Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Riddhima gets threatened

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chanchal leaving from the room. Riddhima takes the brochure and says I will match the number. She checks and finds the numbers same. She gets shocked. She says it means Chanchal is doing this, Rudra wanted to warn me about her, I don’t understand, but how can she kill Rudra. She gets the call again. The lady says Riddhima ji, you reach at 10am for abortion. Riddhima says Daima, Chanchal… why are they doing this, what can be the motive. She goes to her room. She gets surprised by the flower petal shower. Vansh says I don’t want to fight more. Ishq mein marjawan….plays….

He asks can’t everything be like before. Riddhima says no, we are going to be three now, our thinking isn’t matching about the baby, that’s increasing our distance, I m saying it again, until you accept our baby, the distance will be the same. She removes the flowers heart from the bed and makes a line. She says this is our Laxman rekha, which you can’t cross. He says we will know if your stubbornness is bigger than my love, I have much patience. She stops him from clearing the line. She goes to the washroom. He asks her to listen. He says I didn’t think this reason will bring a distance between us. She says it will be there until you accept your baby. He goes.

In the temple, Riddhima lights a diya in the temple. She says what shall I do, I m stuck between my roles, wife and mother, I don’t understand what to do. She prays to Bappa and Mata Rani. She says please make the thing away, whatever is coming between Vansh and baby. Kabir comes and asks what are you praying so desperately, tears don’t hide.

He stops her and says please I m not a stranger, tell me, I can solve the problem. She asks what if you are the problem, how do I believe that you aren’t creating these problems. He asks me? I have saved your baby, its the first baby of this generation, I know you and family are very happy, Vansh doesn’t care, but I do, I m the baby’s uncle, I can take care of this responsibility. Aryan comes and says Riddhima. Kabir gets up and leaves. Aryan says Dadi has sent laddoos for you. He goes. A card falls from his pocket. She sees the same doctor’s visiting card. She says what’s this card doing with Aryan, is he making those abortion calls. She gets the same call again. She says how many times shall I say, I m not coming tomorrow. The lady says you have to come even if you don’t wish. Riddhima says these people are threatening me, I don’t know whom to trust. Chanchal says she won’t come there by her wish, we have to force her and get her there. Anupriya says there should be no mistake, tomorrow morning 10 am. Aryan says we have to do this, be ready at 10. Riddhima cries in the temple.

Vansh recalls Riddhima’s words. He thinks my family and your protection are most imp for me right now. He sees her sleeping. He lies to sleep. Its morning, Riddhima wakes up. She asks what are you doing Vansh. She sees the soap bubbles falling over. She calls out Vansh and asks are you in the bathroom. She gets a call. She says I m not scared of your threatening, who took the appointment. The lady says you come here if you want to know about it. Riddhima thinks who is it, who doesn’t want this baby to come in this world, where are you Vansh.

Vansh says I don’t want any mistake, that traitor shouldn’t know that we are coming to punish him. He is with his men. Kabir asks shall we have the final deal. Chang asks him to spend time, understand each other, partnership doesn’t happen in a day. Vansh says he can’t snatch the deal from me today, hurting me would mean digging his own grave. Chang says every deal has its conditions and negotiations. Kabir says our relation is new, our motive is same, I agree to your every demand, money isn’t everything for me, my motive is imp than money and business. Chang says I hope the motive can get negative. Vansh says if we don’t punish him, then many such people will stand in front of us, we have to tell the world that Lord may forgive if one doesn’t do the aarti, but Vansh doesn’t forgive anyone.

Chang says traitor is imp than enmity for Vansh, Vansh will not leave you. Vansh says we will hide and wait for him, okay. Kabir says I m taking this revenge because of my heartbreak, but I think from my mind, you will be on front, I will be behind, Vansh can never imagine this, just relax. Riddhima calls Vansh. Angre says I think they are inside. Vansh says lets go. He disconnects. Riddhima says where did he go at this time, Ishani isn’t here, why is the room light on. Chanchal calls her out and asks what are you doing here. Riddhima says the room light was on. Chanchal scolds her for spying.

