Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st December 2020 Written Episode Update: Vihaan ousts Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishani saying Riddhima had taken entire charge in her hand. Dadi says wrong, I had given the right to Riddhima to decide, Riddhima decided it by heart to unite Anupriya and Kabir, you would have decided the same. Vihaan says if you all kept Kabir for mom’s happiness, then I will also tolerate him, its my bad luck that my wife is getting married to my enemy, you couldn’t wait for 40 days, you gave my place to someone else, did you try to find my body, you just talk big things about love. Riddhima says no. Dadi says calm down Vansh, we all were with her decision, when we didn’t get your news, we decided it, its not easy to live as a widow. Ishani says you always take Riddhima’s side, you don’t know her real face, she had given Kabir the responsibility to find Vansh, she permitted Kabir to stay here. She scolds Kabir.

Ishani says Kabir didn’t regret your death, he was trying to take your place, Riddhima uses her innocent face, don’t know what game she is playing, maybe she was going to involve Kabir in our property also, Bappa has sent you back, don’t know what Dadi thinks that she praises Riddhima. Vihaan gets angry and goes to get a firestick.

Kabir catches the havan fire stick. Riddhima thinks Vihaan is reacting the same as Vansh, good job. Kabir thinks of Vansh’s words. Kabir thinks to do something to manage this situation. Kabir says come on Vansh, you can vent out your enmity, anger and annoyance, you have seen it now, its not intentionally done, in fact I was going to leave the city on your Tervi, then I got to know you are my brother, you are my stepbrother, I don’t want any misunderstanding, trust me, I got all the hospitals checked to find your body, I admit that I kept the marriage proposal in front of Riddhima, which she accepted. Riddhima thinks he is cleanly lying. Kabir says she also believed that I should take Vansh’s responsibility, I just wanted to get happiness back in this house, now you have come, its better I leave, I want permission to take something precious, I have a right on it. He takes Anupriya with him.

Riddhima smiles seeing them. Kabir says Dadi, it was my mistake to stay here on your saying, if I have hurt you, then forgive me, its better we leave. Anupriya asks what are you doing, this was not our aim. Riddhima recalls Kabir’s words and thinks evil always loses, I have won, you are going from my life. Vihaan says stop. Kabir smiles. Kabir says now goal will come after us, I knew Vansh will stop us. Vihaan says you are snatching my valuable thing. He takes his Saafa. Riddhima thinks I didn’t tell this to Vihaan, how does he know. Kabir thinks I m sure he isn’t Vansh, Vansh would not get away from his mum. Vihaan says thanks, what’s mine will be mine. Riddhima smiles. She thanks Bappa. Dadi stops Kabir and Anupriya. She says Vansh, you are my Vansh, right, my Vansh believes in keeping relations, not breaking relations, Anupriya loved you more than your mum, you can’t forget it. Vihaan says I never went against your word. He goes to Kabir and says we kept enmity, now we will keep relations. He hugs Kabir. Dadi smiles. Vihaan says well played Kabir, now the moves will be mine, Vansh never forgets his enemies, wait and watch. Kabir gets shocked.

Dadi says now I feel my Vansh has come back. Riddhima thinks the game changed, we will keep the next part same. She says Vansh, I know I have hurt you a lot, forgive me please. He recalls Riddhima asking Vihaan to forgive her, no one will doubt. Vihaan says you didn’t just hurt me, you broke me, you have made a joke of my feelings and trust, you played a game with me, you have cheated me, Kabir was my enemy, enemy keeps enmity, you were my loved one, I trusted you, you knew Kabir is my big enemy, even then you were marrying him. She thinks what is Vihaan saying, this wasn’t our plan. He says Dadi would have not expected you to agree, maybe she has given priority to your happiness and future. Riddhima thinks how does Vihaan know this, was he keeping an eye on this house.

