Piya Albela 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja saves Dada ji, Vyas family in trouble

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The Episode starts with Neelima exercising with music system on. Arjun comes and switches off lights and music system. She thinks electricity is gone and calls Servants. She thinks Naren came and asks him to go. She is about to run, but Arjun holds on her mouth. She doesn’t see his face. Pooja is on the way and thinks she feels like she is needed in the house. Tantrik looks at Angraj’s body and says who can tell that his body is making havoc in the Vyas Mansion. Pooja comes running to the house. Arjun attacks Neelima, while Harish attacks Supriya. Supriya faints. Harish comes to hall. Pooja asks did you see Naren. Harish thinks if I talk to her then she will understand that I am not Papa, but Angraj. Pooja comes near Kitchen, but don’t see Supriya on floor. She takes Danish’s call. Rahul and Surbhi come to Neelima’s room, they don’t see her. surbhi says she must be gone to kitty party. Arjun is hiding there.

Rahul tells Surbhi that he is sure that Angraj fled with all the treasure. Arjun looks at Neelima and thinks he is dead. He says you have taken my mother’s place, now you sleep forever. He sees poisonous gas bottle and thinks now it is Rahul and Surbhi’s turn. Pooja thinks where did Naren go and pick their photo frame. Angraj in Harish thinks next turn is of my Dada ji who threw me in dustbin. Arjun looks at him going and hides. Pooja thinks kanhaiya will answer her and fills her maang with sindoor. She thinks it has much strength and will not wipe off easily.

Harsha and Dada ji are talking to each other, when Harish comes there. Harsha asks him to come. Harish signs her. She says she will send tea for them and goes out. Arjun comes to Rahul and Surbhi’s room and sprays poisonous spray in the AC. He thinks it will make you sleep forever. Rahul and Surbhi come there. Arjun hides. Surbhi asks if Angraj is found. Rahul says once he is found, I will not leave him. Arjun runs away. Surbhi and Rahul think Naren is after them. Pooja sings bhajan and do aarti. Harish pushes Harsha. Harsha gets hurt and faints. Pooj asks God to give her a sign to search Naren. A flower drops on Dada ji’s stuff. Pooja thinks Dada ji must have an answer. Harish comes to Dada ji. Harish closes the door and laughs. Dada ji says your voice is looking familiar. Harish says I am Angraj, whom you have thrown in dustbin. Surbhi and Rahul faint and fall down on bed. Arjun thinks just 10 mins more, you all will be dead. He comes out of their room and sees Pooja going. He hides. Pooja hears some sound and go to Rahul and Surbhi room. She coughs and opens the window. She pours water on them and calls Maa, Dada ji. She comes out and sees Harsha fallen on ground. She panics and runs to her. She tries to make her gain consciousness. Just then she hears Dada ji asking Harish to come in his senses. She knocks on the door. Harish says this is heaven and is about to slit his throat, when Pooja comes running inside. Harish in Angraj calls her Madam ji and tells her that he is Angraj.

He says I have entered in your sasur’s body so that I can kill Dada ji. Dada ji says whatever happened 27 years before was an accident and apologizes to him. Pooja asks him not to apologize and asks Angraj to kill her instead. Harish says no and tells that he will kill Dada ji. He asks Pooja to kill Harish to make his soul go. He drops the knife. Pooja throws the puja flowers on him and recites jai hanuman. Angraj’s soul tells that this time he has taken Maa’s life, and next time he will come again. Pooja is shocked. Angraj soul leaves. Harish’s condition is bad. Pooja asks where is Maa and cries.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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