Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Riddhima gets threatened

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chanchal leaving from the room. Riddhima takes the brochure and says I will match the number. She checks and finds the numbers same. She gets shocked. She says it means Chanchal is doing this, Rudra wanted to warn me about her, I don’t understand, but how can she kill Rudra. She gets the call again. The lady says Riddhima ji, you reach at 10am for abortion. Riddhima says Daima, Chanchal… why are they doing this, what can be the motive. She goes to her room. She gets surprised by the flower petal shower. Vansh says I don’t want to fight more. Ishq mein marjawan….plays….

He asks can’t everything be like before. Riddhima says no, we are going to be three now, our thinking isn’t matching about the baby, that’s increasing our distance, I m saying it again, until you accept our baby, the distance will be the same. She removes the flowers heart from the bed and makes a line. She says this is our Laxman rekha, which you can’t cross. He says we will know if your stubbornness is bigger than my love, I have much patience. She stops him from clearing the line. She goes to the washroom. He asks her to listen. He says I didn’t think this reason will bring a distance between us. She says it will be there until you accept your baby. He goes.

In the temple, Riddhima lights a diya in the temple. She says what shall I do, I m stuck between my roles, wife and mother, I don’t understand what to do. She prays to Bappa and Mata Rani. She says please make the thing away, whatever is coming between Vansh and baby. Kabir comes and asks what are you praying so desperately, tears don’t hide.

He stops her and says please I m not a stranger, tell me, I can solve the problem. She asks what if you are the problem, how do I believe that you aren’t creating these problems. He asks me? I have saved your baby, its the first baby of this generation, I know you and family are very happy, Vansh doesn’t care, but I do, I m the baby’s uncle, I can take care of this responsibility. Aryan comes and says Riddhima. Kabir gets up and leaves. Aryan says Dadi has sent laddoos for you. He goes. A card falls from his pocket. She sees the same doctor’s visiting card. She says what’s this card doing with Aryan, is he making those abortion calls. She gets the same call again. She says how many times shall I say, I m not coming tomorrow. The lady says you have to come even if you don’t wish. Riddhima says these people are threatening me, I don’t know whom to trust. Chanchal says she won’t come there by her wish, we have to force her and get her there. Anupriya says there should be no mistake, tomorrow morning 10 am. Aryan says we have to do this, be ready at 10. Riddhima cries in the temple.

Vansh recalls Riddhima’s words. He thinks my family and your protection are most imp for me right now. He sees her sleeping. He lies to sleep. Its morning, Riddhima wakes up. She asks what are you doing Vansh. She sees the soap bubbles falling over. She calls out Vansh and asks are you in the bathroom. She gets a call. She says I m not scared of your threatening, who took the appointment. The lady says you come here if you want to know about it. Riddhima thinks who is it, who doesn’t want this baby to come in this world, where are you Vansh.

Vansh says I don’t want any mistake, that traitor shouldn’t know that we are coming to punish him. He is with his men. Kabir asks shall we have the final deal. Chang asks him to spend time, understand each other, partnership doesn’t happen in a day. Vansh says he can’t snatch the deal from me today, hurting me would mean digging his own grave. Chang says every deal has its conditions and negotiations. Kabir says our relation is new, our motive is same, I agree to your every demand, money isn’t everything for me, my motive is imp than money and business. Chang says I hope the motive can get negative. Vansh says if we don’t punish him, then many such people will stand in front of us, we have to tell the world that Lord may forgive if one doesn’t do the aarti, but Vansh doesn’t forgive anyone.

Chang says traitor is imp than enmity for Vansh, Vansh will not leave you. Vansh says we will hide and wait for him, okay. Kabir says I m taking this revenge because of my heartbreak, but I think from my mind, you will be on front, I will be behind, Vansh can never imagine this, just relax. Riddhima calls Vansh. Angre says I think they are inside. Vansh says lets go. He disconnects. Riddhima says where did he go at this time, Ishani isn’t here, why is the room light on. Chanchal calls her out and asks what are you doing here. Riddhima says the room light was on. Chanchal scolds her for spying.

She asks Riddhima to take rest, her baby needs rest. Riddhima says I just thought to see once. Chanchal says you mean Ishani lied that she is going to her friend’s house and got hidden in her room, just go. She sees some shadow in the room and smiles. Riddhima goes. Vansh says don’t know what are they talking, who is that person with hoodie, on my command, okay… He counts down. Vansh shouts hands up and gets Kabir at gun point.