She says I m really sorry, forgive me. She goes close and asks what’s this drama, just do what I said. He pushes her and says stay away, my hatred gets high when you come close, your crime is bigger than others. Dadi says give her a chance to say. Vihaan says there is nothing to say, she was remarrying, stop it Riddhima. Ishani says Vansh is doing right. Chanchal says yes, if there is no love and trust, what will you do. Ishani says Vansh had got Riddhima on his head, now her truth came out, she doesn’t deserve you. Vihaan says right, I decided to not stay in this relation, I want divorce. Riddhima and everyone get shocked. Vihaan says no one can give me such pain like you have given me Riddhima. Ishani says you have always ignored her mistakes, now she has become our problem, make her out soon, she doesn’t deserve to be here. He says exactly. He goes upstairs. Riddhima says Dadi…. Vihaan throws a suitcase down and says get out of my house.

Riddhima thinks how is Vihaan behaving like Vansh. She looks at him. She thinks if I can get you here, I can throw you out, you have made a big mistake Vihaan. He says I can’t tolerate you here, you will stay in outhouse until divorce is done. Ishani says Dadi, support Vansh in his decision. Dadi cries. Chanchal says just throw her out. Vihaan says if she disappears, then I will be tied to her all life, once divorce happens, then she will be gone forever. Riddhima says I didn’t think you will do this, you had sworn on your mum. Vihaan winks and smiles. He says you won’t listen. He takes her out. Ishani says I will handle her, I will throw her out of the house comfortably. Vihaan smiles and waves to Riddhima. Riddhima thinks did I get another devil to deal with one. She prays for family. Ishani asks Riddhima to come.

Vihaan says I know few things happened which were not in our contract, the matter is something else. Riddhima thinks I m here while Kabir and Vihaan are at home. She says I have one day time to do something.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Vaishnaviaddanki

    This was ridiculous!!!
    But damn sure he is our Vansh as the way he was behaving, he first identified his safa which Kabir was wearing; then he warned Kabir the way vansh would have done; vihaan didn’t know where is riddhima’s room so how did he go if he isn’t Vansh!!! His eyes were indicating Riddhima’s betrayal to Vansh…

    Something is much more than they are showing us!!!

    And phir see 40 days!!! :0 like seriously!!! First 13 days, then 40 days and then 16 days and now phir se 40 days!!! LIke cant they stick to one format!!!

    1. Good morning and good night vishu

    2. the makers are like hum tumhe chain se soone nahi dege😶😶we wont let u rest in peace

    3. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Good Night yet Good Morning Mahi
      Sahi kaha!!! Aaj raat ko mein sone se rahi!!!
      Cant the makers give some time before snatching our happy moments 🙁 🙁

    4. they dont like if we are having few moments of peace and happiness …

    5. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Bitter truth 🙁 :/

    6. Yaar 13 days pe to teervi thi naa…then 2 3 days guzre to shadi tak 16 days ban gye…and he might be saying that she should wait atleast 40 days but naa she get ready to marry after 16 days

    7. I can’t understand what is happening…… 40 16 40 16 40 16………. Ridiculous….

    8. Denza

      V told that
      “why ridhima is getting married WITHIN 40 days”
      Look there is difference…… i think you got it

    9. Simple Vaishanvi he is Vansh only so he know safa and for your guys theory Riddhima showed her and vansh marriage pic where he was wearing safa and also we know that Vihaan also tracking Vansh’s family
      and plan to ger riddhima by that gunda’s incident………………
      and about days yeah 13 days and some days just skipped and he met vansh 3 days before marriage 40th day…………..
      So waiting for next episode what his plan was send Riddhima to outhoiuse

  2. Dammmmn..I didnt expect these and congrats guys in yesterday episode our target was 200 but we crossed 465 comments sacch mai hum nahi sudherege 😆😆

    1. You too mahi
      My best best close friend name is also maheshwari

    2. Actually my real name is Mahima ….mahi is my nick name but everyone ard me calls me mahi ..its like my real name only ..u wont believe that everyone ard me used to call me mahi even my teachers that once in a competition instead of mahima wrote mahi ..and in other incident when someone told one of my teacher that ur student mahima won…for a moment she was like who is mahima😂😂

    3. I think Mahi sounds cute though. I’ve always liked this name.

    4. ya…even I love mahi more

  3. yeh riddhu kabhi nahi sutheregi🤨🤨

    1. Sudharnae first bigadjanana….. She always do some stupidity from the beginning then what’s new in this

  4. Omg I cant believe it Amena you posted the update so early. Thank you so much. Looking at your dedication towards this page makes me wonder if you yourself are a fan of IMM2 too?
    Yes guys it is Vansh! Even Riddhima is herself wondering how come he’s behaving the exact way and even knew things that only Vansh could have known. And he’s doing all this divorce drama so that Anu and Kabir dont doubt on him. Anu herself had brought out Riddhima’s truth in front of Vansh, so if he behaves nicely with her they will realise that something is up.

