Nimki Mukhiya 21st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki takes Babbu’s side

Nimki Mukhiya 21st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kamlesh is crying Nehal comes there. He says tune how are you? people tell him what babbu did? Tune says don’t talk to him. He says Nimki will do what she has to. But babbu will rule anyway. Don’t hope anything from nimki. This was bound to happen. He says help me or you will be ruled by Tettar.

Amma says to maid why did you give tea to Nimki? She says nimki wasn’t in room. Ritu says she went to meet Abhi.
Babbu comes in and says what did you do. He says I did what was right. We will lose votes. Amma says you both only care about politics. Nimki comes home and says babbu ji.. How could you do this. I trusted you and you fooled me. He says don’t give me these tantrums and go to your room. Nimki crosses the the line and grasps his collar. She says how could you be so unfair to poor people. He says did you get justice? You got hate in return of love. My mom.. She doesn’t like you and wont’ let me own you. I want to but I can’t do that because of my mom. I wanna be close to you but I can’t be. Nimki hugs him. Everyone is dazed. Nimki was dreaming all this. She sees Ritu and Babbu arguing. Diamond says he did right. Kamlesh is a liar. Nimki says kamlesh lies. Babbu says that tune was being a hero and shouted. Nimki says why did tune shout at him. I have to find out.

Scene 2
Ram says Babbu didn’t do right. tune says everyone is against Nimki. They are also going to police. Ram says Nehar is provoking people.
Nimki comes to her room Ram says things are getting out of hands. She says Kamlesh is a liar he does bad things. Chachi says but Babbu did wrong. Mauha says ask him to come here and talk to people. Nimki says he come here what he did was right. Ram says listen.. Nimki says they are jealous of my husband. And tune why did you shout at my husband. I dont’ wanna talk about it. She hangs him.

Tettar calls ritu and says why didn’t you go to nimki’s house. He calls babbu and says fix all that you did. Babbu says I wont apologuize. He says they are dancing on our heads. Amma takes phone and says babbu did right. Stay there. Amma says wow. You talk so much in Babbu’s support. She says there are two ladies to support you. Your mother and your wife.

Precap-Ram says you won mukhiya pat. People did so much for you. Now its your turn to stand for them. Take decisions for your people yourself.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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