Bepannah 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Harsh sends Wasim to jail

Bepannah 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya and Zoya part and look at Vatsal. Aditya and Vatsal know each other and greet each other. He tells Zoya that he is his childhood friend. He works in TV. He used to save us just like this in childhood like he saved today. Vatsal looks at Zoya from top to toe. She is in a bridal dress? Aditya shares that she is his Zoya. Zoya smiles. Ishita comes running there in concern. Are you guys ok? Vatsal introduces his wife to Aditya and Zoya. Aditya thanks them again.

Wasim scolds the same guy (who he was earlier talking on phone with) for not doing the work properly. The guy tells him they cannot rush in such work. It will take time. Wasim agrees to pay someone else for the same job if he cannot do it. Just let me know. The guy asks for an hour’s time. Wasim gives in. He ends the call and thinks

Aditya’s countdown begins now. He will have to pay for the insult he has done to me!

Aditya has told his story to Vatsal and Ishita. They are touched by his story. Vatsal advises them never to feel guilty for loving each other. Ishita seconds him. Only a few people get blessed with love. You both got luck the second time. Who else can understand it better than you guys? Zoya agrees. Our families are not willing to accept our relation. Vatsal is sure they will agree once Aditya and Zoya get married. Aditya looks at Zoya. Ishita shares that they are going to celebrate their first anniversary in a different style today. We will take pheras again and rekindle the vows. Why don’t you guys get married in the same mandap? Zoya does not want to ruin their special day. Ishita does not mind. It will just make it all the more special. I really think you guys deserve a grand wedding so God made us meet you guys. We will help you realise it. Vatsal tells Aditya and Zoya not to think too much or they will lose this chance too.

Harsh looks at the car and recognizes. It is Aditya’s car! Are Aditya and Zoya fine? Inspector shares that they don’t have details. Anjana scolds them for not bringing Aditya safely. Harsh assures her Aditya is fine. Anjana says someone certainly wants to kill my son. Arjun tells her to calm down. Let police do their job. Inspector asks them if there is someone who has enmity with Aditya. Anjana takes Wasim’s name. Arjun and Harsh are taken aback. How can you blame someone like that? Anjana reasons that Wasim has a motive. Let police find out the rest. He asks her if she understands what she is saying but Inspector demands to know the reason. Harsh keeps correcting Anjana’s side of story. Wasim’s anger can be the motive. Harsh insists they cannot send someone to jail on the basis of what can be. She rebukes him from taking Wasim’s side. Harsh gives in. He tells Inspector to do a thorough search. Arjun ends up saying what Wasim said before Zoya and Aditya left Siddiqui House. Harsh and Anjana look at him in shock. What did he say? Arjun tells them Wasim’s exact words. Harsh turns to Inspector. Motive and witness are in front of you. Go and arrest Wasim Siddiqui. Inspector nods and leaves. Anjana tries Aditya’s number but in vain. She cries. I hope he is fine. Harsh comforts her. Arjun is in thoughts.

Zoya thanks Ishita for doing so much for them. Ishita says we can do this much for you. Everyone claps as Vatsal and Ishita enter with Aditya and Zoya. Ishita thanks their friends for the arrangements. Vatsal introduces Aditya and Zoya to everyone. We will get them married today. Aditya smiles looking at Zoya who is smiling shyly to herself. Everyone congratulate the couple. Hina is surprised to see Zoya there. Zoya hugs her friend. Zoya introduces Aditya to Hina as her everything. I left my home. Hina is excited for them. What’s the plan? Vatsal tells them that they plan to get the couple married. Hina blesses the couple. I have to leave but you have my blessings. Do not delay though. They decide to dance to celebrate.

Wasim and Roshnaq are sleeping. Their sleep is disturbed by the doorbell. Wasim opens the door and is greeted by police. Inspector shows him an arrest warrant for an attempt to murder of Aditya. Wasim calls it a misunderstanding. He reads the warrant.

Vatsal takes the mike and thanks everyone for making this day extra special. Hina dances on Khwab Dekhe Jhuthe Moothe.

Noor and Roshnaq come to police station but are greeted by Harsh instead. Harsh tells Inspector to put Wasim in jail. Wasim asks him what his crime is. Harsh says you tried to kill my son; you threatened him openly in front of everyone. Wasim says what you are saying. Harsh reasons that he couldn’t take it that his daughter left him on her own. You stooped so low. You were the one who sent that truck to hurt Aditya and Zoya! Roshnaq panics. Where are they? Are they fine? Inspector shares that they haven’t found them or any clue yet. He points at a few things that they retrieved from the car. Roshnaq cries holding the dupatta.