    1. Who knows? The writers can add any twist. Sometimes I think Riddhima knows what is going on around her. She is the type of girl that doesn’t talk much but will observe stuff. I’m just waiting on the flashbacks for all these. I honestly want to see her long term plan for Kabir’s betrayal unfold. Even when Kabir was confessing that he used her, to me, Riddhima didn’t look COMPLETELY surprised. We have seen how slippery and quick witted Riddhima is in escaping and making excuses. I’m just wondering what this girl is up too.

  5. Wow. They sure are uploading these episodes early. Honestly, I find it so unbelievable that Riddhima is such a naive girl. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is the one who is playing the game from the very beginning by acting like a fool. I also can’t wait for the drama when we get to know about her actual parents. I’m damn sure Riddhima is a very intelligent and cunning girl. I feel her character is going to be as equally thrilling and mysterious as Vansh’s character is. I also feel that Vansh knows about her hidden personality from the first episodes when Angre went to her hostel and did a background check on her. This is too exciting. Vansh and Riddhima are too perfect for each other. I’m sure someone will die in the end🔥

    1. My intuition tells me ridhu parents are connected to rs family esp angre bt who knows?

    2. @Sahada @Asen Yes there’s definitely some dark hidden past about Riddhima’s parents which the makers are definitely going to bring up soon. It could be very well possible that Vansh does know something about her past and that is why maybe he’s comparatively lenient with her even when she goes against him?

    3. Definetly. Riddhima is definitely the character I’m most interested in this show. Why? Because she has alot of room. She is very basic, simple and naive so far. Her character has alot of room to bring about shocks, twists etc. There’s more to Vansh too. In regards to his Dad’s death and his Mom’s death/disappearance. I also feel Vansh knew all along that Anupriya and Kabir are related. I just have that feeling. Don’t know why. Both Vansh and Ridhu are definitely up to smtn big.

    4. Yeh sab hone keliye……pehle Sia ko comatose se baahar aana hogaa…

  6. What a episode full on drama and twists
    Riddhima too shocked as he was not vansh
    This episode was full on Vansh and Ishani………….. They rocked it
    Vansh winks and laugh was like oh damn
    Next episode he will explain why he had done like that but i think she will be in VR Mansion not in outhouse…………….
    So waiting for next episode

    1. Yes, even I thought so.

  7. Ihope this is Vansh’s plan, otherwise it will be nonsense because many are enemies only against Redho(bechare redaho)

  8. Guys, do you think that Redho is innocent as she appears or is hiding something? I am worried about her character

    1. She is neither innocent nor intelligent……..
      IDK what makers are trying to convey through her character

  9. For past 1 wk ive bn bedresting (allergies are the worst) my cousin has been reading updates to me but i cant get enough of imm2. Its almost midnyt yet im reading updates. Poor me. Well im not alone. I can hear ishani speaking from my neighbour’s house(investigation to be carried out later). Just hope my chemistry teacher does’nt visit this site (big fan of indian serials and fashion ) otherwise… Well, im sure vihaan is vansh but makers can be flippers(no pun intended) Other Business: All exam doers gud luck. All commenters plz don’t post in hindi id lyk to be part of the insyde joke. Also,what is the target 4 this post? PS:Im typing under my bed covers kindly ignore the errors

    1. I hope you’re doing well now. Take care.

    2. Oh…Plz take good care.

    3. Take care….

    4. Riansh Lover

      Take good care…get well soon

    5. Take care dear…

    6. Get well soon….🌸

    7. Get well soon dear

    8. Get well soon..

    9. @Sahada💐💐💐
      Feel better and get better soon!!!
      Lots of love💕 and fruits😜
      BTW What kind of Allergy affected you???

