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THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)






Shivay and Anika went to their room smiling thinking of Rudra’s antics…but somehow they too were thinking of their special night and hence were getting a bit odd. Anika tried to avoid eye contact with Shivaay, while Shivaay tried to behave normal. They laid on bed turning in opposite direction, but very soon they turned towards eachother, and travelled to the same thoughts looking at each other.


After the marriage was done,  Om-Ishana went to their room and Shivay-Anika to theirs. Shivay stood outside while Pinky completed some rituals inside. After Pinky went away Shivay entered and looked at Anika. She was sitting facing her back towards the door. Shivay went close to her and saw her pampering Tianshi. Tianshi was happily sleeping over her mother’s lap while Anika was busy kissing on Tianshi’s forehead. “An…Anika” he called her as she has perfectly splashed water over his plans. Anika looked up at Shivay and answered “Tianshi looks so cute while sleeping, just like you” and she looked back at Tianshi. “Tianshi will be there with us tonight?” Shivay asked terrified. “Yes Shivay… I so missed sleeping with my daughter, tonight I am not leaving the chance” she answered. “Anika ..come on… try to understand na… let Tianshi sleep with mom today, tomorrow she will sleep with us… please” Shivay said desperately looking at Anika. “Why Shivay?” Anika asked ever so innocently. Looking at this innocence Shivay took Tianshi in his hold and placed her on her baby bed.

He turned back at Anika and held her hand. “Because Tianshi’s father has some other plans for his mother today” he said huskily and winked. He brushed her lips and was about to put his lips over her’s when Tianshi started to cry. “Isse bhi abhi rona tha…” Shivay said sounding irritated yet cute while Anika smiled looking at his condition and went to calm Tianshi. Anika took up Tianshi in her hold and started to pat her back. Pinky knocked at the door to which Shivay opened the door. “Yes mom…” he said. “Anika beta… let Tianshi sleep with me today” Pinky smilingly said and took Tianshi in her hold. Tianshi slept again by then and cuddled to her grandmother. Pinky smiled looking at Anika and Shivay and said “now soon gift a brother or sister to Tianshi” Pinky said before leaving.

As soon Pinky went away with Tianshi, Shivay looked back at Anika. Her head was down and she was blushing hard. The butterflies gathered inside her stomach and started to dance in rythm. As he started to go close to her, she started to move back taking small steps. She sat back on the bed. He engulfed her in his arms and winked looking at her. She hid her face over his chest and smelled the masculine fragrance and looked up, he was already looking back at her with affection and love.
Without breaking the eye contact he went out of the room and made his way to the room upstairs attached to the terrace. He entered the room carrying her in his arms, with one soft push he opened the door and with the next soft push of his leg he locked the door behind. The click sound made Anika to look at the perfectly  decorated room and most precisely the bed. The nice fragrance of orchid and rose was making the atmosphere warm. She asked him to put her down, while he pulled her much close towards him. She pinched him a little and he winced a little and carefully made her stand. She again took her time to look at everything with eyes wide open and then looked back at him and smiled as she asked “why is this room  decorated Shivay?” He proudly looked back at her and answered “when everyone is busy making plans for our special night in our room, I with the help of Soumya decorated this room for us, I wanted everything to be perfect so that i can see love for me in your eyes”

She looked at him with love, exactly what he expected from her, while a lone tear tickled out of her eye. she wiped it and smiled. “I am not only lucky Shivay… I am blessed to get you” she said and made a bold move to kiss him on his cheek staring at him for a moment and turned back out of shy and nervousness at the same time.  She hid her face with her  palms  as the blush warmed her cheeks up and turned back. He looked at her and slowly turned her towards him. Her chin pointed towards the door as her eyes were staring the floor. He made her walk few steps, she was standing over the way of roses and orchids that directed towards the bed.  She always dreamt of everything perfect in her marriage but never expected everything beyond perfect. Her expectations exceeded as now everything was beyond her imagination.

“Anika…” he took her name so soft that each letters of her name evoked her sensuality. He softly made her chin up and her eyes fell on his, he continued “today I want to ask something ,which only you can fulfill.” she looked at him for few seconds and spoke “I will give you everything that belongs only to me till now. I will love you and get loved from you, I will complete us” she spoke as she perfectly knew the meaning of his sentence and to what he wanted to ask. He looked at her with pride as he knew she understands him without any words. They shared an eyelock as the water droplets of heaven touched the terrace floor making soft sounds. His index finger traced the curves of her face as his thumb brushed her lips slow. Her lips shivered with his touch and she gulped the saliva down her throat as goosebumps emerged on her body. Her eyes were closed, he took the chance and placed his lips over her eye and continued to other. She opened her eyes and looked at him, her eyes turned deepest shade of brown. She held his collar and lifted her toe up and slowly took his lower lip in the hollow of her lips. He pulled her close and started to reciprocate the love. The monsoon sound started heating  them more as the two souls poured tons of love in that one kiss. They parted to inhale the fragrance of the wet soil but their eyes never left staring at eachother. After few seconds he again pulled her into a kiss and started to caress her lips.

