Ishq Mein Marjawan ff #nextgeneration ep22

Richand Mansion
Everyone is at dinner table.
Lakshya- So Vani, how was your day?
Vani- Superb. We went to shopping, movie and a long drive. I enjoyed a lot.
Vani smiles looking at Akash. Akash smiles back. Tara looks at Akash.
Tara- What about you, Akash? You went for the office first time. How was it?
Akash looks at Tara. Everyone is looking at him for his answer. Mr. Roy suddenly comes in.
Lakshya- Hey Mr. Roy. You are here in this time? Vani, this is our manager, at office he handles everything.
Manager- Hello sir, hello ma’am. Well the matter of is really important, so I had to come. Akash sir, I need to talk to you.
Akash- What’s the matter?
Manager- Sir, do you remember you met some people before going out of office?
Akash- Yeah.
Manager- Sir, they are here with a big project. We didn’t had such project in years. If we get this project we can come back again in the competition. But sir after meeting you at the office they want to have a meeting with you before giving us this project. They are saying without the meeting they won’t give us the project.
Tara- So? Fix a meeting with them for Akash tomorrow morning.
Manager- Actually ma’am ,they are not here. After meeting with me in the office, they went back to London. But now they called and said that they want to talk to you now.
Akash- Now? As in now? On phone?
Manager- Yes sir. Will you come please?
Akash looks at everyone’s face then goes with the manager. He comes back after a while. Everyone gives him a question look. He looks sad. He looks at everyone. Then his facial expression changes.
Akash- We got the deal.
Lakshya and Vani cheers, Tara smiles.
Lakshya- This calls for a celebration, right?
Tara- Of course.

