Made for each other (Part-7) #IMMJ2

PRECAP:Riddhima was asked by a random girl to propose THE PERFECT GURU of the college.Riddhima was going towards Vansh.When Vansh noticed Riddhima coming towards her,his heart started to beat fast…..

Riddhima came and stood in front of Vansh. Forwarding the roses towards Vansh,she said

Riddhima: I Love You…

Vansh(murmuring)I love you too…(realizing what he just said)….wait…what!

Riddhima(making a sad face): Vansh…I have to propose a guy…Will you please help me.

Vansh(he was shell shocked): What!!….(trying to stabilize)How did you even think that I’ll help you to propose a guy??

Riddhima: Please naa..Wait…let me explain.Can you see three girls standing behind me.They are seniors and they have asked me propose THE PERFECT GURU of our college,Mr.Vansh Raisinghania…

Vansh(shocked): How dare they!….But why are you asking for help from me?

Riddhima: Because he was standing,talking and laughing with you…So maybe he is your good friend…Actually I don’t have courage to go and propose him..So if you could go and tell him about my situation,it would be very helpful

[Guys I know this is confusing…let me make it clear.
FB shown….The girl asking Riddhima to propose Vansh Raisinghania. Riddhima initially thought that she was talking about Vansh(whom she met in her class).The girl pointed towards Vansh,but from the point ,where Riddhima was standing it seemed that the girl was pointing towards Angre.So now according to Riddhima,Angre is Vansh Raisinghania]

Vansh(thinking): Wait…Angre was standing and talking with me.Ohhh,she thought Angre to be Vansh Raisinghania….but why didn’t she think that I could be Vansh Raisinghania,afterall she knew that I am Vansh.

He was thinking all this when Riddhima snapped her fingers and he came back to reality.

Vansh: How do you know that the boy who was standing with me is Vansh Raisinghania?

Riddhima: because the girl who told me to do all this,pointed towards him.

Vansh: Ohh…[(thinking) let’s make it interesting]…Riddhima you wait here,I’ll go and get him.

Saying this he left and went to Angre and told him everything.He also explained him his plan.
They came back to Riddhima.

Vansh: Here he is.Now you can say whatever you wanna say.

Riddhima: Thank you Vansh…..(turning to Angre)So Mr.Vansh Raisinghania,would you please accept my proposal?

Vansh,who was trying to control his laughter,spoke

Vansh(to Angre): Vansh,let me take these flowers for you.

Saying this,he took the flowers from Riddhima’s hands and gave her a smile.The senior girls,who were standing behind and watching all this,were shocked.The great Vansh Raisinghania who hated and rejected every proposal,accepted the proposal of this new girl.They were surprised to see this side of Vansh.They silently left the place.

Seeing them going,Vansh spoke

Vansh: Vansh,I think coach is calling you.

Angre understood what he wanted to say and left,leaving Riddhima and Vansh together.

Vansh: Let’s go to the college park.

Riddhima noded.They started to walk.Riddhima was lost in her thoughts.

Vansh: What are you thinking Riddhima??

Riddhima: Nothing much.Just thinking that the girls told that VR is Perfect Guru of this college.Because he is perfect in everything…academics,sports,singing and many more,also he is handsome….but I think this title suits you more…I mean,I have not known you much,but,the way you were playing today,it was far more better than his way….you are even good in studies and more handsome than him…

Vansh was happy that Riddhima was praising him,but he tried to divert her,

Vansh(trying to divert the topic): You just said that I play better than him.How can you say that?

Riddhima: Excuse me,don’t underestimate the power of Riddhima Bansal.(proudly)I was a basketball champion in my previous college.Our team has won state championship.I was selected for nationals,but…. then I left the college.

Vansh:Interesting very interesting….Ms. Riddhima is a basketball champ…So why not have a match tomorrow??

Riddhima:Sure.Why not…today,at 6:30pm??

Vansh: Done…so see you in the evening….

Riddhima: So final….Vansh vs Riddhima.

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  1. Very interested episode. I love it.

    1. wooo..just loved it waiting for the next one
      vansh vs riddhu
      morever I am just loving this concept of college days and imagining vihaan wala vansh and riddhu

    2. Iyena

      Thank you Aafrin…keep supporting.

    3. Iyena

      Thank you Mahi….Let’s see who wins…

  2. Interesting very very interesting

    1. Iyena

      Keep supporting Muntaj….

  3. Poor riddz…she thought angre was vansh…vansh is so naughty…i really really loved it

    1. Iyena

      Yes,Riansh lover,Vansh is indeed naughty….

  4. Naira U Singh

    Waah i mean u surely going to kill me with the suspense u put and the amazing ideas u’re having. Really as a reader,or an author, i really think that u have a special imagination and i think that u can have many fantastic ideas. It’s not that this one is not good but it is perfect really. Continue to write like this, big love from me. And the episode was excellent

    1. Iyena

      Thank you Naira U Singh,it really means alot…..keep loving and supporting.

  5. I loved it

    1. Iyena

      Thank you Aarushi….keep loving.

  6. Vansh is so mischievous 😂😂 poor riddhu she thought of angre as vansh and I think this will become more confusing later on😌😌
    I hope riddhu wins🤭😁😁
    Amazing story line keep writing and post next one soon 🙂😊

  7. Loved it 😊😊
    Perfect guru 😂😂 is so mishevious, poor riddhu I must say your writing skills and storyline is too good ☺️😄
    I hope riddhu wins. Pls post next one asap

    1. Iyena

      Thank you Riansh_fan….and yes even I am looking forward to who wins the match…

  8. This college story is really amazing 😁😁👍👍

    1. Iyena

      Thanks to all of you for liking the story….

  9. Interacting episode!!!

    1. Iyena

      Thank you Diha…keep loving..

  10. Super waiting for match

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      Hey Akshaya,I’ll try to post asap….Keep supporting.

  11. Lovely episode🥰 waiting for the next one😊

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      Hey Shivangi,i’ll try to post it today itself….thank you for your love and support.

  12. Jazzmiiiine10

    Waiting fr next..

    1. Iyena

      Hey Jas,I’m still working on it.I’ll post as soon as I finish it……Btw your new FF is really interesting…

  13. Superb episode 😘😘😘👏👏👏👍👍
    Waiting for the basketball game between RIANSH 💘💘

  14. RiyaVaghani

    wooohoooo! amazing! basketball match! cool yaar! really looking forward to it!

    1. Iyena

      Hey RiyaVaghani,thank you for support…..even I am excited for the match…..
      When are you posting your next episode??It’s been many days since you have posted last.

    2. RiyaVaghani

      i know yaar! but what happens is… i get bored too easily… and i think i am getting bored with this story… so i am gonna end it in one or two chaps… i think i am only programmed for one shots… ffs are unknown material in writing department… so i will try and give one shots time to time…
      and i am really looking forward to the next one okay!

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