Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi gets kidnapped

Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Virat points gun at Tara. He gives it to her and says I am sorry for what I did. You should kill me. I don’t deserve a pardon. Roma says he did a shameless thing. Virat says please forgive me. I don’t even deserved to be called a brother. I was blinded by love of money. Arohi says you didn’t think that when you tried killing me and my baby. Deep says forgive him. Arohi takes the gun and points it at him. sHe says I dont’ want a single gun in this house. I was my kids to live in peace. He says yes will just play with the baby. Virat hugs her. Roma says Tara is right. When women are pregnant they should live in peace. We should all go on a holidday. Virat says you are right mom;.

virat comes to his room and breaks stuff in anger. He says mom didn’t do right. He says mom can’t do all this.
Roma comes to temple with Arohi and deep. Deep picks her up and goes to the temple. Virat looks at them in anger. Pandit ji gives them blessings. Roma does pooja with everyone. Deep ties a thread on Arohi’s hand. Arohi prays for her success. She says I hope I find my niku. Arohi and Deep do arti together.
Deep says what are you thinking about? He says I know everything about you because you are mine. You made me promise that I wont harm arohi but what if she does something? Deep saays what can she do? Deep says you never know. what if she comes to me as Tara. She says yes she can do what you did to her but she is a fool. Deep says I will tell you a plan to be safe from Arohi. Get a tattoo of my name on your had so I can recognize you. Arohi is dazed. She says are you mad I don’t want a tattoo. You can always ask your heart. He says try to understand. Arohi will avenge for her life. Get this tattoo made. Arohi says there can be another way. He says I am your husband don’t you love me. She says I do but.. He says please get it done. Arohi sits down. Virat calls deep and says mummy ji fell please come. Arohi asks tattoo artist to make with just ink. Deep rushes. Some men come and try to kidnap Aroohi. Deep hits the. Deep says why you did this.

Virat dresses roma’s wound. She says where is deep? He says I called him dont’ know why he didn’t come. Arohi and deep come. Deep says what happened? Roma says someone shoved me. He says some people tried kidnapping Tara. Virat says what.. Deep tells them everything. Deep says I will find out who tried doing this. Virat says I will report police. Take mom and tara home.

Roma says who could do this. Arohi says I was so scared. Roma says call Virat. Arohi says I am sure Virat did this. Roma says Virat can’t do that again.

Precap-Virat comes with the sikh guy and says who asked you to kidnap? He says Arohi. Roma says is she alive?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Salley145

    At least put right topic, when the hell in the whole update Aarohi got kidnapped?
    Hi guys, do check out both my updates

    1. hi salley, as i read the update there are many more mistakes… Roma didnt say lets go on holiday lol, she said lets go on puja… and there are no mention of scenes between Virat and Prithvi either….

    2. Sonakshi5

      Hi Salley di ….
      Yes I agree title should be correct and I will change your updates.
      Yes Dhara , Roma never said let’s go on a holiday lol.

  2. Hai friends.
    Nice episode. Virat is so negative. He will kill own sister for a property and money.prithivi also support him.deepne kya dialog bola.arohi bolna tha o deep bolthalya.still deep doubt arohi.tatoo is so painful.then why deep do confused really who kidnap arohi ? virat kidnap mean why the goon said arohi virat know arohi is alive.otherwise arohi kidnap herself mean what is arohi plan and idea.everybody knows arohi is alive.that mean arohi do a plan very carefully.I like today ardeep scene cute fight.deep, arohi, virat all expression said something. But what?…
    Good night friends.

    1. Hi Rhivanya
      Yaaaaa really our toughts are same…….

    2. Same pinch shifa.good afternoon.

    3. Sonakshi5

      Hi rhivanya…
      Good evening….
      I hate virat’s character .He would kill ? his own mother for property chi chi .Deep is atleast better and loyal than him .
      I think Virat kidnapped her and he didn’t know Arohi in alive but he might have asked the goon to tell that Arohi asked him to kidnap because everyone will think Arohi is alive and will search and blame her and Virat will be safe (Virat thinks this)
      Don’t know what everyone thinks but each character here has a different hidden face .

