Let’s begin…

Sanskar :didn’t you listen what I asked for? The truth!

Ragini:what truth you need? Don’t try to enter in my life forcibly…

Sanskar smiles :that i have already

Ragini looks at him:why are you doing this? If you love me so that i should also love you! Why don’t you let me live my life for some…..

Sanskar looks at her sudden outburst but he didn’t leave it there :you love me i know that and i dont need your confession.. But still in 10 days i will find what is stopping you….

They had an eyelock where Sanskar’s eyes could define the determination and Ragini’s eyes were telling something

Ragini:sir listen to me…

Sanskar smiles :i am all ears and yours ?

Ragini turns to go he held her wrist

Sanskar :ok what you wanted me to listen

Ragini :what made you to…. (after a pause) love me? I was always a problem to you.. I was never a worth employ to you.. I slap you at the very first meet thinking you are the guy who was behind sheena’s condition but got to know that it was him the person whom once i loved.. I can never forget those days… In that depression i was about to lose your contracts.. I gave you an empty file… If you had not managed it you would have lost the deal of crore.. And how these feelings… I dont understand and did….

Sanskar:Ragini… About the slap i forgot it very long back and you only told but i myself agree that i took revenge by giving you lot of work… And about the deal.. And about the deal.. It was just a mild mistake which can happen with anyone.. Did i ask you why did you give me blank file that day.. Did i questioned you or yelled at you? Did i take any action against you..? But you yourself came and gave me the resignation! Wow?! And how these feelings? When i saw you depressed and when you left the office.. Then i found my feelings… Then i got to know what importance you take in this life… I controlled myself these many days to not to tell you but couldn’t anymore.. I guess you aren’t understanding my feelings…

There was a pin drop silence

Ragini:we should go back now…

At the time a car stops in front of them…

A girl gets down the car

Ragini was shocked and feared seeing the person

And the girl is revealed to be Suma

Suma smiles :Ragini!!

Ragini smiles weakly

Suma looks at sanskar being confused

Ragini :you here..

Suma:arey.. I came to a conference… This is? (looking at sanskar)

Rag:my boss

Sanskar smiles :and soon going to be her fiance.. Tomorrow is our engagement

Suma was shocked… She didn’t say anything but smiles…

Ragini:no suma.. I…

Sanskar:tomorrow you have to attend.. It’s in khurana mansion

Suma smiles and nods… She didn’t felt he knows her condition.. Anyways she was happy

Sanskar :and you didn’t introduce me…

Suma:i am Dr. Suma.. Ragini’s…..

Ragini interrupts :friend

Suma likes at her confused…

Ragini:we should go now sir…

Sanskar:suma can you give us lift.. The car has broke in the middle…

Suma looking at ragini :ok sure!

Then they start their journey…

Sanskar sits in the passenger seat..

Suma and ragini in back…

Suma was looking ragini

Ragini just avoided her….

Finally they reach…

Driver drops sanskar to km

After he left..

Suma;you didnt leave your job? And engagement? Its ok i understand

Ragini:its just a drama Doctor.. For getting one of a deal nothing more than that

Suma felt sanskar was telling genuinely..

Suma:anyways.. Don’t give stress.. Hope you didn’t had spicy food..And when will you be consulting Dr Sharma..?you hvnt came after the last visit

Ragini was blank…

Suma:ragini u can consider me as your friend… You can share me your problem

Ragini :what is happening in my life.. I dont know

Suma held her hand :he loves you right

Ragini looks her and nods..

Suma:and you?

She was silent

Suma :does he know about……

Ragini:no he don’t…

Suma:you should tell him.. Then only you will get the solution…

Ragini :no i can’t… I can’t

They reach gunjan’s house..

Suma:we reached

Ragini goes by thanking her for the lift…

She goes inside the house…

She meets avanthika and harish

“surprise” screamed both vingun

Ragini smiles :you both went for 15 days.. Why this early?

Vineet:arey my sisters engagement.. How can i not come

Ragini was shocked

Vineet:don’t worry sir told about the deal.. I just thought to tease you


She went in

She didn’t look like the old chirpy ragini.. Whose talks has no end.. And mainly scolding sanskar and unique names for him

Harish:what happened to her?

Gunjan:may be she is tired dad?

Vineet knew Sanskar’s love for Ragini as he told him.. But he wanted to know what Ragini feels…

After sometime….

Sujatha and ram comes there with shagun..

Ragini was upset.. She wasn’t understanding what should be done..

Ragini herself :let once this drama complete…

Ragini was sitting in the balcony..

Vineet comes and sits next to her

Vineet:where is my old Ragoo?

Ragini looks at him

Vineet:now tell me what’s bothering you?

Ragini:i dont want to do this engagememt

Vineet:its a drama

Ragini:but still i dont want to…

Vineet:if in that case i will graph with sanskar

Ragini looks at him expectantly :will you?

Vineet smiles and nods

Ragini tried lot to smile but couldn’t…

Vineet:you sleep… I will directly go to sanskar and speak.. Ok?

Ragini now but she wasn’t happy still!!

Vineet goes..

To be continued……

Some suggestions!

1)do you want khushi to enter in Ragsan’s life in two selfish lovers?

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4)In complicated.. Do you want monali’s truth to be out? Mean do you want her chapter to end?

5)any story which you think need improvements?

6)any story you think i am dragging too much?

And its all about Dil se dil ka rishta.. Upcoming details

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3)it would Maha’s wish about karwachauth and i guess it was vani who wanted me to write on Ragsan’s married life pregnancies mood swings.. Is it ok if i show you wishes in any of my story..?

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