    10. Get well soon dear don’t worry about comments we all members try to make more than 100 today

    11. Thank you all for your wishes.Im better now(at least Im out of bed) and will take care. The allergy(s) is cold urticaria and hay fever. Once more thank you so much

  10. The episode 😬😬 well he is Vansh only I think that is confirmed in all our minds. Don’t know how Riddhima failed to notice that 🤦🏽‍♀️ But I think he is doing drama to stop Riddhima from falling prey to Kabir and his mom so I think it’s his plan only. I think next episode he will tell why he was acting that way and they will get married again. Saw in one bts on she was wearing mangalsutra so I think all will be cleared soon. Kuch khaas ka episode nai tha. Just waiting for next one and precap 🤔

  11. Hello guyz I’m from Nigeria nd I’m watching this mysterious series but I like it alot especially Vansh’s attitude and Riddhima’s innocence

    1. Barwah hello, am from Nigeria too. Is good to be back. Guys can you remember the episode of 26 November 2020, how Ridhimma pulled that turban from Kabir’s head, telling him it belongs to Vansh, can’t stop laughing till today. I hope vihaan is just Vansh, the way he knew everything

    2. Hey
      I am from 9ja also.
      I really love dis serial so much. Most especially Vansh, Kabir and Ishani

  12. Lynette Tabitha

    Poor Ridhimma hope this is part of the plan

    1. I think vihaan changes his plan to win all members trust that he is vansh not someone else

  13. This is Vansh who became Vihaan specially for Riddhima…. It won’t be possible that someone look alike (Vihaan) will behave exactly like Vansh…. How he come to know about his (Vansh’s room) room, if he’s Vihaan, how he will get Angry on Riddhima, how he thinks that Riddhima cheated her if he’s Vihaan…. So, I guess it’s a planning of Vansh of becoming Vihaan to the truth and the real enemy, also he wants to know that who attacked on Sia… Waiting for Precap…
    But waiting for today’s episode to watch on TV….

  14. If vihaan is vansh then why he need Riddhima to enter the mansion.
    Secondly , the proof were now destroyed, but Vansh/ Vihaan don’t know it. How can he totally turn up to vansh knowing that kabir can again arrest him.
    Thirdly, if vansh want to divorce her then what is the need to be Vihaan and fool Riddhima.
    Cannot get anything. Hope makers will clear all my queries in future episode

    1. Vansh became Vihaan to enter in the Mansion…he knew that Riddhima was the only option left… and also he knew that Riddhima truely needs him(Vansh’s face) to stop Kabir-Riddhima’s marriage, if you watched the episode where Vihaan charges huge amount of money to become Vansh and enter the VR Mansion….If Vihaan is Vansh then he needs to do this coz Kabir already entered the house as Anupriya’s lost son… And may be Vansh knew everything…. And we all knew very well that Vansh never ever let go his enemies without punishing them….
      And secondly he turned up to Vansh infront of the family so no one can doubt that he’s not Vansh…. only Riddhima knew that he’s Vihaan not Vansh….and yes, Vansh didn’t know about the proofs were destroyed by Riddhima and Riddhima smartly dealt with Kabir coz she might know that whenever Vihaan mark his entry as Vansh, Kabir anytime get arrested Vihaan/Vansh with all the proofs….
      And thirdly about the divorce drama, I guess it’s again a planning of Vansh, so that he made Kabir and Anupriya realise that it’s Riddhima who decieved him…and we all knew that Anupriya was the one who told Vansh that Riddhima was spying on him and also she took that audio as proof where Riddhima herself confessed that she was spying on him, that audio proof was found on Sia’s phone…
      That’s what I feel/thought….but yes, As Yash Patnaik the producer itself said ” Ready for a rollercoaster ride…some crazy stuff is coming your way”….. So, what craziness they’re planning/talking about, had no idea….
      Let’s wait n watch IMM2.
      Again requesting🙏 you all to watch the show on Television in order to increase the TRP of IMM2…

    2. @Neha 1, i totally agree with u

    3. @Neha
      Makers pe zyaada expectations mat rakhna……
      Remember ” Diwali Dhamakha” and “Father of Revealations”

    4. Yes @Den, That’s why I said that it’s completely up to the makers/writers…..
      Remembered what the producer, Yash Patnaik said in his interview….
      So, let’s see….yaar.!

