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Next day arrived and the preparation for haldi rasam was on. Ishana was getting teased by her sisters badly and on the other side Om was also getting teased from his brothers. “Puttar…” daadi entered ShivOmRu’s room. “Yes daadi” the trio answered. “See from now on, bride and groom can’t meet each other… and if anyone disrespects this order of mine then we will postpone the marriage” daadi threatened and went away. “No yaar… why is daadi torturing us so much?” Om asked sitting over the bed. “Aha… bechara dulha… don’t worry, it’s the matter for only two days” Rudra said. “ONLY two days… no duffer” Shivay answered being restless. “Hmm… but don’t worry I will get to meet Soumya” Rudra happily said. “Wait wait… whats up between you too?” Om asked. “Nothing Rudra said and blushed. “Hmm… hmm…” the two brothers now started to tease Rudra. “Arre I will propose her tomorrow, on the day of marriage” Rudra said as usual being casual , to which ShivOm gave a ”Iska kuch nahi ho sakta look”. Rudra ”why are you staring me so?” Rudra asked . ”do you even realise how difficult it is to propose a gal. I mean..your throat gets dry and you feel…you feel like you cannot speak and start searching for words” ShivOm tried to explain. ”bhayya..why fear, when Rudy is here” Rudy replied . ”All the best, fir daudke mat aana ki O mein bol nahi saka” Om warned. Rudra nodded confused , while , “Haan… chalo iski bhi gaadi nikal padi” Shivay said and the trio hugged.

Daadi informed the girls too about her no meeting groom decision. Ishana obliged though she felt restless as she will not get to meet Om for longer time. But they being good girls had no plans to disrespect daadi’s order unlike the boys. The rasam started, as per rituals Om was getting haldi applied first, daadi, jhanvi, pinky one by one everyone applied Haldi over Om. Now Oberoi family started to play with haldi and started to apply on each family member. ShivOmRu applied haldi on each other. These moments continued, Jhanvi and Tej hugged Om gladly and blessed him for his life ahead. Everyone blessed Om. On the other side Shivaay was lost in his thoughts “how to apply haldi on Anika… what to do…” he was thinking all these when he saw Jhanvi and Pinky together preparing the bowl for Ishana’s haldi. They kept the bowl and went away. He saw another bowl kept beside. He divided the haldi in two bowls and stood there to wait for the person who will come to take haldi from bride’s side.

Sahil came after sometime. “Jiju… give me the haldi bowl” he asked. “Yeah.. take these” Shivay handed him two bowls, one small and one big. “Why two bowls Jiju?” he asked looking at both the bowls. “See… ask everyone to apply the haldi of big bowl over your Ishana didi and of small bowl over your Anika didi” Shivay answered. “Okay… but why Anika didi?” Sahil again asked. Shivay looked here and there to find the answers, Sahil asked the same question again and after a lot of thinking Shivay at last answered “wo Sahil… actually in our house… there is a ritual that you will have to apply haldi in the same way  over bride’s elder sister like you apply it to Bride, when the bride is getting married… so in short your Ishana didi is the bride and your Anika didi is her elder sister so she will have to get haldi applied as per the ritual” Shivay justified wiping his sweat. “Ohh okay…” Sahil smiled and went away. He gave the bowls to his mother and said everything that Shivay has said to him. His mother smiled understanding the situation and applied haldi on Anika and then on Ishana. The haldi rasam completed.

At last the marriage time came. Ishana went down like a queen from one side of the staircase while Om went down from the other side. The bride and the groom sat down for marriage and the marriage completed with every rituals. The groom and bride took blessings of everyone before going inside their room.



“Anika… what are you doing there?” Shivay placed his hand over Anika’s shoulder. Anika is lost somewhere looking at the pool side. It was  Tianshi’s birthday. And another special occassion too, it’s her sister’s and his brother’s marriage as well. It is Rudra and Soumya’s marriage that day. Everyone was busy in one or the other work  but Anika was getting special attention as she was carrying their child. She is three months pregnant. She turned towards Shivay and smiled. “You look so beautiful when you smile” Shivay complimented and engulfed her in hug. ”i know i am beautiful, but let me tell you , you too are handsome mere kanji aankhon wala bhagad billa” she spoke reciprocating the hug. Shivaay smiled and rubbed her back and spoke “Anika…” he called softly, to which she looked at him. ” do you remember this day for anything else than Tianshi’s birthday” he asked. Anika didn’t say a word because she knew what he meant . Shivaay continued looking at her and she being silent. ”three years ago on this same day I have hurt you so much  in such a way that, if I ask for apologies everyday in my entire life even then it would be less” Shivay said looking at Anika. Anika held his shoulder and pressed it light  “Shivay… after that you have given me so much happiness that right now i feel like i am living a in a way whatever happened was good for me as well as you, we realised we loved each other and i realised what place i hold in your heart.” Anika answered and kissed on Shivay’s cheek.

