Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi finds about Deep’s parents

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi comes home and recalls what deep said. she says I dont’ know what to do. What should I do? I couldn’t see reality. I have to find Chawani and bhabhi too. Deep comes in. His hand is bleeding. Arohi says how did this happen? Where were you? Let me dress it. He shoves her and eats his food. Arohi puts juice on table. He breaks the glass and says gp away from me. she says I can never go away from you. He says I will hurt myself and you will be responsible for it. Arohi leaves.

Virat says to Prithvi you knoww Roma. She can leave us anytimme. We have to make a new plan against her.
Roma meets minister. He says I need your help in getting that society clean. You have to help me. I helped you too because you accepted your sin. She syas I never did. my son wanted me to say it so I did. Virat says forget that recording. I will get that society cleaned. Minister says I think Deep can do this.
Arohi says to Dilip i have to do something. Give me any clue. I want to win him back. I want to show him he needs love. I want to give him love. I want to find his family. He can’t speak. Arohi gives him a paper. She says can you try to write. The paper falls from his hand. He points towards his locket. Arohi recalls she saw a locket in Deep’s trunk where he stored Arohi’s stuff.

Roma says deep minister wants to get that society empty. He says people there are innocent. Someone must be leading them. Minister says Manosh. deep says consider it done. Arohi comes ot her room and takes out all that stuff. She says its too late Deep. I couldn’t see your real love. She sees the locket. Arohi says this lockket is related to Deep’s parents.
Deep brings in the man. He says please don’t kill me. The man says please let me go. I wanted to help those poor people. Deep says get the papers signed before I sign your death certificate. We want that place empty. Arohi comes there. Deep puts gun in his mouth. Deep says get that place empty. Arohi says Deep leave him. Virat says Tara you stay out of it. He calls somoene and says I will count till 5 after that you shoot hhis family I will shoot him here. The man says please don’t kill my family. I will get the paper sinned. Deep says here are the papers. He leaves. Arohi goes after him. Arohi says how can you do this with those poor people and for that Roma. Deep says stay out of what I do. She says how can you take homes of those poor people. I am responsible for all this. I will make you the deep you were again. He says better stay out of my life. He leaves. Deep sees all his stuff out. He says how dare you take it out. Arohi says this locket.. This is related to your past. I promise I will bring your family back to you soon. Deep puts all stuff on floor and tries to set it on fire. Arohi says what are you doing are you crazy? He shoves her and burns it all. He takes the locket from her. He says don’t take my parents name again. He leaves. Arohi see the ashes in tears.

Arohi comes to temple. She says to pandit ji you told me my life would be twisted. Please help me. He says what can I do? She says I want to remove this darkness from my life. He says you have to pray God for it. Arohi sits in the temple. Arohi says that locket brought a shine in his eyes. I want to keep it alive. I don’t know what to do. He hates me but I don’t know how to help him. Please show me a way out. A flower falls. Arohi says this means I should do what my heart asks me to. Arohi says I will make him the deep he was.

Tara comes to Maharaj. She takes out her knife. She says I will tell you a secret. THe one living here is Arohi. She locked me in a closet and shot Deep. He says what are you saying. Let me tell Roma. She says no don’t. You haev to help me so I can take revenge from that Arohi.

Precap-Tara plots how to keep fooling Arohi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. deeps anger is not justified at all… whatever he did for her, it was never known to her… the only thing arohi saw was bad part of deep… so if she tried to take revenge hows it wrong??

    and y is that he is not looking out for real tara??

    1. Hi Saras.agree with you.

  2. Deep Aarohi ko torture karna band karo

    1. Same thing .

    2. Yeah

  3. dear atiba, thanks a lot for the quick update. however the captions are always misleading. where did arohi findout abt deeps locket?

    1. sorry .. i meany deeps parents

  4. Hello friends.
    I hate this kind of arjun fan. I love him act.but he hurt arohi feelings.arohi don’t deserve this.where is deep parents ?
    Arohi lost deep also do like this. Pehli SE ardeep ka saath ithna duriya ab tara ka kami thi.ab ye kya karnawaali hey.why deep more rude.I don’t like him.I just hate disgusting women Roma. Prithivi, how he forgot vedika.virat ,ye tho apni maa SA ihnaa nafrath kar raha tha ab kaisa pathla.
    Where is chawani?
    Deep ithna bathal gaya Tara aur nikku baari mey sooj tha tak nahi.deep is orphan.
    But arohi also lost her parents. And lost her Bhai,Bhabi,nikku.everything. why deep can’t understand arohi feelings?

    1. yes rhivanya right now deep is only caring about his own pain and miseries and that is wronghe has to understand arohi’s pov also and this tara why can’t the makers put her aside for sometimes they bring her to add more complication and confusion in storyline

      1. Hey anvesha.Tara create a problem between ardeep.I hate Tara.

  5. Oh my God! What is this? So irritating a track, i hate those conspiracies against the protagonists. All of this is cluttering my mind, thank God I didn’t watch today’s episode, a waste of time, too much enemies n yeah, too much of that witch tara?……..wish there is some improvement in the track.
    Dear deep,
    What do u think u r, u did all the wrong with aarohi n then her anger n the thirst for revenge from u is not right? Y?u didn’t give even a fraction of explanation n then showing ur bloated angry baby face to her just because u didn’t tell her the reality

    1. hii amaira u r right deep never try to explain arohi about things then he let roma and arohi torture her and if she did the same then he is angry and tara she is really too much irritating

    2. Hi Amaira. Agree with you.

  6. What will tara do next will deep save arohi from tara or not i am very exited to know this

    1. I think deep help arohi.but writers…….

  7. this track is relly annoying and it pissed me off sometimes deep is angry on arohi for doing something which is right and which they deserve why don’t he try to remember his own deeds and forgive arohi for her mistake while she is trying so much and this tara she is too much annoying always with her knife and revenge how she escape from everywhere and any situation that easily and these raichand’s sometimes i wish arohi don’t get them punished just kill them they are so much irritating and how fastly they change their colors the makers are making so boring day by day the same arohi and tara game how noone see them both in same house i wish deep’s past bring some twist in story and make it interesting because right now this track bored me

    1. Agree with you. I hate raichand family.

  8. Hi Guys,,
    As per the new promo, I think Tara will kill someone maybe Maharaj so that they will take Arohi to jail who is in Tara place now….
    This Tara is irritating a lot
    First they should unite Ardeep and show some happy moments and they help each other,, then they can bring in new troubles by Tara and how they are facing it,,,
    Instead they are always putting Arohi in trouble and Deep helpless,,, And both are in love hate relationship always,, no progress…
    Once Deep comes to know about his parents then definitely he will go against Roma…
    Prithvi and Virat are useless…. Sometimes they shown as selfish and sometimes just a puppets for Roma….
    Arohi pls try to find out that Tara is alive and she started her games and face it boldly….
    Deep support Arohi atleast now, don’t always show your helpless face…

    1. Hi sathya. This is my point also.maharaj is a good person. Why Tara will kill him.I think tara will play a game with arohi.just maharaj support her.

  9. Oh god this serial becomes like Telugu serial so irritating. Plz stop this nonsense deep im big fan of u I can’t see u like this

  10. Aarohi plzz think about Tara don’t repeat your mistake again

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