Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahil gets Ved’s custody, Vaidika mentally distressed

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Deepak comes to witness box and agrees in court that he left his daughter to Vaidika. He had turned into a beast that night who wanted to get rid of his daughter. He didn’t know it was Vaidika’s room, he only left the daughter in cradle. He hid behind the curtain when he heard Vaidika speaking on phone, she was saying its question of will of Yash and she needs a child. She then took his daughter along. Vaidika runs to Deepak’s witness box, hysterically grabs Deepak’s collar and slaps her. The judge orders for discipline in the court. Vaidika requests for some more time to prove herself. Nisha counts till three with her black magic trick, Vaidika who was pleading in front of court turns psychotic with the effect. She grabs the judge’s hair, screams in the court and resists. The judge

verdicts that Vaidika feels to be mentally distressed, she is irresponsible and the court hands custody of Ved Agarwal to Sahil and Bhoomi. Nani and Aarya were upset. Vaidika screams and requests Sahil not to snatch her Ved. Sahil leaves with Bhoomi as the decision has been made already. He hear Vaidika resist the grip of everyone, crying, pleading and hit her head hard on the corner of witness box. Sahil runs behind and carries Vaidika home. Bhoomi questions Sahil why he brought her to their home. Sahil was only concerned about Vaidika, calls for doctor and rubs her hand. He clarifies Vaidika is Yash’s wife and Ved’s mother, this house belongs to her as well. He doesn’t listen to any of Bhoomi’s resistances. Ved comes concerned about Vaidika and wishes to stay with Vaidika. He goes to sit on Sahil’s lap. Nani says this is the affect of blood.
The doctor tells Sahil she has lost her mental balance. Only time may heal her distress, they must take care of her and be with her. Aarya thanks Sahil for all his support, she was sure Sahil will take the right decision. Sahil decides that Vaidika will stay here until she is fit.
Bari Amma gives Nisha a necklace as a gift of bribery for making her win the case. She asks if Nisha’s worth was so low. Nisha thinks her worth is destruction of Bimla Agarwal and this family. She tells Bari Amma that she and Bimla share joint enemy Vaidika.
Sahil stood in the window in distress. Karan comes to him and asks him to close his eyes to find some peace. Sahil gets flashes of Vaidika with himself and clarifies to Karan he has ceased listening to his heart’s call. Karan tells Sahil he would never be able to forget Vaidika.
Ved comes to Vaidika’s room with his superman. Vaidika lay unconscious. Sadika comes from behind and fights with Ved to let go of her mama. She hugs Vaidika and demands to leave this house. Ved hugs Vaidika and instead consoles Sadika that she will soon be fine.
Sahil was passing outside Vaidika’s room. He hears her breathing heavily and comes to aide her. Vaidika gets relaxed in a while. Sahil hugs Vaidika and kisses her forehead, promises he won’t let her suffer. Bhoomi was upset as she watch this from outside. Bari Amma takes her along into her room. She scolds Bhoomi for being incompetent to seduce Sahil. Vaidika has done in five weeks what Bhoomi couldn’t do in five years. Bari Amma warns Bhoomi that she must tighten her grip over Sahil else she would be left with no other option.

PRECAP: Vaidika attacks Bari Amma as she decides to be a strong woman now. Ved comes to Vaidika, he requests Bhoomi to make Vaidika as his mother.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Leisa s morris

    I wanted vedika and ved to bond naturally not dis voodoo crap. Cant wait for prachi to find out d truth bout dat slime puneesh but im sure she would find a way to blame vedika seeing dat nisha/nidhi is vedikas lawyer. One question though now dat vedika has lost d case wats nisha still doin in d house..oh wait more black magic right,hmmmmm. And here again we will have to c vedika saving dis family once again. Some time ago ina spoiler I saw dat sahil found out bout BA and put her out guess dey change d direction of dat spoiler and decided.to go with dragging dat part to bring in dis black magic track.

  2. Nina

    On the Vedika’s bed kids looked like a really sincere bunch. They were totally adorable with their hugs. Sahil has a kind heart Vedika is making an error when keeping silence about his biological paternal.

  3. Naz waiting eagerly for your todays comments. I dont know but i hv a feeling that sahil doesnt love vedika like first. Hope he wont change n go with that creep bhoomi. How that creep was smiling when sahil won veds case thru all wrong means. Girls i feel i dont like sahil any more. Pls clarify naz n leslie. I am going beserk seeing vedikas condition. How much pain this lady has to bear more yet in her life. I think now she should go away far from this fickle minded ls life. Look at bhoomi how is she behaving like a maniac. What is she getting in keeping ved to herself. I dont think any time this life sahil will accept her as his wife in the true sense. In fact when vedika was carrying sahils child i wanted to see how he would take care of vedika in a loving way. The mad writers didnt show us that at all. Now in future even if they become one which i am doubting looking at BA n bhoomi madam’s determination in keeping sahil away fm vedika we ll not get to see how sahil would hv nurtured vedika when she was carrying his child. Pls naz n leslie gv yr comments fast.