“You have gifted me all the happiness Anika… you have accepted me back, you have married me and gave our relation another chance, you have gifted all me the happiness. It is not you who is living a dream, it should be me.” Shivay said wrapping her again ”I LOVE YOU ANIKA” he kissed her earlobe.

“Arre, listening to the word marriage i wanted to say,  marriage was to happen definitely… so I did marry you” Anika said smiling brightly looking at him after pulling out herself. “That means you already decided to marry me even before I  proposed?” he asked confused . “Yes… and even if you wouldn’t have asked , I would have kidnapped you or would have made you elope and would have married you” Anika answered reciprocating the looks with sparkling face. “Ohh shoot… how i wished i would have known this dangerous plan of yours then. I was in dilemma how to propose you… how to make you agree… I was actually so stupid na?” he asked looking at her while she nodded and smiled. “stupid ,i can agree to some extent but Dilemma… seriously Shivay? Actually leave it, when you hid Ishana’s marriage joda, at that point itself I got to know your plans… so you don’t even talk about dilemma” she said and he held her waist. “Wo… Joda… I just… hid it… wait… how do yo know this joda story?” he asked her as she kept her hands on his shoulders.

“Mr. Oberoi if you are clever than I am extra clever, don’t forget this ever… and I got to know about all your fiasco that same day. When I was searching the room for the joda my eyes fell over the reflection of the joda in the mirror, you kept it beside my bed so nicely that none can notice it easily… Shatir Singh Oberoi..but you forgot i am Anika and tried to fool me” she said. “Then why did you come with me to designer’s boutique that day?” he asked. “Mr. Pati Parmeswar, I understand everything spoken and unspoken about you, what you do,  why you do in short i know you in and out. It was no different that day as well, because that time too I understood your intentions and when you said that I am yours and you are mine,  I was sure you won’t leave me ever and would never let me go easily , even if I want to… and i very well remember how you started to make me yours by that dori incident” she blushed and looked down. “I can still repeat that scenario” he said and she blushed more. “So…that was the reason I went along with you to buy the joda” she completed. “Ohhh… so madam knew everything… not bad huhh” he smiled and said. “Yup Mr.SSO and so , I supported you in all your stupid dramas” she rolled her eyes, while he smirked and said ”that was so smart of me right” he tried to justify his acts when she said ” You think you were smart, like seriously..let me tell you , you were enough naughty to do all that and specially the name writing drama on waist, who does that?” as soon she completed Shivay pressed the exact spot where he has written his name three years back but this time very lightly and was about to say something when…

“Shivay… Anika… come down, the shaadi mahurat is nearing” Jahnvi called them. Shivay and Anika looked at each other. Shivay held Anika’s hand and they went down. Rudra-Soumya’s marriage started. Shivay-Anika travelled down the memory lane to their day of marriage.


Shivay went to the room where Ishana was to get ready. He handed over the original joda that Dadi bought for Ishaana to Anika and said “Anika… see I got back the joda” Anika smilingly accepted. “Wo… Anika…” he called Anika as she was to go to make Ishana ready. He handed her the Joda that he and she bought together the previous day “will you please wear this joda?” he requested her. “I will have to wear this joda only na? Nothing else right?” she asked. ”no..nothing else” Shivaay fumbled. ”why are you nervous Shivaay.. you are showing up as if you are proposing me for marriage after wearing this Joda” She teased him. Shivaay looked at her for few moments and  held Anika’s hand in a firm grip and started taking her rtowards the hall in front of the mandap. While going  ”Shivaay…what are you doing? it’s getting late and  i have to  make Ishaana ready. Leave me Shivaay, everyone is staring at us” She almost started screaming. Hearing the hullaboo all the family members of Anika and OF followed Shivaay and Anika.

Everyone started saying their own theories after seeing Shivay and Anika together. “Anika…” Shivay without caring for anyone and anything sat down on his knees and held Anika’s hand. “Anika… i did a grave mistake sometime back before all these people over here and today i am going to do one more unexpected thing. You were right , i want to propose you my love, want to propose you for marriage. Anika…I love you, I love you more than myself…  I know I have hurt you enough that day.. will you please forgive me for everything that happened at this exact place that day…  do you still love me… please say…will you marry me Anika, will you complete my life with your presence… will you accept me with my imperfections …will you be Tianshi’s mother… say Anika… will you love me back again?” he asked and looked down.