Kabir gets shocked. Riddhima gets the message, you just have an hour now. Aryan collides with her. He says my car is ready, we can go if you want. She asks where, I don’t want to go anywhere, do you know anything. He says no, I was just saying that we can go out if you want. He goes. Anupriya says I have made the breakfast, don’t go empty stomach, I have kept a dress for you, wear it before going. Riddhima says I m not going anywhere. Anupriya says you look stressed, I thought fresh air will be good for you. Riddhima says I m not going anywhere, okay. She says why are they behaving like this. Chanchal says the day will be tough, abshagun will happen with someone in this house, I have seen the dream, don’t worry Maa. Riddhima thinks is she telling about me, where are you Vansh, I need you a lot.

Precap: Riddhima is busy in her phone, someone hits on her head with a bamboo and then puts her in a fridge. Service team takes away the fridge. After putting it in their truck, they say work that Vansh sir gave is done. Riddhima hears Vansh’s name and wonders Vansh?

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Thakur Priyanka

    It’s totally going to be suspenseful episode I suspect the person behind Riddhima’s abortion is Ishani or Angre only in serial ‘s we can see abortion forcefully without wife and husband sign because abortion is illegal

  2. Hey is immj2 really going to Ott platform if yes then does it mean you won’t upload written updates of ishq mein marjawan 2 episodes

    1. Neha1

      Yes, Rrahul and Helly confirm that.

    2. Neha1

      Don’t know about written update but yes from 15th March onwards IMMJ2 will come on OTT platform…
      I think Amena will update even if the show shift to online platform.

    3. Ameena will update.
      In fact as I checked TU of such shows.
      Silsila had beeen updated till its end of S2.
      and EDKV2 they are still updating, to be relaxed its Ameena who is the author of EKDV2

    4. @Den EKDV2 is also a good show btw. I haven’t seen even a single episode, but many people seem to like it, and yet it has also been shifted to OTT? Strange….what are these channels even thinking?

  3. Gabriela

    I saw the episode now, Vansh is really aiming his gun at Kabir, Angre and his men are targeting Chang. Kabir has a hood and from behind Vansh does not know that he is Kabir, I think he will escape, it would be too easy to catch him like that. What an episode!!! Thrill! Thrill! Thrill!

    1. MNO

      I think kabir will make escape sayung he just came to ask chang that vansh didnt cheat him. I came here to investigate about the person who stole it.

    2. Gabriela

      @MNO Yes, yes, it sounds like something Kabir would do

    3. @MNO
      Are you Mahi or Maha?