  4. Anderson is absolutely correct wherein in the 28th sept comments box she has said that bhoomi doesnt hv that chemistry with sahil for the best jodi. You are so correct. But i hope the writers wont screw up the story like the present track n bring bhoomi n sahil together. Since the creep BA in yesterdays episode has told that bhoomi madam to make sahil hers by hook or by crook.

  5. This is the consequence of Vedika’s decision to keep Sahil from knowing the truth of Ved’s paternity. Writers…give Vedika some courage and determination to reveal this truth of her life…the best thing is that we’d move from this nonsensical track at the moment, you all always move the story in a quick pace, why not now too, we are fed up of this black magic crap and the separation of Vedika and Sahil. I wait so patiently just to see little romantic moments between these two..gosh, this is soooooooo frustrating!!! Just seeing Sahil’s concern for Vedika in pain, is something to appreciate. The kids continue to charm me…

  6. The way bhoomi act piss me off bed is not her son, gosh!

  7. Vedika is facing the grunt of her own stupidity. Why is she holding back the truth from Sahil? She has had many opportunities. I’ve seen on spoiler May was about to tell Sahil, but she stopped her. Shahil is clearly still concerned for Vedika and that all he is. Until he knows the truth about the death of Anjana, he will not commit fully to Vedika. Bhoomi,BA and Nidhi have all join forces to destroy Vedika. It’s about time she stood up for helself. Writers please give Vedika a break….

  8. not telling sahil about the paternity..mmhhhh …. well the intv was weird, at one side she wants sahil and bhoomi to stay happy with ved and on another side she is doing everything to take him away from them ….no matter from which side sahil is suffering the most becoz of his family , bhoomi and vedika …and vedika is the biggest contributor to his suffering ….as always …plus their logic’s sucks man …how come ved is all attracted to vedika all of a sudden …nd vedika she forgets about arya and sadika for ved ….
    vedika herself to be blamed for all her sufferings but the biggest thing is, becoz of her stupidity ….along with herself she made others suffers too….woww thats how she take decisions for others by making them suffer …and i cant say what she has done was a sacrifice …they were all blunders…now coming to ved paternity she will say that sahil the biological father ..but then what about the whole truth …just becoz she was impregnated by sahil sperm will that change the fact that she wanted to get pregnant for yash, even though yash wasn’t happy with the idea of artificial insemination she still insisted on it ,??? i dont understand …ya but they will show sahil doesn’t having a prblm with it …but, just sahil love is enough to justify all the actions taken by vedika …..??

    1. Leisa s morris

      Makino remember dat wen she came back she perceived sahil and bhoomi as a happily married couple and still do. I could understand her not wanting to come between dem but y shouldnt she want her son? Y shouldnt she fight for her child? Ved isnt bhoomi’s child and yet she doesnt want to lose him. Vedika carried him within her for nine mnths nutured him and dreamt of how it would b to hold her child in her arms and she was robbed of dat. Yes its not either bhoomi of sahils fault but it did happened any way.She never gived up her child he was stolen first illegally and now legally from her but she is still his mother and thus has all rights to her child. I dont care if u have a dozen children once u know a child is urs u would want dat child. As for sahil and bhoomi dey can still b a part of veds life it isnt impossible for a child to have more than one set of parents although we know dat is not going to happen cause as soon as sahil learns dat child is his and vedika everyting will change and vedika knows dis

  9. Naz how do wev vote for the best jodi. I want t Voote for sadika for ZEE RISHTEY AWARDS. Hope all of u vote for sadika as the best jodi

  10. When vedhika is in emotional distress and in bed, the way Sahil holds her and comforts her is so very beautiful…to be in the arms of your love needs no words to express..
    Sahil can never ever belong to bhoomi..what’s the point in living a loveless life like this..
    In a way vedhika is right in her own terms.. society that we live in doesn’t accept this sort of love…it’s the upbringing that brings constraints..it needs a lot of hard work and courage to break such norms..
    Atleast Sahil is rock solid and will stand by her if she accepts.. but in normal life, even men aren’t so strong and stubborn in holding on to their love..

  11. Muniya

    Kids with Vedika was adorable scene…
    Precap is nice…

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