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Both Amitha and Sonakshi went into study room…… then sonakshi started playing with amitha, started teaching her maths while playing……. the n she gave some maths problems …. and she was able to solve.

Dev at office is very curious to know about Sonakshi and want to run to house and want to find out, bit got stuck up with the meeting.

At home:

Ishwari: Sonakshi…… have something… and even Amitha dint had anything …..

Amitha: nani….please don’t disturb me …..I’m writing my homework. And u know Nani….Sonakshi mam has taught me so nice …. that with out seeing my textbook … i’m able to write.

Sonakshi: Amitha for today thats all complete and show me… i’ll be at living Area.

Amitha: 15 mins not required i’ll complete it in another 5 mins.

Sonakshi: OK, but neat handwriting… (smiles and comes with IShwari outside)

Ishwari: I think , I disturbed both of u……. no need to come with me.. u continue.

Sonakshi: Mam, if i continue to be with her then her writing independently  she will lose confidence in that. And for first day if i  nag her too much she will loose interest.

Amitha: heyyyyyyy…….Mam , ee i just finished all.

SOnakshi looking into her book correct some spellings and asked amitha to correct . Amitha corrects and keeps her books in her bag.

Ishwari: Very good, on 1st day she is following you.

Sonakshi: Mam…. few kids like practically understand subjects and when i saw her books i came to know. This is first experiment on her.

Ishwari: and ur trial  worked.

(both smiled at each other)

At Office

Dev rushing to home so that he can meet sonakshi

At Home

Sonakshi: Mam, my time is up, I have to go.

Ishwari: Is it? Actually my son Dev wanted to meet you regarding your fees as u dint tell me anything.

Sonakshi: Oh! But my kids are waiting for me, until I go they wont eat. So, I don’t want to go late.

Ishwari (with shocking looks): r u married?

Sonakshi: Mam, my Orphan Kids…. and i’m not married.

Ishwari: oh! I forgot totally……ok u carry on. But fees?

Sonakshi: After she gets her marks i’ll ask and don’t worry i’ll be reasonable.

Ishwari: I’m not worried about fees, i was worried about her studies. And now i feel she will learn things from you nicely, this is first time i’m seeing her looking happy while studying.

Sonakshi: Ok, Mam….Bye, Bye Ami…..(with smile).

Ishwari: Ami….?

Sonakshi: yes, we both have cute secret names , s know Ami…

Amitha shooked her head saying “ yes”

Ishwari: acha…. then tell what are you calling your mam…?

Amitha: oh! Thats a secret how i can tell.

Ishwari: how can u both keep secrets from me…. even i want to join ur group.

Sonakshi with a smile shooked her head to Amitha.

Amitha : ok don’t be sad….. I call her Sona and she calls me Ami…..(with big smile)

Ishwari: oh! Is it wow. Did u liked Sona…

Amitha: S, i liked her. And Thank you Nani for calling … she is very good.

Sonakshi: OK bye….

Sonakshi leaves in hurry.

Dev comes soon after Sona leaves.

Dev: Maa…….Amitha.

Amitha( with funny face): Mamu , don’t call me Amitha… me with my New name AMI.

Dev: What….Ami…. who did naming ceremony to you…..and u look very Happy today whats the reson my princess.

Amitha: Nani………….she mamu is teasing me..

Dev: hey Ami darling come here…….What is this maaaa…. she is looking very happy.

Ishwari giving water to him.

Ishwari: come with me.( both head towards study room and she show him those toys and there study way and amitha books)

Dev: whats all these……

Ishwari: Tutor is very good…. u know her way of teaching is so different . she finished all her homework within 1 hr and after her teaching wow… she made her understand so easily that when she gave simple sums amitha solved in few  minutes.

Dev: I asked you to hold her so i can meet her.

Ishwari: I tried but she want to go her orphanage as her kids wont eat until she goes.

Dev: oh !

Dev thinks “ soft natured, with clarity in her work” all similar to her.

Ishwari : freshup come  with neha for dinner.

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