Vish 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Alia takes Durga’s avatar

Vish 11th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Alia, Aditya and Rudra comes to mandir function for last tap. Alia prays to Maa to provide her power of sindoor. Rudra asks Aditya to stand with Alia, Sabrina can try anything. Alia starts her tap on dola re. Rudra does tap with her. Alia smiles at Aditya. Sabrina and Madhuri comes there and sends Kalankini’s smoke in mandir. Rudra feels something. Kalankini says that I can easily enter sindoor play and destroy Alia. She fools Aditya. Sabrina thinks that I couldnt go near sindoor but Kalakini can. Rudra sees sindoor turning black and Kalakini is near, I have to find a vish for her. Sabrina says we have to stop her before she can reach Alia. Madhuri becomes a bee and distracts Rudra. Kalankini becomes smoke and enters Alia’s sindoor bowl. Rudra comes forward and rings bell. Alia bows down, suddenly Kalankini comes out of bowl and grabs Alia, she pushes Rudra away. Aditya asks Rudra to stop her. Rudra says she is powerful, we cant stop her like this, Alia has to complete her tap, Sabrina has sent her. Sabrina says Kalankini wont spare Alia now. Kalankini is beating Alia. Rudra starts playing dhol and throws sindoor at Kalankini. She asks Aditya to keep throwing sindoor. Alia falls down on mandir’s floor. Mata sends powers to her. Kalankini says I will finish you. Alia says its your finish, she grabs her and pushes her away, she starts beating her. Rudra says Durga Maa has given powers to Alia. Sabrina says how is this happening? Alia beats Kalankini and takes trishul. She kills Kalankini with it in Durga’s avatar. All are shocked. Aditya takes trishul from her and hugs her. Rudra smiles and says tap is ending, now we have to finish Sabrina. Sabrina screams. Rudra eyes her.

PRECAP Rudra asks Aditya to put nails on floor, Alia makes line on ground with sindoor. Rudra says Sabrina cant cross this circle. Sabrina shouts and says I will cross all lines. Later that night, Alia and Aditya romances, Sabrina watches it and is in agony.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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