Ruhi is outside her house with Rehan.
Rehan- You sure you want him to meet him now?
Ruhi- Yes, this is going to be sort of shock for him so if gets to know later, he would be mad. So I better tell him asap. It’s going to be ok. Don’t worry.
Ruhi takes a step ahead and stops. She remembers Akash’s word. Fb shows Akash is saying to Ruhi, when you come back from your trip you will move to another place, you will no longer leave here. Fb ends. Ruhi thinks- That was supposed to happen when I come back from the trip a week later. But I came earlier, he must have not got enough time to make arrangements. But if he is not inside? Fb shows Akash is saying Ruhi I can’t go anywhere cause I’m on the radar. Fb ends. Ruhi thinks- Nope, he is inside. This is going to be a surprise.
Rehan puts a hand on Ruhi’s shoulder- Are you ok? Ruhi nods and takes a big breath and comes to the door. She puts her hand on the door then remembers Akash saying- Today Lakshya and Vani came, soon Tara will also come. Fb ends. Ruhi tries to calm herself down. She says to herself- Calm down Ruhi, everything is gonna be fine. He is ok and inside, must be preparing dinner. Ruhi rings the bell but no one answers. Then she slowly tries to opens the door. The door was open. Everything is dark. Ruhi and Rehan enters the house.
Rehan- It’s so dark. Where is the switch?
Ruhi- It’s at the opposite wall.
Rehan- Who keeps switch board at the opposite side of door. It should be close to door.
Ruhi- Oh shut up please. Why is it so dark here? Akash bhaiya? Weird, he isn’t answering, everything is dark, the door was open. What’s going on here?
Rehan- Let me switch on flashlight. Why it’s not working? You open from your phone.
Ruhi hands over her phone to him.
Ruhi- You open, I am gonna switch on the light.
Ruhi goes forward.
Rehan- Are you mad, it’s dark. Let me switch on the flashlight first. Or you will get bumped into anything. What’s the password, it’s not opening. Ruhi, stop.
Ruhi- Press the voice key, it’s shortcut. And relax it’s my house, I know where are the furniture. I can walk with my eyes clo… .
Ruhi slips on something and about to fall but Rehan catches her, the flashlight of two phone on his two hands suddenly switches on and the lights falls on their faces. They looks at each other. Fb shows they were on the room with wires when they got stuck in the wires and Ruhi had two phone on her hands with the flashlights on. Fb ends. They are still in the same pose.
Rehan- Well at least, this time you can’t blame it on me. You were not going to fall because of me.
Ruhi- Yeah, but you again saved me.
Rehan was about to say something but they loose balance and fall on the floor, and one of them’s hand reached the switch before falling. When they found themselves on the floor with the lights on, they see that everything around them was destroyed. Nothing is in it’s place. Fb shows how Tara broke everything when she didn’t find Akash here. Fb ends. Both of them looks puzzled. Ruhi stands up and rushes towards Akash’s room. She doesn’t find him there. She searches everywhere and calls his name. Rehan calls someone and talks someone to find out Akash’s whereabouts. Ruhi finds a key at a hidden place in Akash’s room. She brings it to Rehan.
Rehan- This thing looks like a locker key, you know, the bank lockers.
Ruhi- Bank lockers? I know he has a locker in city bank. This must be the key of that locker.
Rehan- Looking at your place, I think someone was here to trying to find something. Maybe this was it.
Ruhi- I have seen bank papers, I know the locker number. We need to go now, we have to find out what’s in it.
Rehan- Woha, calm down. It’s night. The bank is closed now. We can’t go in.
Ruhi- You don’t understand, if we don’t find out what’s in the locker, how would we know what happened to Akash bhaiya. We need to go now.
Rehan- Ok, ok, let me see what can I do.
Rehan calls someone.
Rehan and Ruhi is at the bank.
Ruhi- Thanks Rehan.
Rehan- Let’s find the locker. Shall we?
They finds the locker and opens it. There is a property paper inside. Ruhi takes it and start reading Rehan gets a phone call and he gets outside. Ruhi reads the papers. She gets shocked. She thinks – All those years, we were fighting for a be lives and here we had all these property. You knew everything. If you wanted you could solve all our problem in no time. But you decided to hide everything from me. Why?
Rehan comes to her.
Rehan- I have got some information, but I am not sure if it can help. See this, is this your brother?
Rehan shows Akash’s photo on his phone. Ruhi nods. Rehan gets a little surprised.
Rehan- Well, I got information that he got married with Vani Richand yesterday. Here, it’s there marriage photo.
Ruhi gets shocked seeing the picture. She gets angry. She thinks – Lie, all this time everything was a lie. Fine, now I will show him what Ruhi is made of.
Ruhi looks at Rehan.
Ruhi- Rehan, you remember when you proposed me I said that there is a lot about me that you don’t know. That I stand between life and death.
Rehan- Yeah.
Ruhi- It’s a fight, Rehan, a life long fight. And it’s going to be hard. I know you don’t deserve this but still, do you wanna be my partner in this fight, my strength. I will tell you everything. There would be no secret between us.
Ruhi gets on her knees – will you marry me?
Rehan stands still for some moments. Then he speaks.
Rehan- Ruhi, I don’t wanna lie to you.
Rehan makes Ruhi stands up.
Rehan- Before I take the decision, like you said, there should be no secrets between us.
Ruhi looks on.
Rehan- Ruhi, I have a confession. I didn’t join the college because I was a transfer student, I joined because I was on a mission, finding about that drug racket. Ruhi, I am secret CBI police officer. I didn’t want to deceive you by not telling you this. Even my dad was one.
Ruhi smiles, she has tears in her eyes.
Ruhi- I know.
Rehan- What?
Ruhi- That you are a CBI agent. And so was your Dad. Even my mom was. In fact it was because of your dad that my mom took the job.
Rehan- What?!
Ruhi- It’s a long history. I will tell you everything. But by telling me your truth, this shows that I didn’t choose the wrong person. What is your answer Rehan?
Rehan- Yes.
Ruhi smiles. They hug.
Rehan- I will stand by with you in all fights.
Ruhi thinks- I’m coming Akash bhaiya, get ready.
Richand Mansion
Akash, Vani, Lakshya and Tara cheers with wine glasses. They all drinks. Tara gets a phone call.
-Hello ma’am, there was someone at Akash’s house tonight. I can give you the details by tomorrow.
The phone gets cut. Tara smiles. She thinks – The fish will get caught now. Akash sees her smiling. He thinks- Smile as much as you want Tara, but now you can’t touch her now. I have managed the money. I will start the procedure of shifting her out of country tomorrow with this deal.
Vani looks at Akash. She smiles. She thinks – finally I have found happiness. I hope everything remains the same. Akash sees her smiling and he smiles back. Lakshya sees them. He thinks – my sis life is sorted. Now I have to take care of this murderer. Who could be a murderer in our house.
Ishq mein marjawan plays. Lakshya, Vani, Akash, Tara, Ruhi, Rehan’s face is shown.
Next ep- Ruhi and Rehan comes to Richand Mansion. Everyone is around them. Ruhi says she is the owner of the property.

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