Love life and important decisions (Episode 1)

  1. This is a ff based on serial ghum hai kisi ke pyaar  main.
  2. It starts after epi of 30 nov.
  3. All the characters will be same
  4. You can imagine samrat as zian imam here❤

The episode starts with sai grahpravesh

Everyone is angry and goes to their room. Ashwini shows usha her room and also tells sai to go to virat room and be comfortable. She says.. a lot has already happened today now go and rest we will see what happens tommorow. Sai goes to room and starts crying remembering all the recent events. Virat is standing in the hall and is thinking about everyone. Pakhi goes to lawn and sits there and starts thinking about everything that has happened till now.. how she met virat then married samrat and then today.  Virat comes there and tries to talk but pakhi tell him to leave. He leaves hesitantly. Whole night passes and pakhi is there in lawn thinking..

Virat comes there at 3:00 and tells her to come inside and its very cold outside.  He comes near her and tells her to plzz talk to him and share what she thinks..

Precap :- pakhi goes missing… . Sai tries to adjust in the family and all the members are still angry.

  1. 321

    Guys comment and tell me what you think about this ff. Any particular story line you want.

  2. Thank u for making an ff on ghkkpm🥰🥰🥰. And pls pls let Ashwini remain a positive character.
    Something like Sai getting to know about Samrat and bringing him back???

  3. Don’t know. Can’t decide so soon. Your 1st episode is same as shown in show. The only thing is different that pakhi goes missing.

    1. 321

      Stay will see the changes from the main serial.

  4. I want samrat come back.

    1. 321

      Mee to🤣

  5. Radhakrishn

    Plzz don’t make Pakhi negative. Zain as samrat is nice. Do update the next asap.

    1. 321

      Next episode is out!!!

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