She asks Riddhima to take rest, her baby needs rest. Riddhima says I just thought to see once. Chanchal says you mean Ishani lied that she is going to her friend’s house and got hidden in her room, just go. She sees some shadow in the room and smiles. Riddhima goes. Vansh says don’t know what are they talking, who is that person with hoodie, on my command, okay… He counts down. Vansh shouts hands up and gets Kabir at gun point.

Kabir gets shocked. Riddhima gets the message, you just have an hour now. Aryan collides with her. He says my car is ready, we can go if you want. She asks where, I don’t want to go anywhere, do you know anything. He says no, I was just saying that we can go out if you want. He goes. Anupriya says I have made the breakfast, don’t go empty stomach, I have kept a dress for you, wear it before going. Riddhima says I m not going anywhere. Anupriya says you look stressed, I thought fresh air will be good for you. Riddhima says I m not going anywhere, okay. She says why are they behaving like this. Chanchal says the day will be tough, abshagun will happen with someone in this house, I have seen the dream, don’t worry Maa. Riddhima thinks is she telling about me, where are you Vansh, I need you a lot.

Precap: Riddhima is busy in her phone, someone hits on her head with a bamboo and then puts her in a fridge. Service team takes away the fridge. After putting it in their truck, they say work that Vansh sir gave is done. Riddhima hears Vansh’s name and wonders Vansh?

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Riddhima’s mood swings are also at first position 🤣🤣🤣 boldness toh dekho ladki ki!!

    1. Mai samjha nhi aap kya kehna chahte hain. Thoda detail me batayenge kya?

  2. Guys do you know where misslisa is? I searched for her everywhere, i used filter option and put episodic analysis and went to her episodic analysis and when i saw her replies to the comments, her name was not there, what’s happened to her? where is she???

  3. Kya hoga jab phoolon ka dil ♥️ Ban jae kantoon ki lakeer 💔
    Phoolon se ab koyi kaam nahi hoga
    Ridhima is on fire

    1. Bilkul sahi point pakda hai

  4. Guys do you know where is misslisa? I searched for her everywhere, i used filter option and put episodic analysis and went to her episodic analysis and when i saw her replies to the comments, her name was not there, what’s happened to her? where is she???

    1. Yea… she was one of the regular commenters… where is she?

    2. @Haseena Sister where have you been for so long? I didn’t find your comments recently

    3. Check her last update…she told that she’ll be busy these days….so maybe that can be the reason😅

    4. Ravi, but go to the filter option and in that go to episodic analysis and then go to her analysis Ishq, dhokha aur locket and go to the comment section where she has replied to the comments, you will not see any name over there, just check it

    5. I’ll check now only.

    6. Aanya I checked… are right. Her name is not visible in thw comments.
      And I even checked my friend list and my messages….her I couldn’t see her account.
      I’ll try contacting her on hangouts or wattpad.

    7. @Ravi I couldn’t understand what disappearing you are talking about. Meanwhile did you find her.

    8. Yes but I saw her name written in the replies.

    9. Yaar I think Kabir will be saved.The person at gunpoint will not be Kabir…..they are not gonna reveal his deeds this soon.
      But if as I read in the comments that makers can plan to give a proper ending on 13th March… for that they can reveal…if not…there are chances of Kabir getting saved this time.
      Yaar I’m not understanding…whether to get angry on Vansh or feel pity for him.
      One part of my heart is berating Riddhima,that instead of trying to fade away his fear…she is blackmailing him.This can make Vansh believe that this child is reason for distance between them.She knows the reason for his fear,but still….
      But I also wanna bash Vansh for many reasons.Plus he is literally not being able to solve a single problem till now.

    10. So sorry….this was meant to be a comment not a reply.
      So sorry.

    11. @Ravi being a Riansh fan,I literally want Kabbu to not get exposed soon and when he comes closer to Riddhu I feel like Wow thing, Hahaha don’t know why but I am not enjoying Riansh Scenes rather Ridhbir Scenes are looking great. Hahahaha Kabir’s obsession is a top knot.

    12. What! How is this possible

    13. Tonni

      @Ravi what should Riddhima do then?
      Not talk about the baby in front of Vansh? Go for abortion? That will give him peace?
      Vansh himself has created all the problems for him bcz of his stupidity , it’s not Riddhima’s mistake.

