Anupama 27th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Vanraj Rescue Pakhi From Kidnappers

Anupama 27th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu drives car with Vanraj and hopes their daughter is found. She says she will not scold her, will say sorry repeatedly, will always go with her wherever she goes, and will fulfill all her wishes. Vanraj says even he will. She stops car seeing a few parents questioning inspector about many girls being kidnapped. A few boys pass by a park and see Pakhi sleeping on a bench. Pakhi wakes up and gets tensed seeing them. Rakhi calls Vanraj and informs his men found Pakhi at Bhavan circle. They both rush towards Bhavan circle. Pakhi runs away seeing boys. Boys ask not to go there as its very dark there and think they wanted to help her, but she thought they will misbehave with her; they hope she doesn’t fall in wrong hands. Pakhi afraid thinks she shouldn’t have left home in anger and apologizing parents thinks they should come and take her back home. Two men walk towards her. Rakhi over phone receives Pakhi’s updates. Kavya walks to her and asks when did poison turned into amrith. Rakhi says she thought she is the biggest evil, but Kavya cross the limits; how can be so cruel when someone’s daughter is lost.

Family continues their concern for Pakhi. Sanjay says Pakhi left home in anger and must be afraid now at night. Mamaji says he saw a news about girl kidnapping gang. Rakhi says she is worried for the same reason. Bapuji says don’t know what happened to Ahmedabad people. Baa asks them to stop, nothing will happen to her granddaughter, Thakurji will protect her, and hopes Anu and Vanraj find her soon.

Vanraj sees boys and showing Kavya’s pic asks if they saw this girl. They say they saw this girl sitting that side and ran away when they tried to help her. Anu asks direction and heads towards it. A couple kidnap Pakhi and carry her hoping to demand ransom from her parents and then sell her. Vanraj and Anu reach the spot calling Pakhi. Couple hurriedly get Pakhi into car and try to start car. Pakhi murmurs mummy. Anu hears her. Couple drives away. Anu runs behind car shouting Pakhi is in that car. Couple think they are far away from girl’s parents and nobody can catch them. Police stops and catches them. Anu and Vanraj see Pakhi in backseat and say they did something Pakhi. Inspector says they are professional kidnappers and sell innocent girls. Vanraj angrily holds culprit’s collar and asks inspector to make sure they are rigorously punished.

Anu and Vanraj then bring Pakhi home. Doctor checks her and says she is unconscious as kidnappers made her sniff a hypnotic and will be fine soon. Rakhi asks how did they find out that Pakhi is in that car. Vanraj says Anu found it out via mother instinct, a mother can search her baby even with closed eyes. Rakhi says nothing can be biggest GPS than mother. Vanraj says he was sitting with closed eyes, Anu noted down car’s number and gave it to police. Bapuji thanks Anu. Anu says a mother teaches children to remember family members’ and house mobile number and herself cannot forget. Vanraj thanks her for saving their daughter. Kavya continues to get jealous seeing all this. Dolly says let all us go and let Pakhi rest. Baa says she will be with Pakhi while Vanraj and Anu can freshen up. They both say no. Family walks away except Kavya. Vanraj asks Anu to freshen up and she leaves. After sometime, Anu thanks god for returning her daughter and give all her happiness to her daughter and her daughter’s sorrows to her. Rakhi asks why is she still tensed when Pakhi has returned. Baa says what if something had happened to Pakhi. Rakhi asks how can anything happen to their daughter, she would have used all her resources to find her; she will leave her car here for any emergency overnight. Baa says she scolded and insulted Rakhi always, but she helped them today and is not that bad. Rakhi asks her to call her nagin itself. Baa smilingly says enough now. Rakhi wishes Jai Sri Krishna to everyone. Anu emotionally hugs and thanks her. Rakhi says mothers blame themselves when a child falls down while walking, so she shouldn’t blame herself as a few things are not even in a mother’s control. She wishes Jai Sri Krishna again to everyone and bye to Kavya and says she knows she must be feeling lonely as Mr. Shah is not her V and just Pakhi’s papa, her presence doesn’t matter to anyone here and she shouldn’t try her evil tricks now or else her efforts will go waste.