    4. MNO

      Haahaa😀😀 Both… My registered name is MNO

    5. MNO

      Sorry i m Maha and MNO not mahi

    6. @Den and MNO my guess was right that MNO is Maha

    7. MNO

      😀😀👍👍 …MNO is my registered account

  4. This is a very interesting episode….I do love this Mumma Riddhu

    1. Gabriela

      Ridhima my hero. She is fearless

    2. ❤❤❤

  5. Okay, I just saw the episode and really enjoyed it. I think it’s the first time in a while that the series has aired such good episodes consistently. I hope these episodes are actually building up to some major events and revelations. Also, the episode was very well paced from a slow build-up to two major events (the Chang confrontation and Riddhima under threat, yet again). In any case, here are my thoughts:
    -I’m happy that Riddhima actually matched the abortion clinic’s phone number with the number that’s been calling her. Instead of just continuing to wonder if Chachi or other family members want to cause harm to her child, she went back to her full spy mode.
    -I’m also happy that the clinic’s card fell from Aryan’s pocket, so now Riddhima is suspecting Aryan, Chachi, and Dai Ma…it’s better that she’s fully on guard and suspects everyone than if she’s completely blindsided or oblivious.
    -It’s good that RIddhima stood her ground and did not give into Vansh’s romantic gestures because I think he feels that if he just apologizes, she’ll just forgive him and drop the baby talk for a while. But at the same time, I feel bad for Vansh because he had the Chang confrontation coming up and probably needed her emotional support. Then again, he hasn’t been emotionally present for her, so I guess he deserves it lol.
    -Since RIddhima doesn’t know about all the stress Vansh is facing, I think she probably should have told Vansh about the abortion calls/threats. But, I’m glad in a way that she didn’t, because if Vansh knew that would distract him at the Chang confrontation. Needless to say, open and honest communication is the only thing RIansh is lacking to have a solid relationship.
    -I really do think Riddhima will be able to save herself and her baby by herself (at least I hope) from the abortion scenario…but who knows…the promo looked scary. Honestly, if I were her, I would just ask Siya and Dadi to sit with me until Vansh got home…that way no one could just force me to go to the clinic.
    -You could really sense RIddhima’s fear throughout the episode….and I’m also really confused who is behind the calls?…maybe it’s a colloboration between Anupriya/Chachi/and Aryan, or it’s all a distraction.
    -FInally they addressed Ishani’s abscence…may be she really is behind all this, but I kind of doubt that. As for the shadow in Ishani’s room, it looked like Aryan, but why would he have to hide if he was in Ishani’s room? Maybe Chachu is alive, but I doubt it. Most likely, it’s someone that Chachi hired to kidnap RIddhima to take to the clinic? I have so many questions, but I’m happy that the makers are confusing us lol.
    -Lastly, the Chang/Kabir/Vansh confrontation scenario seemed exciting. Vansh seemed to be back in VR mode and looked so good in his old form/attitude! Also, I don’t get Kabir…he said he doesn’t care about money…like seriously. I know his main objective has been always to destroy Vansh, but a big part of that has been to take over his property. Even after Vansh “died,” Kabir didn’t want to marry Riddhima because he loved her but just to take over the property…oh well. Also, Kabir is always trying to be more like Vansh, but is nothing like him…I don’t think Vansh would just sign onto some deal without knowing all the conditions. If Kabir manages to escape and continues his partnership with Chang, I really hope Chang cheats him.
    -The best scene by far was Vansh holding Kabir at gunpoint….I really hope that Vansh sees Kabir, even if Kabir manages to escape. But, I doubt that will happen….most likely, another shootout will occur and Kabir will scurry away like a little mouse lol.
    -Overall, I’m excited for Monday’s episode and hope that it’s not lackluster. Also, the new promo for the next few episodes seems super scary, so I hope Riddhima and baby Riansh will be completely safe!
    Till next time!

    1. Gabriela

      Bravo, a very comprehensive review. I like your reviews because you look at things differently. This episode was very, very good, the writers wanted to give us a state of confusion, thrill, fear. And Ridhima is my heroine now. Vansh has no chance in front of him.

    2. @IMM2 Viewer Yes, the show is back with its thriller content.

    3. Woah what a review 😍💥 i am kinda a bit scared for Riddhima tho 🥺

    1. Aww, they look so good and I absolutely love Riddhima’s dress. Honestly, the costume design team for the series is the best on ITV without a doubt…even when the show has low TRP/is on a budget, they manage to pull together some great looks for the entire cast! Also, I agree, I like how Riddhima is getting increasingly stronger…I never wanted a dark/revenge mode RIddhima, but I like her as a determined momma bear. I just hope Vansh continues to go back into the VR mode even after the Chang situation – old VR and a strong Riddhima would be perfect together. I just hope the scene is not a dream and just an indication that more lighter moments are going to come to break the current tension.

    2. So pretty….yaar losing them would be the worse thing that ever happened to me!😖😔❤

  6. Gabriela

    Two months ago, I criticized Ridhima for being an idiot, for accepting all of Vansh’s misery and why she didn’t give up on him, and now she has become my heroine, brave, combative, stubborn, determined.

    1. IKR like finally she stood her ground

  7. Got a joke for you all

    Seeing bts of upcoming RiAnsh romance, I was thinking we asked makers to change the bedsheet and was complaining about it, they instead threw out the bed and placed a table in the middle 😂😂😂😂 everything happens in RiAnsh bedroom 🤭