    14. @Tonni Yes she should go for abortion but that too a fake one so that Vansh may realise what precious thing he has lost and his emotions blast out for the baby.


    OMG!!! so many suspects 🙁 I am sure Vansh will save her, like always 🙂

    1. Gabriela

      This episode is crazy!

    2. @RIANSH FOREVER hope so but not this time I guess, she should save herself and then fake the abortion thing in front of family

  6. Samaila

    Areeeee allah ye Chanchal Kabse dua mangna shuru kari. Isse Toh kabhi mandir mein puja ke vact dua mangna dekha hi nahi 😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. @Samaila Sister I have seen you on many Shows TU comments, whether you watch them or like just stay updated to the stories of other shows like in Kuch to hai, Nagin Ek naye Rang may and many more. Sorry just eager to know!

  7. Gabriela

    I feel sorry for Ridhima! She is alone and desperate, and Vansh … off, I hope he saves her. But I think she will save herself

    1. I also felt the same thing………..vansh should be the one supporting her always

    2. @Gabbs Same feeling here also

  8. Samaila

    Bhaya mein sure hu ki calls budhiya Anupriya hi karrahi hai, Mother-son duo don’t have brains, so goodbye Chanchal and Aryan

  9. Wow, This hospital should work on Corona basis rather than Abortion.
    Atleast, India’s covid cases will decrease
    If suspects aren’t willing for quarantine
    They should take them forcibly for that.

    1. Gabriela


    2. Samaila


    3. Dekhne se to aisa hi lagta hai but you never know, this is IMMJ2, makers always like to misguide us. So anything can happen.

  10. Iam confused 🤔🤔🤔.

  11. Neha1

    OMG…. I’m really worried for Riddhima…. It seems like everyone in the family have some motives, specially Anupriya, Chanchal and Aryan…. Where’s Ishani…. She can’t be seen in the show… Hope she’s not the Red gloves person… I doubt that it might be possible that Anupriya, Chanchal and Aryan are involved in Riddhima’s abortion appointment call…. Anyway, can’t say much about anything… Waiting to watch the episode on TV.

    1. Hahahahah maybe Neha di writers are going to bring her back just to get her killed like Chachu only, I think due to the show shifting to OTT, the actors are going to see other opportunities for them as the thing which matters is money, money and only money in this world, none other than that.

  12. 😂😂😂😂😂 this episode is crazy 😃

  13. Yaar I think Kabir will be saved.The person at gunpoint will not be Kabir…..they are not gonna reveal his deeds this soon.
    But if as I read in the comments that makers can plan to give a proper ending on 13th March… for that they can reveal…if not…there are chances of Kabir getting saved this time.
    Yaar I’m not understanding…whether to get angry on Vansh or feel pity for him.
    One part of my heart is berating Riddhima,that instead of trying to fade away his fear…she is blackmailing him.This can make Vansh believe that this child is reason for distance between them.She knows the reason for his fear,but still….
    But I also wanna bash Vansh for many reasons.Plus he is literally not being able to solve a single problem till now

    1. @Ravi you are correct in all your opinions but you can know one’s condition when one is pregnant and so much tense for her child, you know a mother loves her child too much and try to save him/her from all the devils of the world.

  14. hi I always read all the comments but never reply

    1. Gabriela

      Hi Juhi! Please join in our conversation!

    2. @Juhi sister then try to comment and express yourself in front of others so that you gain confidence and you remain positive. This will enhance your English Writing skills also.

  15. Neha1

    Helly’s upcoming look…
    Again PAWRI ho rhi hai… There’s gonna be some Party/Event I guess…

    1. Gabriela

      Oh yes! This outfit it’s gorgeous

    2. Look behind, there’s is a dinner table inside their bedroom with decorations. Are they gonna have dinner date inside bedroom?

    3. Hahaha I don’t think a dinner date but a murder date of course

    4. Omg the level of sincerity this hospital has!! Even though the patients miss appointments they themself will bring them and give treatment!! And there’s a law which i read in 9th std that forceful abortion is an offence acc to Indian law. I think our writer bunked civics class during school🤣🤣🤣

    5. Sry this is supposed to be a comment

    6. @SM you never miss a chance to amaze me. Really you have such a nice sense of humour

    7. It’s a beautiful dress. Also, if they are having a party or something in the near future, at least I hope that means that nothing bad will happen to RIddhima at the abortion appointment.