    4. Sonakshi5

      I meant Good afternoon..

    5. Hai sonakshi.good afternoon.I don’t think it’s a virat plan.

    6. hi Rhivanya… kidnap plan was Virat’s but i am again thinking maybe precap is false. Virat putting the blame on Arohi makes no sense as he doesnt know Arohi is alive. it would have been logical if he tried to put the blame on Kesari or someone else… Arohi’s secret cannot come out because Virat’s stupidity after everything Arohi has done to keep her cover intact!

    7. Hi rhivanya, I agree to you… If you don’t mind may I know where are you from?

    8. I am from tamilnadu.

  3. Virat know that Arohi is alive?!! But how would he know,y the Sikh guy take arohi’s name in the precap?

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi babe..
      Good afternoon…
      he didn’t know Arohi is alive but he might have asked the goon to tell that Arohi asked him to kidnap because everyone will think Arohi is alive and will search and blame her and Virat will be safe (Virat thinks this).

  4. true… Arohi did not get kidnapped, what is this?
    btw i am confused about the precap AGAIN. even if Virat gets the guy and tells him to lie, why in god’s name would Virat tell him to take Arohi’s name? Virat doesnt know anything about Arohi being alive and Arohi getting blamed on Virat’s saying doesnt make any sense…. this will be like the worst way Arohi’s truth would come infront of Roma…. why would Virat do that, why????

    1. i meant @salley what you said was true… this is wrong caption. the update has mistakes, but at least heading shud be right

    2. Sonakshi5

      Hi Dhara…
      Good afternoon…
      Yes this is the worst way Arohi’s truth would come out.
      What you said about Virat is right.Even he can kill his mother if she doesn’t support him.What a son he is.Roma will surely pay for what she had reaped .

  5. coming to todays episode, Virat lost his one redeeming quality. he loved his sister through all these years and did so many things for her…. and now suddenly wants to kill her because she is carrying a child. what did he think that Tara would never have a family? i hate this Virat now. he doesnt have one good quality, not one

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Hi dhara, I am unable to understand what the show writers are trying to sho by making Viraat super negative…it doesn’t make any sense that he is trying to kill the sister,whose crimes he tried to hide and while helping Tara,his job was even at stake….for Tara he stayed two years away from his family and now when he heard that she’s pregnant, he is hell bent to kill Tara.

  6. also, friends, did you think that Roma is a little superstitious woman? yesterday she said that it is inauspicious to tell everyone about baby before three months, today she said that they did not do Devi puja and thats why bad things were happening…. i thought superstition maybe one of Roma’s weakness. Also, how could Roma forgive Virat so easily? Virat tried to harm Tara and Roma thinks ony saying sorry is enough?

    1. Sonakshi5

      Yes, Dhara she is.
      Isn’t it weird …
      Normally superstitious people are afraid to commit crimes sometimes but this Roma is always ready to commit crimes.

    2. Sonakshi5

      However bad Roma is, she isn’t like Virat .She loves her children . She donated her land for them .

    3. hi sonakshi…. i dpnt in Tvs they usually show the bigger the criminal the bigger puja-pasna they do…. and i agree, of everyone in that house, Virat is the worst. Atleast Roma wants to keep her children together and happy, Virat wants only money. huh

  7. Today Virat also said that Prithvi is more loyal to Roma and would never lie to her so Virat cant share his plan with Prithvi…. why are people so loyal to Roma? whats her secret? Deep, Prithvi all these people are too loyal to her…. someone tell me the secret so that i can apply it in my life also lol

    1. Sonakshi5

      Deep is loyal because Roma gave him shelter but I don’t think Prithvi is loyal to Roma.He said to Virat :O! So this is your plan.
      He didn’t say anything when Virat said that he can kill Roma even for the property.
      When Roma fell ,he didn’t seem concerned . Maybe he works with her because he was a criminal and Roma saved him from getting punished . The same way as deep at the starting blackmailed his so called family or maybe Prithvi is also behind property.

