Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


Shivay and Anika went to their room smiling thinking of Rudra’s antics…but somehow they too were thinking of their special night and hence were getting a bit odd. Anika tried to avoid eye contact with Shivaay, while Shivaay tried to behave normal. They laid on bed turning in opposite direction, but very soon they turned towards eachother, and travelled to the same thoughts looking at each other.


After the marriage was done, Om-Ishana went to their room and Shivay-Anika to theirs. Shivay stood outside while Pinky completed some rituals inside. After Pinky went away Shivay entered and looked at Anika. She was sitting facing her back towards the door. Shivay went close to her and saw her pampering Tianshi. Tianshi was happily sleeping over her mother’s lap while Anika was busy kissing on Tianshi’s forehead. “An…Anika” he called her as she has perfectly splashed water over his plans. Anika looked up at Shivay and answered “Tianshi looks so cute while sleeping, just like you” and she looked back at Tianshi. “Tianshi will be there with us tonight?” Shivay asked terrified. “Yes Shivay… I so missed sleeping with my daughter, tonight I am not leaving the chance” she answered. “Anika ..come on… try to understand na… let Tianshi sleep with mom today, tomorrow she will sleep with us… please” Shivay said desperately looking at Anika. “Why Shivay?” Anika asked ever so innocently. Looking at this innocence Shivay took Tianshi in his hold and placed her on her baby bed.

He turned back at Anika and held her hand. “Because Tianshi’s father has some other plans for his mother today” he said huskily and winked. He brushed her lips and was about to put his lips over her’s when Tianshi started to cry. “Isse bhi abhi rona tha…” Shivay said sounding irritated yet cute while Anika smiled looking at his condition and went to calm Tianshi. Anika took up Tianshi in her hold and started to pat her back. Pinky knocked at the door to which Shivay opened the door. “Yes mom…” he said. “Anika beta… let Tianshi sleep with me today” Pinky smilingly said and took Tianshi in her hold. Tianshi slept again by then and cuddled to her grandmother. Pinky smiled looking at Anika and Shivay and said “now soon gift a brother or sister to Tianshi” Pinky said before leaving.

As soon Pinky went away with Tianshi, Shivay looked back at Anika. Her head was down and she was blushing hard. The butterflies gathered inside her stomach and started to dance in rythm. As he started to go close to her, she started to move back taking small steps. She sat back on the bed. He engulfed her in his arms and winked looking at her. She hid her face over his chest and smelled the masculine fragrance and looked up, he was already looking back at her with affection and love.
Without breaking the eye contact he went out of the room and made his way to the room upstairs attached to the terrace. He entered the room carrying her in his arms, with one soft push he opened the door and with the next soft push of his leg he locked the door behind. The click sound made Anika to look at the perfectly decorated room and most precisely the bed. The nice fragrance of orchid and rose was making the atmosphere warm. She asked him to put her down, while he pulled her much close towards him. She pinched him a little and he winced a little and carefully made her stand. She again took her time to look at everything with eyes wide open and then looked back at him and smiled as she asked “why is this room decorated Shivay?” He proudly looked back at her and answered “when everyone is busy making plans for our special night in our room, I with the help of Soumya decorated this room for us, I wanted everything to be perfect so that i can see love for me in your eyes”

She looked at him with love, exactly what he expected from her, while a lone tear tickled out of her eye. she wiped it and smiled. “I am not only lucky Shivay… I am blessed to get you” she said and made a bold move to kiss him on his cheek staring at him for a moment and turned back out of shy and nervousness at the same time. She hid her face with her palms as the blush warmed her cheeks up and turned back. He looked at her and slowly turned her towards him. Her chin pointed towards the door as her eyes were staring the floor. He made her walk few steps, she was standing over the way of roses and orchids that directed towards the bed. She always dreamt of everything perfect in her marriage but never expected everything beyond perfect. Her expectations exceeded as now everything was beyond her imagination.

“Anika…” he took her name so soft that each letters of her name evoked her sensuality. He softly made her chin up and her eyes fell on his, he continued “today I want to ask something ,which only you can fulfill.” she looked at him for few seconds and spoke “I will give you everything that belongs only to me till now. I will love you and get loved from you, I will complete us” she spoke as she perfectly knew the meaning of his sentence and to what he wanted to ask. He looked at her with pride as he knew she understands him without any words.