She was happy beyond anything that she got confused about how to  react. He was looking at her face waiting for the answer and she looked at everyone, while initially the guests were shocked , but later they smiled. she could see everyone was happy and smiling, looking  at Anika. Ishana and Soumya came running to Anika and hugged her tight. OmRu too hugged Shivay, came near Anika and folded their hands and said ”bhabhi..please complete our family ..please accept Shivaay’s/bhayya’s proposal. Bhabhi this will be the best marriage gift that our entire family would be getting” they said together . Anika held their hands and made them down. She hugged both of them and carressed their face. She took few steps forward and looked at Shivay and made him stand. “Shivaay…that day I have confessed my feelings inside our room, but today… today I want to say loud and that too in front of everyone else… Shivay… I love you a lot… a lot, yes I will marry you. Yes I want to become your wife, Tianshi’s mother. Ishana and Soumya’s sister as well as sister-in-law, Om’s bhabhi and Rudra’s partner in crime and the daughter-in-law of this house. I want to be with you Shivay… forever, I want to be the reason of your happiness, i want to be your support , i want to be your shadow and and i want to show everyone proudly that we are inseparable.” she completed.

Everyone clapped and smiled wide as Shivay held Anika’s hand and went towards Anika’s parents. “Uncle… Aunty, will you give me a last chance to give all the happiness to your daughter, to give her the respect she deserves, will you let her be with me forever?” Shivay asked folding hands. Anika’s father held Shivay’s hand and hugged him tight. Though they knew about this marriage plan of Shivay but this gesture of Shivay won their heart. Shivay and Anika took blessings from Anika’s parents and then from every elder. Anika went along with Ishana and Soumya. Soumya is now the alone one to make both the brides ready. The girls took their time and descended down like queens from one side of the staircase while the grooms descended down from the other side. Shivay came forward and held Anika’s hand and Om did the same with Ishana. Both the brides and grooms sat down for marriage together.


Pandit ji chanted the holy mantra. The rituals got completed one by one. Shivay looked at Anika, and she at him and he tied the nuptial chain around her neck. This side Om-Ishana did the same. The grooms adorned hair partition of both their respective bride with glowing vermilion. Rounds of applause and flower shower followed. Shivay went and stood in front of Tia’s photo. He very slowly placed his hand over the photo and smiled through the tears while saying “Till last Few days I considered the promise I made to you as a burden… but from now I will try to stick to all the promises I made. We got married, we were happy too but something was missing which I never cared for then but now when I know what was that, I will try my best to fulfil that place in Anika’s life. We became husband and wife, even best of friends but now I know you always felt a scarcity of love towards you from my side, I never understood this at that time but now Anika made me realise it. But look at you, you are happy seeing us together, you united us forever by leaving me alone. My respect for you has grown to the highest point” Anika heard everything and smiled. She went to Shivay and placed her hand over his shoulder and hugged him tight and thanked Tia.


Round of applause followed as Rudra-Soumya’s marriage got completed and thus it broke Shivay-Anika’s chain of thoughts. Rudra and Soumya went to Tej and Jhanvi and took blessings, they took blessings of everyone. “Ohhhh god…. bhaiyaa and O… now I understood why you two were desperate when Daadi announced that no meeting rule on Haldi and thereafter, Soumya I missed you” Rudra said and hugged Soumya in front of everyone when the teasing sounds were heard. “Leave dumbo…” Soumya blushed and pushed him. He looked at her and then back at daadi and said “Daadi, your three grandsons are married now… so now say say whom you will torture in the name of marriage?” Rudra asked making his eyebrows dance very happily. “Hmmm… yeah the question is good” Daadi said thinking. “See… only intelligent people like me can ask such amazing questions” Rudra said upping his invisible collar. “I have a solution to it” daadi said smilingly while the three grandsons of her looked at her fearing that what is daadi planning now.

“Rudra and Soumya… you two are still children, so let Soumya sleep with me from now until Rudra grows up… this solution is best” Daadi said holding Soumya’s hand and pulling Soumya near her. Everyone else burst into laughter while Rudra looked helplessly at daadi and then held Soumya’s hand and said “Sumo… let’s go inside our room or else they won’t allow us to celebrate our FN also” Soumya turned tomato listening to Rudra’s comment. “Kuch to sharam kar khoteya” daadi said leaving Soumya’s hand while Rudra dragged Soumya inside the room and immediately locked the door. The sounds of laughter echoed and inside Soumya hit Rudra’s hand for embarrassing her in front of everyone. Rudra too smiled and kissed her forehead and they hugged. Daadi asked everyone to disperse to their room and everyone left feeling a tinge of shy.

 Shivay and Anika went to their room smiling thinking of Rudra’s antics…but somehow they too were thinking of their special night and hence were getting a bit odd. Anika tried to avoid eye contact with Shivaay, while Shivaay tried to behave normal. They laid on bed turning in opposite direction, but very soon they turned towards eachother, and travelled to the same thoughts looking at each other.





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