HATE ? REALLY (A RagSan Fanfiction) Chapter 31

Sanskar was busy looking at his laptop working something. He felt Ragini walking towards him.

“Give me” he forwarded his hand without looking up and Ragini looked at him confused. “What?” asked she hiding the letter behind her. “Your resignation letter sweetheart” he winked at her. She was shocked as he understood she was here with the resignation letter.

“Why do you think I will resign the job?” she maintained the serious look hiding the panic emotion.

“Because that’s what you know darling. Running away. Not strong enough to face what life offers you. Instead run from it and cry over it. You have been doing this from the time I don’t know. But I have witnessed it from the day you faced the bitter truth Laksh did not love you. Did you give him back for playing with your feelings? No. You have done it when you accepted their marriage and did everything you could to bring them together but when people blamed you for trying to break the marriage what did you do? You accepted the blames. Then people kept hurting you what did you do? You stood not fighting. Now also when your life is throwing challenges at you what are you doing? I can’t expect anything new from you” he played with the pen and looked at her.

She crushed the envelop in her hand. She gave him a tight smile. “For your kind info Mr. Maheshwari” she placed her hand on the file. “I came here for this” she picked the file and walked to her table hiding the envelop and placed it inside her bag.

Sanskar smirked looking at her. At least it worked. He relaxed his fast beating heart.

“By the way Ragini forgot to tell you” he dragged her attention when she was analyzing the file. She looked up to find him near her desk.

“Evening there is a party in Maheshwari Mansion” she narrowed her eyebrows. “So?” she asked casually. “Anyways there will be so many kids in the party so I thought there should be the section where they will get blown balloons. And who better than can do that job” he cocked his eyebrows and she fumed listening to him.

“Oh why are you praising me for your job. Who is better than me? Of course you” she gave him a tight smile. Nodding her head she looked back into the files.

“Badi maa told me to invite you to attend the party then. Actually my intention was to give you the same job” he folded his lips. She rolled her eyes. “Please convey my thanks to Annapurna aunty. But sorry I have some other plans for the evening” she said and Sanskar narrowed his eyebrows.

“What other plans?” he asked impatient. “Why should I tell you? You are my boss till the office timing Mr. Maheshwari. And beyond that what I do is none of your business” she did not looked at him. His ego was hurt at this. He closed his fist and Ragini smirked enjoying it.

She shuddered when his hand banged on her table scaring the hell out of her. “And if it has to do with your temporary fiance then remember the best laid plans go astray. I don’t think you wanna test me on that” he smirked sending shivers down her spine.

While she was still in the trance looking into his dark eyes her phone buzzed. She jerked and took out her phone. Sanskar moved his gaze to look at her phone screen which flashed a name flaring his nostrils. She pressed the green button on the screen to answer the call and in next moment Sanskar snatched it.

“What the hell Sanskar give me back my phone” she cried. Rudra narrowed his eyes hearing her voice. “I had told you many a times you are not allowed to attend the calls in the office. Forgot? And for the fact why don’t you instead talk to people when you are at home in the night instead eating my head full night? See still I have the headache of last night. You did not disconnect the call until it was past 3” he spoke a bit loudly and Ragini looked at him confused.

She was about to snatch the phone when Sanskar pressed the red button to disconnect the call. She grabbed it finally and sighed looking at the screen which was the home screen. “When did I spoke last night?” she looked at him. “Er. Was I hallucinating?” he asked scratching his head.

Ragini rolled her eyes. She sat in her place keeping the phone back in her bag. Sanskar walked back to his place and sat looking at her. A wide smile appeared on his face when he saw the unexpected but not surprising guest outside his cabin.

Ragini stared at her watch and closed the files and packed her bag and was about to leave. She found Sanskar standing beside her. She gave him a confused look.

“In all the mess I forgot to tell you very important issue” he had a serious expression on his face.

“What?” she asked him standing up. “Ramduari was missing…” before he could complete Ragini hugged him and shivered and that made Sanskar smirk. “You” he completed the sentence and looked at Rudra who was standing shocked looking at them.

Sanskar rubbed Ragini’s back and his smirk deepened looking at Rudr. Rudra’s face was emitting fire and he closed his fist tightly. ‘And when I say you are mine. You truly are mine Ragini by hook or by crook’ he spoke in his mind dragging her more near to himself. ‘And when I come on destroying someone’s plan I don’t leave a stone upturned’ he twitched his lips.

“I told you. You are going to get used to my hug” he whispered huskily and Ragini curled her toes feeling his hot breath over her shoulder. She slowly dragged herself away and ran from there holding her bag.