They consummated their marriage and took their relationship forward where there was only pure love and trust for each other.


Next day arrived. “Shivay beta… come down” came Anika’s mother’s voice. Shivay was getting ready. In these three years Anika’s mother has become his mother from mother-in-law. Whenever Pinky complaints something about Shivay , Anika’s mother comes as his guard if she is around. “Kya aap bhi” came Pinky’s voice. Shivay smilingly went down while Anika was still sleeping. “Arre Maa…” Shivay went to Anika’s mother and touched her feet and then touched Anika’s father’s feet. “See I made breakfast for everyone  today… and specially you Shivay beta” Anika’s mother said. “Waaahhhh pasta of your hand… it’s heaven, let me taste it” he tried to touch the spoon but immediately Anika’s mother turned a bit, not letting him to touch the dish. “I will feed you” Anika’s mother said and made him sit on the chair. Everyone else too sat at their places. Rudra and Soumya too walked hand in hand. “Anika is still asleep na?” Anika’s father asked. “Yes di is lady kumbhkaran” Soumya said and cut her tongue.

“Waahhh this is nice” came Anika’s voice from the staircase. She was standing at the staircase with Tianshi. “What happened?” Ishana asked. “Look at my family, everyone is busy pampering this billu ji… no one is looking at me and my daughter” she complained pouting her mouth. Shivay proudly sat back giving a royal expression and Anika looked away. “Mumma… see papa has become a child, nani is feeding him” all pride of Shivay went down along with the morsel he just gulped as his daughter taunted him. Anika smiled and hi-fied with Tianshi. “Your papa is not only child… he is a tadibaaz child” Anika corrected. “Yes yes tadibaaz” Tianshi repeated. “Don’t you dare to teach your stupid words to my daughter” Shivay said. “Tianshi… your father is…” Anika stopped as Tianshi completed “kanji aankho wala tadibaaz bagadbilla” cutely and the mother daughter duo laughed aloud, everyone else too joined leaving Shivay alone.

“Anika… why are you teasing Shivay since early morning, let him eat” Anika’s father said. Again the pride took its place back over Shivay’s face and this time smirk added too. “Papa… don’t forget you are my papa and his father-in-law” Anika pouted. “Papa… tell her that you are my Papa before her papa” Shivay said. Anika’s father too agreed to Shivay’s statement. Now Pinky and Shakthi came forward and took Anika’s side and started to scold Shivay for teasing Anika. This amazing session continued and ended up in laughter. The family is complete now, with love, laughter and all the happiness.


“Shivay… relax beta, everything will be fine” Daadi rubbed Shivay’s back soothing him. He nodded a yes looking at Daadi and smiled. He was walking up and down. The operation theatre light was glowing red increasing every bit of his tension. Ishana and Soumya stayed back at home to take care of Tianshi while rest everyone came with Shivay. Anika is being operated. Another life is to see the light of this world. “Now you understood na bhaiyaa why I was restless and scared last time when Tianshi took birth” Rudra said going forward. Shivay nodded a yes and pulled Rudra in a hug. “Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi” came nurse’s voice from behind. Brothers and family looked at the nurse curiously. The nurse smiled wide and answered “congratulations, patient gave birth to her son. Both mother and son are safe. We will shift the patient to general ward after sometime. There only you will get to meet her and about your son Mr. Oberoi, you will get to meet him in Anika’s cabin only. The nurse went inside. After sometime Anika was shifted to general ward.

Anika was lying closing her eyes and their son was lying beside her. Shivay took up his son in his hold with shivering hands and sat back looking at the little bundle of joy in awe. The family members stayed back outside the door as advised by the doctor. Anika slowly opened her eyes and looked at Shivay. Shivay was looking at his son still. “I am also here” Anika said. “Look at our son Anika… our son, our own son” he said happily. “Then Tianshi is someone else’e daughter?” Anika pouted. “No… but… okay leave… look at our son, Tianshi’s brother” Shivay said extending their son carefully towards Anika. Anika glanced at their son and kissed over his forehead. “Welcome to this world TISHAAN” she said. “What will be his name?” Shivay asked again to be sure that he heard it correct. “We will name him Tishaan Singh Oberoi” Anika proudly said. Shivay went close to them and wrapped her in a hug along with their baby boy.