    1. Gabriela


    2. Haha! Yeah, I was wondering too – where did the bed go lol?

    3. No idea 😂😂

    4. 😜😝🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Okay I just saw the episode too and like the others I thought it was pretty good and exciting. There were two scenes running simultaneously and the editing was better too. Here’s what I thought anyway
    – The first scene when Chachi had the brochure in her drawer I thought it was her who was pregnant 😂😂 I don’t know who was behind the abortion, but I’m glad Riddhima matched the number. Thank god the creepy music isn’t there anymore 🤐
    – I felt bad for RiAnsh in the next scene. Vansh wanted to pacify and not fight with Riddhima but indirectly he has actually accepted his child by using the word “Unke” and “they are mine” when he was provoked by Kabir. I know they lack communication skills but I am glad Riddhima is giving him that little push to accept both her and the baby. He just needs a scare that will fully melt him and accept both of them.
    – just like riddhima I am also as confused, Aryan, Chanchal and DaiMaa all had appointments for 10am, I am thinking maybe this is a distraction as well for the audience. It could be that neither one of them are involved and just want to scare Riddhima or something else.
    – Finally Vansh back in action, and this time he brought all his bodyguards. I’m glad they came back from holiday and he has backup now. Angre finally did something useful but did you all notice the way Angre changed his facial expression. I don’t want to imagine it but it could him going against Vansh; who even knows anymore 🤷🏽‍♀️
    – The part when Riddhima was praying and Kabir came and sat next to her, he didn’t even let him touch her and directly confronted him saying what if he was the problem. That was good.
    – The hospital staff is making me think that someone has bribed them with a lot of money to force Riddhima for an abortion 🤔 so that could be it but the promo did scare me, I hope she can get out of it by herself at least or that Vansh would save her and give him that little kick about accepting the baby.
    – I don’t think Kabir would be caught that quickly, he will probably escape in the chaos of the confrontation🤔 like he always does and seriously how is not after money, he was always after money and everything that belongs to Vansh, mad man😂 but the gun pointing at his head was good. Predictable that he might be the one who escapes.
    – Seems interesting 🤔 i still can’t figure out possibility who the red gloves person can be, I gave up and just focused on the episode. Loved it tho it had everything and was well paced 🔥

    1. Gabriela

      Very nice Khushi review.
      You are right, Vansh must be scared that he may lose Ridhima in order to realize that he can lose everything that is important to him and then he will accept the child.
      Another thing, if Rudra is hiding in Ishani’s room?

    2. Great review and I too loved how Riddhima questioned Kabir during the whole puja scene. She has gotten smarter over the past few episodes. Also, I do think Vansh is very slowly warming up to the idea of the baby, but let’s see what happens after the whole Chang thing. Yeah, the whole promo/abortion scenario is scary!

  9. WantOldVanshBack

    Now a days I am not liking Vansh character. This char got huge fan base bcoz of his attitude,mafia, planning etc but now a days he acts always like a dump. Either he do romance ridhu,yell at her, warns chang stating his old mafia avatar…. Kabir is always 2 steps ahead of him and making things as per plan… Vansh plz don’t be dump.

    Makers plz bring old vansh back… Seeing him in bhichara look loosing interest on show.

  10. Watching series on the Internet has become a future.

    1. Gabriela

      Yes, but at least we still have our favorite show

  11. Hi everyone,can I be a member of this family official

    1. Yes sure you are most welcomed to our Fan Club of IMM2 and request you to keep engaged and commenting regularly

    2. Gabriela

      Welcome Damiha! Please join us! 😀😀

    3. Welcome Damiha 😇😇😇

  12. Very worst serial I ever seen…😣🤬🤬😩🤬🤬🙊

    1. Absolutely true..😕😕

    2. I couldn’t understand your point of view. Can you explain please?

    3. Oh yes…did anybody ask you!🙄🙄🙄🙄
      You know what…thanks for ruining my mood….😡😠

    4. Then go and comment on ur fav show…why showing ur hate on our fav show here….🤬🤬🤬😠😠😡😡😒😒😒

    5. @Diya @Lechu @MNO guys just stay cool. We don’t have to stoop so low like those people who just don’t think about writing anything or any one’s feelings for something favourite.

    6. MNO

      @hingo @ kripuya Then get lost from here..

    7. @hingo and kripuya get lost both of u.
      We never invited u.😡😡😡😡

    8. Okay thank you for the compliment! I think you forgot that by writing something negative like this, you just making IMMJ2 more famous in talking and trending and shows your jealous nature in front of the world

    9. Plaes let us not spread negativity. If you don’t like the show then don’t watch. At least don’t spread this negativity in a public forum. Sorry if I seem rude

    10. Dear…this is not the place to come….if you want to be trashed then yes you in the right place

    11. Then stop seeing but spreading hate isn’t right thing!
      Thing in which not interested leave it but the one who is interested why to spoil their moods and judge their choice…

  13. For this **** serial this much fans !!ohh god how these people become mad for this serial I don’t know😣😣😬..really they mind too becomes mad only by seeing this stupid ******* serial..better it must end ending rumours are going on and iam so happy for it..