    2. Virat didnt say he can kill Roma for property, he was thinking about Tara when he said that…. Also, Prithvi didnt know about the plan beforehand, only when the goons arrived that he came to know about Virat’s plan… again when last episode Roma asked Prithvi to tell what the matter was, he told her the truth, that Virat was the reason behind the holi incident and thats why Tara was mad at him and sent him to jail….. but it is also true that when Roma was pushed in the temple stairs, Prithvi doesnt seem too concerned, so who knows. maybe Prithvi is also trying to play some game and get property or something

  8. now coming to Deep and Arohi. i felt Arohi should have just got that tattoo done. its not time to be emotional, if she had got that Tattoo then she could have always easily proved that she is Tara if Deep had to select between Arohi and Tara one day….. anyways she didnt, but again i thought Deep’s behavior was suspicious. out of nowhere he is telling Arohi/Tara: ‘Kabhi Kabhi to mujhe lagta hai tum mujhse pyar he nahi karti’ (sometimes i think you dont love me) when Arohi refused to get Tattoo… and i felt Deep was using the same words on Arohi that Arohi uses on Deep. to emotionally blackmail her for the Tattoo… there was no reason why Deep would say Tara doesnt love him because Tara/Arohi is always saying she loves him but Deep doesnt… i found it fishy… am i the only one?
    and last point….. when Deep got hit on head… Arohi seemed really concerned for Deep, holding him and asking if he is allright… i didnt think Arohi would be so concerned… maybe she was worried that if something happened to Deep then she would get kidnapped… what do you think?

    1. Sonakshi5

      Maybe she thought if he will die how will she take her revenge lol.
      I think Arohi was just acting or maybe as she has a good heart so out of humanity, she felt bad for him or maybe because she loved him once .

    2. Sonakshi5

      It will be very hard for Arohi if she gets a tattoo . After revenge, she will always remember her past and it would be very hard for her to move on. I agree she shouldn’t have made deep suspicious though.

    3. Tattoos can be removed nowadays i think, or she could have got it altered…. if deep really meant to identify Tara though that tattoo then it would have been very helpful in Arohi’s revenge plan… but i still doubt Deep is lying so it is for good that Arohi didnt get that Tattoo…

    4. Hi Dhara didi, I agree to everything that you pointed out …I guess Arohi was right in making Deep emotional about his baby… But I wonder for how long the pregnancy track would continue…it has sort of become boring nowadays.

    5. true sonia… after sometime Arohi would have to show swelling belly and all…. and she doesnt act out the other symptoms. she showed vomitting only once…. in pregnancy you often get nauseous and other stuff happens that i dont know…. you have to have proper diet and check ups…. how would Arohi do that? i hope it doesnt become like kumkum bhagya where Tanu was pregnant for a whole year and still didnt show belly lol…..

  9. also, one last thing, when Deep picked up Arohi and started climbing the temple stairs, their was a romantic track on, as if it was a romantic thing to do…. it just didnt feel right. a sadder tone or revenge wala tone would have been better… Deep is not doing any of these things for Arohi (i think)… btw very good acting by all the actors and Arohi looked very beautiful today in her long dress….

    1. Hai dhara.good morning. Yes Alisha is looking so beautiful.

    2. Sonakshi5

      Yes, she looked nice .

  10. I think now the story is going on in right path,,,, Just waiting to see Arohi’s victory in seeing Deep’s get hurt,,, He truly started caring and showing love for Tara (Arohi),,, When he comes to know it’s not Tara not meri tara ? he will definitely get hurt

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi Sathya…
      Good afternoon…
      I am also waiting for that moment ??.

    2. hi sathya… waiting for that moment too. i want Arohi to really fool Deep and make him suffer like he once did to her.

  11. Upcoming episodes prithivi knows nikku is alive.I saw in Alisha Instagram.

    1. Really OmG ……..What next??????? l think time to say tata bye bye to prithvi…….Well thanks for the news yaar

    2. Sonakshi5

      Hi Shifa….
      Good afternoon ….
      Yes time for farewell of Prithvi.

