KAATIL ~{A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 41

Episode 41
The Episode starts with Jasmin falling on her knees and sees sidhant going both had tears in their eyes .. sidhant looks at the ring box he clutches it in his hand ..

May be our journey of togetherness was till here but surely I’ll make you mine in next birth he smiled sadly and left from there ..

Jasmin saw him disappearing and cried badly she wiped her tears and went inside …as soon as she entered the same room in which twinkle was there she saw kush and tani hugging kunj who was back facing to Jasmin she smiled happily to see the first man she loved the most in her life without thinking any further she ran and backhugged kunj while he smiled and sighed deeply ..

Now my heartbeat is completed as my three parts is near me kunj said and turned around while kush n Avni smiled and kunj looks at Jasmin who was having tears in her eyes ..

My sunshine kunj said again engulfing her in hug while she cried badly in his embrace and kunj rubbed her back kush and Avni sat beside twinkle who were cherishing the father daughter bond having a huge curve finally their family was completed again after a long separation …

Kunj slowly separates himself from hug and wipes Jasmin face what happen my doll you are fine na ?? Kunj asked with worry while she nodded in yes ..

Yes papa I missed you and mumma like anything in these years that’s why this tears she said again crying while twinkle kush and Avni started giggling ..when kush whispered “CRY BABY”

Kunj and Jas turned towards them while jas frowns seeing them see papa I am sure this Bhai said me cry baby that’s why mumma and her babies are making fun of me Jas complained ..

Don’t you dare kush my Jas is not a cry baby okay he said sidehugging while they all smiled ..
Enough this devil and his daughter twinkle taunted while kunj glares at her ..

Huh shut up you siyappa queen he ended while they engaged in fight while jaskuni slapped their foreheads ..
You both are still same not changed even a bit kush complained while twinj smiled ..

This is our love kush you won’t understand twinkle replied helding kunj hand while he smiled ..
Yes I love my siyappa queen alott ..kunj ended having a big curve

Haan we know the trio burned in jealousy making twinj laughed at them ..
You all wait I’ll be back soon kush said and went leaving twinj with their daughters ..while the 4 were having endless talks Jas and Avni was complaining to kunj about how they missed him in everything while he was listening them with a smile as he missed it alott in these years while twinkle was admiring their bond ..

Everything is fine na ?? Twinkle asked finding something fishy in their behaviour while she couldn’t got up due to her hand connected with machine used for monitoring her heart beat ..

Jas and Avni looked at each other while twinkle got frustrated ..

Plzz remove this now I don’t need this I am having my babies and I’ll get fine sooner twinkle said while jas tried to change the topic she called the doctor while he checked twinkle..

What happen doctor ?? Jas asked ..
She is fine but needs to take rest alott he replied ..
Can we take them back home as they will be more fine in home Ambience Avni said ..

Yeah it will be good I’ll sooner arrange for their discharge doctor said and left ..
Where is kush where he went suddenly kunj asked ..

Uff atlast my papa remembered me kush said coming with a cake box while kunj smiled and pats on his back ..
Kush kept the cake aside we all forgot this jhalli bday started kush said while twinj looks on at Jasmin ..

Yeah they said and kush opened the cake and kept it near twinj and jasavni was sitting beside them he too stands while they all cut the cake ..

Happy birthday to you they all said and hugged Jasmin while she was happy too they feed each other when kush gets a call from Rohan ..

Where were you kush I am calling you since so long Rohan angrily said as he was worried about them ..
Arey Mamu we are fine but have a suprise for you all kush said ..come on video call he ended while Rohan did as said …

Where is Jas ?? Rohan asked and what’s the suprise ?? He aagain asked with no patience ..

Huh wait kush said while Rohan shanaya adee Kiara and Ahaan were too together to wish Jas but what they saw left them in uttered shock they got up from their place and looked at the screen puzzled ..

Twinki …
Kunj ..
Maa adee Kiara and Ahaan said together
Twinkle kunj Rohan said again his eyes filled with tears ..

They are fine shanaya cried with Happiness ..
When did this happen where are you all adee asked ..
Wait wait I’ll tell you everything in detail later on just think that an angel saved them kush said ..

