Ishq Subhan Allah 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ruksaar jealous of Kabir and Zara

Ishq Subhan Allah 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara gets Kabir’s message and tells family that he is bringing Ruksaar back, she is safe. She tells it to Zeenat too, Zeenat runs and says to Amaan that your aunt is coming back, Zeenat hugs Zara and says your dream got fulfilled.
All are at airport waiting for Ruksaar and Kabir. Ruksaar and Kabir comes out. All rush to them. Shahbaz hugs Kabir but Kabir keeps looking at Zara. Zeenat hugs Ruksaar. Zara runs and hugs Kabir tightly. All meet Ruksaar, Zeenat says Kabir and Zara did everything to bring you here, they both brought here, God keep them together always. Zara asks Kabir how is he? he asks how is she? Zara says I am good to see you, you are superman, I am so proud that I am your wife, Kabir says I am proud of you too as you are my wife. Ruksaar says me too. Kabir

shakes his head. Ruksaar says I mean wont you hug me Zara? Zara hugs her and says I am happy to see you. Ruksaar looks at Kabir and says I brought my happiness here, she thinks that now I have license on Kabir, I have same rights as Zara.

Scene 2
At house, all are enjoying in ceremony. Zara stands beside Kabir and holds his hand, Kabir smiles. Zara dances, Kabir claps. Zara smiles at him and keeps holding his hand. Ruksaar sees it and recalls her nikah with Kabir, she gets jealous. Zeenat asks Ruksaar to pray and donate things to poor. Ruksaar sees Kabir and Zara about to leave but she stops Kabir and says I want to talk to you, come to me Kabir. Ayesha says whats the matter? Ruksaar says Kabir put life in danger to save me too so he should donate too, I will take these things to him. Zara takes things from her and says you are right, he should donate. Kabir says no as he doesnt believe in all that but Zara makes him touch things. Zara says to Kabir that come in room, I will see you. Zeenat asks Ruksaar to touch things, Ruksaar does. Zeenat says to family that biggest happiness is that Zara and Kabir’s marriage will start again, we did mehndi so we will do all remaining rituals. Zeenat hugs Kabir and Zara and says I am so thankful to you both, we will make your rituals more entertaining. Ruksaar thinks why Zeenat is taking their side? Zara says I pray no one or any problem comes inbetween us now.

Kabir is on balcony and recalls his nikah with Ruksaar. Kabir says I should tell her but she is so happy and I dont want to snatch it, Zara calls him and says I got to know one thing.. that you are hiding something. Kabir gets scared. Zara says I am waiting for you, I didnt spend enough time with you.
Kabir comes to his room, he sees Zara talking to his clothes in cupboard. Zara says I am so happy that you are back. Kabir looks at her, Zara pulls him closer, Kabir lifts her in his arms, Zara says these 3 days were like 3 years, I missed you so much, he puts her down. Zara takes off his shoes and says you have reached another level of love, you had to leave but my priest is back so we will celebrate now. Zara brings a safe box and asks him to break it, Kabir breaks it. Zara says I used to put coins when I would do a good deed, I was waiting for a right time, this money will go to take off evil eye from our love. Kabir is sad. Zara says you are happy right? did you miss me? I know you didnt miss me, she pushes him away but he hugs her from behind and says I missed you every second and every moment, can I talk about something else? Zara says no I want to talk about us and our marriage only, our marriage, our divorce ending, I got your love after so much time, I am so happy, I can scream that you are back. Zara hugs him tightly but he is tensed. Ayesha calls out to Zara, Kabir says listen to me. Zara says I am coming in a bit, she leaves.
Kabir thinks how to tell truth to Zara? Kabir’s image that you wont tell Zara truth? you wanted to tell everything so what now? Kabir says I am scared that she is so happy and loves me so much, I cant hurt her, I will tell her when divorce timeline ends. Kabir’s image says what if Ruksaar tells family that she married you?

PRECAP- In Kabir and Zara’s function, Ruksaar comes there all dressed up. Ayesha says woman whose husband is dead shouldnt get dressed up, please wear this simple dress. Ruksaar asks Kabir what should she wear? Kabir is stunned. All look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I don’t trust this zeenat. I know this all is her plan. She and ruksaar plans this all

  2. im so angry about kabir´s decition, to marry rukhsa!!!!
    I hate Rukhsa……..she thinks now she have rights on him.
    i hate this twist!!!!!!
    poor Zara, she is so innocent.

  3. I dislike those evil sisters!!!! I’m hoping the marriage between Kabeer and Rukhsar is invalid but then again this show writers does not value the audience views. I’m feel for Zara but she should divorce Kabeer for what he did. Zara should wish him all the happiness with that evil witch and leave there. The only once that appreciate her his Ayesha and Alina. The rest can’t see Zara with Kabeer.

  4. Like I’ve said before, Rukhsar’s gonna ask for her conjugal rights…. I’m not looking forward to seeing Zara learn that Kabir married Rukhsar but she look for this, she’s always too damn forgiving, didn’t she learn anything from previous experiences with Rukhsar? So what will Kabir do now? No one can force a man to sleep with a woman he doesn’t love!! Sigh…. I bet both sisters are on in this conspiracy, aided and abetted by the sickening Shabaaz. I seen a huge storm in the horizon, don’t know how Zara is going to handle this!!

  5. Leisa s morris

    I’ve been reading updates and swore I wouldnt say anyting but I swear dis ruksaar gets on my very last nerves. D blinking man married u to save ur dotish life yet u tryna romanticize it. Im seriously doubting hamdeen is dead u know. As someone pointed out in flashback his face wasnt seen and his parents waited for just d lst minute to stop d execution, maybe im wrong but holding on to dat as one way kabir can get outta dis marriage. Nxt ting y cant he just give tilak as he did with zara or is there a waiting period for dat too. Plus im sure ruksaar would use zaras words against her in dis too bout men shouldnt b able to divorce wives so easily despite d situation and reason for said marriage. One more ting I dont understand if zara and kabir r in d process of remarrying each other y is there still talk bout last divorce. I was led to believe dat once a husband doesnt want divorce again then its stop and if dats not d case once husband becomes intimate with wife all divorce ends so even if dey havent gotten intimate as yet y dont dey and put an end to dis divorce ting once and for all. Or r dey gonna say zara is no longer his legal wife and thus ruksaar is hmmm u never know with these crazy ass writers. Dey change rules and religion in order to showcase wat dey want wen d reality is someting totally different.

  6. LOL. Now it is becoming a typical indian soap opera. Isn’t the show also to explore religious themes which were more interesting to view, no?

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