Sanskar smiled looking at her and caressed his hair. Ragini was walking fast and collided with Rudr who was near the gate. “Rudr ji” she spoke nervously looking at him. “I was about to come inside. You did not pick up the call and it was getting late” he said concerned.

Sanskar who was behind Ragini looked at him confused. Why was he telling a lie. As per his plan Rudr should have been angry. Though his eyes had the fire his gesture was calm more precisely cold.

“I…” she fumbled to speak. “That’s fine. Let’s leave” he said and flung his hand across Ragini’s shoulder. Sanskar fumed looking this while Ragini looked at his hand which was at her shoulder with a tight grip.

“Mr. Rudr” Sanskar stopped his step and Rudr’s grip over Ragini tightened. He turned and looked at Sanskar confused. “Actually I had given the invitation to Ragini of tonight’s party at Maheshwari Mansion. She wanted to come but she said you will not like it” Sanskar looked innocent and Ragini looked at him shocked.

“I think if you give her the permission to attend it she will be happy. Too much traditional she is” Sanskar nodded his head. ‘What the hell is he talking’ Ragini looked at him confused.

“If that’s the case” Rudr turned to Ragini giving her a smile. “I don’t think you mind to accommodate me with her?” Rudr turned to Sanskar.

“No my taklu Bade Papa is too much Kanjoos. He has ordered the buffet counting the numbers and one less. You don’t know him. He is a freaky money minded person” Sanskar shook his head faking helplessness. “Oh then make it minus two. I will take my fiance on a dinner date after the party” he smiled at Sanskar and that word really made his anger burst.

“Sure” Sanskar smiled weakly and Rudr walked from there along with Ragini.

“It wasn’t necessary. I don’t like going there” Ragini said while she sat beside Rudr in his jeep. Rudra gave her an assuring smile. “You don’t need to change your likes for me Ragini. And I think you need a makeover to attend the party” said Rura and ignited the engine.


Sanskar was looking at the door. The evening was just started to end and welcome the night. Maheshwari Mansion was decorated with the sparkling lights.

The guests were arriving and waiting for the showstopper of the party. Mr. Durgaprasad Maheshwari and Mrs. Annapurna Durgaprasad Maheshwari. They were celebrating the 35th anniversary of their marriage.

Sanskar smiled at the guests and then his gaze used to move towards the entrance. Swara walked down the stairs dangling her hands with Laksh. She was wearing a transparent Sari. “I had told you don’t wear something to infuriate my family” Laksh whispered in her ears and wore a smile looking at the crowd.

“As if I care. I did not marry you to change myself” she tightly smiled while whispering. “One minute darling” Laksh unlocked his hand from her hold and walked towards the bar. Swara who was annoyed looked at the people and wore the smile back.

Sanskar mocked looking at her and her nostrils flared up.

Sanskar walked to her and handed her a glass of juice. “tchu tchu… Bhabi. You are standing alone? Where is your pati parameshwar who fought the world for you?” Sanskar asked faking sadness.

Swara fumed crossing her arms. “Ah. I forgot. The Laksh Maheshwari’s mind got enlightened too late and he realized oh damn it wasn’t worth fighting” Sanskar gave her a sorry look and Swara rolled her eyes.

“I pity you Bhabi. The night is young and you are all alone. Not just for this night but for the rest of your life” Sanskar looked at her with pity.

“Awww. Jeth ji. Don’t forget you got the same fate. You are also going to stay alone all your life and I will make sure of it” she smiled at him mocking.

“All the best Bhabi. I know none has chance when it is me. But still I’m gonna have fun proving you this” he smirked and walked away leaving Swara to grit her teeth.

As he turned his gaze towards the entrance he found Ragini walking.

His heart beat just galloped looking at her new makeover. And then his gaze moved to the person who was walking beside her. Rudra smirked looking at Sanskar when their eyes met.

“Hello Mr. Maheshwari” he greeted Sanskar and Sanskar gave a weak smile.  The party began and all were enjoying it. It was the time for dance. Rudr and Ragini stood at the corner and watched all the couples. Swara walked to them. She insisted Rudra to dance with Ragini but he said he doesn’t dance. Ragini smiled at him.

After some time Sanskar walked to them. “Such beautiful night and you have a gorgeous partner Mr. Rudra and you are spoiling the night” he complained. “May I have the pleasure dancing with this beautiful lady?” he forwarded his hand towards Ragini and she jerked. She looked at Rudr. He nodded his head smiling.

Sanskar smirked and dragged her along with him holding her hand.

Aap ki kashish….Sarfarosh hai
Aapka nasha yu madhosh hai
Kya kahe tumse jaane jaa gum hua hosh hai

He smiled looking into her eyes and she shivered as his touch arouse thousand feelings inside her.