Who’s that angel ?? Kiara asked ..
Sidhant Avni replied ..making them all shocked again ..
They all started talking with them happily
On the other side :::
Sidhant reached his home back when a alcohol bottle comes in his way he looked at it and then found Neil upstairs in his room balcony waving at sidhant ..he rushed upstairs and saw Neil fully drunk ..

Neil what’s is this man you used to ask me not to drink and you are only drinking bro sidhant said while Neil smiled ..
Lessening my pain brother he replied …

Why they both came in our life we were living happily Neil complained while sidhant hugged him tightly ..

Yeah but it’s not even their fault tell me what you did with Avni sidhant asked sitting beside him while Neil tells him about his fight with Avni …

Then this happen and I ask her to get out of my house these sisters made our life hell what we have done wrong …Neil ended ..

Even they were having misunderstanding Neil anyone would have came to revenge like them .. sidhant said ..
What do you mean and what revenge Yaar what you did with them tell me Neil said …

They are twinkle and kunj Sarna kids sidhant replied ..making Neil hell shocked ..
What ?? That same kunj and twinkle Sarna who were in hospital ?? Neil asked ..

Yes they are only ..they knew that their parents were murdered by me so they came here for revenge but today I again united them and bro I can describe that happiness on their faces were priceless which shows that how much they crave for their parents sidhant said ..

They were not wrong may be their way was wrong they should have confronted before only sidhant said gulping the alcohol while Neil was still shocked he was feeling guilty of not listening to Avni even once when she was trying to sort it out ..

The both had a misunderstanding that Jas and Avni were in their life was for revenge but the truth was Avni genuinely wants to be with Neil while jas wanted to know sidhant side of story without hurting him ..

Neil and sidhant were silent for sometime they were very much sad thinking about them ..
Do you love Jasmin ??? Neil asked breaking the silence among the two ..

Yes I love her badly now sidhant said palming her face ..
I miss her sidhant Neil said …
What you have asked her to get out then ?? Sidhant asked ..

I was angry man and you know I can’t hear any single thing about you so yeah in anger I did ..I was very much angry that she wasn’t my Avni but tani Sarna I didn’t thought about anything that time and said I didn’t trust her now Neil replied ..

Hmm we both are so messed up right now but I am very very very lucky to have a brother like you my cutipie sidhant pulled Neil cheeks while he frowns ..

Huh Sid don’t he said and hugged him go and bring them back Neil commands they both drunk fully ..
What ?? Why I’ll sidhant asked ..

I said na that’s why I am your elder brother so follow my command Neil said ..
Huh so what if you are elder ..you go and bring them back think about your chote my love life before starting itself got finished .. sidhant cried like a baby ..

Hah ?Teri chakkar me meri bhi if I go now and she will dig me in grave of her mansion itself her anger you don’t know Neil said ..
Achaww I told you she is a dayan Sidhant replied ..

Aye don’t call my wife dayan if my is dayan then what yours Haan Neil asked ..
Mine one is sweet meri pyaari biwi my kkn I made so many preparations to celebrate her birthday but it all wasted sidhant again cried so much wastage of money he ended while Neil laughed ..

Good thing happen see your money will not be wasted you go and bring them both back with full rights after all we legally married them Neil suggested ..

Achawww we didn’t knew about their family before Bhai now their brother kush is there upper se her father (kunj) and their mother (twinkle) you don’t know brother that day how they both fought with goons they will break my single bone if I go there sidhant ended ..

But I miss her man like anything and my room is also crushing me making me feel her presence Neil said ..
Hmm I didn’t went in mine don’t know what will happen then we are not living for a day without them how we I’ll live whole life sidhant asked ..

Hmm don’t know and why you are drinking stop it now Neil said snatching the bottle ..
Are give me Bhai I am drinking after so long or else that Jasmin she became bevadi totally that day because of her I have to leave this sidhant said grtting his teeths trying to take bottle from Neil hand but he didn’t let sidhant take it ..

No no i wont let you drink more Neil said gulping from the same bottle ..
You are so bad sidhant said ..
I know man Neil replied and again started crying fakely ..

You can meet your Jasmin he ended ..
Howwwwww sidhant asked with full attention towards Neil ..
See your movie shooting is still left then you can meet her but I can’t Neil said sadly ..