    3. Sonakshi5

      Thanks for informing rhivanya.
      I hope Prithvi doesn’t harm him?.

  12. Very less comment on today.

    1. Sonakshi5

      Yes , many are having exams like Sanaa di and Tanya.While many didn’t comment like Arohi and deep (I don’t know your name), sayanika,shey,saras, Sonia and many others.

    2. hi Rhivanya…. last night itself i commented and waited for a long time for the comments to be uploaded and reply to others. but i dont what the problem was with the sight, even till midnight the comments were not uploaded…. maybe thats why comments are less today. i am sure they will increase till the next telecast though 🙂

  13. But one more thing can’t Aarohi give some treatment to Dilip Singh so that he can recover ftom his paralysed state after all he knows all the truth of Raichand family and mansion
    Well i believe that Roma was the one behind his paralysed state Maybe for the property

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi imm ….
      Good afternoon..
      Yes, but I think deep would have already tried that.

    2. hi imm… i too want that. nowadays they dont show Dilip much. the whole family went to temple, even bindya was there. so they just Dilip in the home alone? i wish Dilip would start recovering more and contribute to the story, help Arohi to get his revenge for Kalyani too…

  14. I listed in day before yesterday episode update that arohi made her self kidnapped in order to distract deep from getting tattoo done because she doesn’t want deep’s name’s tattoo on her….

  15. Hey guys I know it’s not the correct platform to ask this question? But do anyone of you watch bepannah?

    1. Yes me But still not commented in bepannah page

    2. Sonakshi5

      Yes I do sobhana…
      I love thrillers and I also like Jennifer winget.

    3. hi sobhana… i have seen some scenes of bepannah and i liked both the leads acting… and have always liked jennifer and harshad…. but am not watching it regularly yet… i am going to wait for a little bit to see how the story progresses before i start watching it…. i hope it turns out good though 🙂 , too often indian serials start out fantastic and then became very bad

    4. Hi sobhana, Actually I did read the first episode…I felt it’s similar to ishq mein marjawan in terms of love and betrayal…but for now I only watch imm.

  16. Hi dhara,Rhivanya, sathya,sanaa,Sayanika, Sonakshi, Sobhana, Babe,Mohit
    salley,Tanya,Sonia,Moneera, shey,saras,Arohi & deep, priya Nayana
    l am so sorry if l miss anyone
    How are u guys..
    First of all lot of errors in update. So funny and irritating to
    Coming to episode
    Dialogue of the day:Deep says to tara (arohi)How will l indentify you .lf arohi will comes to
    me and says l am tara..
    Scene of the day:Deep lifts arohi in his arms
    This deep is increasing my headache. ….l think he still doubts arohi or not
    Sometimes it shows Deep loves tara a lot but sometimes it shows deep is hiding something
    If deep love tara a lot then why he force her to make tattoo .Making tattoo is so painful. In yesterday ‘s episode deep promise that he will not hurt him but today. If he need to identify tara there are lot of other solutions tooo like a code that only deep and tara know..
    I think he was testing her because he very well knows arohi will never make the tatoo of deep’s name
    Prithvi……He is too loyal to roma.Never tell lie Why so much respect. And today virat share that he is going to kidnap tara. Why did he not tell to roma about is the changing behavior of virat. He is playing the role narath.He is trying to make others to fight each other
    Virat ….he is to horrible. He fails become an good brother or good son or not even an
    good police officer. ….Its clear that he send the goons to kidnap tara but
    Precap ………..As always
    How did virat comes to know arohi is alive??? ???? Deep doesn’t share to anyone that arohi is alive.
    Waiting for today’s episode

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi Shifa …
      I agree deep is very confusing .
      Yes he could have given some codes to Arohi.
      I agree with what all you said.

    2. Hi shifa, well said ….prithvi should get killed , he is of no use.
      I noticed one thing that none of the family members go to the office or it is never shown that Deep, Roma or prithvi had any urgent call from their office. Wonder how their business runs.. Viraat is a namesake police who doesn’t know the meaning of “d” in duty of the police.

