Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2nd December 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima confronts Vihaan

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2nd December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi thinking of Vansh’s words. She falls near the bed. Vihaan comes and takes care of her. He gets her medicines from cupboard and makes her have a pill. She says its good you remember about the medicine box. Someone looks on. Vansh says you didn’t take care of yourself. She says I had lost faith on God, when you came back, I understood I was wrong to question God’s power. He says please, for my sake, take care. She says nothing went fine after you went, if Riddhima took a decision, what wrong did she do, promise me that you will fix everything and return my old family to me. He asks did I refuse to you, I promise I will fix everything, that’s why I have come. He wipes her tears. She smiles. She says I wish Siya gets fine, we will go and meet her. He says take rest, I will meet Siya, she will be fine soon. He goes.

Ishani says this is your real place, you always deserved this, Vansh respected and loved you. She scolds Riddhima. She says you will get the divorce papers tomorrow, sign the divorce papers and leave from here. She locks the door and says Riddhima is very clever, locking is imp. Riddhima shouts Vihaan, you proved that one shouldn’t trust strangers, Kabir and Vihaan are inside the house, I m here, I have to do something. Vihaan says Siya, you have to get fine, you have to tell me who did this, I know that person is from this house. Kabir looks at him. Vihaan holds Siya’s hand and says you are my fighter, one who can get up from a wheelchair can win this fight also, your brother is waiting, you have to defeat this illness for my sake. He see some shadow and says you just wait and watch, I will do anything to make you fine. He turns. Kabir goes. Vihaan smiles.

Angre says he isn’t Vansh. Ishani asks are you mad. Angre says I have spent more time with him, you don’t know many things, Vansh wanted to punish his mum’s murderers, he was trying it since 3 years. She asks what. He says sorry, Ragini knew the killer, Vansh kept her in a safe house, the killer killed her also, the one who killed your mom did all this. She shouts Angre, why didn’t you tell me when we got Vansh’s death news, Vansh wanted to punish my mom’s killer, the killer is on loose, you couldn’t do anything, I can’t tolerate that my mom’s killer is free. He says you got angry, why didn’t Vansh get angry, he has got that person home, who is connected with everything. She says you are right, if he isn’t Vansh, then who is he.

Kabir breaks things. He says he isn’t real Vansh, he is a duplicate, he almost saw me, Riddhima got a sharp player, we have to be at our best game. Anupriya recalls Dadi’s words. She says maybe you are drunk Kabir, tell me, how does Vansh know little things. He says obviously Riddhima trained him, we do this with undercover agents, I did this with Riddhima. She says agreed, why did he make Riddhima out, we are inside the house today. He says maybe its a part of their plan, if he was real Vansh, would he let his enemy stay in his house. She asks what did Vansh tell you, maybe he is planning something big, none knows what he thinks, he wants to attack on his enemy, I m worried for you. He says its your fear in your heart that’s saying this, no one can get saved from falling down the cliff, this is just a duplicate. She says I can’t be wrong, he is Vansh. He says fine if you don’t want to believe it, but I m saying it, he isn’t Vansh, I know it, its a cheat. Angre says my heart says the man who is behind this did Siya and Vansh’s accident, Kabir is sitting inside the house, I think I should have brought that man in front of everyone. Ishani asks why are we waiting. Angre says I know how to test him, wait, please calm down.

Kabir says I m finding that bag which I got there. He recalls getting the money bag. He says Riddhima sold her jewellery and got this money, I will end your cleverness. FB ends. He says I thought Riddhima was trying to run away, then so called Vansh’s entry happened, maybe its her plan B with her old uncle, maybe that man wasn’t old. He opens the bag. He says maybe we get some proof in this. He shows the notes. He says now do you understand, this isn’t Vansh, he is a duplicate. Anupriya says its our turn to end this game, use your power, use the evidence against Vansh, end his game, be it Vansh or any duplicate, what happened, real or fake, once he goes behind jail, we don’t care, go and arrest him. He says we can’t do this, Riddhima made a perfect plan, mom….

