Made for each other (Part-6) #IMMJ2

Riddhima entered the cafeteria.She noticed that some of the students were looking at her as if she was a alien.Then she thought that she has just joined the college so maybe that’s the reason they were looking at her.Ignoring the constant stares,she had her lunch.

It was a free lecture so she thought to roam and discover her new college.She picked her bag and started to roam about the college.While roaming,she came to basketball court.There was match going on.

Being a player of basketball,it attracted her attention.She was walking and observing everyone’s moves.Suddenly,she saw a known face.She was surprised by the fact that the boy,whom she thought to be a mere studious one,was playing the game….not only this,but was playing like a pro.
She was so impressed by the way he played,she was couldn’t stop herself from admiring him.(Any guesses who’s the boy……………yes you thought right.It was Vansh.)

She was so lost in admiring him that she almost forgot that she was walking on the courtside and then suddenly she bumped into someone.The girl,whom she had bumped into glared at her.

Girl(angrily): Are you blind or can’t walk properly.

Riddhima(humbly): I’m so sorry.Actually I was so lost in the match that I didn’t realise that I was about to bump into you.I’m really sorry.

Girl: Hmm…I have never seen you earlier.New student??

Riddhima: Yes,I have just joined today.I am an IT student,third year.

Girl: Oh so you are our junior….and I believe that as seniors,we have some duty towards you.

Riddhima: I am not understanding what you are saying.

Girl: Do you see a boy,standing there(pointing towards someone).He is ‘THE PERFECT GURU’ of our college….Go and propose him.

Riddhima(shocked): What!!I’m not going to propose to anyone…..Wait…are you trying to do my ragging?

Girl: Smart enough…(whispered something into her friends ear and she left).

After a minute,her friend came back with a bunch of roses.Handing over the roses to Riddhima,the girl spoke,

Girl: Take these and propose him.

Riddhima: I told already that I am not gonna do this(giving back the flowers) …and btw,ragging is banned.You can’t do it.

Girl: Go or else I have my own ways.

Riddhima turned to go back to her classroom,but that girl was adamant.She pulled and threatend Riddhima.Unwillingly Riddhima accepted to go.

She took the flowers and started moving towards the boy,after the match was over.Vansh saw her coming towards him.He was mesmerised in her beauty.She was looking damn gorgeous and the roses were like cherry on the cake.Suddenly he felt as if someone was shaking him.He came back to senses.His friend asked.

Angre: Bro,where are you lost?

Vansh asked Angre to look in front.When he saw Riddhima coming towards them,he said

Angre: Oh,so it’s her.Then bhai,I’ll take a leave.

Angre left.In the meantime Riddhima came and stood in front of Vansh,holding the roses.She forwarded her.Vansh’s heart was beating fast…dhak dhak…dhak dhak…dhak dhak..

TO be continued……..

  1. Oh my god!!🥰🥰
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    1. Iyena

      Thank you Diha for your comment…I ‘ve already submitted the article..

  2. Aree why to be continued it was short really so plsss post next one soon the girl is Ishani or someone else 🤔🤔
    Post next one soon

    1. Iyena

      Hey Riansh_Fan……in my FF Ishani is Vansh’s elder sister…..and a random girl from college asked riddhima to propose…

  3. Episode was amazing as always..
    Angre is not gonna to leave vansh in any of the ffs😂😂 JK
    Post next one a bit longer..

    1. Iyena

      Hey Astha,thank you for your comment….Actually I had introduced a lot of characters with new names…so I thought if I add more people,it would make it difficult for readers to remember names…

      And also Angre is too loyal to vansh that I couldn’t separate the both…

    1. Iyena

      Thank you Jas for your comment

  4. To be continued please upload next update ism waiting dear

    1. Iyena

      Hi Jayashree,I’ve already submitted the article.Hope you all will like it.

  5. Awesome😊 please write a lil bit longer…..

    1. Iyena

      Hi Shivangi….actually I’m bit busy with my studies…so am not able to write longer updates….hope you all undrstand…..and btw thanks for reading and commenting.

    2. Iyena

      Hi Shivangi….actually I’m bit busy with my studies…so am not able to write longer updates….hope you all understand…..and btw thanks for reading and commenting.

  6. RiyaVaghani

    oh lord! this is making me love ragging!

    1. Iyena

      hahaha….but ragging can be of any kind….

    2. RiyaVaghani

      ya, well… but u know what i meant….

  7. Oh god…please post early….is the girl ishani?Now im eager to see what riddhima does next 😂😂😂

    1. Iyena

      Hey Riansh Lover,the girl is not Ishani….she was just a random girl…Also Ishani is Vansh’s elder sister(in my ff)…

  8. Is she going to propose vansh or someone else….. Please update next one yaaar

    1. Iyena

      Hey Muntaj,for knowing this you’ll have to read the next part…..

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