He unpinned her veil and placed it on the chair beside. He kissed over her maangteeka and softly freed her from the maangteeka and kissed over her hair partition that had the sign of their relation, the vermilion. He caressed the spot and held her tied up hairs in a firm grip. He unpinned the bun and her hair rolled down. He rubbed his cheek on her cheek and pressed her waist, goosebumps errupted over her skin and her breath became uneven. Her chest falling up and down and getting rubbed sensuously over his chest. He pressed her waist more and the soft sound came out of her mouth “Shivay…” the exact form he wanted to hear at the moment. He bent his neck and placed a kiss over her earlobe and opened her earrings one by one after kissing them as his prized possession. He rubbed his thumb down her jawline slowly holding her neck in his hand. She clutched his collar more and bit her lower lip to suppress the next sound but it came out as he dropped a kiss over the junction of neck and shoulder making her eyes blur due to the pleasure. He freed her from my necklace adorning her neck and held the mangalsutra lightly between his fingers, he looked at her and she blushed. “You are mine” he whispered and kissed her mangalsutra and his lips brushed over her skin. The touch made her to throw back her head with a slight moan.

He held her hands and dropped kisses over her knuckles as he went up slowly kissing her hand over the dress. His hands traced the skin of her neck as they reached on her hooks. She closed her eyes and he freed her from the upper barriers not taking eyes off her. she looked down out of shy  and he made her to look into his eyes and placed her hands over his sherwani. She took his lips to savour the taste once again before she started to free him from his sherwani. The clothes landed over each other in rythm. Her body perfectly fitted in his hold as they got lost in each other. He took his time and placed his lips over her skin. Her skin shivered with each of his touch and made him proud of the effect he has on her. She changed the position and came on top of him and kissed every part visible until she reached the downline and looked up in his eyes. He was looking back at her and pulled her up and placed his lips over her lips and again changed their position. She turned around facing her back to him. He went close to her skin and held back his lips while his breath made her warm slowly very slowly. His hand traversed to the clip and he unclipped her. Her body immediately reacted to his action and the goosebumps took their place again. When he turned to see her what he saw amazed him as she was perfect in every way. She lowered her gaze and hid her asset as he moved close to see everything only he and his infant has the right to.

The rain outside was making him hungry and he indulged to feast the source in front of him. As the earthworms were digging the land due to rain, she was digging her nails in him. Though his hunger didn’t subside yet he knew he had to be half filled, as there was much to explore and feast on. As the rain water was travelling to every nook and corner of visible and invisible places making it wet, he was also travelling to every visible and invisible curves of her making them wet. With his every movement her moans only did increase. It was in sync with the monsoon pours. As the monsoon made the surroundings cold, their deeds were making them grow hot gradually. The love poured in slowly . He looked at her eyes and as the rain rubs the field after touching it, he did the same too before removing the last barrier. As the rain started to open the bud of the plant he opened the untouched bud of her . The way rain made the bud moist making it ooze the rain water, she too went moist all over oozing. Her hazy eyes and his heating sight met as he was nearing her very close. As the honeybee which set out to fetch the nectar to please her queenfrom the freshly opened bud in the rain  , he too sucked her nectar to please his queen.

The moans equated the lightning sound and this was just an indication of the upcoming tsunami. She removed his last cover of modesty and this time she was struck seeing him. A gasp released as she was petrified. She looked away as a smile appeared on his lips and he made her touch him to wipe her fears. As everything rejoices after the magical touch of rain, he too rejoiced. As the root grows to absorb water, he too grew to absorb the wetness around. As the field gets ready to take the seeds for harvest, they both got ready. The shaft went inside and pulled back and the process continued. The barren field started to pound around the shaft. As the farmer digs the plough enough deep to make it ready to sow the seeds, he digged her with proper strokes. As the water from waterfalls has no looking back , they too had no looking back. The intensity was reaching its peak, the same way water from waterfalls were to touch the waterbody with intensity. Unable to bear any further delay, they came together in a similar way a peacock comes watching the rain. The surroundings danced and the nature rejoiced looking at the union. Two souls becoming one. Love making way through every corner of their body and the night gradually shifted to dawn as their love conquered everything.

They consummated their marriage and took their relationship forward where there was only pure love and trust for each other.



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