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Days were passing. Anika is now two and half months pregnant. Saahil went to his school trip. Anika’s phone rang. “Hello” she answered. After a long pause she answered again “ohhh thank you so much… I am arranging the money as soon as possible and they will go there soon.” Anika was looking very happy. She instantly went to her mother and hugged her. “What?? Heyyy wait wait what happened??” Anika’s mother asked half smiling half with shocked expression and trying to come out from the hug. “Maa… the doctor I mean the best doctor for baba is coming to Delhi in two days, he will be staying here for fifteen days and most important thing our appointment got confirmed.” Anika answered. Her mother was in tears. “No maa no rona dhona now just go and get my father treated to cure soon” she said in a ordering tone. Her mother soon wiped off the tears and hugged Anika.

Anika’s mother went to pack their bags. She soon packed her and Anika’s father’s stuffs. Soumya entered and Anika explained her everything. “Maa I am going to pack my stuffs now” Anika said and got up from there. “No beta you can’t come… it’s not good for the child in your womb to travel long distance now” Anika’s mother explained. But Anika was stubborn. “Didi… listen I am going with maa baba… you please stay here and take care of you.” Soumya answered, though Anika wasn’t ready at her proposal initially but she agreed. The next day was their train. They could manage train tickets hardly at this short time. Anika’s baba advised her to go and stay at Oberoi Mansion for some days till they return but she denied. He requested her but then too she did not agree. At last he also became stubborn and said if she doesn’t go to Oberoi Mansion to stay then they are not going to Delhi. Being helpless Anika had to agree. The taxi arrived. Anika was being dropped at Oberoi Mansion’s gate by her parents and sister and then they went away.

Anika entered the hall where Daadi was sitting and was waiting for her arrival as Anika’s mother had told everything to her over the phone. “Ohhh Puttar come beta… how are you?” Daadi asked and hugged Anika. Anika too came forward and hugged her. Gradually Om, Rudra, Jhanvi, Tej, Tia, Shivay and Shakthi joined them. “Anika didi how are you??” Rudra asked excited. “I am fine Rudra… say what about you and your girlfriends?” Anika greeted him back. “Wait wait… how do you know about his girlfriend?” Om asked confused. “O… social networking naam ki cheez hoti hai (there is something called social networking)” Rudra answered back instead of Anika. Om smiled at his brother and hit his head lightly.

Anika was soon taken to her room. Tia instructed her strictly to take rest. The next morning arrived soon. “Maa… my super chatakedaar masale waali chayy” Anika shouted loudly while getting up. Soon Tia and Shivay ran to her room listening to her voice. “Anika… anika any problem?” Tia jerked Anika and this woke her up completely. She rubbed her eyes like a child and then realized she is in Oberoi Mansion. Shivay noticed her rubbing her eyes and a smile adorned his lips involuntarily. Anika nodded a no indicating nothing happened. Tia soon called a servant and instructed her to look after every need of Anika. The servant agreed and went to get the breakfast of Anika. After she got freshened up she was served with healthy sandwiches, boiled egg, juice, an apple and a banana. “What are these?” Anika asked making faces. “Mam this is your breakfast… please have it soon and take rest, Tia mam has instructed me to stay here till you finish the food” the servant answered. “Hey please can you get me something chatpata… spicy types please, these are very boring foods so please” Anika requested to which servant said Anika is not allowed to eat spicy food. Anika said a big no to the food and sat down. Servant tried her best to make Anika understand but Anika was adamant. Lastly servant called Tia. Tia came and listened to Anika and then decided to give her parantha and sabji. Anika was soon served that. She finished of the entire food soon and thanked Tia for understanding her side.

Anika was not allowed to walk much. She was sitting on the bed and was feeling bored from long time but at Oberoi Mansion everyone is busy in their own stuffs. Rudra peeped in her room “hello Anika didi” he whispered. “What??” she whispered back. “You are feeling bored right?” Rudra asked her whispering. “Yeah… but wait why we are whispering to each other?” Anika asked whispering back. “I don’t know” Rudra said allowed and started laughing. She too burst out seeing Rudra laughing. Shivay was passing by; he noticed Anika and Rudra laughing like mad holding their stomach and discussing something. He stared them for some time. His lips curved up again involuntarily. He went away from there. “Didi I have a plan to make you feel better” Rudra said stopping his laughter. “What?? Tell me tell me” Anika asked sitting straight. Rudra whispered something in her ear and smirked. Her mouth flung open in shock.

PRECAP- RUDRA’S KHIDKITOD PLAN……. Stay tuned friends a bit masti mazak fun is coming up. Well how was the chapter?? Comment down.

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