Tu Aashiqui 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Poorva threatens Monty

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The Episode starts with Ahaan seeing the parcel contents. Rangoli says I had gifted all this to Vicky before, what does he want. She gets a letter. She reads it and gets shocked. He writes, you ruined my life, stop ruining Ahaan and Pankti’s life, stop your game. She says I loved him a lot, see what he has written, you don’t deserve my love, you are a characterless girl. Ahaan asks how can he write this nonsense, show me. She says no, don’t read, I will get hurt. Aparna calms down Kaira. Pankti comes there and says you called me….Aparna says Monty wants to postpone engagement. Kaira says he wants to cancel it, its happening because of Poorva, she wanted to get Monty back. Richa says your sister ruined my and Kaira’s lives. Pankti says no, I know Poorva has no intention to come between Kaira and Monty. Aparna calms down Kaira. She says I told Manav that engagement will happen on the same date which is fixed. Aparna asks Pankti to manage it.

Ahaan and Pankti play video games and laugh. He says you know touching the sky. She says person gets lonely when he reaches big heights, person can’t understand who truly loves her. Ahaan says its fine, I m sure, you will find that person who will truly love you, not your position or status. She gets a call. She says we have to go for our song launch. He checks his phone and says they should have called me as well. She says cool, I will go alone.

Pankti comes home and tells everything to Poorva. Poorva cries and says all this happened because of me, don’t worry, I will personally talk to Monty, this is my punishment, I can never have happiness in my fate, I won’t become a problem for anyone, tell Aparna to start engagement preparations, I will go away from Kaira and Monty’s life. Pankti cries and says I wish everyone gets a sister like you. Poorva goes. Pankti calls Aparna and tells her. Aparna thanks her. Rangoli says don’t worry, no one knows where I m going, I m safe. Ahaan gets Pankti’s call. She says Monty and Kaira’s engagement is happening on decided date, Aparna called me to say this. Ahaan sees a paper plane and checks it. He reads the letter and sees someone leaving. Pankti asks Ahaan what’s happening. Rangoli stops Ahaan and says don’t worry, he can just scare me, he can’t harm me. Ahaan says I m coming with you to Delhi. Pankti gets shocked.

Rangoli says what will he do, he can just kill me. Ahaan says I m coming along. Pankti comes and says you should go. Ahaan says sorry, I was talking to you and this paper plane fell inside the window. Pankti checks it. She asks Ahaan to go but come back on time, its Kaira’s engagement tomorrow. He asks did Monty agree. She says he will agree, everything will get fine now.

Poorva meets Monty and calls him her client. He asks her not to say nonsense. She asks him if he is ready to pay her price. He asks did you call me for this. She says no, I have called you to say the truth, my fate is such, I can’t be anyone’s love. He says I know where is your place, I didn’t care for your past ever, I want to be with you. They cry and get close. She gets away and says no, I can’t do another mistake, you should marry Kaira and keep your promise if you respect me. He says I made promise to you as well. She goes to drink poison. He stops her. She threatens him and asks him to marry Kaira.

Uday asks Ahaan to come, where is Rangoli. Rangoli gets ready. Ahaan asks her to just come. He says I wish you could come with me too. Pankti smiles and asks him to take care. Rangoli says I was asking Mishka to come to airport directly. Ahaan hugs Pankti. He leaves with Rangoli. Pankti checks the letter. She tries to throw the letter inside the window. She asks Uday to try as well. Uday says I m missing my aim, don’t know how. Pankti says you have to go Delhi too. He gets shocked.

Ahaan and Rangoli sing in the launch party. Rangoli signs to someone. Ahaan asks who was there. She says no one. Uday goes and tells Pankti that Rangoli was behaving weird, as if the stalker works for her.

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