Kavya looks at everyone. Baa looking at her comments they will only know who is dear one and who is stranger during bad times, asks Toshu to bring a taxi for Kavya. Kavya says no thanks, she will manage and walks away. Anu says she will go and sit with Pakhi and asks Dolly to serve food to Vanraj. She walks into Pakhi’s room and asks Vanraj to go and have food. He asks if she had food. He says she will after he returns. Pakhi wakes up calling mummy. Anu says mummy and papa are here. Pakhi cries and they both console her. Pakhi says she shouldn’t have hurt them and left home. Anu asks not to think about it. Vanraj says it was his mistake that he couldn’t take care of her. Anu warns her not to go away without informing them as they were very tensed. Pakhi promises she will not repeat her stupidity again. Vanraj says they will also take care of her.

Precap: Kavya thinks Pakhi did a drama to reunite her parents. Anu holding Vanraj’s hands says they cannot reunite but can try that thier separation deoesn’t affect Sweety. Baa warns them to stop their divorce drama and start living together under same roof. Kavya thinks if emotional blackmail is so powerful, she should use it Vanraj to make him realize her value.

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  1. I love Rakhi Dave. She is sweet and caring as well as a vamp. Liked the way she answered Kavya. What’s wrong with Kavya? She is totally crazy and obsessed with V. I hope she doesn’t do anything stupid

    1. I suppose now she will say that she is pregnant!!!

    2. It’d be good if she is pregnant. Atleast this way evil Vanraj would have to live with her, accept her and leave Anupama alone. It’d be a very good reason for Anu and V to stay away from each other and never to think of “uniting”.

  2. Samaila

    Naagin became naagmani rakshak, but Chudail didn’t become dilruba 2.0

    1. I think she don’t have to forgive him. He doesn’t deserve her. Just co-parent.

  3. Bhoomika Choudhary


  4. Kavya doesnt love her so called V anymore… She s just obsessed… Kavya just a timepass for him.. vanraj trapped n his own chakravyuh😂😂😂… Ab ye serial out of reality hora ha he. Anupama should leave the house. She s giving false hope for vanraj, baa, and family.. or else she should unite with vanraj rather thn blabbering woh meri bachonka papa he pita he, etc.,

  5. Whatever happens, Anu and V should never “Unite” blah blah in the end, whether for Sweety, or not. How can they even think of? Are the show writers mad? Vanraj was the man who mentally, emotionally, physically tortured Anu for 25 years, always humiliated her, cheated on her and had an affair with his colleague. After doing this much amount of sins, he deserves to never be forgived by Anu. Okay, he might be a good father, son, but not a good husband and the idea of him uniting with Anu is “HORRID”. I agree @Kin that Anu should stop this nonsense blabbering, “Woh ek Pita hai, mere bachhon ke papa hai” etc blah blah and just leave that house. Unnecessarily finding a reason to keep that shit man near her. She doesn’t owe anything to him and has no reason to be good or caring to him. Pakhi should understand her mother’s situation and support her instead of never seeing her father’s evil side and hoping for them to unite. Please, don’t be so selfish Pakhi. I know the show will slowly show Anu falling in love with Vanraj again, and they will accept each other at last and dump that woman Kavya. But that’s totally weird and wrong and I never want it to happen..

    1. No , she shouldn’t get back with that devil of a man anymore!
      But maybe the show is all about civil dissolution of marriages , even preaching that the children’s family from both sides should stay in good terms and should hold good faith in each other and rise above grudges after divorce, otherwise problems would never end .

  6. I hope viewers can see kavya’s true colours now…..she is just obsessed with V,she doesn’t love him that much.

  7. Anupama should have left that house ages ago. Vanraj is responsible for his selfish kids and parents. Let him and Kavya handle it. Till now they had a glossy affair becoz Anupama was taking care of all the shit in the family leaving Vanraj free to fly high and have affair. Writers should show some change in this serial. after all that happend if Anupama again patches up with Vanraj that is not the right. It is not what the women need to see. Today women dont tolerate such nonsense. we dont need such serials to advocate that women should always sacrifice for family however they behave with her. Why can women have a Life of her own.

    1. Exactly! They need to show that women CAN survive without any “love” or a man in her life. Anupama is strong, what’s the need to show her forgiving and falling in love with that beast who never respected her. She doesn’t need to bend or leave her self respect for that man. This is totally wrong and portrays that women are so weak that they sacrifice everything, leave their self respect, and can’t be totally happy without a man.

