua but Sushma points out that Lucky is doing it willingly. Lucky seconds her. You don’t know how to act. Sushma withdraws her complaint. Leave Malti. Police leaves from Ahlawat House. Malti ji scolds Lucky for signing the papers. You don’t listen to me at all. Sushma calls him intelligent. How could he see his mother going to jail? Drop these papers to Post Box address now. Lucky leaves. Malti ji begins to go inside when Sushma tells her to start the wedding preps. I will come to help you. Malti ji goes inside. Titli decides to teach a lesson to her Bua.

Jamuna ji gains conscious. Payal asks her how she is now. Jamuna ji says I am fine. Payal tells her to follow doctor’s words. Jamuna ji sits up. Jamuna ji tells Payal and Pragya thanks Payal and Pragya for looking after her. Pragya says Premika ji also took care of you. Jamuna ji blesses her.

Titli spills water outside Sushma. Now she will get a fitting reply!

Everyone tells Jamuna ji not to sit but she does not pay heed. I am worried for my daughter. I want to go to Sirsa. Payal seconds her. She will atleast be a bit calm after speaking to Raghubir Babu ji and Malti Ma ji. They agree to take her.

Titli knocks at Sushma’s door and hides. Kamla ji is seen coming in that direction. Titli gets tensed. Kamla ji thinks to make use of her acting skills now. She is headed towards Sushma’s door. Water is spilled nearby. Titli is worried for Kamla ji. Bua should come out before something goes wrong. Kamla ji leans closer to the door to be able to hear something but then slips. Sushma rushes to help her but hides her smile. Who told you to roam around without any support? Kamla ji stands with her help. Sushma speaks ill of Pinki. I was right about her. Where is your useless DIL now? Titli hits her head. Tai ji slipped instead of Bua. Sushma wonders how water came here. Titli lies that it got spilled because of her. I was coming to clean the mess but you came before me. Kamla ji scolds her a little. Titli takes her to her room.

Raghubir ji asks Malti ji how Lucky can do so. Malti ji says I told him against it but he dint listen to me. Raghubir ji says he might have done that to save you. I have to speak to him. Lucky comes just then and tells them to have faith on him. Nothing will go wrong. Raghubir ji is worried seeing the change in events nowadays. Lucky again tells them not to worry. It will be fine. Malti ji says I told you not to sign but you dint pay heed to my words. How can you and Badho part? Jamuna ji and her family is taken aback to hear it. Payal asks Lucky to explain what he is up to. Jamuna ji says I have full faith in Lucky. He cannot do anything like that. Lucky replies that he did sign them. Jamuna ji stumbles. Everyone holds her. She breaks down. How did you guys make Komal a stranger? Raghubir ji replies that no one can take her place. Lucky adds that his relation with Komal is not so weak. Just have faith in me and listen to me. Payal closes the door. Lucky says I am sure Badho dint send those papers. She wouldn’t have stamped it even if she had sent it. Someone is behind it. Payal says who can force her to do something like that. Lucky doubts Ram ji and Sushma. Raghubir ji finds sense in his words. There was just one person (Sushma) who dint react when the papers came. She started taunting us right away. I doubt if they are behind Komal’s kidnapping? Lucky says they don’t want money. Malti ji says I know them since childhood. Sushma can fall down to any level but Ram ji is not like that. He cannot kidnap Komal. Lucky tells her to wait and watch. We will find the truth. Love for your daughter can make you do anything. He tells them about his and Ajay’s plan. Phone has been put on GPS tracker. We will find Badho soon. pardon me that I gave you a lot of trouble. Payal denies. You found a solution. It is a fitting reply to such people. Jamuna ji apologizes to Lucky but he says you are not at fault. Raghubir ji asks him what they should do next. Lucky tells him. Raghubir ji tells him they are with him. We will find Komal together. Lucky thinks he is coming to take Badho soon.

Ram ji asks Sushma how it will happen. Badho loves Lucky very much. Sushma says this isn’t some story. I found out that Lucky wasn’t eager to marry Badho in the first place. Just do as I say. Ram ji gives in. She does not like the tea. No one knows how to make good tea.

Ram ji shows Komal the divorce papers. He removes the dupatta from her face. Lucky sent them for you. They are your divorce papers. She looks at it and shakes her head. Ram ji says you used your entire strength to make sure I cannot take your sign. We were forced to make you unconscious and take your sign on them but it was of no use. Lucky signed them. She refuses to believe it that Lucky can sign them. He says look at the signatures. You couldn’t understand him over all these years. Lucky and Titli have started liking each other. They are happy together which is why he signed them in no time. Lucky was training and teaching Titli many things simultaneously while you were training Titli. It is good that you go away from his life. She calls him liar. It cannot be. He says you don’t believe the proof (papers). I am leaving for now. Now I will come after their wedding only! She manages to open the ropes of her hand and stands up. It will never happen!

Precap: Komal hits the goons and snatches their gun. She makes them stand in a corner and locks the door from outside. She finds the newspaper and runs out from there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. this is Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai.not badho bahu

    1. Pooja

      It was Ek Deewana Tha. Sorry for the wrong update. I have updated the story now.

  2. With sushma bua the serial has become a big bore.

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