She asks what. He tells everything. She says what, you burnt the evidences, how can you do this, we did a lot to get it in years, you are such an idiot. He says enough, I didn’t dream that our game will turn this way, we will lose, I thought Vansh is dead so its fine if she burns evidences, don’t act like you never made any mistake, you and the family are doing the same mistake. He goes. She says time will show who is an idiot and who is the smart one. Vihaan sees Vansh’s room and jumps on the bed. He says this is called perfect room. He takes a glass of juice. He takes Riddhima’s pic and says few things were not in our contract, matter is something else, you don’t know whom you got home. Its morning, Riddhima thinks why did Vihaan do this. She says why doesn’t he answer calls. A servant comes to give food. Riddhima says stop…..

Riddhima comes home, wearing that lady/ servant’s saree. Aryan asks how did you take so much time to deliver food at the outhouse, say something, you know I want to have the juice on time, leave it now, I had the juice, go and clean my room. Vihaan comes. She removes the mask. Vihaan sees her. He says stop, clean my room first, any problem, Aryan. Aryan says no problem. He goes.

Riddhima comes to room. She takes a tray and beats Vihaan. He asks why are you beating me, I saved your plan. She asks who are you to make me out of my house. He says Vansh Rai Singhania. She says stop acting. He says you made me Vansh, you said he had a fire in him, if Vansh had forgiven his wife like this, anyone would doubt, am I right. She says we decided that I will apologize and you will forgive me, you told about divorce, how will we fix this, I couldn’t sleep in that room. He says wait, you need a back massage, its bonus, no charge. She says stop the nonsense. He angrily holds her and says you have hired me and paid me, but you can’t pay for my self respect, you have not bought me.

Dadi says I don’t accept this divorce, fill her maang and accept her, think you are remarrying her. Riddhima thinks I m Vansh’s widow, I can’t become Vihaan’s wife.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Yaar what the hell is going on over here……vansh vihaan vansh vihaan,god….so confusing….episode was amazing…how did vihaan knew about medical box and siya…..and can anybody tell me why is kabir doubting vihaan,I mean what did he see,that made him believe that he is a duplicate???

    1. Kabir found the bag of money that Riddhima brought for Vihaan and he thinks maybe that old man in the old episodes was not old and could have been duplicate of Vansh so he did not know then but he starting to doubt now.

    2. We all r confused Yaar😕😕😕😕😕😕 @Ravi Kabir is a sharp minded person and when he went to Vihaan’s place he saw that money bag ……. He is just doubting…..

  2. I am even more confused he Vansh or Vihaan. Some signs showing he is Vansh other signs he is Vihaan..what 😂😂 but amazing episode loved it. Kabir and copamma is getting trashed in their own game. Let’s see what happens next. It’s getting interesting tho❤️ Still don’t know how Kabir doubts on Vihaan? 🙄 but last part was funny 😂😂

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      How did Vihaan know about Medicine box and dadi’s health condition?
      When dadi said thank god you remember where the medicine box is then why did his expressions change?
      How did he know that Siya got up from a wheelchair?
      Why did vihaan leave the bag of money in his den which is now with Kabir. And why did Vihaan come as vansh if he doesn’t have the money (as per the contract with Riddhima, he’d act as Vansh only if he gets his advance).
      Why does Angre feel he isn’t Vansh just because he didn’t speak about Ragini and his Mom’s murderer? Angre very well knows that Vansh doesn’t discuss such matters in front of everyone so he might be waiting for the right time.
      What did he mean to say when he said looking at Riddhima’s photo that she doesn’t even know whom she brought!!!
      If he is Vihaan and is betraying Riddhima for Vansh’s property then he’d have made sure she is caught when she sneaked into the house in servant’s clothes, why did he save her from Aryan??