He smiled dragging her along. But suddenly Ragini felt a hand on her other hand. It was Rudra who smiled at her and dragged her towards him and she slipped out Sanskar’s hold

Aap ki kashish Sarfarosh hai
Aap ka nasha yun madhosh hai
Kya kahe tum se jaane jaa gum hua hosh hai…..

He moved with the music and gently handled her.  Sanskar closed his fist looking at them. Ragini smiled nervously at Rudra who was gently twirling her.

Swara mocked Sanskar

Duba rahu sada tere khayalo me uljha rahu sada tere sawal me
Tere bina kahi abb na karar hai Jaan e man tujhpe tho jaan bhi nisaar hai

He dragged her towards him and she landed on his chest and he moved with the music.

Jaan ye jaana maine Jaana tu mera diwana

Naa meri khatab na mera dosh hai Aap ka nasha yu madhosh hai.
Kya kahe tumse yeh jaane jaa gum hua hosh hai.

Rudr’a phone ringed and he excused himself and walked away and Ragini stood there and suddenly felt a hand and a possessive grip which she instantly recognized.

Teri adaavo ka jaadu jo chal gaya
Diwana mai hua dil machal gaya

He moved his finger on her cheek sensuously and she closed her eyes feeling helpless because it was increasing a craving in her heart and she did not knew what kind of feeling it was.

Halka dhua utha mausam badal gaya
Roshan hua jahan parvana jal gaya.

She closed his mouth and nodded her head in a no painfully looking into his eyes.

He twirled her and hugged her from back and moved with the music
Jaagi re jaagi mai soi teri hi yaado me mai khoyi

He twirled her again and locked her hands with his and moved with the music.

Abb mera jaha teri aghosh hai. Aapka nasha yun madhosh hai…
Kya kahe tum se jaane jaa gum hua hosh hai…gum hua hosh hai

And the music paused and all clapped looking at them. It was evident that they were perfect for each other.

Rudra squeezed his mobile in his hand looking at their closeness.

Ragini who came back to her senses looked around and ran from there feeling guilty. Guilt for nourishing those feelings for Sanskar while she was going to get married to Rudr. She felt a hand over her shoulder. She turned and hugged the person. “I’m sorry.. I’m really sorry” she sobbed.

“Sorry for what?” her eyes opened wide when she realized whom she hugged. She dragged herself away and stood lowering her head.

He moved and lifted her head holding her chin. “Ragini” she looked into his eyes. “I will never wish to bind you to me. You are free to do what you like. I love you but at the same time I trust you” he squeezed his eyes and Ragini looked at him emotionally. She was doing so wrong. And he was making her feel it. And she was failing when she was trying to control her feelings.

She smiled and placed her head on his chest and Rudra rubbed her shoulder to relax her. She remembered her mother’s warning last night when she caught Ragini coming home after meeting Sanskar. “You still have Ragini to think about your decision. And to fulfill your Dadi’s dreams don’t kill your dreams” she remembered Sumi’s words and tightened her grip. Rudra could sense her emotions.

“I think we should wish Annapurna aunty and DP uncle” she said tucking her hair behind her ear. “You wish and come back I will wait here” he said and she nodded her head and walked inside.

“Great” Rudra heard a voice. “You can give equal competition in case of Mahanta to Ragini I must say” Rudra smiled when he recognized the voice.

“Oh finally you agreed we are made for each other. Don’t you Mr. Maheshwari” Rudra mocked as he turned to face Sanskar.

Sanskar laughed at his remark. “Yeah right. Most disastrous” he nodded his head. “Oh no no. You are plain J bro. You know we have no competition” Rudra smiled proudly.

“Of course till the time I don’t come into picture and change the way her heart beats and make you feel that she is and will be affected by my presence. Sadly you can’t do it” Sanskar chuckled.

“I like it. Anyways without challenges even my life was plain. Now it will be fun to whisk her away just below your nose” Rudra smirked.

“Dreaming is good ACP but  then at the end of the day she is going to be Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari just in front of your eyes” Sanskar chuckled deepening his smirk.

Rudra fumed looking at him. Ragini walked to them and stood confused. Rudra flung his hand around her shoulder surprising her. “Dreams come true Mr. Maheshwari. It was a nice evening. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful host” he squeezed Sanskar’s hand while handshaking.

Sanskar tightened his hold to smiling. “Pleasure was all mine” he had a cocky smile while gazing at Ragini. She lowered her eyes and Rudra walked from there along with her.

“You got really a hard competitor this time Mr. ACP. I fight till the end of the second. And I will win this for sure” Sanskar spoke in his mind.

“And I don’t give up till the end of the second plus a nanosecond when I know the game plan Mr. Billionaire.” Rudra smirked walking out of the gate.

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