    1. I think u have not seen the show from first episode…any person becomes a fan of any show its only becoz they have understood the inner meaning of each and every scene and got in love with the show…..for us this show has created a diff effect on us….and we once a riansh fan will always be a riansh fan…#immj2 best show for us….

    2. Neha1

      First of all, No one ask your opinion about the show. Secondly, If you have any problem with the show, then don’t watch and no need to comment here unnecessarily….who asked you to come here…coz no one asked or plead you to watch the show and comment here…
      If I don’t like the show, I won’t watch it forget about commenting…
      It’s your wish/choice to watch the show or not…. Everyone has their own choice and it’s depend upon them what they want to watch and what not…
      If you won’t like IMMJ2 then it’s okay as it’s completely your choice but you don’t have any right to judge on others behalf what they’re liking/watching on TV, coz it’s completely their wish/choice…
      So, don’t spread negativity here… Go and watch your favourite show.

    3. Okay you are happy na. Then we are also happy but avoid using such words in writing something, that too on a platform which is famous for articles as there may be some teenagers who must be reading the comments. So please try to understand what I meant. I hope you will avoid making such mistakes in future.

    4. Please dear don’t say something like this about any show. There are many itv shows running out there. Everyone will not like every show. It’s the natural thing but it doesn’t mean we can demean the show which we don’t like. Everyone has their own preferences. The shows are different according to the taste of different people. You may not like Ishq Mein Marjawan Season 2 but please don’t say anything negative about our show here. Your words may hurt the fans of IMMJ2. Hope you will understand it. Sorry if I seem rude

    5. Who the hell are you to judge immj2!
      Don’t you dare to say a word against our serial😠😠😠😠😠
      If you don’t like it don’t watch it.we never asked your opinion and keep those with yourself

    6. It’s fine dear….just clam down…..
      Immj2 have many enemies in real life…!

    7. 🤗

    8. Girl …What the hell?
      Please you destroying our mood ….keep your filthy garbage thoughts with you…..and I’m sorry but I cant handle people saying these things….
      Forgive me for being rude but you did too…!!

    9. Choices differs that doesn’t mean only you are correct…and if you really think immj2 is not a good show then why to waste time in commenting…simply don’t watch or don’t take interest in the show!

    10. @Kripuya Congratulations. But you know what you hate this show, yet you came all the way to comment. This just shows that even you are obsessed with this show like us!! 😂😂

    1. Gabriela

      I didn’t want it to be true, but reality exploded in front of me. Very sad! 😡😡😡😡

    2. 😱😱😱😱😰😰😰😰😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
      Super Upset!

  14. Gabriela

    The new promo on Colors TV 😡😡😡😡 Udaariyaan. Will you watch it ?????

    1. No I will watch aapna time aayega when udaiyaan launches. Udaiyaan doesn’t deserve immj2 slot

    2. Don’t forget to watch IMMJ2 online when it shifts to OTT at least

    3. Yea of course will always support immj2

    4. MNO

      Yes we will keep on supporting immj2 even wen it shifts to ott

    5. Yeah Udariaan really doesn’t deserve IMMJ2 slot but let it come it comes and we all see whether any show will be able to bring even half the Trp for colors or not. Then Colors will realise what they have lost and where they were wrong. I don’t think they just prefer their audience views. They just want money And only money, reputation is of no matter to them. Let’s wait and watch what happens with the serial

    6. Never will i ever!
      Immj2 is the only thing I will and would watch!

  15. Denza

    Ofcourse dear sister Its a worst show ever in the ITV.
    That’s why it got
    Best series award 2020
    It has best jodi
    Bect actors and crew
    Best actress and actor for negative roles
    Sister, before joining a debate, Use your brain
    which you lacks
    Saas-bahu shows never provides that!!!
    Never ever dare to spread the negativity here

    1. Gabriela

      Well pointed!!!!

    2. 👏👏👏👏👏
      Well said Den….
      You are totally right!

    3. ITV award was the second one.immj2 ko Isle pehle BHI best serial Ka award Mila tha. I don’t remember which one was that. Helly received that award for the whole cast.