A hoodie man is standing in a corner. Vatsal proposes romantically to Ishita. The hoodie guy looks at Aditya and Zoya. Ishita puts a ring around Vatsal’s finger. I promise I will love you till the end of my life! They share a hug. Vatsal invites Aditya and Zoya on stage. You are about to embark on this journey for the first time while we have done it already. Zoya notices the hoodie guy but he mixes in the crowd. She gets thinking.

Precap: Another TV Star performs at the function. Aditya and Zoya dance on Khuda Jaane. The hoodie guy is trying to cut loose the rope attached to the truss which is right above the stage. The truss starts falling. Zoya notices it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Neha1

    Wasim in jail…Harsh sent him jail….and AdiYa enjoyed….That Hoodie Person enter the venue with knife…. Zoya notice that hoodie guy…
    And Precap…The truss starts falling on AdiYa…but will get saved for sure…
    Waiting for 2mrrow episode..

  2. Neha1

    Arjun agreed with Anjana that Wasim had a motive to kill Adi but I worried that it will now definitely effect the ArNoor relationship…as Arjun too said that Wasim threatened Aditya…
    Anyway, I know Wasim is upto something but I don’t think he will harm his own daughter but knew that how much he hates Aditya…so definitely Wasim is upto something….

  3. Seems like waseem got nothing to do with the car crash. He might be planning something else but not this accident. Loved the scene where adi carried her and swirled while dancing. Chemistry is lit ! Who is behind all these car crash and truss falling accidents.
    Waiting for 2mrw.

    1. Neha1

      Not *Tunde, it’s Tumse

  4. A new villain entry or sent by someone else??
    Still confusing who is behind adiya and what wasim want to do in 1hr( seems like wasim may be not)
    There is many guest appearence in this 3 episode.
    By the way jenshad is best
    Their expression together is complementing each other😀😀😀

  5. what u guys think at this high voltage drama adiya marriage happen or not?i know in dramas marriage won’t happen easily..but past two weeks they promoting adiya marriage i got tempted to it..expectation level become higher..i hope atleast misunderstanding won’t arise between them..i want them to fight all hurdles together in their life…that is true love na…

    1. I don’t think Adiya will get married. There’s a lot going on besides I think Adi will want Harsh & Arjun there, and Roshnaq with Noor if they can make it. I think this relationship is way too strong to be rocked by misunderstandings. I see Zoya the most likely to walk away for Adi’s betterment than because of a misunderstanding.

  6. Anju5u

    I don’t Want any cameo or anything By others in bepanaah… .I will b more happy to Watch adi n zoya’s dance or their story moving Ahead Than watching any other celebrities Dancing….😐😐 Just my opinion …. loved It when zoya said adi is her everything … 😉😉 Let’s c what we have ahead….🤔🤔🤔 Waiting for khuda jaane 😍😍 n thanks Pooja 😇

    1. I agree who vex loss 😀

    2. Unfortunately, our show is not doing well in trp’s, so they’re trying to promote it. It’s sad that this trip is more important than anything else, such as the storyline. If it doesn’t increase, I don’t what will happen, I shudder to think about it. I’m stressed out every Thursday when it comes out.

      1. 10:30 pe Hain, how can any hostler/ students/ employees see? Almost all of us see updated and on boot. No trps

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Haddd hai serial walon ki bhi… Udhar Aditya and zoya shadi krne ki tyiayri me hai, or idhar jail jaao abhiyan chalu hai😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

    2. So last week attack is done by may be anjana to frame wasim😑😑😑😑

    3. I hope arjun and noor ki life na ulaj jjaaye iss sab me…

  8. Maybe it’s arshad taking revenge

  9. I’m not letting my opinion be carried away by promos ,prefer stick to watching the serial and comment.

    Not sure if it’s Wasim behind the truck incident.

    That doesn’t stop me from thinking of him as a heartless rat 😡

    Too much dialogue in this episode ☹

    Where is Evelyn these days ?

    Neha you go girl ,keep us posted 😃
    Eri I see like you’re quite happy with the episodes, not much comment these days 😁😁😁

