Ishq Subhan Allah 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara becomes member of sharia board

Ishq Subhan Allah 21st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara says to Kabir that my father is not alone, I am with my father and can break anyone trying to hurt him. She leaves.
Zara is leaving Kabir’s house when Ruksar stops her, she says you can break anyone hurting your father? it looked nice seeing your love for your father. Zara says if we cant support our parents then its no use, who are you? Ruksar says the one whom you pity. Zara recalls how she said she pity Kabir’s would be wife. She says you are Kabir’s wife? Ruksar says no his would be wife, I am Ruksar. Zara says Kabir has sent you to threaten me? she says no to make you explain. Zara says ask him first that girls who live in their would be inlaws house before wedding, what they are called in our religion. Ruksar glares at her. Zara leaves.

Zara comes home, mom asks where were you? its been late, I was worried, Zara doesnt answer her and goes to her room.

Irfan calls member and says call sharia board meeting, I want to file case on all newspapers who printed this news without my official statement. Zara comes to him and says I went to Kabir’s house to answer them. Irfan says those who take my respect as my weakness, I will teach them lesson myself and sensible people take things in hand before they are not out of hands. He leaves. Zara calls someone and tells her some instructions, she says now I will handle things before time runs out.

Kabir’s mom asks Kabir why that girl came here? Ruksar says oh God that girl came to fought with namehram guy. Zeenat says she was arguing in that video too. Kabir is silent and recalls how Shahbaz said that he doesnt have to follow everything Kabir says and can follow his religion. He leaves.

Khalid calls Shahbaz and says Irfan called a meeting today, Shahbaz says is he ready to resign? Khalid says dont know, I am going there. He ends call. Shahbaz thinks its time for Irfan to leave and KAbir to become head priest.

Irfan gets ready for meeting silently. Mom asks if he can cancel this meeting, you dont seem so calm. Irfan says I have called this meting so I cant cancel it, and I have to show some people their place. Zara says you remember that I asked you to not resign at any cost, he eyes her and leaves. Mom says to Zara that I never saw him so angry. Zara says he wont ever be, she turns to leave. mom asks where are you going? Zara says I have to meet someone. Mysterious person calls Zara, she says I am coming and leaves.

Zara is on bike with Reema. They stop at signal and sees Kabir in car. Kabir eyes Zara and looks away.

Meeting starts, Irfan comes there and says did all get copy of resignation? Kabir is stunned. Khalid thinks Irfan is resigning, he starts to message Shahbaz that Irfan is resigning. Irfan shouts that Khalid you will be fined for using phone and whoever called media in last meeting, we will investigate for that and he will be punished, those who are trying to do politics and planning to attack me or my family, that person wont be spared as I am head of board and head priest behind whom all offer namaz. Irfan says woman member of board is resigning. Kabir says who is coming in her place? Irfan says resigning member Shaista will introduce her. Shaista brings Zara there. All are stunned. Irfan stands up and glares at her. All look on. Zara glares at Kabir, Kabir recalls how she said she is with her father from now on. Zara greets everyone. Shaista says I transfer my membership to Zara Siddiqui. Irfan comes to Zara and says Zara Siddiqui.. I welcome you on behalf of board, you are member in replace of Shaista.. Zara smiles. Irfan asks Shaista to leave, she leaves. Irfan says as per rule, you have to take oath. Zara takes oath that I Zara, promise to follow Quran, board rules and government rules to work for my society and.. raise voice for women as a woman. Khalid says last line is not in oath. Zara says then it should be. Kabir is tensed to see her. Zara sits with members of board. Irfan gives instructions.. Kabir leaves.

Scene 2
Shahbaz comes home and says dont know why Khalid is not picking up call. He says to his wife Ayesha that I am very happy today, till now priest Irfan must have resigned and Kabir will become president now, all get happy. Shahbaz asks if anyone wants anything, they can get it. Zeenat says I want to ask you something.. to get Kabir married. Shahbaz says we have to find a girl. Zeenat says I have a girl in my mind, her parents are not alive.. she only have older sister, you people know that girl very well, you love her infact. Shahbaz says who is that girl? Zeenat says I want my younger sister Ruksar to become part of this house forever. Ayesha and Alina are happy to hear but Shahbaz thinks about it, he says I am okay with that and leaves. Zeenat hugs family, all are happy. Ruksar sees all this and says my sister should get an oscar.

Kabir is outside meeting room. Zara comes out to leave. He turns to leave, Zara asks if he is defeated? Kabir says we will who got defeated after game, game have started now. Zara says dont dare call it a game otherwise you and your father will lose all stakes. Kabir fumes in anger, he says be happy to be with your father, you stubborn girl disappointed Irfan. Zara says people like you think everything is black.. I just want to tell you that I am with my father, he is not alone, his daughter is with him.

PRECAP- Zara says to her mom that I didnt join sharia board for myself but for my father. He will not be alone and if anyone does that with my father then I will do same thing again.
Kabir says to Shahbaz that the game you played by making me join sharia board. Zara did that too with ehr father by joining sharia board.
Shahbaz comes to Irfan’s house and says I have brought Kabir’s marriage proposal for your daughter Zara. Irfan is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    ? I feel so sorry for Kabir … not ?

  2. Ooshi

    thanks for the update Atiba

  3. Ooshi

    now they will come face to face and fight but it’s base is misunderstanding actually she should fight with her would be father in law between she is presently fighting with her would be husband auu looking forward eagerly

    1. Salaams Ooshi …how are you? I saw your comments on the other forum though… As with this serial, so far this is a powerful story and writers have done well, they exceeded my expectations. I can feel Kabir’s frustration when he’s exchanging points with Zara, while he’s correct on certain points so too is Zara. I see it more like her. I think she gave a good response to Rukhsar about being in in laws home before marriage but the Islamic perspective has changed so much during the years, no longer does a woman go to their sasural’s home like a stranger, now intended brides are very familiar with their future homes, inside out…its been like this in my country for umpteenth years. I do love Kabir’s intensity, his quiet demeanor commands respect and it’s going to be interesting to see a firebrand Zara clash with him. As with this proposal from Zara’s father, let’s see how this plays out.

    2. Ooshi

      happy u replied

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