  16. Dear @Kripuya and @Hingo
    If you are having the problem from the show, then why are you telling us this?? We haven’t asked your opinions….so kindly keep those “OPINIONS” with yourself. IF YOU ARE SAYING ALL THESE THINGS THEN I DON’T THINK SO THAT WE DON’T HAVE ANY RIGHT TO SAY ABOUT YOUR SHOW”……and I guess none of us have ever come to your “FAB SHOW’S TU PAGE AND BASHED ABOUT IT”….well there’s a line…and when you are too blind to not to understand then we do have to tell that HERE YOU ARE WRONG.
    And well you are…’s our wish to watch the show and we love watching it….
    Are you any saa-bahu fan in which same things get repeated again and again….then it’s your wish to watch that show and you are watching that….and we aren’t even stopping you from watching it!! So please don’t say anything over here…
    BTW just tell me which show you guys are watching….Because if you do/say anything as such again then we’ll also point out many faults in your show that too with pleasure!!
    PS: Please try not to use abusive words!! Otherwise it would be a give and take situation 😊

    1. Gabriela

      They made these comments to challenge us to be like them, that is, negative and mischievous. But we IMM2 fans have an education and respect, for ourselves and for others, we do not enter into controversy with anyone. So, we are not interested in your aberrations. Have a nice day, dear IMM2 haters !!!! We don’t care about you !!!!

  17. @Kripuya and @Hingo
    “The best series of the year 2020” Its only needed to prove what is IMMJ2!!
    Sisters, nobody invited you here for badmouthing the show.
    If you are happy for show going off-air, then your happiness are gonna be ashes sisters
    Bcz its not gonna end. It is shifting to OTT only, for global airing.
    ANd dear sister the reason behind these much love, is because its not any under-rated saas-bahu show which only spread negativity just like you people. IMMJ2 is a well polished show.
    So, Sisters from next time Mind your fingers before typing something.
    Its a global social media platform!! And your comments will be soon removed.

    1. Gabriela

      You showed them very well where they belong!!!

  18. Riansh lover🤩

    This is the 1st time I’m commenting. whatever be the track I hope this goes on….becoz I’m really afraid of loosing our show immj2. But there are some news that it is going to OTT platform or off air.but I don’t want either to should continue on colors tv itself. Plz 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏this is my sincere request ,watch the show on tv and we will make trp more….plz plz plz….

    1. What happened? I can’t see it.

  19. I think they don’t know the power of immj2 fandom and getting jealous….😒😒😂😂🤣🤣💥💥💥

    1. Gabriela



    Udaiyaan promo looks like next dance season 😂😂😂

    1. .............

      Ravi dubey might forget about being an ITV drama instead thought about being any Nach baliye or India’s Dancing Superstar

    2. Haha you are totally right, they claiming it to be Punjabi show but they should check Zee Punjabi Shows before claiming anything. They just disrespecting Punjabi Culture for the sake of popularity but wait they will get slammed for it

  21. Gabriela

    The heaters of IMM2 made these comments to challenge us to be like them, that is, negative and mischievous. But we, the IMM2 fans, have education and respect, for us and for others, we do not enter into controversy with anyone who gives his opinion in this negative way. So we are not interested in your aberrations. Have a nice day, dear IMM2 haters !!!! We don’t care about you !!!! 😛😛😛

    1. Hahaha just copied my dialogue!

  22. I have read many ff of immj2 they all use sejal in their fiction y makers can also use her na… She’ll help riddhu i knw riddhu is the best spy bt at this time she also need some help to help her ryt… Btw we can make her pair for aryan or kabir🤷‍♀️

    1. Gabriela


  23. Switch on the TVs, check what the time is!

  24. Arre! Anyone online?

    1. Yea I am

    2. Hlo…. I’m here

  25. What has happened? When there are new fans commenting, why our fan club gets disappeared?

    1. It’s nothing like you are thinking buddy.

  26. Hahaha! Nowadays, Vansh be like- Na ghar ka na ghat ka, WO kehte hai na agar do jaga pair rakhoge to dooboge hi. Na Business sambhal ra hai na musibat(Riddhu)

  27. Udariaan makers Canada ja rahe hain hme rula ke. Colors ne had kardi 3 baad add deta hai WO bhi sirf Udaarian ki. Ud lo colors walo, tumhari naiya doobne wali hai

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