    8. @IMM2 Viewer, no need to worry she may get rescued very soon

    9. @SM Yes, forceful abortion is a crime. But then, IMM2 is full of crimes…..😂

    10. @Nia yes you are correct, IMM2 is full of crimes but this sometimes spread negativity in one’s mind as many children who don’t know what right or wrong is, they may end with committing crimes and later on repenting for the same so they shouldn’t promote this much negativity, as the show is watched by also the ones who are teenagers

    11. Vaise ye PAWRI ka kya matlab hai?

    1. @Den Hopefully this helps to revoke Colour’s decision!

    2. Immj2 fd never leaves the chance to protect their show. It’s the channel who has got the utmost power. I don’t think these tweets will make Colours Tv to change their decision 😔😔But we can hope for a miracle now

    3. themysticalmetanoia

      guys pplz everyone join the trend we can save immj 2 now also

    4. @Den I don’t think anything will change colors decision now, they have the poster out of Udaariaan which shows that it will be replacing IMMJ2 from 15th March on TV

  16. What a game this fate plays 😝
    Earlier Vansh used to crack deals and Kabbu used to spy with a gun , now Kabbu used to crack deals and Vansh used to spy with a gun 😃😃😃
    Welcome new mafia boy Mr. Kabir Raisinghania 😏😏😏

    1. Gabriela

      But will it be so easy to catch Kabir? I do not believe! I think he is the one who will save Ridhima

    2. @Rishi What an imagination! But here fate is not playing any game, makers are the ones playing here. I believe Vansh suits more in Mafia mode not Kabbu in it. Kabir to usi roop me acha lagta hai. Mai ek Policewala hun aur kitne bhi murder kar sakta hu

  17. Whoa what an episode! At one point, we have face off between KaVa, and at the other we have Riddhima trying to find out who it is who was threatening her. Tbh, how did she not disclose such an important thing to Vansh, is beyond my understanding. I’m also feeling scared coz Kabir is also not there around. Tbh its kindof relaxing right now to see Kabir around Riddhima, because we know he won’t let anything to happen to her and her baby (Sorry folks, not much hopes left from Vansh)
    And wait, did I read it correctly…Kabir telling Chang that money is not his motive??? Dude, you only were the one who made plans with your evil mom so that you could grasp VR empire.

    1. Samaila

      Budhiya ke saath VR empire haasil karna wo Toh 1 saal pehle ki baat hai, Abhi Toh iska top priority hai Riansh ko separate karke, Riddhu ke saath rehna.

    2. Gabriela

      Now his reason is Ridhima. Love hit him, and money suddenly doesn’t matter anymore

    3. @Gabbs But still I feel just to destroy Vansh he is so obsessive for Ris

  18. Wow just read the update 🤔 seems interesting and the thriller element is back. Vansh in action. Why so many people have 10am appointments? 😂

    1. @Khushi Obviously to confuse the viewers! They always do this to us.

    2. Gabriela

      I think before lunch, to pass their appetite

    3. 😂😂😂😂😂

    4. @Khushi My Online Class is also at 10am today and mostly at that time only my charity work finishes at night.

    1. Neha1

      Yes, I’m so mesmerized by Them, specially, Rrahul..🥰😍😘

    2. Aww, that’s our beautiful power couple right there.

  19. Tonni

    This whole family is after that poor girl!
    Honestly I’m feeling pity on Riddhima and her baby and I’m disgusted on Vansh.
    How can a guy be such careless!
    He doesn’t want the baby but can’t see see even how his wife is undergoing danger each and every time?
    He is living with his family for such a long time but still he’s unaware about the intentions of his family members, that is quite abnormal.
    The whole family is so confident about harming Riddhima bcz they know how careless Vansh is about the baby! They know that he’ll be not there when Riddhima needs her.
    Thanks to Mr. Great VR for leaving her wife unprotected.

    1. Gabriela

      Vansh is a character with many contradictions, he is intelligent and a big fool at the same time. And I don’t know why, but I don’t think Vansh will catch Kabir tomorrow, because Kabir will be busy rescuing Ridhima.

