Mayavi Maling 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad protects Maling

Mayavi Maling 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad saying you got trapped in mum’s plan, when she felt I m liking you, she got me trapped by telling dad, and she had sent my look alike to you, how shall I believe you, I just shouted your name when she tortured me, you let a stranger touch you and then you claim that you love me. She says you had to bear tortures because of me, I didn’t know anything. He says you don’t touch me. She says its nothing as you think, nothing happened that day, I gave her herbs and made him sleep. She wipes his tears and asks don’t you believe me. He asks are you just mine. She nods. They cry. He says it means I did a big mistake, forgive me. He hugs her and says I love you a lot. She says I love you too, does this mean you are still a demon. He says yes. Vaidehi says nothing wrong will happen now, Yuvraaj isn’t a demon.

Eshwarya says Pranali can handle every situation, we have to trust her. Garima says we should believe Pranali. Rajmata says we didn’t realize when our new generation got so sensible. Their mothers get happy and feel proud. Angad says my look alike lied to you. Pranali asks will you fulfill your goal and place the weapon. He wipes her tears and asks don’t you believe me. She says I go. He says then come with me. They leave.

Madhumali says its time, but the lake didn’t freeze. Angad didn’t reach his goals, he will be punished. She calls Marekasur and asks him to show his powers to his son and Maling residents. Pranali and Angad come to everyone. Vaidehi hugs Pranali. She apologizes to Angad for doubting on her. He says don’t shame me by apologizing, my behavior with you wasn’t right, I should thank you to make me good. Madhumali strikes palace. They all get shaken up. Angad says mom has done this, I will see her. Chegu says I will come. Angad says just I can do this, you be here and protect them. Pranali says I won’t let you go alone. He pushes her and blocks them by some wall. He goes. Chegu and everyone check the ice wall. Angad comes to Madhumali and flies to her. He asks her to stop. She says you have done this with me, I m your mom. He says I know you angry, just go, don’t ruin this state. She says it has to be ruined. She calls Marekasur. He appears there. Angad gets shocked.

Eshwarya asks how did Angad got demon powers. Pranali says this is real Angad, yesterday we were with his look alike, we have to protect Angad, we need to leave. Chegu uses his powers and kicks the wall. He fails and tries harder. Haran helps them. The palace gets shaken by the attack. Maharaj shouts Garima. Garima says I heard dad’s voice. Eshwarya says this is just your fear. Everyone hears Maharaj and asks where are you. Maharaj comes there. They get happy seeing him and hit the wall. He sees his daughters and cries for them. He holds their hands on the wall. Garima says we missed you, where did you go. He says break this wall. He gets a metal rod and hits wall. Angad stops his dad and says you have to finish me before ruining Maling. The ice wall cracks and falls down. Maharaj hugs his daughters. They cry.

Marekasur attacks Angad. Angad falls down. Pranali gets shocked. Maharaj says this Asur can just be killed by immersing him in the lake. Pranali, Eshwarya and Garima ask Marekasur to fight with them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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