Ishq Subhan Allah 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara learns about Kabir and Ruksar’s marriage

Ishq Subhan Allah 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begins with Kabir and Zara having dreamy romance by the lake side.. teasing each other and having close moments, fun and masti. The BG song plays…’Karam khudaya hai…”

Kabir decides to tell Zara about his nikah with Ruksar.

Ruksar gets call by courier that her courier had arrived from Dubai. Ruksar asks them to deliver between 8-9 PM. Ruksar plans that this morning belonged to Zara but the night will belong to her. Ruksar wonders if Kabir will reveal or will it be Ruksar herself!!

Kabir and Zara reach a restaurant where Kabir has booked the entire place to give then some privacy. Zara is thrilled. He is overwhelmed to see all her favorite dishes ordered by Kabir. Kabir fulfills Zara’s wish that she wanted to eat at restaurant with her husband.

She is happy she has now got all her wishes n dreams fulfilled. She is now scared if these moments will remain all her life and will never be broken. She gets happy tears.

Zara hopes her walima will get over peacefully with the grace of the lord.

She dreams of their second honeymoon. She starts dreaming of their togetherness, closeness.

Kabir is unable to reveal about his marriage to Ruksar as he did not wish to spoil Zara’s happiness.

In the evening, they return home… Ruksar watches them and mutters about their momentary togetherness. She wants to see if Zara will still hold Kabir’s hand when she learns he was shared between Zara and Ruksar.

Ruksar is getting excited about revealing her nikah.

Zara is getting dressed up for waalima ritual. Kabir wants to discuss something important with Zara but she remains busy.

Zeenat and Reema escort beautiful Zara to waalima. Ruksar has applied mehendi and she winks at Kabir.. she shows him her mehendi… Soon Ruksar’s courier arrives. As she has mehendi on her hands, she asks Zara to open it and see.

Zara is shocked to see Kabir and Ruksar’s nikahnama.

Ruksar is happy to see her nikahnama arrive from Dubai. Every one else is stunned to hear this. Shahbaz reads out that nikahnama. Zara is rendered speechless.

Zara accuses Ruksar and throws her out of the house. Ruksar asks Zara to ask Kabir if he did nikah with her or not.

Precap: Zara is heart broken. She locks herself up. Kabir breaks open the door and all are shocked as they look inside.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. These evil ruksar. I hope Zara don’t believe her and that she is ready to listen to kabir so that he can explain everything . I love this couple

  2. Testing! Testing! lets see how much Mr.Kabir loves Zara Now!
    Mr.Kabir has to stand by Zara and against Ruksaar.
    Since Ruksaar chooses to ignore reality that Kabir was forced to marry her just to save her life ….. It’s like biting the fingers that feeds you.

  3. In all seriousness, writers…do you all think this is funny, bringing back Rukhsar with the same mindset and same goals? It’s hellishly boring…how cheesy it comes across with Rukhsar thinking that the night will be hers….she’s been through an almost at the hangman’s noose and hasn’t learnt to be grateful for life itself that she could dare to dream of conjugal rights?? Is that all she could think of? For all we know, she probably cooked up a grand conspiracy with Shabaaz, got Hamdan kidnapped just carry out her sick plan of marrying Kabir and to get to romp in the sack with him…is she this delusional, this demented, this psycho??? Rukhsar certainly doesn’t have the look of someone who lost her husband or had gone through a near death experience, she’s glowing, smiling conspiratorially to herself, who behaves like this?? As for Kabir… I just don’t understand, isn’t a nikkah a big deal? How come he could do this big thing and not ask his wife permission, he didn’t think everyone would ever get to know someday? What a stupid man, no brain at all, he couldn’t get a phone to call Zara to make this important decision? Rukhsar really did a good con job on Kabir, women really know how easy it is to fool a man, Kabir is proof. Maybe I wasted my time analyzing this but I just needed to vent a bit, it’s just my frustration speaking, not me. Sensationalism sells but where are all the previous viewers, nobody enjoys evil winning everytime…Hamdan, wherever you are, please show yourself, we are tired of Rukhsar…

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I truly hope Zara realises Kabeer cheated her happiness and goes back to her childhood love Raja Baja 😂

  5. I hope Zara leaves him with that evil wicked rukshar they belong together. He cheated on his wife!!! Again the writers don’t know what to write and they have the worse track in Indian serials!!!

  6. Leisa s morris

    Oh naz in all seriousness i truly wonder how ruksaar operates. Wat demented fragment of her mind does she see a. future with kabir? Even if zara was to let dis divide she and kabir does ruksaar really believe dat kabir will turn to her. He never luved her before now dat he luvs zara does she really expect dis smh. By telling zara and d family this she has let zara see dat she hasnt changed and she is not to b taken pity upon and now all gloves r off. Zara isnt weak yes she will b angry with kabir but she will never let ruksaar succeed in her plans. Ruksaar is goin to see d strenght of a woman who has her husbands luv and she will positively go crazy each nite zara and kabir retire to their room at nite. Cant wait for hamdeens return cause I truly believes he is still alive and dis murder was a big conspiracy. How can an officer tell u u have to b family related to try a case wen all u need is a damn gd lawyer and suggest marriage outta d blue. Some time in d not so distant future u would c ruksaar getting a call and it will b from hamdeen. Till then we have to bear dat trallop and let zara show her her rightful place and lack of rights where kabir is concerned.

    1. Rukhsar’s underestimating Kabir’s love for Zara, he loves her deeply, since the last court debacle, he’s grown to love her like crazy and Rukhsar’s gonna be sadly mistaken if she feels that just because Kabir married her, that he’d sleep with her… I hope those old geezers in the community doesn’t tell him that he has to consummate his marriage with Rukhsar…i put myself in her shoes and I think I’d want to sink in the earth if I have to beg a man to sleep with me… As it is, I’m enjoying the romance..while it lasts although I also believe that Zara is going to be closer to Kabir after this nikaah news hits, knowing her, she gets stronger everytime she’s faced with adversity…thats where her strength lies. I want Rukhsar to die with envy and everytime she sees Zara and Kabir going into their room… What a wretch!!! 👹👹

      1. Leisa s morris

        Yes shes truly underestimating kabirs love for zara and also zaras luv for kabir. She believes dat zara is gonna run from kabirs life after hearing bout their marriage leaving kabir all alone.for her to get her clutches into but she is in for a rude awakening and I cant wait to c how zara counterattack.all her.schemes. And shes gonna scheme cause its all she knows or can do cause if u have to beg a man like kabir for conjugal rights u gotta know somewhere in ur tiny brain dat he doesnt care a flick for u yet she playing blind. So b it time.for d games to begin.

    2. Lol… Yeah, all that was needed was a lawyer, a two by four lawyer would have been sufficient…..

  7. It seems like I missed a part of an episode where after Kabir married the witch Rukhsar, she sought help from the Qazi for Kabir to romp on the bed on the marital night….and the Qazi even gave permission… LMAO… Rukhsar Rukhsar…you have to be really low in self esteem that you had to beg Kabir to sleep with…and Kabir’s response was awesome, I saw her fall badly before his eyes when he made it abundantly clear that Zara is his life and everything that he owns, belongs to her…that means, including himself!! Now…. Rukhsar is about to live a loveless marriage and life with the man she had covetted all her life, I’m going to enjoy seeing her die inside, die a slow painful death, unless Hamdan resurfaces, her lesson should be as Kabir told her, she can’t get someone who never belonged to her in the first place…from time to time, she needs to be reminded of that.

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