Dil Hi Toh Hai 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Gita’s truth shocks Palak, Rithvik gets shattered and hurt

Dil Hi Toh Hai 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rithvik getting Gita’s big pic with a caption that you are your mother’s reflection, for you this is not a portrait, but a mirror. He gets shocked and tells Palak that Dad sent me my mom pic who left me. He says my dad said that I am exactly like my mum and says this is my mum Gita’s pic. Palak tries to pacify him. Aman and Rohit rushes inside with Setu and take him inside. Setu asks what happened? Palak says it is my mistake. Setu goes to bring water. Palak sees the portrait and is shocked. She recognizes Gita to be Vikrant’s mum. She picks the call. Gita asks her to inform him whatever is happening. She thinks Vikrant must have brought it and recalls the happenings. She recalls Gita asking her how much Rithvik hates her mum? She sees Gita’s call flashing again

and thinks everyone is planned by Gita. She asks everyone to take care of Rithvik and goes. Gita calls again. Watchman picks the call and says Vikrant Saheb left the phone. Vikrant comes back and takes his call. Gita scolds him and says anyone would have known about her. Vikrant says his phone is password protected. Gita says anyone can crack the code. Vikrant says I will reach home. Palak hears him and thanks Watchman for lying.

She comes home and sees Rithvik missing. Rithvik imagines his mum and asks why did she do this with him. Gita says you are my reflection and will leave Palak one day. Rithvik says I think I have become mad. He thinks I used to hate women and ruined many women lives. He says I got Palak now and is happy with her. He asks his mum not to trouble him. Palak comes and hears him, cries. Rithvik says I am not like my mum and don’t choose people. I am not like my mum and is not her reflection.

Vikrant talks to his girlfriend Navya and tells that he forgot his phone and big daddy scolded him. Gita comes to him. Vikrant says rithvik fought with his dad like you wanted. He says Rithvik is not having car and asks her to give him car by lucky draw or something. She says she has to think and asks him to make sure Palak meets her tomorrow.

Palak thinks Gita must got portrait kept there and thinks Dad can’t do this. Rithvik gets dream of his mum and pushes Palak off the bed. Palak falls down, gets up and hugs Rithvik. She tries to pacify him. Rithvik asks if she is fine? Palak hugs him. Hasi ban gaye plays…..She pacifies him and makes him sleep.

Palak calls Doctor. Rithvik says his wife has already checked him. Doctor says you shall agree with what your wife says. Rithvik says you seem to be experienced. Doctor says everything is fine and asks them to be relaxed. He asks Palak to give medicines to him. He comes out and tells Palak that Rithvik reacted seeing his mum’s pic and says don’t know what will happen if she comes infront of him. She has left a big impact on his mind. Palak says ok.

Mamta tells Sanchi that VP did drama and called Palak characterless, and says Rishabh didn’t stop him. Sanchi acts and blames herself. Mamta says it is not your mistake. Servant comes and says Palak came. Mamta asks him to send her inside. Palak comes there and talks to Mamta. Mamta says she will come and see Rithvik. Sanchi gets up and says she will come with them. Mamta says your leg is not well, and asks her to rest. Palak shares with mamta about Rithvik’s nightmare about Gita. Mamta says thank god that lady is out of his life. She asks them to go on a holiday. Palak doesn’t tell her about Gita being her boss. Vikrant messages Palak. Palak tells Mamta that her boss wants to meet her. Mamta asks her to go. Vikrant tells Gita that he will go and talk to Navya.

Palak comes to meet Gita. Gita asks why did she come late. Palak says why you call me to work at home and says I would like to call from office. Gita says you was not in office. Palak says my husband is much unwell. Gita says I heard that your father in law had ruined the party. Palak says it is a misunderstanding. My father in law’s first wife was a gold digger and left him and 8 year old Rithvik for money. She asks her to imagine how cheap she was. Gita is hurt.

Manjeet asks Palak to help her in her business. Palak says Rithvik can help you. Manjeet gets Gita’s son wedding planning work. Palak gets tensed. Rithvik is coming there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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