      Who’s this????????? Vansh?????????????? Ya Vihaan??????????????
      Sooooooooo Confusing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Brain cells overworking from too many questions. I think with future episodes we will get answers. I want him to be Vansh only but when we think he is Vansh he becomes vihaan and then when we think he is Vihaan he becomes Vansh 😂 this is too much confusion

    3. For this question we have to hire Albert Einstein…. Oh no!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😫😫😫😫He is no more😰😰😰😰 who will help us now 😢😢😢😢😢😢

    4. @vaishnaviaddanki, don’t use your mind that much…… You Wii go mad… We all r half mental but makers r trying to make us full mental…

    5. He’s definitely Vansh who’s just acting like Vihaan.

    6. Makers are doing amusing job….. I never thought of this type story……… They r fooling us but I think it’s interesting……. Very interesting….. .

    7. Vaishnaviaddanki

      @Preeti Seems to be true !!!

    8. eweha favour

      i am sure it is vansh maybe he just lost his memory after the accident but somehow his memory will be back

  3. Yesterday I was feeling like kuch toh gadbad…….but today felt like Sab kuch gadbadh hain…..
    He is 50% Vansh and 50% Vihaan…… inside the mansion he was hell bent like Vansh…..but outside he is purely in Vihaan’s character. And he Is giving hope and encouraging Sia……on other hand Angre, Vansh’s most trustworthy is suspicious about him???
    Is it really Vansh have any Dissociative Identity Disorder????
    Last season Arohi marked entry as maid to meet Deep…..Now Ridhima too in maid avatar to meet Vihaan…LOL!!!
    Now instead of RiAnsh moments makers are fully concentrated on IshAngre moments💕.
    Vihaan and Ridhima’s nhok-jhok were 🙈🙈😂😂
    Is Anupriya using Kabir???? I doubts…🤔🤔
    May be Kabir is also a pawn by Anupriya 😅

    1. 😂😂😂😂 yea even I remembered that scene of Deep and Arohi 😶

    2. You were watching S1😃😃 nyc

    3. Riansh Lover

      Hmm….I also watched the first part of immj1 ….then i left it because it was getting irritating and immj2 is also irritating but i just cant leave it…difference naa!

    4. Anupriya’s character is also doubtful…. Oh god !!!! It’s Immj2 anything can happen here

    5. @Preeti
      I hadn’t watched S1……but watched particular clip on Youtube recomended feed.

  4. Neha1

    Episode was Amazing… I’m enjoying this nok-jhok of Vihaan/Vansh and Riddhima….
    I’m still have a feeling he’s Vansh but pretending to be Vihaan…. Something big planning of Vansh…
    I liked to watch Kabir’s defeat… enjoying it… I knew it Kabir had not arrest Vihaan Vansh…. But now everyone is doubting the identity about Vihaan Vansh…. Even Ishani and Angre…. and finally Angre told Ishani about Ragini’s death and Vansh’s mom murderer story…..
    Now I think it will be interesting to watch upcoming episodes….but
    Can’t do anything to Voot and Colors channel…. I saw Voot app they’re uploading upcoming episodes early…. This is why mostly people who subscribed VootApp had watched latest episode online…so how will we increase the TRP on TV…. This is why TRP is effecting.

    1. Nik jhok haven’t started yet and another shock is awaiting us….😲😲😲😲

  5. Episode was good . I think he is Vansh but still can’ believe makers. On serious note voot is not doing good by uploading episodes so early nowadays it will hamper trp and also it kills the excitement of upcoming episodes.

    1. Seriously Yaar !!! If I can complain then I will definitely…. Tomorrow I was reading FF late night and Immj2 update came . I was like very angry… After reading updates so early my interest level decreased….