  10. The villain is Anjana. She has to do with the car crash

  11. Today I didn’t see a Bepannaah episode but a Colors Tv show. Do they really believe this show needs celebrities to increase trp? We need the story to progress, and by story I don’t mean Adiya scenes, but the real one.
    Today they ruined the story line, after a beautiful epi on friday they gave us this. What happened to Adiya staying at Zosh office??? Aditya and Zoya were all decked up, were did they get the clothes, Adi’s suitcase is Mery Popins bag maybe. After all the painful last hours, now they are ready to celebrate like nothing happened? I am sorry but I don’t like this. All the beauty in the hiding from Rajvir episodes was the semplicity, just two people alone in a hut talking to each other, there was barely any commodity but feelings were real, there was no need for scene lights to see it, all this beautifying of them is not necessary as per my opinion.
    Regarding Wassim I don’t think he is the one creating troubles for them, but yes he is taking care of Zosh Event property papers. If if connect the happenings with Mr Iqbal interview were he said that Wassim is a over protective father but not a obsessed one i don’t think he can go to the extend of hurting his own daughter physically.
    And the same with Anjana, she hates Zoya but won’t do something that will put Adi’s life at risk.
    And we can see that they both will risk to get injured on that stage, so a third one is responsible for this.
    It is from some time that something is bothering me. Has been a lot of talk about death lately. In Wassim’s confrontation with Adi, in Zoya’s words to Adi, the course Arshad’s mother gave to Zoya. Arch has mentioned earlier to, their love can result same as Romeo and Juliet, impossible.
    If the terrible duo has really killed Poosh they will pay for it some day. And the highest price a parent can pay is the life of they children. I really,really hope they won’t end up killing their own children at the end due to their madness. This is a very dark thought of mine i know but i can’t help it. It gave me this feeling.🤐😬

    1. I myself get the same feeling that one may die☹

      When it comes to Aditya i get the feeling of Jack on the Titanic.

  12. I didn’t want to comment today but couldn’t refrain myself…not out of excitement but due to sheer boredom…well I have a few points :
    1. Who wants to see celebrities dance?🤔
    2. The episode looked more like ‘dance deewane’!!!!😡
    3. Cant we ever have a normal marriage in Indian TV serials without deadly twists n turns!!!!😐
    4. I never knew my joke about turning Zoya into a ‘snakewoman’ will manifest like this!!! Read weekly spoilers that I have posted below to understand better:-
    Oct 2 : Adiya dance.Chandilier falls on them but they escape unhurt.
    Oct 3 : Adiya’s wedding rituals start. There is a ‘SNAKE’ inside Zoya’s Garland!!! (Pls who the hell are the writers of this serial. You cross all limits of stupidity n expect to get trp…how can a snake fit inside a wedding Garland!!!!)..Adi notices n removes the garland n gets bitten by snake
    Oct 4 : Zoya sucks out snake poison from Adi’s hand and tries to wake him up…so half marriage again😡😡😡😡😡…n ppl who write spoilers are also very smart…Hooda family shocked to find Adiya married…caution : don’t be happy…this statement ends with a question mark😡😡😡😡😡
    TRP is never gonna increase if this shit is true…I m sorry!!!

    1. Sorry messed up the dates !!! These are spoilers for Oct 3,4,5…today nothing significant expected!!!!🙄

    2. Neha1

      Yes @Arch, spoiler is not good that we(fan’s) expected for…Snake in Garland…like really… height of stupidity…
      Why makers always disappointing us for not letting AdiYa married once and for all… they’re getting married bit by bit as if they’re paying an installment.
      I know that makers entered Celebrities in the show and their performance…all was looking like a Dance show…but still I’m ok with this as I thought AdiYa were happy from that sad and disappointing atmosphere… and having a good time…but all this was not appreciable as ultimately we don’t know if AdiYa will get married or not… still in questions..
      And that too Zoya suck that poison from Adi’s hand… not liking it…and how will Trp increase if makers will show such stupidity…
      “Writing ke naam pe, Kuch bhi likh dete hai Writers”…

  13. Neha1

    I know some fan’s didn’t like other’s stars/Celebrities Entries in Bepanaah…. but I think it’s good coz through Ishita-Vatsal’s Entry atleast AdiYa marriage will take place and if somehow marriage didn’t happened then atleast AdiYa Enjoyed this time as they already went through so much….they really need a change from those sad and disappointing atmosphere… And..don’t know about others but I always want that whenever AdiYa become together, there has to be a Celebration, to Celebrate their Love….❤💑😍😘and it’s exactly is happening right now….So, I’m Happy..👏😍😍😃
    And from Yesterday’s episode…. there’re many scenes which I liked…. and I like this one too…When Hina learnt that AdiYa left their homes to stay/live together as their Parents won’t agree to their relationship…. I like that Excitement….
    And @Eri, I don’t think that Makers will show this as Romeo-Juliet’s story…otherwise no one’s will watch the show as Many Fan’s want AdiYa to be together always and whatever hurdles come in their ways they will sort it out together…
    And according to @Arch, She earlier mentioned that the story of Bepanaah will showcase the story of post married life of AdiYa….
    Anyway, let’s see what makers has stored for us….and I agree that both Anjana and Wasim will not harm their own children….Well let’s see….till then I’m enjoying AdiYa’s Togetherness….💑👏💃😍😘