Genius bro I didn’t thought about this sidhant said cheering himself ..
Don’t be sad brother I am there for you na sidhant replied ..

They both started singing songs ..
Ye dosti hum Nahi todengay .. todengay dum agar tera Saath na chodengay they hug each other and falls in bed going in a deep slumber ..
A week passed by twinj were shifted back to taneja mansion ronaya and family too came back from London the very day they got to know about twinj being alive ..they all were happy Jas and Avni were hiding their sorrow from every one …twinj were fine too now and was back to normal ..

A fine day in taneja mansion kush and Ahaan was sitting in lawn in front of twinj and ronaya who were busy sipping their coffee while adee Kiara Avni and Jas was sitting idol looking at them ..

Nahi Nahi Ahaan they are old now they can’t play basketball with us kush said provoking kunj while he raised his one eye brow ..
What you said Mr junior Sarna ?? Kunj asked ..

Papa Ahaan was telling me that you can beat me in basketball as Ahaan always loses by me I am telling him that even you can’t win now as you are old ops no old but you can’t play now..kush said ..

Oh really ?? Let’s see them kunj said ..
Kunj don’t he is just provoking you shanaya said angrily while Rohan and twinkle giggled ..

Di let me show him that still he is my baby only kunj said ..while kunj smirked ..
He will never improve Avni said while jas was lost in her own thoughts ..
Kush and kunj started playing while ahan comes and sits beside twinkle ..

I missed you maa he said while twinkle smiled caressing his hairs ..
Haan you all are maa babies only Rohan said while shanaya too nodded and twinkle showed them tongue ..

The match was going on with full swing both the father son chasing each other doing baskets and basket kunj started breathing heavily while Avni and Jas ran to him ..

Enough now you won kush they said while kunj smiled ..and kush too ..
I am fine my dolls kunj said while they both hugged him ..

How boring it is guys I think we all should go back to London Ahaan said ..
Hmm even I think so we should go back Avni said making everyone else shocked except twinj ..

But how can you go Avni you are Rohan started to say ..
Maamu Avni replied ..

She is what Bhai ??? Twinkle asked while Rohan looks at Avni who nods in no fearing …
Now I can’t Avni twinkle and kunj has to know it one day …Rohan said ..

Yeah maamu is right kush replied ..
What you all hide from us ?? Kunj asked ..
Avni and Jas is married papa kush said making twinj shocked while they both got up ..

What ?? They asked again thinking it to be false ..
This is joke right ? Avni and Jas also married when did this happen twinkle said ..

Yeah they are married few months back they got married Rohan said and narrated them everything about how jaskuni came there revenge how Avni accepted Neil proposal for wedding then how he made them understand about knowing sidhant side to n rest things ..

And yeah they got married but I think I shouldn’t have got them married Rohan said I am so sorry Twinkle kunj I failed today I thought they will be happy in their new family but they are now sorrowful because of that only Rohan ended ..

No Bhai don’t blame yourself twinkle said and asked jasNi what happened exactly ..
Yes Jas Avni why you both are here and why Neil and sidhant didn’t came to meet you both kunj asked ..

Wo papa Avni said and narrated her fight with Neil and started crying ..
I thought he loves me too but he didn’t ..he didn’t even trusted me once avni said while kunj hugged her ..

And Jas you ?? Twinkle asked ..
Mum..ma wo I was there with him to know his side and now I know everything so ..there is nothing left in our wedding Jas said lying ..

Twinkle and kunj looks at each other ..
Don’t you love him ?? Avni kunj asked ..
I don’t Avni replied with hatred recalling their fight ..I promised kush that if anything goes wrong in our wedding I’ll go back to London with everyone ..Avni said determined ..

It’s okay then we all will go back kunj said making everyone shocked the most shocked was Jas ..twinj looks at each other and signs something ..
Screen freezes ..
So how was the shot ??
Twinj & Sidmin imagining the same persons ?no logic applied as it is FF ?if you want you can imagine anyone else for your convenience ..
So yeah what do you think ?? Will they go back ? Or something else will happen ?
Thanks to all who commented on last ..
Welcome Shalini Di ??happy to see your comment after so many months ..
Waiting for your reviews
Bye allahafiz ??

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