  6. I’m also totally confused. But I know episode must be awesome. Can’t wait for tomorrow to watch on TV.

    1. It means you r from India right…..

  7. Vaishnaviaddanki

    How did Vihaan know about Medicine box and dadi’s health condition?
    When dadi said thank god you remember where the medicine box is then why did his expressions change?
    How did he know that Siya got up from a wheelchair?
    Why did vihaan leave the bag of money in his den which is now with Kabir. And why did Vihaan come as vansh if he doesn’t have the money (as per the contract with Riddhima, he’d act as Vansh only if he gets his advance).
    Why does Angre feel he isn’t Vansh just because he didn’t speak about Ragini and his Mom’s murderer? Angre very well knows that Vansh doesn’t discuss such matters in front of everyone so he might be waiting for the right time.
    What did he mean to say when he said looking at Riddhima’s photo that she doesn’t even know whom she brought!!!
    If he is Vihaan and is betraying Riddhima for Vansh’s property then he’d have made sure she is caught when she sneaked into the house in servant’s clothes, why did he save her from Aryan??

    Keeping aside these points,
    The major points are when ANgre realized that he is an imposter and not Vansh then why didn’t he speak then? what was he waiting for???
    Riddhima could cancel the contract too right!!! And what is this 1 day ka time limit? What’s Vihaan’s intentions in entering VR Mansion? Money and property??? Then how does he know everything about the family members??

    Who’s this????????? Vansh?????????????? Ya Vihaan??????????????
    Sooooooooo Confusing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @Vaishaviaddanki, I told you na don’t use your mind that much…. One day your brain will blast 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 like this

    2. Vaishnaviaddanki

      It already did 🙁
      itni confusion kabhi nahi huwa

  8. What the hell!!!!!! Who is he vansh or vihaan. Vihaan or vansh
    Oh god! Please tell me the truth for the sake of fans

    1. Sometimes he looks like total vansh and sometimes he behave like vihaan totally.
      It’s driving us crazy 🤯

    2. We r already crazy… Ab bas Mental hospital janeki Der hai…. 😱😱😱😱 But hum Immj2 Dekh ke happily jayenge….
      Accha chalta Hu duaon mein Yaar rakhna…….

    3. @M darling you always said that he is your Vansh ….. So now you only have tha power to know who is he( I definitely know who is he but will tell you last)….. And if you will find then plz tell us…

  9. Neha1

    I think, Riddhima didn’t give any training to Vihaan act as Vansh or will she gave him a CD or pendrive, where Vihaan trained to act as Vansh….
    If the training were not given by Riddhima then there’s a possibility of Vihaan is Vansh but if she gave him training then I too doubt about Vihaan being Vansh….
    Anyway, reading updates… never helped me to understand the expressions of the characters…so untill I don’t watch the episode on TV…. I can’t say much about anything….
    So, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s episode.

    Again all the Indian Audience if you read the updates here, then still Plz do watch the same episode on TV next day….Plz 🙏 atleast for the sake of IMM2 TRP.

    1. Then why she is like ‘shocked’…. After Vihaan’s deeds ..

  10. As i said guys These all Vihaan plan and Riddhima will hit him for his mad plan
    and Kabir-Angre are not believing he was Vansh and they will try to expose him we want to see how he will manage………………
    We will see some funny scenes between Riddhima and Vihaan………….

    And i don’t know my conscience was saying all this behind master plan was Dadi…………
    By seeing today episode i think dadi was behind all……..
    My context was Dadi saw Vihaan first and they planned all and use Riddhima to enter
    (Dadi listen Anupriya & Kabir words with Riddhima and she breaks down that all was done by Anupriya and she felt her family in danger……………… vansh died …………..Riddhima need support……..she planneed……….).all we know he was not vihaan but vansh only…….he came to protect his family……..but he don’t have any evidence against them so he was planning like that but he was vansh simply he can quick kabir and anupriya out but there was something stopping him………………Dont know about that secret
    I Know im crazy but it was Ishq Mein Marjawan………………Anything can happens