    2. Neha1

      @Gabriela, May be it’s not Kabir but Chang… Don’t know who’s at the gunpoint of Vansh.

    3. I feel the same….vansh is being a really bad person now….I love him as much as I love chotu riansh….
      Vansh needs to relax and think what is the right thing to do…..he needs to stop this I don’t want this baby thing….
      He knows hes going to lose riddhu

  20. Guys are you taking part in #noimmj #no colorstv

  21. Why they r doing this to vansh baby🥺i hope everything will b alright and day by day the episode is becoming interesting ❤

    1. Gabriela

      Because I’m a gang of psychopaths, a normal person doesn’t do that

  22. I think I need a doctors help immj2 has almost turned me into a mental patient seriously i can’t take the tension anymore my mind is a mess from thinking who that person with the red gloves is 😂😂😂😂

    1. Gabriela


    2. Girl, I’m right there with you haha! I’m thinking way too much about this show and all the people threatening Riddhima.

    3. Me too….I think its ishani ..shes wasnt there for a while

  23. Promo link please. And my exams are over so I’ll comment regularly.

    1. Neha1

      Congrats, that your exams are finished… You’ve feeling relax now…🤣🙂
      Promo link.

  24. Nusrat Jahan ❤❤

    aj koye immj2 ka ff kio nahi aya haa l am waiting😭😭😭😤😢

  25. Full on thriller mode now .all of them are working together .who will save ridhima.where is ishani and dadi kabir is dead now.

    1. I doubt Kabir or Vansh will come to her rescue. I think Riddhima will save herself, or maybe the abortion will really happen, but I hope not because I don’t think any of the fans want that. Also, in the promo, it says Riddhima crossed all limits to save her child, so I have no clue what that’s hinting at, but it sounds exciting. I just feel that she should run away from VR Mansion. The one saving grace is that I’m certain Vansh is not red gloves, otherwise that would be the worst thing.

  26. Neha1

    On Ishani’s room, there’s a shadow…. So, I guess someone is hiding for sure… Is it Ishani, it might possible that she made an excuse that she’s going to her friends house but hiding… I’m not sure but I found something fishy… Also having a doubt on Chanchal and Aryan, don’t know why I feel they are up to something.??
    I’m eagerly waiting to know about the Red gloves person and the one who’s making to call Riddhima for the Abortion..

    1. Gabriela

      Chanchal and Aryan are after Kabir’s diamonds. They don’t know that diamonds are no longer in the mansion. I guess?????

    2. Neha di, even chachu wasn’t highlighted for being Red riding hoodie. He was missing in the whole scenario.
      And Now, Ishani is missing 🙄🤨

    3. Gabriela

      Neha what an avatar you have! Perfect for our IMM2 family! Lucky you! 😍😍😍

    4. Gabriela

      But if it is Rudra who is hiding in Ishani’s room ????

    5. Neha1

      May be you’re right… That might be Rudra who’s hiding in Ishani’s room. And if it is true then it means Rudra faked his death but why and I guess chachi and Aryan might be involved with him…
      But keeping our theories aside, I’m waiting to watch upcoming episodes as the becomes very interesting day by day…

  27. In precap ridhima to fake her death role switched again just like vansh died came back as vihan now ridhima will come back disguised as some one else .now vansh will cry for baby so sad cant see vansh broken like that

    1. Haan, Ridhima will now comeback as Rihaana
      In the stills Nehadi shared yesterday Ridhima is wearing her Ridhima avatar only.
      What if it’ll be a dream of either Ridhima or Vansh??

    2. MNO

      I feel it can b a dream of riddhima

    3. Gabriela

      Ridhima will come back in disguise into a pregnant woman or a person with a very large belly. Flirty, funny, threatening, and in blackmail mood 😂😂😂

    4. MNO

      @mary if it is like that it will b interesting to watch

    5. Yeah, that’s a really nice theory…it would be nice to see RIddhima fake her death and come back in a new form e.g. a female Vihaan lol. But maybe that implies that she will have lost the baby and will be in full revenge mode and I don’t really want a full revenge mode RIddhima. Also, I would hate to see Vansh heartbroken – we’re all used to seeing Riddhima crying lol, but my heart breaks when I see Vansh sad.

  28. @Nia, you wanted the meanng of AAp r8

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