  15. The show is driving me crazy.. the makers have something so big coming for us.. the producer also told that some crazy stuff is coming, this show! Literally making me think about it all 24 hrs.. how the hell am I going to write exams, God only knows

    1. Hum Saab isi tharha iss serial kae liyae Baath karthae, paad niskaa rahithoo……. Vothach. Please try to concentrate on studies yaar

  16. What was this!!!! Amazing…..just amazing today’s episode’s limelight was taken by brother-sister duo….loved it! 🙌🏻
    I’m definitely sure he is Vansh…..if he isn’t then how can he get to know about the safa, their room also for the happiness of Riddhima, Dadi didn’t say anything….well all these things were done inside the 4 walls of the house, then how come Vihaan knew about it….either someone from the house knows that he is Vansh and I have a feeling that it’s Angre or as he is a hacker he might have done something with the cameras.
    Riddhima is acting so naive…couldn’t she understand that he’s Vansh……yaar, give her some brains.
    What I feel Chanchal should just shut her mouth and sit at a corner….if Vansh got to know her and aryan’s deed, then I swear no one gonna save her from his wrath 😂
    @Den you were correct she should have consumed at least one sip of poison…..then the family members would have trusted her that she wasn’t interested in the marriage…..Now she has lost trust of each and every member of the family.

    1. Yes I was thinking the same she must have had a sip of that poison😡 then Vihaan/vansh also had trusted her and the drama would have been fun 😅🤣🤣
      God knows what will happen now..

    2. Riansh Lover

      Yes …😂😂…then this misunderstanding will clear…

    3. @g, you exactly take the words out of my mouth….

    4. @G
      Leave the poison matter dude……
      Now my mind is striking about…..Vihaan ya Vansh knows Very well that Ridhima isn’t interested to marry Kabir, then how come he is blaiming Ridhima for that?
      Something is wrong here…..or something is going on his mind.

    5. Yaar no there is no swapping…Vihaan remembered whatever Riddhima had told him to speak…also they showed the clips of her speaking…so he is Vihaan only(but if swapping took place at vihaans’s house,before riddhi reached….then can’t say anything)

    6. @Den
      You know what even I was thinking about it….Like Vansh was waiting for the right time to enter VR mansion…..
      One thing I can say whatever he is thinking is very dangerous and something which our mind can’t imagine….his mind is working on that 😂
      As Mamta ma’am had said Vansh has many layers don’t know how many layers are we going to see of his? Is Vihaan one of the layer…flirty cheeky type + hacker 🤔🧐🧐

    7. He’s blaming her to remove any untoward doubt from Anubir’s mind. They know that Vansh already knows that Riddhima was a spy working against him, so to gain their trust he has to show this anger towards her.

    8. Yaar how, can ridhimma even think he is vansh as in front of her own eyed he saw her jumps of that cliff ,just like how kabir got suspicious as it is impossible …Omggg my brains dead now I cant even think normally but still i love it it keeps me excited 😆😆😆😆

  17. Riansh Lover

    Good morning amd good luck guys …who ever has exams
    The episode is so short?

    1. Definitely the episode is really short

  18. Someone please send the link of yesterday’s full episode on YouTube. Please don’t send from colors tv as it is not opening.

    1. I have shared it with you last night…

    2. Yaar….In India Colors is not uploading any latest episodes on youtube…….And guys I beg you to not watch the episodes uploaded by unauthorized channels……it only decreases TRP…..If you can then just Report it. FOR THE SAKE OF IMMJ2

  19. Shocking episode vihaan ousted riddhima from the house😱😱 . I don’t think vansh will do that he will either punish her but not ouster her.
    The episode was the way we expected yesterday after knowing the precap.

  20. Visit this website…. hope so it will work…

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