    1. Neha1

      @Rishi, Infact, in some last 2-3episodes I mentioned this that either Angre or Dadi is involved in this planning with Vansh….
      I also mentioned that when Kabir came to Dadi’s room to get Vansh’s Saafa at his wedding….I observed Dadi’s reaction when Kabir holds Dadi’s hands to wore the same Saafa which was wore by Vansh on his wedding…..The way Dadi gave the fear kind of expression….I doubt/senses on Dadi’s involvement with Vansh’s planning….as someone had informed Dadi about how Dangerous Kabir was….either that informer could be Vansh or Riddhima…..
      So, yeah, you may be right….I had started guessing this that maybe Dadi or Angre… of them is really involved with Vansh…. And today’s Precap made me understood that there’s a lot more about Anupriya and Kabir which we might not known right now may be it has a connection to Vansh’s mom’s murderer….
      But yes, I’ve watch tomorrow episode on TV….and tomorrow Precap might give some clarity….
      All fans are capable of being a Detective Agent….at this forum…👍😂😜🤣

    2. I am not sure about daadi but anything can happen….

    3. Maybe we should start a agency name Immj2 detective agency😊

    4. I am really suspicious about Angre Yaar..His reactions ( when Vansh died and when he returned) are normal…. Now he is suspecting vihaan for what??

    5. Dadi adalah super duper san masih waras…👍
      Yang lainnya sudah gila…🤪🤪🤪

  11. Its vansh…i promise …i know that he is vansh…….guys the past 2 episodes are seriously confusing me….but after the entry of vihaan i pretty sure he is vansh…
    Whatever happened , vihaan used to riddhu to get into Vr mansion….he said somethings were never in the contract….
    Vihaan is a mastermind….vansh Vihaan?

    1. @RL(in short) I think he has split personality disorders…… How can he do this…. Mind-blowing act…. Sometimes Vansh sometimes Vihaan….

    2. @preeti
      😂😂😂.pagal ho gaya kya?

  12. I don’t even wanna complicate my mind thinking about Riddhima and Vansh right now. Uggghh🙄. Why did Anupriya make that statement after Kabir left? “Time will show who is an idiot and who is the smart one”. She left Kabir for money and Kabir manipulates her for money. If push comes to shove, they’ll turn on each other. I feel Anupriya doesn’t have genuine feelings for Kabir but she is also using him. Remember when Vansh pointed gun at Kabir in VR mansion? Why didn’t Anupriya stop Vansh instead of Ridhu? She doesn’t want to expose herself even at the expense of Kabir’s life. I feel that Kabir will be the one to kill her when he finds that out. I feel she is definitely using him as a tool to get rid of Riddhima and Vansh. I can’t wait to see them turn against each other…

    1. In Immj2 everyone’s character is suspecious…… You can’t believe anyone… Even not dead one’s…

  13. Omg my brain is twisting to the core… Who is he? Vansh or Vihaan? Sometimes he acts as vansh and sometimes as vihaan. How does he knew abt medicine box, that saafa and all that? And when riddhima asked who are u to send me out and when he replied Vansh Raisinghania, it gave me vibes of vansh. I thought that Angre would be involved in this some or the other way because he was very silent abt vansh’s death but no… Whoever he is, is planning really very bigg. And if he is vihaan, why does he wanna care about the person who is responsible for siya’s condition? But sometimes i feel like he is not vansh. When he told that mamla kuch aur hai, chill went down through my spine… If he is vansh, then v can conclude that he is doing all these to find his mom’s murderer. If he is vihaan, then mayb his target is not just the 5 crore fees but something very big,mayb the whole 5000 crores and ofcourse riddhima cuz i could clearly see his obsession for her. But i want him to be vansh so that he comes to know abt real culprits…
    And those bts scenes are further worsening me… Why is she wearing mangalsutra and why is she wearing other 2 lehengas??
    At the end i would just want to say that “soch soch ki marjaawan” is definitely gonna happen with me some day…

    1. Your brain is twisting…. seriously…
      My brain is no more…..😫😫😫

  14. Such a confusing episode yaar. Angre Ishani and Kabir doubt Vihaan, Riddhima is thrown out. Like what is going on. I expected some nice moves and grey character not non sense. Riddhima is white , Kabir is Black and Vansh who has to be grey was truning white. IMM is a grey show with great thrillers not non sense