    3. Hiii sonia
      Yaa l to even forgot about that they have a office tooo

    4. hi shifa… i too like your exchanging codes idea, better than getting permanent tattoo. the way Deep tried to emotionally blackmail arohi to get the tattoo, i still think Deep doubts her. :/ :/ i agree with everything else you said Shifa…

    5. Hi shifa, i think this is interesting thing about immj that each and every next episode comes with an unpredictable twist and we all keep guessing what’s next in the last.

    6. Hiii mohit
      yes its right

    7. Sanaa.khan

      Hi shifa, today’s episode was full of conspiracy and melodrama…. Viraat’s drama, Arohi’s drama..wonder if Deep is also doing a drama in front of Arohi

  17. Hi shida,Sonakshi,dhara,babe and all..very good episode,waiting for today’s epi…missed Sonakshi comments.

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi Moneera….
      Thanks ..
      I replied to all your comments..

    2. Hai moneera.good afternoon.

    3. hi moneera, good afternoon 🙂 am waiting for todays episode too. hope it doesnt turn out another false precap though, i am starting to get fed up of misleading precaps…

  18. Sonakshi5

    Hello immj family…
    Good morning…
    Is Virat mad ? Why was he pointing gun at Tara when he wanted to ask for forgiveness ,he could have handed her the gun without that drama(it was just useless)
    When Arohi pointed gun at Virat , I was like shoot shoot .It is a golden opportunity and no one will say anything to Tara as they know her madness but Arohi is correct, she should make them suffer.

    What does Roma think that by worshipping lord she can wash her unforgivable crimes and sins.Idiot!

    When Virat said that now he will do whatever should be done , I thought finally he is doing something on his own but again he took help of Prithvi.

    And why was Virat looking angrily when deep carried Tara? What was his problem in that?

    When deep was carrying Arohi I reminised Chennai express movie.

    When deep and Arohi were taking and Tara aka Arohi asked deep what will Arohi do to which deep gave her a look and said that she can come as Tara . For a moment I thought he knew she was Arohi ( and that deep never came close to Tara so when Arohi showed deep by sonography he was sure that she is Arohi ).

    Also when Virat informed deep above Roma falling down,he didn’t seem worried. I think he pushed her and Prithvi is loyal to Roma then how CA he do that . I think he isn’t loyal to her and is on that side where he gets profit so he went to Virat who he thought would kill Tara and then he(Prithvi) could become virat’s PA.
    This earth (Prithvi) is clever .Roma thinks he is on her side and Virat thinks he’s on her side.
    Virat is bad , I didn’t expected him to stop so low that he will hurt his mother even deep is better than him atleast he is loyal to Roma .

    When deep was attacking goons ,why were they coming one by one ?Were they waiting for him to hit others lol.
    And deep should go to coma for the number of times he is hit on head but is his head an iron rod that he doesn’t treat or bandage his wound after being hit lol.

    Virat’s expression when he saw Tara aka Arohi with deep (not kidnapped) was like his eyes would come out of his socket .
    Virat said he would inform police
    I thought now he remembered them other wise he and deep never informed police for their personal matter
    When Roma said is Arohi alive then deep’s expression was like O shut !
    Is it because he didn’t want roma to be stressed or because of something reason .
    Sorry for such a long comment.

    1. Sonakshi5

      Also won’t the police know about Tara if Virat complaints about Tara aka Arohi’s kidnapping . Won’t they think her as Arohi or do they know about her look-alike.

    2. Hey Sonakshi
      Nice analysis about virat .whatever you said is right…yaaa deep expression when roma said arohi alive. He was so shocked.

