Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1st December 2020 Written Episode Update: The kids instigate Happu and Rajjo to fight

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 1st December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kat telling Chamchi that if they get together then it will become a punch. Ranbir says you said right, and says Papa will take us to Zoo and mother will take us to watch film. Kamlesh comes there. Kat says happiness kills her sleep and says we are making foolishness of mother and father. Chamchi says our mummy and Papa have fooled us. Ranbir says Chamchi is getting greedy and asks what else do you want? Chamchi says we will go to watch film and zoo in dreams, as mummy and papa was fooling us. Malaika says she made us eat the cow dung and what we were thinking. Chamchi says we will teach a lesson to them in their language. Kat asks what? Kamlesh says he has an idea? Malaika asks him to be careful. Kamlesh says I have a very good idea and asks them to come closer. He tells the idea. Kat says you are so smart. Malaika says his shakuni mind worked.

Happu praises the paratha made by Rajjo and says I will eat such soft paratha even in my old age. Kat asks why is he eating ghee paratha? Happu says my wife made it, I will eat. Malaika says mummy eats less, but don’t control your food habits. Hritik calls him sea horse. Happu asks him not to taunt him. Chamchi says if we don’t control you now then…Happu asks her to ask Rajjo to give two more parathas and says we will eat. Malaika says I will also take more parathas and goes to kitchen. Rajjo asks them to wait. Malaika asks Chamchi to say. Rajjo asks what? Chamchi says Papa said that the paratha is oily and your mummy will increase my cholesterol. Rajjo says I made paratha in the pure ghee. Malaika tells that bapu told that he don’t like it and says I will take it as you made it with love. Rajjo gets upset.

Happu asks why did she bring paratha so late? Malaika says don’t ask me, mummy doesn’t want to give paratha to Bapu. Happu says Rajjo can’t say this, she wants me to eat more food. The kids provoke Happu against Rajjo. Malaika says Mummy said that bapu doesn’t know anything other than this. Hritik says mummy shouldn’t have said this. Happu gets upset with Rajjo. Malaika says mummy is angry and made food in anger. Kat asks him to eat paratha. Happu refuses and will go to work. Chamchi comes to kitchen and says Papa shouldn’t have said this. rajjo says I didn’t tell him as he is going to PS. Chamchi says Dadi always tells that you are Annapurna and makes food like in five star. Malaika says Bapu said that he will not take tiffin as he gets gastric problem with your food and gets burp too. Rajjo says I will confront him. Malaika asks her not to take her name.

Rajjo comes out and scolds Happu for insulting her food. Happu asks didn’t you feel ashamed to insult me. He says keep your tiffin with yourself, I don’t want it. Rajjo asks her to take it silently. Happu refuses. Amma gets worried seeing them fighting. Rajjo says Amma is better than you, atleast she says on the face. Happu says Amma says right.

Dada ji comes to Amma and sings song. Amma asks him to sing well and asks if he ate rajma? Dada ji says no. Amma prays to unite her son and daughter in law. Dada ji says if they initiate their fight. Amma is worried and lights the diya, prays for their togetherness. Dadaji relieves gas and says I ate chole today. Amma asks him to go and tries to light diya again.

Manohar asks Happu if everything is fine. Happu slaps him. Resham Pal comes there and asks Happu if he found the rat? Happu says yes and says I will make you dance today. Resham Pal asks did you kill that rat? Happu says I didn’t go home, catch the rat and left it in the jungle. Resham Pal says very good, you need an appraisal. He gets up and finds his pant bitten by the rat. He hears the rat sound and says happu. Happu says that rat was in jungle, this is something else.

Kat praises Kamlesh. Malaika asks them to come to point. Chamchi says our plan will work with mummy and papa’s fight. Kamlesh says they are smart. Kat asks him to say. Kamlesh says you have to fill your mummy and papa’s ears. Ranbir says if they come to know about our plan then? Chamchi says we are clever than them. Kamlesh says we shall do the blast tomorrow and laughs. Kat gets excited.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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