    1. Yaar @vidha after that episode I have lost my brain …. If someone find it plz give it to me…
      My brain🧠
      1. Pink
      2. size is same as you
      Plz koi Mera brain louta do….🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲I am begging

    2. When we watch a TV show we must forget there is something called logic something called gravity

  15. Ryt now Iam so confused I can’t think straight. One thing is fo sure roller coaster ride just began. Im just keeping my fingers crossed

  16. So biggest question in my mind and all of you guys
    VIHAAN IS VANSH OR NOT?….cant sleep thinking about that…all the proof that he is vansh….this show has become more like a thriller only

    1. Is it good or bad??? According to you..

    2. I want vihaan to be vansh matter what

  17. Why is Angre doubting Vansh/Vihaan so much? Doesn’t he remember how Vansh had himself allowed Riddhima to stay in the house even though he doubted her really hard? I think makers are purposely doing this so as to confuse us. I’m sure he is Vansh only.
    Also can anyone over here tell me why Chanchal and Aryan are supporting Anu and Kabir so much?? Kabir threatened Aryan, but why Chanchal is behaving like this? They were always concerned about property, so when Kabir enters the house and wants to marry Riddhima, why are they backing him? That time they arent thinking about the property then?

    1. kuch toh kadbad hai daya..sorry nia😛
      thats a valid point they should be insecure…and if u remeber in the first 10 episode aryan’s dad told him that the only reason he is loyal is because he is waiting for the right opportunity to snatch away the wealth…

    2. Everyone is Vansh’s enemy…..except some angels…. And buddhu angels…

    3. @Nia they are just waiting for the perfect moment (which never comes for them.)
      Whatever Aryan did Chanchal knows all about it. She maybe greedy after money, gold and property but she loves Aryan a lot unlike AnuBir. So if Aryan is supporting Kabir then Chanchal is also supporting Kabir.

    4. @Tonni hi aap Ka swagat hai ki…. How was your test????
      Ronni whenever I read your name I feel like you r a boy …. And tum mujhe Tonni kakkad ki Yaad dilati ho….

    5. They r chamche….who has most power they r with him… Double dholkis

    6. @Preeti the tests went pretty good.
      My full name is Sadia Islam Tonni
      Tonni means flourishing, always doing some mischiefs.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      My mumma thought of this name when I was in her womb. Even then I used to trouble her a lot.
      My level of naughtiness is something else..
      My mumma just pick the right name for me.

    7. Tumhare comments padhne ke baad toh Lagta hai tumhari mummy be Sahi naam rakha tha😜😜😜
      By the way I am finding my brai n please inform me if you have any information about that

    8. @Tonni I have geography and maths exam tommorw this me luck

    9. @Preeti I don’t know where is your brain. Lekin mil jaye to lagalena aur mujhe bata dena meri wali kaha hai. Shayyed tumhari brain ne meri brain ko dekha ho..😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. @tonni Whenever u read this comment….
    I have acquired a disease from u…to write comments..😂
    I hardly used to write even a single comment and in yesterdays wu mine alone comments are 50…I directely hit half a century from 0…….I am seriously affected with this disease its not going away🤣🤣

    1. @Mahi I’ll take it as a compliment …😂😂😂😂😂
      Plz do curse me when you get beating and shouting from your mumma. 😛😛😛😛😛

    2. Tonni ji yeh bimari Covid se v khatarnaak hai. #comment ki bimari hum sabhi pe bhaari

  19. Guys I know who is he …….if u guys will ask them I will tell .. .

    1. Riansh Lover

      Preeti…please reveal..😜😞🙏

    2. I promised and I will just wait and watch

    3. Riansh Lover

      Fam…this updates are coming to early…i never even get to read the precap in the other one and this episode came up

    4. 😉😉😉😉

  20. But tomorrow morning……. I am very sleepy now……😴😴😴😴😴😴😪😪😪😪😪😪

    1. @mahi jab v tumhara naam Pashto Hu tab tab Yaad aata hai
      ” O mahi ve…. O mahi ve….”

    2. yaa..even my classmates used to say that😉

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