Family members went inside then slowly. Everyone was happy beyond expectation. Ishana and Soumya has called hundreds of time or more than that in the past hours. Tianshi is as well getting restless to see her sibling when her Ishana chachi/maasi told her about her just born brother. Everyone blessed the child and the couple. “Wait… ek picture to banti hai boss” Rudra said and took out his phone. Everyone smiled and he clicked several pictures from different angle irritating everyone when Anika took Rudra’s side and defended him.

Days passed and its the day when Anika is coming back to Oberoi Mansion along with her son. The flowers started to shower on her as soon she entered the hall. Tianshi ran to her and hugged Anika. Anika sat down and Tianshi looked at her brother with wide eyes. “Mumma…” she said touching over Tishaan’s cheek and giggling. “Say hi to your brother” Anika said. “Hi… what will I call him?” Tianshi asked. “Hmm… well you call him shaan… okay?” Anika asked to which Tianshi nodded her head and kept on looking at her brother in shock. “Why is he not talking like me?” she asked. Her little brain is filled with questions that won’t end ever. “He will… when he will grow a little he will also talk like you…. listen na” Anika whispered the last two words and called Tianshi close and Tianshi went close extending her ear towards Anika’s mouth. “We got a new member in our team… we three together will trouble papa now” she whispered to which Tianshi giggled and looked at her father and nodded looking at her mother.

“Again you started to teach your weird words to my daughter… listen Anika, please let my son be in peace don’t spoil him as well” Shivay said. Tianshi ran to her father and giggled looking at his face. Shivay pulled up Tianshi in his arms and poked his nose over her tummy that resulted in more giggling of her. The rituals and rasams were started to welcome the mother. Om and Ishana were still not there in the scene as they went to somewhere that day morning. Ishana went into the hall, and her cheeks were all red and she was happy, very happy due to some reason. Om was also blushing too. “Hey Om… here you are… come” Shivay called him. Om tried to hide his blush and went close to Shivay. Rudra scanned Om with his detective eyes and said “something is fishy” he tapped his chin with his index finger. Ishana whispered something in Tianshi’s ear to which Tianshi said “ohh god, I have to become more responsible now or else how will I control two siblings of mine” “Two siblings?” Anika asked confused. “Yes two siblings… Ishu maa said” Tianshi pointed at Ishana and said. “Ishu…” Anika’s eyes brightened with happiness when Jhanvi went towards Ishana and hugged Ishana tight.

“Arre waahhh… O… I am proud of you” Rudra patted Om’s back and Shivay congratulated him. Daadi blessed Om-Ishana for their upcoming child and kissed on Ishana’s forehead. Om and Ishana blushed and looked down. “Arre no blushing na… let’s enjoy today” Soumya said pressing Ishana’s shoulder and Ishana hid her face by hugging Soumya. Rudra and Shivay continued their teasing until daadi silenced Rudra “Rudra puttar… now only you are left to give me the good news… do that soon okay”. Rudra immediately stopped teasing Om and went towards Soumya. “I am always ready” he said kissing on Soumya’s cheek in front of everyone. “Ye kabhi nai sudhrega” ShivOm said together and laughed out loud. Soumya looked down not before pushing Rudra.

The function ended for that day. Everyone started to take extra care of Ishana. Anika was beyond happy that day. Shivay again went to his favourite spot, in front of Tia’s picture and looked at Tia’s face. Anika also went with him. Ishana and Soumya along with Sahil and Tianshi were busy playing with the new member of their family. Rudra was busy teasing Om for the great news. He looked at Tia and then back at Anika and hugged Anika. Anika looked at Tia’s photo and smiled wide while tears took place in her eyes and said “we were destined to be together, and our love has made our relation this much strong. That’s why we say ISHQ SUKOON HAI RAAHAT HAI, thank you Tia… without you I would have never met this family, without you our story wouldn’t have been completed ever” Shivay dropped a kiss over Anika’s forehead and said “Shivay sukoon hai aur Anika raahat hai aur in dono ki ishqbaazi Tia hain” they smiled looking at each other and looked at Tia’s pic once again. A reflection of the shine of a bright star adorned on the smile of Tia in the pic. They both smiled feeling Tia’s presence, while Tianshi and Tishaan looked outside the window at the shining star.


Thank You so much to everyone for being there with us in this beautiful journey. Will miss all of you, hope to see you all again very soon. Till then take care, and a very very good bye.

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