    1. @ Neha, Eri : After this ‘snake in wedding Garland’ twist I mistrust my own intuitions…I don’t know if Adiya are going to get married this week!!!🤔…n if they do they can still have a Romeo-Juliet ending…dying after marriage…well this death track will not come so soon though!!!!🤗
      But what I am more bothered about is the route which most serials take after killing off their leads – REINCARNATION!!!!😐…
      I sincerely hope our serial ends on a happy note sooner than being extended for a long period with these kinds of ‘NONSENSE’!!!!
      Well, coming back to this week’s track, if Adiya get married I will fall on my knees n start laughing..But friends, I am confused…on whom should I laugh?
      1. On Adi who will get up after being bitten by a snake n complete marriage rituals.
      2. On Zoya who will be unharmed even after sucking out snake poison n complete marriage rituals keeping her fears aside
      3. ON MYSELF who keeps watching this garbage hoping for better tracks to come?
      I think option 3 is [email protected]😂😂😂😂

      1. Neha1

        Hehehe 😜😛
        I agree with you @Arch… Again cliche twists…I too get bored of this nonsense…
        But I really want that atleast AdiYa get married…else it will be more worse for both of them as both the parents are against their relationship…and we are waiting since long to see AdiYa together..
        I too prefer option 3..😞

  14. @Eri zoya thanked for jewels and dress to vatshel and ishita…even i felt the ep was little artificial…hmm waiting for adiya performances today…

    1. Then sorry it was my mistake, this is the risk of watching a show relying only on updates 😆

  15. Neha1

    Atleast with these Celebrities Entries, AdiYa having good time apart from all the Tensions behind….smiling, dancing, love seems in their eyes for each other…

  16. Neha1

    And Yeah, I too agree that AdiYa deserves “Dhoom-Dhadaka” waali Wedding…👏💃😍😘😃

  17. Don’t bother about Jio TV spoilers…last week they said they would spend the night in zosh events, which wasn’t true…further Iqbal Azad confirmed that adiya are married in his recent interview,.so finally adiya will be married….why bother so much..we all knew celebs would be coming this week

  18. Like in Oct 2 spoiler it’s mentioned ki harsh goes to pounce station and accuses Waseem and Zoya sees some shadow..but that already happened in yesterday’s yeah toh galat hi nikla na spoiler..don’t worry guys, shaadi hai hafte hogi

    1. Neha1

      I too expecting that AdiYa’s marriage must happened either in this week or the next week…

  19. Neha1

    I love to watch AdiYa Dance but that Idiot guy will spoil my mood…The truss is about to fall and Zoya noticed it..!

  20. I think the hooded man is arshad. Maybe or maybe not. Another thing is that the trp started falling when the show was shifted to a new time . Being such a popular show,bepannah was given a very important timeslot at 9:30 pm but of course salman had to intervene because his show needs the utmost attention. Bigboss is such a farse. Quarreling,fighting, abusing each other all the time. Why couldnt they start at 11 as they did. Why make other shows like silsila and bepannah suffer because of these stupid reality shows.

  21. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I just want to see Zoya and Aditya wedding nothing else! We are waiting from a one month to see Aditya and Zoya’s wedding! But it doesn’t happened till date. Episodes are just dragging by celebrity dance performance and police station drama!

  22. Shailesh Priyadarshi.

    Rajveer is back….👹👹😈

    1. 😂😂 Hope so, want to see why he came to begin with.

  23. actually…that snake spoiler brought earthquake to fans heart…seriously yaar how could they do it…it’s bepanah not some typical hindi serial keep some reality..the snake must be 10cm i think to fit in garland even that would be visible…i think naagin dramas getting more trp so they brought snake to celebration venue along with celebrity…..hehehe why in serials it takes 7month to take 7pheras….i hope it all happens after marriage…while arshad marriage track in sbs when reporter asked about marriage adi said they would get married biwi he meri…from that moment im i said earlier im not interested in their marriage atleast they confessed their love is more than enough for me..we all get married to our love to give name to the relation to the adiya love is imp than marriage..but they promoting adiya marriage for 2weeks..obviously fans expect them to get married if marriage become incomplete everyone gets’s all promo fault already at virani track they had incomplete jet them get married this time don’t disappoint the viewers heart again…

  24. I won’t believe in these spoilers. Hand writing spoiler seriously??

    1. Anju5u

      @ Eri
      Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out to be true…..I don’t want this snake drama n all…..just patiently waiting for adi zoya union 🙄🙄🙄

  25. I think I should start writing my own spoilers.

    1. Well look trouble here 🤣

      You’ll get the entire audience here, not forgetting the trp ratings will go right back up 😄😄😄

  26. Anju5u
    Liked this vm…Jo Meri manzilon ko jaati hein…

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