    2. Totally agree!! Not only Vanraj but other family members should also realize her worth and value. And appreciate how much their life is easy because of Anupama. There should be more responsibility passed around and shared when she is doing a job , rather than overburdening her!!

  8. Really happy to see rakhi dave’s positive n emotional side today😊..she is a vamp bt she has a reason fr dat.. she is just like a normal mom(bt in over dramatic way😁) who is worried fr her real life also no mom wl b happy to see her daughter getting married in a family whr husband is jobless, father in law dominating n characterless,mother in law bechari abla naari n baa weird,selfish n dramebaaz🙄🙄 who can accept her son’s infidelity n force her bahu also to accept it..😒😒 n sorry to say bt i feel dat at some extend anupama is also responsible fr this suffering.. nw she is a smart, intelligent n self dependent woman who can take stand n even fight wid vanraj n everyone.. bt why only after betrayal n cheating.. why cudnt she take stand wen she ws wid vanraj n he used to humiliate her every single day, wen her mil,her husband,her kids used to take her fr granted why she allowed them.. she alwys knew dat vanraj doesnt like her becoz of her docile nature.. why she didnt show her confidant avtar dat time.. agar wo abhi jaisi pehle hoti to shayad vanraj bhi itna arrogant aur ghamandi nhi hota.. d way vanraj treats her n respects her nw sumtimes wid respect n sumtimes wid fear😆😆 pehle bhi karta.. it doesnt justify vanraj’s mistakes at all, bt i feel n beg to differ dat sirf dhokha kha ke hi kyun self respect n self confidence dikhaana.. har din dikhao,har waqt dikhaao like kinjal.. then vanraj jaise log dil torne ki himmat hi nhi karenge..

  9. Main bhi bilkul nahi chahti ki Anupama aur Vanraj ek ho jaye.Kyun humesha aurat ko compromise karna padta hai?Ab aap makers kya dikhana chahte ho ki Anupama apni beti ke liye fir us cheater ke sath rehne lage Jisne unko dhoka diya, 25 saal se kabhi unko respect nahi kiya,kabhi unse pyar nahi kiya,Unko naukar bana ke rakha,sirf apni aur apni family ki jaroorat ke liye unko use kiya? Seriously?? Pakhi ko bhi thoda samajhdar hona chahiye….usko kabhi apni maa ki dard dikhayi nahi deti,kabhi apni papa ki galti dikhayi nahi deti…..please makers Pakhi ka character ko thoda sensible banao.Agar Anu-V ka divorce ho jaye aur Anupama apni zindagi jee sake to sab viewers ko achha lagega.

  10. The show will show what happens in 95% of families.. doesn’t matter how we feel but reality is different ..

  11. Anupama is a weirdo. She never plan to divorce Vanraj. She only plan to lend him to Kavya for sometime. Then when Kavya is tired, she (Anu) takes him back. That’s my theory. Tell me which woman divorces a man and still plan to live in the house. She is deceiving herself.
    We want to see a strong self-respect woman. Not the one who is hiding under the pretence of saving other relations to stay with a man who is never treated him as his wife. Who insult and ridicule her anytime he likes. Vanraj even told Kavya that after the birth of Phaki, he has never touched her. Pls what is marriage if a man does not touch his wife for sisteen years. Bcs Phaki is sixteen years. We have all been blaming and cursing Kavya bcs she’s the other woman. But come to think of it, Vanraj has seize to be a husband for 8 years before starting with Kavya. Plus Kavya 8 years making 16 years.
    Pls, pls, is that woman a log of wood. Me🤩🤩she’s weird

    1. I totally agree Funmilayo. Anupama is really strange. She doesn’t owe anything to this selfish family after her divorce, then why is she planning to stay with them in that house? She should leave that house and live a happy independent life with freedom and self-respect. She won’t achieve anything in that suffocating house with the poisonous family, who’ll never value her even in the future. Instead she’ll stay like a 24 hour maid, hearing taunts and insults till the day she dies. Why act so loving to that family who never loved or respected you? And by staying in that house, she’ll have to face her cheater ex-husband and his girlfriend frequently. Why all this pain unnecessary? You don’t have to take care of the family, you don’t have any responsibility even, instead, the new bahu, Kavya has. Uniting with that trash V would be the cheapest act ever.

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