    3. hi sonakshi…. no need to apologise for the long comment, this episode had so many things happening that a long comment is needed to discuss everything 🙂 as for the fight scene, they do it in all serials, hero is surrounded by five people but they will attack him one by one and then lie on the ground until he beats up the rest lol. atleast they could have shown it in a more realistic way so we didnt see a goos simply standing and neither trying to attack deep or kidnap arohi lol…. agree with everything else you said… Virat saying he will involve police and then brings the goon to his house, as if the police would allow that – i have caught the criminal, now take him to your house and beat him up instead of putting him in jail lol.

    4. Hi Sonakshi….No one knows what going on in Deep’s mind. The whole family of Raichand is psycho… Roma who does paath Pooja after committing a 1000 sins and yet doesn’t feel guilty.
      Agar maa hi aisa ho toh bachhon per to uska asar parega naa…
      Now I really feel bad for Tara who has such a mom who doesn’t differentiate between right and wrong…
      I mean when Deep made a mistake of making the video viral, he got 2 hard slaps from Roma…in that sense, Viraat who tried to kill her lovely daughter for whom she sacrificed a lot of lives was just standing like a statue….I mean she was supposed to give 9 -10 slaps to Viraat…
      Uparwale kabhi kisiko aisi maa na dey.
      As for Arohi, I wonder when will her revenge be over ?? She tried to create rift between Viraat and Deep but instead it fell back on her, now Viraat is after her…
      I know for a fact that Viraat is not so smart to find out about Arohi. I guess Arohi would hold that Punjabi sardar’s collar and threatens him in Tara’s style:” Tujhe kisne bheja? Sach sach bata warna tukde tukde kardoongi”.
      Man: wo wo … Viraat sir.( Arohi would look at Viraat and would try to choke him)
      Arohi( as Tara): Viraat bhaiyya, aap toh Bhaiyya kehne ki bhi layak nahi …, Agar mere bas chalta to main aapko abhi isi waqt mardeyti.
      Tara( to Roma): mom , you have to choose between me and Viraat…the person you will choose will stay in this mansion and the other has to leave this mansion for good.
      It would really be interesting to see whom would Roma choose if this really happens.

    5. agree sonia…. we cant really blame Virat and Tara when their mother is like this. i cant believe she forgave Virat so easily for trying to harm Tara, when one week ago she slapped Deep for not able to get Virat out of jail…. here she is hoping for a good future of her family doing puja and on the other hand she snatches property from others and get innocent people killed…. Virat and Tara didnt have any father figure to llok up to and learnt everything from Roma…. i liked the last part of your comment, i hope it happens like that and Roma herself throws Virat out of the house. Virat just said sorry and everyone accepted that he wont do something like that again, even Deep said forgive him… what the hell!

    6. Sanaa.khan

      Hi Sonia, I really wish what you said turns out to me be true.

    7. Sonakshi5

      Hi Sonia …

  19. Hai guys.good more information arohi is missing at midnight. Deep search arohi and so tensed.arohi entered home with nikku.everyone shock to see nikku.Roma asking for deep why hide from me nikku is alive.deep tell something. But what I don’t know. And nobody trust deep words.

  20. Good Afternoon Dhara, Sonakshi, Shifa, Sana, Babe and others! The update is really misleading Aarohi didn’t get kidnapped?? She almost got ? like y’all said Roma didn’t even mention about a holiday let alone going on one ? maybe our updater has gotten a bit confused!
    Into our epi, Virat is an Idiot okay! The sister for whom he struggled so much he’s going to kill the same? Unbelievable! He even pushed his own mother! Deep being the adopted is so concerned about Roma! What is Viraat upto? I’m feeling a bit suspicious about him! And why the hell did he make the sikh take Aarohi’s name? Does he know she’s alive? But how? Maybe Deep has told him? However this sure is a plan! Like Dhara said Aarohi should’ve gotten the tatoo done! She was trying to get a tempo one but that didn’t work out! All of a sudden the abducting scene cropped out of nowhere that’s weird! The tattoo thing sure might be a plan of Deep!

    1. hi shey… agree completely! Deep is a far better son than Virat will ever be… infact, compared to this family of psychos, Deep seems like an angel person lol

    2. Sonakshi5

      Good afternoon shey ..
      Yes deep is way better than Virat .

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